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IN THIS SECTION China Censorship section added to Media (2020/02/24) DNA found at a crime scene (2020/02/16) Corruption in New Mexico article from 2018, Albuq mayor crime strategy (2020/02/14) From Daniel Pipes/Reader’s Comments: Was Barack [Hussein] Obama a [Shiite Muslim]? (2020/02/12) Belen Chief Rodriguez lawsuit against city - indicates excessive force by officers/ there’s a non-responsive mayor (2020/02/11) Steroids, the police and public (2020/01/20-21,26) Iran Issues: Qassem Soleimani executed, downed Iranian commercial liner, British ambassador Iran, Iran’s history of attacks on American soldiers in Iraq (2020/01/12; 2020/01/21) “Black Lives Smatter”-Article-2017/02/20- Santa Fe white officer Troy Baker investigated for racial and gender smears on Face Book (2020/01/06) Black LIES Matter - Book (2020/01/05) Boy Scouts Sex Abuse/Lawsuits; Alamagordo Ex-Chief Brian Peete lawsuit against city - city manager/attorney likely retaliated over Whistleblowing (see also Chief Rodriguez below) (2020/02/18) Strange drones Eastern Colorado (2020/01/04) Meth - Some info Colorado (Durango, Cortez) incidents (2019/10/05,2019/07/17) Orwell’s Two Minute Hate, etc. (2019/08/27-28) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/02/24 China censorship added to Media Here is one link from that section: Washington Examiner (2020/02/19) US designates five Chinese media outlets as 'foreign missions' of ruling Communist Party missions-of-ruling-communist-party Excerpt: “Every single one of these entities does, in fact, work 100% for the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party," a senior State Department official told reporters during a briefing…Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Axios that “we are determined to treat China as it is, not as what we want it to be,” and that “in China, all media works for the Chinese Communist Party, as General Secretary Xi Jinping has explicitly stated.”…China Daily registered under FARA in 1983, but it is not without controversy. Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana and Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, along with 33 other members of the House and Senate, sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr in early February urging him to investigate the outlets for apparent FARA violations. "These propaganda organs operate freely within the open American system, while journalists inside of China face massive restrictions,” Pompeo said of the five outlets. “We hope that the Chinese Communist Party will reconsider its treatment of journalists inside of China.” …All of this comes as the U.S. has stepped up its efforts against Chinese espionage and trade theft. The DOJ unveiled a 16 - count superseding indictment against Huawei last week, accusing the Chinese telecommunications giant of engaging in a global racketeering conspiracy to steal trade secrets and evade sanctions against North Korea and Iran. The U.S. has been warning its Western allies, especially its “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing partners, not to use Huawei equipment for fear that the Chinese government could use “back door” access to spy on communications. missions-of-ruling-communist-party 2020/02/16 DNA Found at a Crime Scene Education Seattle How Can a Person's DNA Be Found at a Crime Scene?Written by Milton Kazmeyer Excerpt: One of the most valuable tools in criminology is the ability to test evidence for DNA samples. A positive DNA match can place a suspect at the scene of a crime even when there are no witnesses, making the investigator's job much easier. Someone may leave DNA at a crime scene iSkin cells and hair are other ways in which a criminal may leave DNA evidence at a crime scene. Dead skin cells and hair follicles naturally fall away from the body on a regular basis, and their presence at the crime scene may provide enough information for DNA analysis….Bodily Fluids… One of the most common sources of DNA at a crime scene is a bodily fluid. Blood, saliva, sweat, urine and semen can readily provide DNA information at crime scenes, as can just about any other substance secreted or excreted by the body. Depending on the nature of the crime, one or more of these fluids may be present, and investigators…Skin and Hair: Skin cells and hair are other ways in which a criminal may leave DNA evidence at a crime scene. Dead skin cells and hair follicles naturally fall away from the body on a regular basis, and their presence at the crime scene may provide enough information for DNA analysis. In addition, if a struggle occurred, a victim might have skin cells from a criminal trapped underneath his fingernails, or could pull out hair follicles or catch…Touch DNA: Touch DNA refers to the oils and epithelial cells left whenever a person touches any object. Any time your skin contacts another surface, it may leave trace amounts of your DNA behind. In the past, the relatively small number of residual cells made this type of sample unsuitable for DNA profiling, but technology has reduced the amount of material necessary to create a DNA profile [Accessed from internet 2020/02/16] KRQE (2020/02/03) New DNA equipment will help APD solve crimes faster. By Brittany Bade Excerpt: Getting a DNA match will soon take a fraction of the time, that it takes now. Albuquerque Police Department’s new state of the art DNA lab is just weeks away from being fully up and running. “Before it would take at least 2-3 weeks and I’m really hoping we can get down to a week,” said Andrew Dowling, the DNA Technical Leader…Bought with money from last year’s legislature, three new specialty machines are now housed at APD’s crime lab. One is meant specifically for rape cases. “It would take any of the victim’s cells, separate those off, and then we’re left with just the sperm cells,” said Dowling. The machine uses a centrifuge to separate all the DNA, and give analysts a “clean” sample in just 90 minutes. The backlogged rape kits should all be tested within the next few months, and when they are APD believe these machines will help them quickly start testing another backlog. “We have about 4,000 property crime cases we’re trying to get through,” said Commander Christopher George with the Albuquerque Police Department. The Qiagen Machine can test up to 84 samples at a time at the APD lab. Ultimately, this frees up time and money at the state lab which allows them to help other agencies across the state. NBC News (2018) Familial DNA puts elusive killers behind bars but only 12 staters use it. By James Rainey. n869711 Excerpt: Familial DNA puts elusive killers behind bars. But only 12 states use it. Why isn’t it used more widely? Two years into the investigation of Allison Feldman’s murder in Scottsdale, Arizona, the police had run out of options. They had interviewed more than 500 people, cataloged dozens of pieces of evidence and canvassed every house within a half mile of Feldman’s low-slung ranch home, where the popular 31-year- old saleswoman had been sexually assaulted and beaten to death. DNA found in Feldman’s dining room and on a beer bottle had been detectives’ best lead. But, despite repeated queries, America’s vast crime databases had failed to match the DNA to a suspect. Stymied, Scottsdale police appealed to Arizona officials to widen the parameters of the DNA search in a way the state had never done before. The detectives wanted to probe for the next best thing to a direct DNA hit — a match to anyone closely related to the mystery intruder. About a year later, and more than three years after the grisly 2015 murder in a city known for very little violent crime, Scottsdale police and Arizona law enforcement leaders announced on April 10 that their unusual gambit had paid off. Using software that searches for “familial” DNA links, crime lab technicians found a near match with an Arizona prison inmate. Days later, Scottsdale police arrested the inmate’s brother, Ian L. Mitcham, and charged him with Feldman’s murder. “It was like ‘Wow! It actually worked.’ I couldn’t believe we had finally gotten to this point,” said Sgt. Hugh Lockerby, Scottsdale’s top violent crimes investigator. “It’s a real success story.” n869711 2020/02/14 Mayor of Albuquerque Crime Strategy Santa Fe New Mexican (2018/07/01) By Milan Simonich economy/article_ec4aa148-195c-544c-9f5c-80d144f8e2a8.html Excerpt: Before Demesia Padilla became New Mexico’s latest criminal defendant in a case of public corruption, she was a politician with a hopeful campaign slogan. “I will end the embarrassment,” she said. That’s not the way it worked out. New Mexico has three chronic problems. One is poverty. Another is an economy too dependent on government jobs and oil production, always a boom-bust proposition. The third is corruption. It strangles progress in reducing poverty and improving the economy. People who serve themselves instead of the public interest all too often end up in public office or appointed to government positions. economy/article_ec4aa148-195c-544c-9f5c-80d144f8e2a8.html 2020/02/12 Daniel Pipes and was Barack [Hussein] Obama a [Shiite Muslim]? (2008)A reader’s comment - someone named Dean Reader comment on item: Was Barack Obama a Muslim? in response to reader comment: Barak Hussein Obama is a Shiite Muslim Submitted by Dean (United States), Oct 9, 2008 at 01:19 Some indicators of a Shiite/Islamic connection to Obama: Excerpt: 1. Hussein, of course, is the name of the martyr-founder of Shia Islam. 2. Obama's parents' marriage seemed to be in line with the Shia doctrine of Nikah Mutah, or temporary marriage of convenience. In such a marriage the Muslim man may marry a Christian or Jew. 3. Obama could outwardly profess Christianity and inwardly be a Shiite according to the Shia doctrine of Taqiyya-- dissimulation--as long as it was for the ultimate glory of Islam. 4. In the latest debates Obama as stated how he is willing to destabilize Pakistan (Sunni) going after the Taliband (Sunni) but wants to pull out of Iraq, giving Iran (Shiite) the advantage in Iraq. He would also sit down and talk with Iran's leader without conditions. His choice of Biden as VP is also telling: Biden is a great supporter of Iran. After 9- 1-1 he wanted the US to give Iran a huge grant ($200,000,000 I think was reported by National Review magazine). 5. Early in his campaign Obama had a private meeting with Hussan Al-Qazwini (Shiite) religious leader at the largest American Mosque which is located in Dearborn, MI. Al-Qazwini gave Obama a copy of his new book, CRESCENT AMERICA. They discussed foreign policy including Israel. Louis Farrakhan has been an honored guest at this mosque as well as at Obama's United Church in Chicago. Farrakhan preaches the destruction of American will come via Islam. Obama's former minister, Rev. Wright, was a Black Muslim before he decided on the Christian pulpit as reported in the New Republic magazine. 6. Slips of the tongue: Obama said he would campaign in all 57 states (the number of Islamic states in the OIC at the UN) rather than all 50 states. He also said, "My Muslim faith," in an interview with George Stephanapolous. 7. Obama, if truly baptized, would have taken a Christian baptismal name. But he continues to go by his Muslim name. 8. The Kenya connection: His activity in Kenya has been in favor of the Muslims and Muslim political bosses there. 9. His father, grandfather, step-father and nearly all his half-siblings are or were Muslim. 10. Obama was registered as a Muslim in a school in Indonesia. He is reported to be able to recite the Muslim call to prayer with a perfect Arabic accent. He says, himself, that the prettiest sound at sunset is the Muslim call to prayer. 11. The symbol or campaign logo of Obama is a blue crescent over fallen red and white stripes. The crescent, of course, is the symbol of Islam and blue has come to represent the states that vote Democratic; Red, the states that vote Republican. Blue is allied with Islam with this logo, while the red stripes of the flag (the Red being maintained by Republicans) is ruffled on the ground. 12. What motivates Obama? Why would a junior senator not rather support Mrs. Clinton and put in his time in the Senate and build his reputation? Why does he have to win the Presidency of the US now? Where is all his money coming from? What is his connection to Khalid al-Mansouri? My suspicion: He feels he is on a mission from God: a) To help facilitate the destruction of the State of Israel. b) To promote Shia Islam over Sunni Islam. c) To subordinate the West for the spreading of Islam. d) Politically, to support a socialist system. 2020/02/11 Belen Chief Rodriguez lawsuit against city - indicates excessive force by officers/ there’s a non-responsive mayor This was added here because this is an unusual situation. Apparently the chief has taken the initiative over officers. Frequently chiefs are in on the problems or wait until the public or media find out. There might be more than one side to the issue, however. KRQE (2019/12/16) Belen Police Chief files lawsuit against the City. By “KRQE Media.” 2020/01/20-21, 26 Steroids 2020/01/26-Steroids section added formally to this website Steroid usage: watch for weightlifting hangouts for dealers; check criminal backgrounds for signs of domestic violence and violence against others; identify rings; follow trails of long-term friendships; watch for concomitant addictions off the charts like glue, paint, aerosol paint sniffing; watch for trails of thefts; needle usage; follow trail of testosterone enanthate (test e) through pharmacies, both prescription and non-prescription; identify split mind/personality issues of He Man/She Man - men with hidden male lovers in an abusive sexual context - it might be a cult-like network; mood swings. Identify officers resistant to investigating possible criminality involving steroids; that is, identify blocked cases by police who do not appropriately investigate steroid usage in both their departments and in the public properly, with hedging possible; follow links between job, job type, weightlifting, etc. Track past criminal records. Identify purchase/spending habits. Identify friends who might be fellow users and/or dealers. Longer term steroid users might have a cluster of addictions. Strange fixations. Illusions/Delusions. Calm one moment, angry the next. 2017-2018 The Hidden World of Police on Steroids. Professor John Hoberman turns his attention to cops. Peter C. Baker, UPDATED: SEP 8, 2018ORIGINAL:DEC 11, 2017 Book listed in this article Doper in Uniform, by John Hoberman Excerpt: There is no definitive proof that steroids cause violent, erratic behavior, but the two are definitely correlated, and this fact alone, in Hoberman's view, is reason enough for police forces to implement zero- tolerance policies on steroid use. Easier said than done, of course: Hoberman notes that, while the U.S. military has such a policy, steroid use remains a barely concealed fixture of military life. 2019 (2019/02/08) Illegally Secret Cop Drug Policy Released. By Christopher Peak 2017 (2017/02/24) Cops and Steroids: What happens if officers are caught using? By Erik Flack 2013 Arlington officer accused of buying steroids and helping supplier spot police supplier-spot-police-surveillance/ 2011 New Mexico’s stand on steroids 2009 2009 Federal Register shows earlier definitive classification of Schedule III anabolic steroids anabolic-steroids-under-the-controlled-substances 2020/01/12 Qassem Soleimani executed; Iran shoots down Ukrainian liner; British ambassador taken into custody For more on Iran issues Go to For brief input on: the recent killing of Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian self-admitted shooting of the Ukrainian commercial liner, and more on Iran’s corrosive history against the Americans in Iraq; the taking into custody of the British ambassador to Iran. The Military Times (2015) article below shows Iran linked to deaths of 500 US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan at that point. It shows clearly that EFPs - a type of bomb with a curved copper plate which helps make the blast more directed (like an arrow) but also more force-backed (penetrating power) - most likely were from Iran, and were killing and maiming our people in large number. Such bombs were often placed on roadsides. Commercial Liner downing; 5 other times Ambassador British [added 1/21/20] Soleimani CBS (2020/01/10) Iran: Mike Pompeo on attack of Qassem Soleimani know-when-where-today- Iran’s Link to Deaths and Injries US troops Military Times (2015/0/14) Iran linked to deaths of 500 US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan \ 2020/01-06-07 2019 listings that were here have been moved to Backlog 4 2020/01/06 “Black Lives Smatter” Santa Fe white officer Troy Baker investigated for racial and gender smears on Face Book (2020/01/06) Facebook incident SF Reporter 2017/02/20 To protect and troll Note from PF: Please notice at least two of the people investigating him are Hispanic. Excerpt: Baker's view: "I don't have anti-Muslim views. I have anti-radical Islam views. I have friends that are Muslim. It's not against a religion. It's against radical Muslims. The people in that photo are from ISIS." Baker says personal views expressed on his Facebook post do not affect his on-duty behavior. "I'm not bringing it to work," he tells SFR. "You find one person I am not giving appropriate community service to due to their gender, race or ethnicity. Find one." Baker briefly lost his job after a 2010 incident in which a man claimed he and four other officers used excessive force when arresting him for disorderly conduct in a Walmart parking lot. An external review board reinstated Baker and another officer, Steve Cosban. (We asked the police department for additional complaints filed against Baker. We'll keep you updated with any responses.) Baker, a 22-year veteran of Santa Fe city police, was elected president of the Santa Fe Police Officers Association about a year ago. The union represents roughly 150 sworn officers and civilian employees, according to Baker. Not every one of Baker's Facebook posts expresses his political views. For example, he routinely posts memorials for fallen officers. He also occasionally shares personal news, including a photograph of the trophy he received after the Santa Fe Police Department awarded him 2016 Supervisor of the Year. 2020/01/05 Black Lies Matter Here is an excellent portrayal of false media using racial tensions as the backdrop: From (2016) Black LIES Matter, by Taleeb Starkes. Excerpt from one of the first parts of this book: Have you noticed the persistent pattern of outrage that manifests from the black community whenever a black life is taken from a white person, especially a white cop? Also, have you noticed the same culture-vultures arrive without hesitation to gluttonously feast during these incidents? They figuratively pick apart the black body until it is a carcass - leaving nothing for bacteria to compose. These opportunists are arsonists, and their mission is to start racial infernos. In other words, they racialize, not harmonize. Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed this trend - even if you are a bleeding-heart liberal. One must understand that these “call to action’ reactions are not spontaneous. They’re calculated maneuvers by an ever-present Race Grievance Industry (RGI) an industry whose only product is victimhood - and it’s manufactured without pause. The RGI’s sole purpose is to profit from racial strife under the guise of pursuing racial peace. Its modus operandi is rooted in a lie that refuses to die: blacks are permanent victims of racism, and no amount of effort will overcome it. The lie is rinsed and repeated in different ways, but the message remains unchanged - America is a racist labyrinth specifically designed to stifle black advancement. From Amazon book information: In Chicago a.k.a “Chiraq," the first ten days of 2016 yielded 120 people shot. Baltimore’s 2015 ended as its bloodiest and deadliest year — on a per-capita basis. In 2014, Detroit’s police chief called upon law-abiding citizens to take arms against its burgeoning, violent, criminal subculture. Unfortunately, these cities aren’t anomalies. Year after year, a seemingly unshakable reality of violence plagues black communities nationwide. In fact, since 1980, blacks have routinely accounted for almost half of America’s annual homicide victims, and more than half of the perpetrators — all while being a minor thirteen percent of the national populace. Yet, a certain black-based industry — which specializes in nurturing comfortable lies while burying uncomfortable truths — propagates a notion that “racism” is the foremost issue facing black Americans, and white cops are blood-thirsty enforcers. Moreover, this cunning, race-peddling entity knows that it's easier to lie to blacks than to convince blacks that they've been lied to. Thus, black "lies" are good for business... black "lives" are good for nothing (except exploitation). 2020/02/18 Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse/Lawsuits; Ex-Chief Brian Peete/Alamagordo Boy Scouts More at #2-Personal Comments and River Gold New Mexico (2019/11/26) Boy Scouts Mortgage Vast New Mexico Ranch Amid Sex-Abuse Litigation.mBy David Crary Countrywide Time dot com (2020/02/18) Excerpt: Barraged by hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday in hopes of working out a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan that will allow the hallowed, 110-year-old organization to carry on. The Chapter 11 filing in federal bankruptcy court in Wilmington, Delaware, sets in motion what could be one of the biggest, most complex bankruptcies ever seen. Scores of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of several thousand men who say they were molested as scouts by scoutmasters or other leaders decades ago but are only now eligible to sue because of recent changes in their states’ statute-of-limitations laws. By going to bankruptcy court, the Scouts can put those lawsuits on hold for now. But ultimately they could be forced to sell off some of their vast property holdings, including campgrounds and hiking trails, to raise money for a compensation trust fund that could surpass a billion dollars. These Men Say the Boy Scouts' Sex Abuse Problem Is Worse Than Anyone Knew (2019/06/01) By Eliana Dockertman Excerpt: Clip attached to a photo of a boy: Between 1944 and 2016, at least 7,800 suspected assailants sexually abused 12,254 boys in the Boy Scouts. Experts say these numbers are a gross underestimation. David Kasnic for TIME Kosnoff had retired to Puerto Rico when he learned that the Boy Scouts were considering bankruptcy — a tactic some Catholic dioceses have used to stall lawsuits against them. Outraged, Kosnoff came out of retirement, and along with attorneys from two other law firms launched a national ad campaign in March to draw clients. Their goal is to lay the groundwork for possible legal action even if the organization files for bankruptcy and a judge sets a deadline for new claims to be filed. “We’re struggling to keep up with the response,” says Kosnoff. The legal team says the men who’ve come forward so far have named more than 300 “hidden predators” who did not appear in the Perversion Files. TIME is not publishing their names because a suit identifying them has not been filed. However, Kosnsoff would like to push the Boy Scouts to report the names of the men his clients have accused in a public database. Based on his experience representing church abuse victims, Kosnoff argues that bankruptcy proceedings could bury the names of potential assailants: “The assailants who would otherwise be identified in lawsuits get enshrouded in darkness, and these predators can continue to operate.” On Thursday, a group of attorneys said they’d collected information from at least 428 men and boys whose accounts of rape, molestation and abuse indicate the Boy Scouts’ pedophile problem is far more widespread than the organization has previously acknowledged. These men are speaking out for the first time, and several of them detailed their allegations of abuse in interviews with TIME. (TIME was not able to confirm the men’s specific accounts but spoke with others who said they’d been told of the incidents. TIME also obtained a police report filed by one of the individuals alleging abuse.) If the Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy, the accusers will have a limited window to file claims against the organization, pitting the men and their lawyers in a race against time….Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts have kept confidential files since the 1920s listing staff and volunteers implicated in sexual abuse, for the avowed purpose of keeping predators away from youth. According to a court deposition, the files as of January listed 7,819 suspected abusers and 12,254 victims. New York Post 2020/01/07 Unique sex abuse suit filed against boy scouts in US capital. By Assoc. Press. Excerpt: The lawsuit notes that the BSA submits an annual report to Congress summarizing its recent activities. “However, never once in 103 years of reporting to Congress has BSA disclosed the fact that its programs were, and are, magnets to tens of thousands of pedophiles,” the lawsuit says. “Instead, BSA’s Reports to the Nation have miscast the organization as a bastion of moral authority.”…The lawsuit contends that the BSA has known since its early years that it attracted pedophiles into its ranks of adult leaders, yet avoided public acknowledgement of the dangers for decades even as it kept secret files of men known or suspected of committing sex abuse. Washington Post Reuters (2020/02/17) Boy Scouts of America files bankruptcy in wake of abuse lawsuits. By Tom Hals Excerpt: The Boy Scouts, based in Irving, Texas, has said that it sincerely apologizes to anyone harmed, that it believes the accusers and that it encourages victims to come forward.…The bankruptcy, filed in Delaware, will allow the Boy Scouts to bring all of the lawsuits into one court and try to negotiate a settlement, rather than using the organization’s funds to fight each case in court, which might leave some victims with nothing. A similar bankruptcy strategy to resolve sex abuse lawsuits has been used by more than 20 Catholic dioceses and USA Gymnastics…The Boy Scouts lost a major source of support when the Mormon church said it would no longer sponsor scouting troops, beginning in 2020. The move by the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came shortly after the Boy Scouts said it would drop “boy” from its program for older youths and after saying it would admit transgender scouts. The church said its decision was not influenced by the Boy Scouts’ changes, but by a desire to focus on its own youth programs. Ex-Chief Brian Peete-Alamagordo KRQE (2019/01/17) Alamagordo Police Chief discusses sudden suspension Excerpt: A New Mexico police chief is speaking out after being suddenly suspended. The city of Alamogordo says it was because of performance review goals not being met, but he says there’s more to the story. Alamogordo Police Chief Brian Peete believes it had something to do with a letter he sent to the city commission, detailing complaints against the city manager and the city attorney. “The letter was generally written, a summarization of all the things that I had saw that were my concerns hoping to address them at the lowest level possible. And I wrote it with the expectation that there may have been some engagement from the commission,” said Peete. Peete sent the letter in December. In it, he claims there is a culture of retaliation, rampant unprofessional behavior and negligent leadership within the city manager’s office. He also says there are serious financial issues with the use of city funds. Now, he’s considering his legal options. KVIA 2019/11/04 Alamogordo police chief abruptly quits amid on-going lawsuit against the city. By Jim Parker lawsuit-against-the-city/ Excerpt: ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico -- The police chief of Alamogordo, who has been locked in a legal battle with this southern New Mexico city following a brief suspension earlier this year, abruptly resigned from the position on Monday evening. A statement from the city announcing Brian Peete's immediate resignation didn't cite a reason for him stepping down -- but in a lawsuit filed against the city over the summer, he alleged wrongdoing by a city administrator and violations of the New Mexico Whistleblower Protection Act. Peete contends he was suspended for about a month at the start of this year as retaliation for sending a letter to city commissioners outlining what he called illegal and improper conduct by the now-former city manager. lawsuit-against-the-city/ 2020/01/04 KDVR (2020/01/03) Experts theory about mysterious drones in Eastern Colorado Symptoms of Meth Meth symptoms vary with the amount of meth used, method of ingestion and the other factors. General, psychological methamphetamine symptoms during meth use include: Euphoria Anxiety, irritability, aggression, paranoia Increased libido Energy, alertness Increased concentration Self-esteem, self-confidence, grandiosity Sociability Hallucinations, psychosis Serious Results of Heavy Methamphetamine Use Heavy users tend to experience hallucinations and delusions. Some users develop sores on their face or body when they have been picking at their skin, thinking that there are bugs crawling under their skin that they can’t see. Repeated use can show up in an irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat, mood disturbances, violent, aggressive, paranoid behavior, confusion and insomnia. There may be a rapid deterioration of the person’s behavior or appearance if he or she is a heavy user. Learn About Meth Abuse & Addiction Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as “meth,” is a highly-addictive neurotoxic stimulant that is often referred to as “the most dangerous drug on earth,” due to the wide availability, ease of use, and ability to manufacture the drug out of ordinary household products. Most often, methamphetamine comes in two forms, “Crystal Meth” and “powdered meth,” both produce similar effects on the user. Crystal methamphetamine, the more pure form of the drug also known as “ice,” “crystal,” “crystal meth,” is an opaque crystalized rock that is abused in various methods. Powdered methamphetamine, aka “speed” or “tina,” is less potent and is created to form a white, bitter-tasting, odorless powder that can be snorted, smoked, eaten, dissolved in a drink, or heated and injected. What is common among both forms of methamphetamines is that it produces a false sense of wellbeing and happiness. It gives the user a rush, and an increase in feelings of energy, confidence, and wakefulness. These effects generally last six to eight hours, but can be sustained for upwards of twelve hours. 2019/07/17 and 2019/10/05 Colorado - Durango and Cortez Durango Herald: 2019/03/12 Police take proactive approach to problems at Colorado Pongas: Agency sees positive results working with pool hall on liquor license violations. By Bret Hauff. Free Beacon: 2017/05/17 Vagrants overrun Colorado town legalized Marijuana Colorado Sun 2018/09/10 High Country Colorado Towns wrangle Big City Problems with homelessness homelessness/ 2019/07/17 Cortez The Journal 2019/06/29 Shane French’s lawsuit against city, police officers nears end. By Erika Alvera. Excerpt: The lawsuit was initially filed on Feb. 5, 2016, against the city of Cortez and police officers Casey Eubanks, Jennifer Lodge (also known as Jennifer Goodall), Boyd Neagle, Ryan Carter, Sgt. David Allmon and Chief Roy Lane. The filing came after French was found not guilty in the 22nd Judicial District Court in December 2014 on all charges relating to the alleged stabbing of a Cortez police officer.The original complaint alleges that Cortez police officers were called to the French family’s home for assistance for a mental health hold for French – a qualified individual with a disability – but then illegally entered without consent.The complaint further alleges that the officers pushed Glenn and Patti French, “tackled Shane French to the ground and handcuffed him,” and then “repeatedly tased Shane French while he was in handcuffs.”French was then charged with four counts of assaulting a peace officer and three counts of resisting arrest. The alleged assault was connected to a small nick on the left side of officer Casey Eubanks’ stomach, according to court testimony. French was in custody for about 10 months before being cleared of all charges by a jury. 2019/03/25 Cortez former police officer pay $100k in misconduct case. Excerpt: The city of Cortez and a former Cortez police officer agreed in January to pay a $100,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed a year after the officer pleaded guilty in a criminal misconduct case. Officer Reuben Liska resigned Feb. 4, 2017, amid a criminal investigation into an allegation that he had “inappropriate physical contact” with a woman who had called for police assistance. He was charged with one count of official misconduct in Montezuma County, and after pleading guilty in August 2017, was sentenced the following November to two years of probation. 2019/08/27-28 Orwell’s Two Minute Hate Watch for antics: Psyops: issues of creating mirages in the public forum to instigate chaos. There is a good discussion on both the Covington case and the problem with projections in Fee dot org listed below. Please notice the apt review of Orwell’s Two Minute Hate. Fee dot org (2019/01/29) Long before the Covington High incident Orwell revealed the truth about hate. By Barry Brownstein. Excerpt: Long Before the Covington Incident, Orwell Revealed the Truth about Hate If the media is “creating and fomenting” anger, this is only part of a bigger story. It may be time to take a lesson from '1984', the political allegory by George Orwell. Longer Excerpt from Fee dot org: What could be a better story for a media devoid of “journalistic ethics” than a group of Catholic high school students, wearing MAGA hats, seemingly mocking a Native American elder? On social media, people expressed wishes to inflict harm on Nicholas Sandmann. Nicholas is the student who, rather than mocking Native American Nathan Phillips, was stoically smiling. Even after exculpatory evidence was available, some double-downed on their first assessment of Sandmann. If the media is “creating and fomenting” anger, this is only part of a bigger story. It may be time to take a lesson from 1984, the political allegory by George Orwell. In the totalitarian society created by Orwell, the hate expressed towards the Party’s enemy Emmanuel Goldstein already existed in the minds of the haters. The media are responsible for their lack of ethics, but we are accountable for our own hatred. Two Minutes Hate In Orwell’s society, the population is required to engage in a daily ritual called Two Minutes Hate. The Party’s enemies, often Emmanuel Goldstein, are made to seem grotesque. Party members are mandated to rage at these hideous scapegoats: Breitbart: Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is getting slammed on social media for attacking the Covington Catholic students Tuesday night, even after media outlets admitted to misreporting the viral encounter between the students and the Native American elder. Free Republic dot com: The lawsuit claimed the defendants “used their large social media platforms, perceived higher credibility and public followings to lie and libel minors they never met, based on an event they never witnessed.” A comprehensive examination of several videos seemed to back up the students’ claims that they did not instigate the incident involving Phillips. KRQE: (2019/08/05)Congresswoman [Deb] Haaland facing lawsuit over covington boys [regarding her tweets about it] tweets/ New Mexico Congresswoman Deb Haaland is among a handful of politicians, celebrities and journalists now being sued for their tweets.