Updates: 2020/01/06 Page started Backlog 4 From the Notes #1-News, Books, Letters section IN THIS SECTION I Love a Cop (2018)/Kirschman for PTSD and related issues for cops, military persons, etc.; Mormon problems former Mormon bishop in Farmington, NM (2019/12/30) 2018-NM Complex Suspected Muslim Extremist/3 yr old boy’s remains (2019/12/10) Article-2018/11/05-Black Female Witchcraft (2019/12/01) Navajo Tribal Police Issues (2019/11/19) NM Religious Sexual Cults - Fence Lake area - The Greens/The Rivers (CA, FL, MT, OR, Gallup, etc) (2019/11/16-17) New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board - Chaired by Attorney General Balderas (2019/11/13) Bolivia - Concerns about No Honor No Country section added (2019/11/08) Puerto Rico-Article (2018/04/16)-growing hub for cocaine/heroin shipments to USA (2019/11/07) Steve Hebbe-Farmington Police Chief; Book-Arnold Ray Lambert’s 2019 book Every Man a Hero A Memoir of D-Day, The First Wave of Omaha Beach and a World at War (2019/10/25-27) Navajo Issues (2019/10/20) Christopher Oskins (2019/10/18) Laura Loomer vs. Twitter, Cair; cartels in Central America (Northern Triangle), Illegal Immigration in New Mexico; Somali terrorism Minnesota 2016; Trump and El Salvador 2018 (2019/10/17) Christopher Blea (2019/10/11) David Black Sheriff Otero County article-2019/05/30-warning of border patrol manpower shortage (2019/05/30) Daniel Payne-Article-2017/02/06/fake news (2019/09/14,16) Racial Tensions-Racial Issues-Democratic Primaries (2019/09/11) Stasi Antics in Reverse Discrimination New Mexico (Farmington) - grandfather’s concern over police/city handling now deceased grandson-letter 2019/08/03 Heinrich on Jews 2017: New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich on Jewish Community Center bomb threat 2019/08/11 Al-Jazeera Islamic media; problems with common man soulful pathos/seeing through it to blunt criminality; 2019/09/04-05 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/12/30 Book for PTSD and related issues for cops, military persons, etc. I Love a Cop. 3rd Edition: What Police Families Need to Know (2018) by Ellen Kirschman Excerpt: Police families are brave, resilient, and proud--and they face remarkable challenges, sometimes on a daily basis. Now thoroughly updated for today's turbulent times, this is the resource that cops and their loved ones have relied on for decades. Trusted expert Ellen Kirschman gives you practical ways to manage the stress of the job and create a healthy, supportive home environment. The third edition features the latest information, new stories from police families, two new chapters, and fully updated resources. Dr. Kirschman acknowledges the tough realities of life on the force and offers frank, realistic suggestions for handling everyday relationship dilemmas as well as serious issues like trauma, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse. Whether you read this book cover to cover or reach for it when problems arise, you will find no-nonsense guidance to help your family thrive. Mormon problems in Farmington, New Mexico https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/jared-gwen-madison-lusk-a-former-mormon-bishop-and-his-family-face- excommunication-for-apostasy/ Excerpt: After Jared began expressing public support for Sam Young and the Protect LDS Children movement, along with expressing public feelings about the church’s truth claims, Jared was summoned to a disciplinary council. Jared faces excommunication on June 30th, 2019 at 6pm at the Farmington, NM stake center. 2019/12/10 2018-Suspected Muslim Extremist Complex/3 yr old boy’s remains - Amalia, New Mexico/Taos County Complex See 2 Personal Comments for PF comments on this subject Reuters 2018/08/14) New Mexico judge gets death threats after granting bail to Muslim compound members. By Andrew Hay. www.reuters.com/article/us-new-mexico-crime-idUSKBN1L0014 Excerpt: TAOS, N.M. (Reuters) - A New Mexico judge received death threats and Islamophobic abuse on Tuesday a day after she granted bail to five Muslims charged with child abuse and accused of training children at their compound to carry out attacks, court officials said. …In an order published on Tuesday, district Judge Sarah Backus said prosecutors had produced evidence that was “troubling and unusual” but failed to show the defendants abused the children and were a threat to society if released on bail….TAOS, N.M. (Reuters) - A New Mexico judge received death threats and Islamophobic abuse on Tuesday a day after she granted bail to five Muslims charged with child abuse and accused of training children at their compound to carry out attacks, court officials said. One caller on Tuesday told Backus “her throat would be slit” while another said he wished “someone would smash her head,” New Mexico courts spokesman Barry Massey said. www.reuters.com/article/us-new-mexico-crime-idUSKBN1L0014 Fox (2018/08/29) Three ‘extremist Muslim’ New Mexico compound suspects released after judge drops all charges. By Elizabeth Zwirz. https://www.foxnews.com/us/3-extremist-muslim-new-mexico-compound-suspects-released-after-judge-drops-all- charges Excerpt: Three suspects tied to a New Mexico compound where alleged Muslim extremists reportedly trained children to be school shooters were released from custody on Wednesday, hours after a judge dismissed all of the charges against them, Fox News confirmed. District Judge Emilio Chavez on Wednesday dismissed charges against three of the five defendants -- Lucas Morton, Subhannah Wahhaj and Hujrah Wahhaj -- ruling that authorities violated the state’s “10-day rule.” Child abuse charges against them were dropped because prosecutors missed the 10-day limit for an evidentiary hearing to establish probable cause. During a separate hearing Wednesday, Judge Jeff McElroy dismissed the same charges against fellow defendants, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Jany Leveille. However, charges leveled against them on Friday, in connection to the death of a missing 3-year-old boy, remained. Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the boy's father, and Leveille were charged with abuse of a child resulting in the death of a child and conspiracy to commit abuse of a child, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe announced. Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, pictured, and Jany Leveille were hit with new charges, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe announced Friday. (Taos County Sheriff's Office). Leveille, pictured, and Siraj Ibn Wahhaj were charged with abuse of a child resulting in the death of a child and conspiracy to commit abuse of a child, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe announced Friday. (Taos County Sheriff's Office). The five suspects were arrested by authorities after an Aug. 3 raid following a monthslong search investigating the disappearance of Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, a 3-year-boy with severe medical issues who went missing from Georgia in December. The occupants of the compound were "most likely heavily armed and considered extremist of the Muslim belief," an official said at the time. Taos County Sheriff's deputies discovered 11 children at the compound, who were taken into the custody of state child-welfare workers. On Aug. 6, a child’s remains were found on the property. https://www.foxnews.com/us/3-extremist-muslim-new-mexico-compound-suspects-released-after-judge-drops- all-charges. 2019/12/01 Article-2018/11/05-Black Female Witchcraft The Atlantic (2018/11/05) The Witches of Baltimore: Young black women are leaving Christianity and embracing African witchcraft in digital covens. By Sigal Samuel https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/11/black-millennials-african-witchcraft-christianity/574393/ Excerpt: “We may not be Christian here, but we still pray,” said a woman dressed entirely in white as she addressed a large audience of African American women. Standing behind a lectern, speaking in the cadences of a preacher, she added, “I understand God more now, doing what I’m doing, than I ever did in the Church.” The call and response that followed (“No one’s going to protect us but who?” “Us!”) was reminiscent of church—but this was no traditional sermon. The speaker, Iyawo Orisa Omitola, was giving the keynote address last month at the third annual Black Witch Convention, which brought together some 200 women in a Baltimore reception hall. The small but growing community points to the hundreds of young black women who are leaving Christianity in favor of their ancestors’ African spiritual traditions, and finding a sense of power in the process. Nominate a nonprofit for The Renewal Awards Help a local organization win $40,000 in funding and make an even bigger impact. Nominate Over the past decade, white Millennials have embraced witchcraft in droves. Now a parallel phenomenon is emerging among black Millennials. While their exact numbers are difficult to gauge, it’s clear that African American pop culture has started to reflect the trend. In the music industry alone, there’s Beyoncé’s allusion to an African goddess in Lemonade and at the Grammys; Azealia Banks’s declaration that she practices brujería (a Spanish term for witchcraft); and Princess Nokia’s hit “Brujas,” in which she tells white witches, “Everything you got, you got from us.”The call and response that followed (“No one’s going to protect us but who?” “Us!”) was reminiscent of church—but this was no traditional sermon. The speaker, Iyawo Orisa Omitola, was giving the keynote address last month at the third annual Black Witch Convention, which brought together some 200 women in a Baltimore reception hall. The small but growing community points to the hundreds of young black women who are leaving Christianity in favor of their ancestors’ …African spiritual traditions, and finding a sense of power in the process. African American witchcraft originated in West Africa, the birthplace of Yoruba, a set of religious traditions focused on reverence for ancestors and worship of a vast pantheon of deities known as orishas. Those traditions accompanied West Africans who were brought to the Americas as slaves, and were eventually combined with Western religions, such as Catholicism, that many slaves were pushed to embrace. By the early 19th century, Cuban Santeria, Brazilian Candomblé, Haitian Vodou, and other syncretistic faiths had emerged as a result. In cities like New Orleans, voodoo (slightly different from Haitian Vodou) and hoodoo, which also descend from West African faiths, grew popular. These practices—which often involve manipulating candles, incense, or water to achieve a desired result—may have helped give slaves some sense of power, however minimal. Modern black witches are practicing Yoruba-based faiths, with a few Millennial touches. They build altars to ancestors so they can seek their advice on everything from romance to professional advancement, cast spells using emoji to help banish depression, surround themselves with crystals in the hope that they will relieve stress, and burn sage to cleanse their apartments of negative energy. …The internet is almost becoming like a hush harbor for these witches of color,” Guillory said, referring to places where slaves gathered in secret to practice their religions in antebellum America. Online, an avatar or a handle allows women to speak freely. A popular Tumblr promotes inspirational images of black witches and Facebook groups for the women have thousands of members each, while some have even developed smartphone apps. Some young women at the Baltimore convention told me their parents had long hid their grandmothers’ or great- grandmothers’ involvement with witchcraft—a decision the Millennials resented, until they realized their parents may have felt the need to suppress any talk of magic because their ancestors were harshly punished for their rituals. New Orleans, for example, saw sweeping arrests of voodooists in the 19th century. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/11/black-millennials-african-witchcraft-christianity/574393/ 2019/11/19 Tribal Employee (2019/08/26)Navajo women cops and Navajo witchcraft https://tribalemployee.blogspot.com/2019/08/navajo-women-cops-and-navajo-witchcraft.html Excerpt: ("On a vast reservation, female Navajo officers patrol with bulletproof vests and protective amulets") It talks about how the female Navajo Nation police officers deal with Navajo-specific issues such as lack of manpower and witchcraft. Navajo police: The reservation is about the size of West Virginia with about 27,000 square miles. It is huge. There are only about 200 police officers to provide law enforcement for this huge area. The police density is about 2 police officers per 1000 people. Outside the reservation in the United States, the police density is about 3.5 police officers per 1000 people. Compared to the rest of America, the Navajo Police Department is severely lacking police power. No wonder many areas of the Navajo reservation is like the wild wild west. Wild West: People do whatever they want. They drink, get drunk, get violent, and 911 calls start coming to the police dispatcher. These Dine terrorize the community and the people live in fear. Under these circumstances, the crime rate is high, most of it caused by alcohol. There is much violent crimes, sex crimes, and substance crimes. Unique values: The article also shows how the Navajo people have their own unique values. For instance, a family member died and the family member demanded that the female police officer remove the body from the house to somehow make the house less contaminated. But the police officer cannot just remove the body. She has to follow protocol. The evidence needs to be preserved. There needs to be coroner, etc. The family should not be drinking in the first place. But it is hard because the area is high in poverty and unemployment. People just drink to pass time and because they are bored. It is hard being a police officer in the rez. Witchcraft The article also tells of how the police officers experience witchcraft with some of the Navajo population. The police officers experience sickness. The particular female police officer does cedar to protect herself. Our Cheis and Masanis use to warn of these types of situations. They would advise us to protect ourselves. https://tribalemployee.blogspot.com/2019/08/navajo-women-cops-and-navajo-witchcraft.html 2019/11/16-17 New Mexico Sexual Cults Fence Lake Area/The Greens & The Rivers Religious sexual cults in New Mexico - Fence Lake Area - The Greens (Lila and Jim Green; The Rivers) Have been in Sacramento, tribe The Bears in Montana, Salvation Army in Miami, Florida; Klamath Falls, OR, Fence Lake and Gallup, NM; KRQE 2018/09/26 Aggressive Christianity cult leader gets 72 years in prison. By Jackie Kent. https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/aggressive-christianity-cult-leader-gets-72-years-in-prison/ NBC 2017/03/28 Lila and Jim Green Sexually abusive religious cult https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ex-members-describe-military-style-christian-sect-now-accused- child-n796131 2017 Four more religious sect members arrested New Mexico vans full https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/four-more-religious-sect-members-arrested-new-mexico-vans-full- n795731 People 2018/06/30 New Mexico cult leader asked followers to kidnap Mexican child. By Chris Harris https://people.com/crime/new-mexico-cult-leader-asked-kidnap-mexican-child/ There was a People cult investigative exclusive on this topic. Wikipedia There seems to be a helpful run-down of the origins and geographic changes of the Greens here: https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Aggressive_Christianity_Missionary_Training_Corps Excerpt: In 1989, Jodi Hernandez was part of a group of newspeople that reported on the Aggressive Christians from March to September through KOVR-TV, CBS channel 13 Sacramento.[16] In December 1999, Darren White, former secretary of the Department of Public Safety for New Mexico, and then reporter for KRQE, CBS channel 13, Albuquerque, reported on the Greens. On November 4, 2005, Jim Maniaci, of the Gallup Independent's Cibola County Bureau in Grants, reported that a co-leader of a religious group was jailed on an aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge.[20] In June, 2006, Annie McCormick of KRQE, CBS channel 13, Albuquerque, also investigated the Greens with reports from former members and families.[21] In April 2012, the National Geographic Channel featured the accounts of Maura Schmierer, and of her daughter Rebekah, of their experiences with the group.[22] Season 2, episode 4 of Dangerous Persuasions on Investigation Discover Channel tells Maura Schmierer's story. It is currently (2015) available on Amazon Video. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aggressive_Christianity_Missionary_Training_Corps 2019/11/13 New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board - Chaired by Attorney General Balderas as of this date Please note that the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board is chaired by Attorney General Hector Balderas. Here is one example of his activity/range of authority: https://www.policeone.com/officer-misconduct-internal-affairs/articles/judge-sides-with-officer-fired-by- albuquerque-chief-4VYdxt2k6oI8MmFn/ 2019/11/08 No Honor No Country section added; Concerns about Bolivia Summary: La Paz Cartel was formed in Bolivia to export narcotics to Mexican cartels that were smuggling cocaine into the U.S. Formerly, the route from Bolivia was through Colombia, but the successful campaign by the government, with support of U.S. drug interdiction agencies, to disrupt the Colombia cartels forced La Paz to find different routes. The Bolivian cartels were give reprieve when Bolivia withdrew its extradition agreement with the U.S. and chose instead to impose light jail sentences under it "repentence decree" for drug lords who turned themselves https://www.trackingterrorism.org/group/la-paz-cartel 2019/11/07 Puerto Rico-Article (2018/04/16)-growing hub for cocaine/heroin shipments to USA 2018/04/16 Puerto Rico a Growing Hub for Cocaine Heroin shipments to the US https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/puerto-rico-a-growing-hub-for-cocaine-heroin-shipments-to-the-us 2019/10/25-27 Steve Hebbe-Farmington Police Chief;; Book-Arnold Ray Lambert’s 2019 book Every Man a Hero A Memoir of D-Day, The First Wave of Omaha Beach and a World at War. Steve Hebbe added to NM Police Names Abuse/Issues section. The issue there is his past w/ Alaska Army Guard and being in the police dept. that investigated the Guard’s scandal. La Familia (being added to Cartels) came up in connection w/ The Guard and a leader there who had worked at APD. Pay attention to possible related cartel links between AK and NM. On history: I recommend people studying modern US/Middle Eastern warfare and other forms of warfare involving US operational strategies (including counter-terrorism), read up on World War II leadership for tips on overall war efforts, a feeling for specific battles, and to better identify how that generation thought and operated. The “old school” approach included a well grounded common sense and spunky drive, but also creativity when it was needed. Every Man a Hero: As an extension of this theme, the 2019 book Every Man a Hero: A Memoir of D-Day, The First Wave of Omaha Beach and a World at War by Arnold “Ray” Lambert is recommended. Lambert is 98 years old this year and was one of the few remaining combat veterans of his generation honored by Trump this year in June. He was a medic on D-Day in the 1st Division, 16th regiment of the United States Army. The book has good maps and background information which takes us into the Army world and the key war zones. 2019/10/20 Navajo Issues in the Farmington area Several articles: some Navajo Nation lawsuits; separate topics - one dated in 2010, the other in 2016. The 2010 one shows a brief history of Navajo-white relations and issues. The 2016 one shows Navajo tribal political corruption. Navajo Nation Lawsuits and Corruption Issues WMI Central (2017/02/17) Navajo Nation responds to issues of waste, corruption with Navajo Housing Authority By Trudy Balcom The Independent https://www.wmicentral.com/news/apache_county/navajo-nation-responds-to-issues-of-waste-corruption-with- navajo/article_73e98c6b-745f-5a0a-951e-9b06e9824af0.html Excerpt: The people of the Navajo Nation have been struggling with a lack of adequate housing for many years while the Navajo Housing Authority has been sitting on top of a large pile of cash. That’s one of the findings of a recent investigative series published by the Arizona Republic. Now, the Navajo Nation is looking for ways to reform the agency that has been tasked with a challenging job and has suffered under mismanagement and corruption. The Hill: (2017/12/05) Navajo Nation sues Trump over Utah Monument Reduction. By Timothy Cama https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/363311-navajo-nation-sues-trump-over-utah-monument-reduction Salt Lake Tribune (2019/08/23) Navajo Nation settles lawsuit against Wells Fargo $6.5m. By Assoc. Press https://www.sltrib.com/news/nation-world/2019/08/23/navajo-nation-settles/ Arizona Central (2018/04/11) Navajo Nation lawsuit blames opioid makers Purdue Pharma Walmart others overdose deaths addition. By Ken Alltucker https://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/health/2018/04/11/navajo-nation-lawsuit-blames-opioid-makers- purdue-pharma-walmart-others-overdose-deaths-addiction/507540002/ Navajo Nation sues EPA (2016/08/16) Navajo Nation Sues E.P.A. in Poisoning of a Colorado River. By Julie Turkewitz https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/17/us/navajo-nation-sues-epa-in-poisoning-of-a-colorado-river.html 2017/01/21) Navajo Nation DOJ EPA enter into settlement with Freeport McMoran https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2017/01/21/navajo-nation-doj-epa-enter-into-settlement-with-freeport- mcmoran/ https://newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoday/news/appeals-court-says-environmental-groups-cannot-sue-navajo- nation-over-coal-mine--XgsK2XZzEy0dV3uocUHAw/ Navajo Nation Corruption AZ Central (2016/12/14) Navajo Housing Federal Funds https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2016/12/14/navajo-housing-federal- funds/94563354/ NHO News 2016/09/06 Judge sentences 11 in Navajo Nation corruption. By Alysa Landry https://www.nhonews.com/news/2016/sep/06/judge-sentences-11-in-navajo-nation-corruption-ca/ Excerpt: A Window Rock, Arizona district court judge recently handed down sentences to 11 defendants for the criminal misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Navajo Nation's discretionary fund. Four more individuals are scheduled for sentencing by the end of September. All 15 defendants - two former Navajo Nation Council speakers, 11 former council delegates and two legislative staff members - pleaded guilty or no contest to charges that included conspiracy, fraud, bribery, submitting false vouchers and conflict of interest. All of the cases resulted in conviction and all defendants entered into plea agreements after admitting to taking discretionary dollars for personal or family use, according to court records. Delegates have access to discretionary funds, or slush funds, to provide assistance to constituents with emergency needs, including single parents, elders and families who need burial funds. A total of 18 defendants - including three who were previously sentenced - helped themselves to a total of $850,000 between 2005 and 2009. Indian Country News (2010/11) Navajo tribe signs memo with Farmington officials. By Tim Korte https://www.indiancountrynews.com/index.php/news/9-news-from-through-out-indian-country/10500- navajo-tribe-signs-memo-with-farmington-officials Excerpt: The Navajo Nation signed a historic government-to-government agreement with Farmington city officials last week, with both sides calling it a positive step toward improving race relations in a community where friction has existed for decades. The agreement was sealed after an hourlong blessing ceremony by a Navajo medicine man at City Hall, and it makes Farmington the third community on traditional Navajo lands but outside the boundaries of the reservation to reach such an agreement with the tribe. The latest accord also comes against the backdrop of federal hate-crimes charges filed last week against three white men from Farmington who are accused of branding a swastika on the arm of a mentally disabled Navajo man last spring. "Being the mere human beings we are, we have many shortcomings," said Navajo Human Rights Commission chairman Duane "Chili" Yazzie. "I'd like to think the human relationship problems we've had over the years have really subsided. Back in the '60s and '70s, the relationships were aggravated by physical violence and even death." Mayor Tommy Roberts said the largely symbolic agreement won't eliminate prejudice in Farmington or on the Navajo Nation, but it shows the community's commitment to continue reaching for solutions. He said the final document took a year to produce and told a gathering of tribal and city officials that he was asked several times why the negotiations were so important. "It's a very simple answer," Roberts said. "It's important because we're neighbors. We're connected politically. We're connected socially. We're connected economically. We must recognize that as neighbors, we must treat one another with respect and tolerance." Farmington, a predominantly white community of about 45,000 residents, is a center for oil and natural gas production as well as an economic hub, drawing shoppers from southwestern Colorado and across the Navajo lands of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Earlier this year, the Navajo Human Rights Commission signed similar memoranda with the New Mexico towns of Grants and Gallup. Drafts are in the works for Aztec and Bloomfield. Next year, commissioners plan to pursue agreements in Arizona for Flagstaff, Holbrook, Winslow and Page, along with Cortez, Colo. Racial tensions in Farmington peaked in May 1974, when the beaten and burned bodies of three Navajo men were found north of town. Three white high school students were linked to the crime and sent to reform school, outraging the Navajo community and prompting protests in town. "We are wanting to move forward and improve our relationship," Roberts said. Yazzie agreed, saying race relations have improved dramatically in Farmington since the 1970s and the city has made important steps, such as establishment of a community relations commission to review racial complaints and provide education and training. Yazzie said he has experienced racism in Farmington but cautioned that he knows some Navajos who are prejudiced toward whites. In either case, he said those who discriminate are in the minority and urged people to remember what they have in common. "We have had good memories, good relationships, strong relationships through the years," Yazzie said. 2019/10/18 Chris Oskins Added material - use as a teaching tool as an example of possible skewed information (watch for antics) on one side or another involving a conflict between races/cultures: See: Oskins, Chris 2019/10/17 Highlights of Certain News Topics: Laura Loomer vs. Twitter, Cair; cartels in Central America (Northern Triangle), Illegal Immigration in New Mexico; Somali terrorism Minnesota 2016; Trump and El Salvador 2018 Breitbart (2019/04/19) Laura Loomer files lawsuit against Twitter, Cair https://www.breitbart dot com/tech/2019/04/19/laura-loomer-files-lawsuit-against-twitter-cair/ CFR Central America’s Turbulent Northern Triangle https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/central-americas-turbulent-northern-triangle ABQ Journ Illegal immigration surging in New Mexico https://www.abqjournal.com/866089/illegal-immigration-surging-in-nm.html Washington Examiner 2016/11/15 9 Somali men in Minnesota sentenced [2016] on terrorism charges https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/9-somali-men-in-minnesota-sentenced-this-week-on-terrorism- charges The Atlantic (2018/01) Trump and El Salvador https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/01/trump-and-el-salvador/550955/ Excerpt: “The United States was complicit,” Todd Greentree, who was a young political officer at the American embassy at the time, told me recently in an interview for a documentary about the massacre. Greentree noted that the massacre was carried out by the Atlacatl Battalion, which had just completed a three-month counterinsurgency training course in the United States. That training was also supposed to instill respect for human rights. The El Mozote operation was the battalion’s very first after completing the course. When reports of the massacre first appeared in The New York Times and The Washington Post, the American ambassador, Deane Hinton, sent Greentree and a military attaché, Marine Corps Major John McKay, to investigate. They concluded there had been a massacre, and that the Atlacatl battalion was responsible, Greentree told me. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/01/trump-and-el-salvador/550955/ 2019/10/11 Christopher Blea New Mexico police officer who has moved around and gotten in trouble is in the news again in Rio Arriba County now. There are two different Christopher Blea’s in/related to police in NM; just realized this here on 10/11/2019 and am sorting it out. Have made two separate insertions. 2019/09/24-25 David Black re-inserted today 9/25; David Black Sheriff Otero County article-2019/05/30-warning of border patrol manpower shortage - Repeated Insert KOB (2019/05/30) https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/otero-county-sheriff-talks-border-crisis-in-editorial/5370420/ key points: Otero County southern part of state borders Texas but has highways linked to Mexican border thru next door Dona Ana County; key highways are 54 and 70; reduced manpower with officers sent to cover Albuquerque’s shortage as of May 2019 when sheriff’s editoral went out in Las Cruces TImes; 2019/09/20 These are being added or fleshed out on the border page: Mexpro note from Police Factor: this is being added as an addition to our knowledge of NM borders in general (2017/08/21) Where to Cross the New Mexico/Mexican Border Posted August 21, 2017 by Roxanna Brock McDade & filed under Border Crossing. https://www.mexpro.com/blog/cross-new-mexicomexican-border Excerpt: There are only three border crossings into Mexico from New Mexico, and all cross into the Mexico state of Chihuahua in the western half of the state. If it’s important to you to be able to get to the border quickly and get on your way to your Mexico destination, it may be worth your while to know what roads to take (both going north and south), what services are available and how busy the crossing. Save time by getting the low-down from Mexpro. KOB (2019/01/27) New Mexico ranchers frustrated with situation along U.S.-Mexico border. By Chris Ramirez https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/new-mexico-ranchers-frustrated-with-situation-along-us-mexico- border/5220568/ Global Security dot org note from Police Factor: excellent overview, gets us right into a wide range of border issues fast Foreign relations US border https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/mexico/foreign-relations-us-border.htm 2019/09/14, 16 some material added on 9/16; some editing and additions 9/18; Daniel Payne-Article-2017/02/06/fake news Although the article below by Daniel Payne may be a dated (2017) article by a “far right” site, please realize that the words here are likely more on target than many articles found in the corporate driven media. How do we take back our media and our Primaries? Article by Daniel Payne: The Federalist (2017/02/06) 16 fake news stories reporters have run since Trump won. By Daniel Payne: https://thefederalist.com/2017/02/06/16-fake-news-stories-reporters-have-run-since-trump-won/ Excerpt: Since at least Donald Trump’s election, our media have been in the grip of an astonishing, self-inflicted crisis. Despite Trump’s constant railing against the American press, there is no greater enemy of the American media than the American media. They did this to themselves. We are in the midst of an epidemic of fake news. There is no better word to describe it than “epidemic,” insofar as it fits the epidemiological model from the Centers for Disease Control: this phenomenon occurs when “an agent and susceptible hosts are present in adequate numbers, and the agent can be effectively conveyed from a source to the susceptible hosts.” The “agent” in this case is hysteria over Trump’s presidency, and the “susceptible hosts” are a slipshod, reckless, and breathtakingly gullible media class that spread the hysteria around like—well, like a virus. It is difficult to adequately sum up the breadth of this epidemic, chiefly because it keeps growing: day after day, even hour after hour, the media continue to broadcast, spread, promulgate, publicize, and promote fake news on an industrial scale. It has become a regular part of our news cycle… https://thefederalist.com/2017/02/06/16-fake-news-stories-reporters-have-run-since-trump-won/ 2019/09/11 9/11 in 2019 2019/09/11 some additions across day Never forget 9/11! Remember the way the American public was lied to in the media before, during and after it! Corporate driven media is corrupt! We most definitely have been lied to and also have had certain key facts omitted from our media. There is no doubt about this whatsoever. Real Americans will continue to sniff out the odd and malicious undercurrents be hind the war on American soil. Understand we have to think along various trajectories to sense how the enemy operated and still operates. Please do your part in spreading the word on stealth and overt jihad; the links between certain strands of communism, socialism and Islamic extremism; the fact certain Jews, but not all Jews, can be in on this, and to know the difference without lumping all Jews together. It is important to understand that there have been similar operations since at least the Vietnam War and likely are behind why we lost - or that the world was told we lost as part of some hidden back room table agreement - and the fact a lot of the games against the USA have been and continue to be run through American two year and four year colleges, and research based universities; that one of the wars on America is financially driven to get it to squander its resources and to leak monies to non-white civil rights groups and their internationalist anti-American allies; that these groups include Hispanic, Native American, Asian and black groups, but that not all persons of color are guilty or complicit; that some of the games include phony or exaggerated lawsuits and unfair grant allocations to non-whites on college campuses. It also includes loan sharks and non-reciprocal trade agreements in which other countries get more and give little in return. The games include arts savvy, a tendency for creative and wacky ways that go outside the box and work around our systems. 2019/08/11 Heinrich on Jews 2017: New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich on Jewish Community Center bomb threat Below is something written by New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich in 2017, applicable now as then, with the recent spate of violence in El Paso and beyond. Federal, state, and local officials must act swiftly to help protect communities of all faiths and ensure that these cowardly threats and acts of vandalism are punished to the fullest extent possible. March 6, 2017 Dear Friend, Last month I visited the Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque on the same day that it was evacuated because of a bomb threat. This was the JCC's second bomb threat within three weeks. These alarming incidents in Albuquerque and across the country aim to introduce fear into our communities and must not be tolerated. During my tour of the JCC in Albuquerque with members of the board of directors, the New Mexico Anti- Defamation League, and the Jewish Federation of New Mexico, it was clear how beloved and central the facility is to the entire community. JCCs provide a safe and welcoming environment where families and children - whether Jewish or not - attend Hebrew classes, play sports, share holidays, and gather in peace. The rising number of bomb threats facing JCCs nationwide and numerous instances of hate-based violence and vandalism are appalling and do not represent the America I know and love. Any faith-based targeting, including anti-Semitism, is unacceptable-period. In order to deter and punish those responsible, I introduced bipartisan legislation to double the federal penalty for making fake bomb threats and provide $20 million in additional funding to the Department of Homeland Security dedicated to safeguarding faith-based community centers. I also sent a letter calling on the Senate Homeland Security Committee to conduct a hearing and asked for answers from the Administration about what actions it is taking, and plans to take, to combat these threats. Federal, state, and local officials must act swiftly to help protect communities of all faiths and ensure that these cowardly threats and acts of vandalism are punished to the fullest extent possible. MARTIN HEINRICH United States Senator 2019/09/04-05 some additions 2020/04/22 Al-Jazeera Islamic media; problems with common man soulful pathos/seeing through it to the blunt criminality On Al Jazeera: There is material on this and other media groups. Know beyond the shadow of the doubt exactly why you are seeing a resource like this on Police Factor and River Gold. This discussion is to help readers be able to follow the line of reasoning behind an Al Jazeera article’s inclusion. There is an Al Jazeera article excerpt and link included on this website Police Factor in the Gangs New Mexico section (on Native American gangs) and in the website River Gold’s Aviation section on problems with Boeing. There is also one in the North Korea section on River Gold. The first thing you should be doing when you see Al Jazeera or some other controversial media outlet on this website is to mark a red flag in your mind. Know this is not the first type of resource a website like Police Factor turns to when providing coverage on a subject. So when you see something like this, know something is up. In Police Factor, this is a type of alert or head’s up by including an article from this news group. The alert can be about invasive fingers or perspective. Invasive fingers means they’re getting into sensitive areas and broadcasting it to the public. Perspective means they’re showing us a deeper side to the journalism milieu. So the perspective aspect is a particularly nuanced or poignant social commentary. It can also include observations about American military or industrial complexes with some significant or interesting data. For both the invasive fingers and perspective aspects, it means that this very group has been paying attention to, and getting up close and personal with, a particular subject. We should follow their line of gaze and identify how they are accessing the topic. We should identify the goals and framework of the writing. That is, we should know how it is being said, whether there are hidden messages or another layer of intentions behind the more obvious. We should also get a feeling for the timbre and tone of the writing. Does Al Jazeera present itself as the brother singing the soulful blues with peoples who feel disenfranchised from the United States? When it comes to Al Jazeera in particular, know exactly where Police Factor stands on Islamic extremism. If you don’t know where Police Factor stands on this, it is best to start fresh or review the About section on Police Factor and other pertinent sections on River Gold. Then come back and read this. Islamic extremism, both the stealth and overt jihad kind, is directly connected to Al Jazeera. To think otherwise is a mistake. Al Jazeera is without question directly linked to Islamic terrorism and anti-American agendas. However, the phrase know thy enemy holds here. The fact they are on board writing news articles on a certain topic should tell us something about the inner portal of this enemy. For one thing, discussions about groups other than Muslims in the United States tells us more about the wide span of networks, cultures, races, and civil rights perspectives groups like Al Jazeera intersect with. Al Jazeera is linked to Islamic extremists, but there is a lot more to it than that. Because of the civil rights movements, other racial groups can be and often are included. If you are a national security agent or gang task force policing person hired to protect the interests of the United States at either the local or federal level, how can you in turn offer a nuanced multi-layered counter-terrorism approach to mirror a group like Al Jazeera? To do so will require hearing and responding to the soulful pathos as well as the banal, cut-throat and criminalistic aspect. This will take “national security” to the next level of protecting American liberties against Islamic and other forms of tyranny. The people need to know you hear them where they live. Because behind the soft liberal civil rights side lies tyrants who want to destroy the American system. They then want to put up a government that dominates and controls the people. Groups like Al Jazeera are mirages. They don’t ultimately care about yours or my civil rights. They are linked to brutal people who want to rule the world. There are some interesting and thought provoking articles in Al Jazeera that take us to a new space. They give us new perspectives, both in terms of learning what the enemy knows and how they think and operate. They also address poignantly some of the problems in our own country. They do indeed have interesting insights and information, and to avoid them as sheer extremists is a dire mistake. I don’t read Al Jazeera all the time and only pick a few isolated articles here and there to include here and on River Gold, but when I do, know in your heart of hearts there is something about it that has struck me personally in terms of national security for the United States and in terms of possibly getting to the core of some cultural issues. It is also perhaps a window into some antics or operatives working against the USA in terms of what they are focusing on. The other thing I want you to think about when you see an inclusion of Al Jazeera or another questionable media outlet is how they are being smart. Some of the articles are well nuanced and tend to step out of the ring in some way. Because a lot of our media are saying the same things in the same way across the board as if one central outlet is dictating to them, when someone is not doing that, we have to pay attention. Sometimes with Al Jazeera you are getting innovative and more in-depth coverage on certain topics as if The Wizard has been pulled back a bit. Even if there is a pro-Islamic agenda way behind the scenes in articles meant for the western world, something is coming at us in a less spoon-fed voice. That pro-Islamic agenda might be much more obvious in other spheres, but harder to identify elsewhere. Just know they are always there. If an anti-American group in the media is The Wizard of Oz, and if daylight seems to have entered the room, they have pulled back the veil for a reason. In other ways, they are fully out there for everyone to see and hear, particularly when they are slandering, vilifying and suggesting death threats for Jews. Some of the material can be honest and accurate, culturally evocative, and as such lets us in certain arenas we normally are not allowed to tread. However, we have to question such transparency and rawness. We must ask where it’s all going, and how our emotions are being steered along certain lines. We can also ask if operatives are on board - for example, in supposedly decrying Boeing’s rubber-stamping, do we have certain people, both black and white, hammering the US from inside its key military manufacturing arenas. We can certainly ask that, and we should be asking why Al Jazeera gives a rip about American companies possibly rubber-stamping as som so-called humanitarian revelation. We can ask if this is stealth jihad, like trying to destroy the USA from within. The idea here is that Al might be The Wizard. River Gold’s Union Blues section tries to bring out the idea that anti-American agendas can happen in so-called down home meat n’ potatoes, working man’s Americana, too - and possibly has a history of it in early Populism ventures in the late 1800s in which communists, socialists and Irish Catholics were bringing some Old World antics into the backwoods of middle America. Although such early strands can be hard to pinpoint, there are signs things were afoot. Whether or not they were, we need to realize things are not always as they seem in such matters. The union connection to expose’s about Boeing’s rubber-stamping might have another layer, in other words. And Al Jazeera could be part of it. Some of the Islamic groups have some very intelligent and capable operatives and writers among them. Whatever any possible hidden agendas or personal flaws in either writer, let us allow the best of their messages, like those of other writers deliberating these complex subjects, to enter our central sphere of awareness so that we can make more informed decisions for ourselves on a personal, national and global level. 2019/08/03 A Grandfather’s Concern Over His Grandson and Farmington NM Police - Roland Berkey, Christopher Gonzalez. The Following involves the grandson of a local man in the Farmington and Kirtland, New Mexico area who was killed during an attempted robbery by the victim and home dweller of the robbery. The grandson was Christopher Gonzalez. Below is a testimony by the grandfather, sent to me by email last year but I was told it was also on his website. This man is a retired power plant official who ran for mayor last year and did not win. Part of his interest in running for the position was to help eliminate wrongful arrests in Farmington. In looking this over more for the first time, I see that Gonzalez seems to have been a Hispanic and white mix; he was being raised in a Mormon home but his grandfather is a devout fundamentalist Christian, and so apparently with this connection as well, Christopher was going to a separate bible study class (shortly after having attended to a fundamentalist Christian private school) apparently at the time of his arrest. It looks like his arrest was questionable over a BB gun in his backpack, something the grandfather suggests was shown to a female student who told a teacher with a subsequent search and arrest. The grandfather indicates the BB was being used as a toy, not a weapon, and that the actual categorization of the gun for arrest purposes is questionable; in addition, the young man’s predicament got worse by putting him around rough characters in the Albuquerque area. Apparently Christopher showed promise in mathematics and golf, and had a gentle humanistic disposition. We can ask if he as well as society would not have been better served in another form of disciplinary regime in response to his issue with the bb gun. We need to hear more from the City of Farmington on why they took the stance they did with and over this young man. Is there anything we don’t know or are not being told as to why they took the strict stance that they did? Apparently city leaders as well as the police were communicated with by the concerned grandfather to no avail, from his viewpoint. Christopher was shifted from Farmington to the Albuquerque or Santa Fe area; we might ask if things got worse going to the big city prison system. There is a lot more probably to this story than provided here, but this is a start. We need to know which Farmington police officers were involved in Christopher’s arrest, whether a local news article went out on it, when Christopher was first arrested and imprisoned, who the young people were he was with during the fatal robbery attempt in which both he and a 25 year old were killed, and more. It might be good to research the family (Gonzalez) for any history of criminal activity. It does sound like the arrest might have been unnecessary and the imprisonment even more so, but it is premature to conclude without more background information. This is a good background case to study since it is local and more personal. I did find one news article listed below related to the attempted robbery, the killings and the disappearance of one of the robbers after going on bail. I also found an obituary related to the burial of Christopher Gonzalez who died in Sept. 2015. Please excuse any errors here in going over this; feel free to write in with corrections or additions to info at police factor dot com. Albuquerque Journal (2015/10/13) Man accused in deadly home invasion reported missing. The robbers wore masks and armed themselves with guns before forcing their way into the home, according to a criminal complaint. According to police, Mack grabbed a gun and shot two of the robbers: Christopher Gonzalez, 18, and Joshua Valker, 25. Both men died. https://www.abqjournal.com/659315/man-accused-in-deadly-home-invasion-reported-missing.html Legacy dot com (2015) Christopher J Gonzalez https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/daily-times/obituary.aspx?n=christopher-j-gonzalez- critter&pid=175817077&fhid=8553 Excerpt: Cristopher "Critter" Jordan Gonzalez, 18, of Kirtland, returned home to his heavenly Father on Monday, Sept. 7, 2015. He was born Aug. 6, 1997, in Farmington. Critter was the fifth child born to Jose Humberto and Pollyanna Palmer Gonzalez. Cristopher’s Incarceration February 5, 2018 My Grandson, seventeen year old Cristopher Gonzalez was a straight A student at Faith Christian Academy. At 6 foot 3 inches he was the tallest student in the school. He was kind and gentle with the smaller students. His kind an loving manner made him a favorite with the teachers and fellow students. After school he attended a bible study class at another location. Christopher had acquired a pellet pistol without his parent’s knowledge. It looked similar to a real firearm. ( A pellet pistol is similar to an air or co2 powered rifle except that the shorter barrel does not allow the projectile to attain the velocity of a rifle). The projectile velocity of a pellet pistol is typically less than 400 feet per second while an air powered rifle projectile attains a velocity of up to 800 feet per second). He showed it off to a girl at the bible study class one evening. The girl told a teacher who informed Farmington New Mexico Police. The next day two police officers came to Faith Christian Academy and in violation of the Fourth amendment of the United States Constitution, (my opinion), demanded a search of his back-pack. The pellet pistol was in the back pack. The police officers made the ludicrous claim that the pellet pistol was a deadly weapon and incarcerated Cristopher. That incarceration effectively ended Christopher’s life. He was denied the opportunity to attend his final year of high school and to attend church. He was denied the opportunity to take part in the First Tee golf program as he had for many years with his grandfather. (The first Tee program is a widely acclaimed program that teaches nine core values, honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment.) He was denied the opportunity to play golf with his Father and Grandfather which was in his words “one of the funest thing I’ve ever done.” Cristopher and I were the winners of the last golf tournament that we had the opportunity to play together. The $100.00 first place prize is still on the books at Riverview golf course. Despite the best efforts of his parents and teachers to get him released, Cristopher remained incarcerated in Farmington until near his 18th birthday. He was then unexpectedly transferred to Albuquerque where he met people that had a negative influence on his character and lifestyle. Our beloved grandson was shot in the back and killed as he ran from a home invasion 31 days after his 18th birthday. He was with a 25 year old man who was also shot and killed. In researching whether or not a pellet gun is a deadly weapon, I found that the Tennessee Supreme had ruled that a pellet gun is not a deadly weapon unless the intent of the user is to inflict harm on a victim. It appears to me to be clear that Cristopher’s only intent was to show off his new toy. In another example, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies used pellets that were treated with hot peppers in order to increase the pain on 116 pound 86 year old man who was holding a knife and was begging the deputies to kill him. This was the day after his wife’s death. One person told me that they shot Fidencio Duran 63 times with the treated pellets. They also had a muzzled K-9 officer attack him, which resulted in a broken hip. The man died a month later and his death was ruled a homicide by the medical investigator. It is apparent that the deputies did not consider the pellet gun a deadly weapon. How can a police department and a Children, Youth, and Families Department have the will and the power to ruin the life of a young man who was beloved by all his teachers and fellow students, and who had not ever been accused of any criminal act? I suspect that the elaborate detention facility would be difficult to justify if no one is incarcerated. I believe that anyone with any concern about the young man’s future would think that he would have a better chance of a good life in his home with his loving parents. If the citizens of Farmington elect me as their mayor, I will be dedicated to preventing young people being forced out of their homes and incarcerated into a situation that lessens their chance of having a safe and happy life. Roland W. Berkey
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