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Loose Notes 2020/11/10 On San Juan College MPM Farmington, New Mexico community college 2020/11/10 [Side Note: Video seen on home page of San Juan College website as of today shows only Navajos and Hispanics - or darker to olive skinned mixed - working on a vehicle as part of auto tech education; you get fleeting glimpses of one or two whites (fair-skinned Caucasians). San Juan College used to have a lot more whites; the college is state funded but acting like a private for-profit college favoring certain students over others. The college did not used to be Navajo, Hispanic and minority centered. It has lost its openness, succumbing to a network of control based on a narrow racial and political- philosophical lines which includes political correctness for the Navajo Nation’s ways and people. Watch for this ugly behavior in other colleges. The reverse discrimination is nasty and dangerous. They feed into their own reality and will not accept dialogues filled with other points of view - there is no reciprocity as they demand whites be sensitive to their ways because they tell themselves and the world are an injured racial class. A real college education allows multiple levels of thinking not just centered around the sensitivities and proclivities of one minority group. It is likely there is a Navajo and Hispanic bias is in campus security and law enforcement that links San Juan College with FPD, NMSP, FBI, DEA and Homeland Security. New Mexico has a long list of mostly Hispanic cops who have broken rules and the laws, and who have thoroughly harmed the public. As New Mexico descends further and further into behaving and operating like a third world country state, these minority cops will only get worse. That is, as they get rid of more and more white and reasonable minority cops (through copious suspicious or downright fake lawsuits which brought in tons of money) no one will be left behind to stop their antics. Minority cops will think anything goes in their retaliations against yet other whites - now just people in the community - or other fellow minorities who think and operate outside the box. Campus Security is mostly minority controlled on that campus, as well as many if not most campuses in the state of New Mexico. San Juan College has players who are central to the MPM in Farmington and the Four Corners, which includes Durango, Colorado 45 miles north.] They are liberal or left-leaning college professors, marijuana club students, Hispanic club students and administrators, administrators married to or closely tied to the Navajo Nation, and more. My personal repeated experience with whites married to (or in sexual relationships with) Navajos is that they can be and often are difficult to deal with and will not play fair with fellow whites not part of the mindset or cliques. People with alternative views are being wiped off the landscape in an increasingly MPM-controlled New Mexico. Watch for attorneys in the Farmington area, and from Durango, and associated with both Navajo Nation and tribal interests. Get clear on their past and ongoing cases involving civil rights disputes. Get to know who they are and how they operate, and how colleges like San Juan College have affiliates with an itch to pick up the phone and call them when someone questions the Navajo Nation’s antics. Grab the area newspapers and identify the articles and photos of those who participated in the area Black Lives Matter protests. The Durango Herald had numerous pro-BLM articles which included names of college organizations and photos of demonstrators who participated. Identify the article writers: Navajo? Hispanic? Black? LGBT? How long have they worked at the paper? Where did they work before? How long have these writers been in the area? Who owns The Durango Herald? Was it having money problems which would have lead it to be bribed by BLM affiliates? Who owns and writes for the Farmington Daily Time? Who are the editors of these places? Investigate Black Lives Matter affiliates linked to local colleges. Have they struck before? How many BLM supporters have criminal records involving BLM related activities locally and in other areas? Do we know of any of these people having some connection or another to bombings or bomb threats, shootings, killings? My intuition is that some in Farmington and Durango have hurt people elsewhere. Be prepared for these arguments and responses from San Juan College MPM/LGBT: You’re white. You are questioning my reality. Hence, MPM/LGBT needs to: Stamp out systemic racism Get rid of Trump and Trump support as if it is a poison Need to EDJUCATE you - educate + judicate: Judging and Psychological driving equals identifying their version of aberrent and abhorent behavior and words, and the removal/replacement of such “aberrent” ideas with theirs. If not educable, need to punish you with harsher tactics - abuse, camps If none works, need to ELIMINATE you (See Stasi on this website) Blog Watch this college carefully for reverse discrimination and minority preference across the board, including from white faculty and administrators part of the clique. This little college used to be an open and friendly space for all races, but in later years shifted to what feels like a primarily Navajo-centered place. The college HATES people to say this, they hate it. They have a proven track record of trying to shut people up about this. One way to look for minority preference and reverse discrimination is to walk around the college and see who is there. If you are seeing mostly Navajos, know this was not the way it used to be. It used to be very mixed racially. Something has happened. The next thing to look for is who is getting what jobs where - especially the lower end, entry level, hourly positions, including student aid jobs. The third thing to watch for is advertising. This is a key way to identify the approach of the college. If you are mostly seeing Navajos, Hispanics or other minorities in their ads, including website home page videos or photographs, billboards along the highway, front pages of class schedules or student or community informational magazines, this is a red flag. The college hates people to say things like this and there could be retaliation for this post. Most of it comes from Navajos who are trying to control not only the college but the entire Farmington and perhaps Four Corners Area. They are part of the Minority Power Movement, with Navajo and other minority leftists protesting in the Black Lives Matter parades in Farmington and Durango. The college does not want the public to denigrate Navajos associated with leftists or minority power movements. The media, especially The Durango Herald, seems to be highly supportive of BLM and was part of the game to only put out one side of the story. Again, San Juan College has people who will try to remove this post. They will likely act ugly. San Juan College needs to go back to being an open, friendly and non-controlled space, one not so Navajo- centered. A strong number of whites live in the area not directly linked to the Navajo Nation. The college needs to stop acting like a portal for the Navajo Nation. The Navajos have their own community colleges elsewhere. San Juan College needs to actively demonstrate it is not only giving advantages to the Navajos. This includes grants, scholarships and positive behavioral responses. Whites students on campus need not be part of the MPM mindset or cliques in order to feel at home and part of the flow. Whites who walk to the beat of a different drum on campus need not feel like "odd man out" - that is, people who speak up and against what feels like minority preference should not experience retaliation from the college. San Juan College under other administrations was better and was normal. It had an open-cosmopolitan feeling which included fair-skinned people. Going onto that campus today you would think few whites live in the area. You would feel it is an extension of the Navajo Reservation. We have needed a change for several years, but we particularly need change now. The college likely has some militant Navajos when whites speak out about these issues, including in campus security. They will try to fight anyone with a different point of view. Some whites on campus are married to Navajos who think this ugly behavior is par for the course, because they believe Navajos were a poor down-trodden people now coming into their own. Whites who support the BLM reparations mode are wrong, because reverse discrimination has gone too far the other direction. Whites do not have to keep giving reparations; they don't owe, owe, owe forever and ever for what happened to Navajos or other minorities in history. I want the old San Juan College back, one in which diversity is real diversity: one that includes a solid, balanced number of fair-skinned students and student employees. I wait to see what kind of hostile response comes from the college over this. 2020/10/11-12 dirty cop mostly minority crime ring possible in Farmington, New Mexico Comment on 2019/11/05 The Repeated Theme A reoccurring theme is one that relates to an anti-Shariah Law perspective, along with truly anti-American long-term Civil Rights approaches which go back to at least Vietnam. It’s like a record lost on a groove, playing over and over, showing up repeatedly both here at Police Factor and River Gold in the personal comments sections. What is going on with this is a constant vibe or sense of threat coming in along these sectors. . The use of anti-Shariah Law material from other people - these sources are references, and are found in the Muslim Mafia section on River Gold. Here is what comes up: - Concerns about Media visuals using blacks over whites in a way that is not just about civil rights, but about an actual takeover of groups connected to the Muslim Mafia: the repeated concern is: Watch for all forms of advertising that have started emphasizing blacks over whites first, and non-whites over whites in general in certain areas, second, when in the past you and I both saw a more balanced approach in these matters. Look for: highway billboards advertising colleges and community colleges only showing non-whites; college and community college class schedules both online and hard copy; banks and credit unions; student loan processing companies; signs on grocery store shopping carts; Walmart posters near the entrance and/or Customer Service section; and more. Watch for rolling photos, ones that shift automatically from one photo to the next, with the first one in this roll almost always photos of black women with chic Afro hairdos, black men or families of three or more; even if the photo rolls on to other races, including whites, watch for which photos are consistently the ones you see when you go to the company’s home page. Look for photos putting natural afro-haired persons in “chic” mode in front and center, larger than the other figures in the photos, or with a slight glimpse of a white male (usually he is looking over at the black woman as if in awe or happiness at the African female who is front and center). There are some photos in which you see the white male in a slightly blurred photo (a much reduced shot of him) along the side facing the black woman with a chic afro hairdo. Find out the media companies behind this. Find out who is hiring the media companies. Look for complicity along racial and anti-American lines. Find the advertising director at each company or college using these media photos. Find out who is on the college board. Know who the minority support groups on each college campus in each state and what they are doing and saying around campus and to their students. Identify if there is a link with a college’s growing tendencies to exclude whites from jobs and advertising photos and these on-campus minority support groups. Watch for on-campus security guards who are anti-white, possibly linked to secret anti-American militias training on the side in the desert, or whatever. Start developing a very high level of sensitivity and awareness to body language in these security guards; notice their race, their skin color, their body language in terms of how they hold their weapons, how they respond to white concerns on campus, and much more. Start doing your own security clearance background checks on these people to see if they belong to La Raza and other similar groups. Also watch security guards at public libraries for similar problems. The security guards can include minority women. -Who is answering the phone? At banks, credit unions, billing departments for medical institutions like hospitals and urgent care; fraud departments; collections departments or companies; cell phone companies like certain major cell phone carrier. I am often hearing blacks, Eastern Indians and HIspanics. If there is a white, it can be something like a white male answering the phone in Omaha, Nebraska who doesn’t seem to know much whose main job is to pass American customers on to other departments who are in turn manned by blacks, Eastern Indians, Hispanics or some other non-white and/or non-American sounding person. -Watch for Hispanics and tribal persons and white supporters only hiring Hispanics and tribal persons in the lower end jobs for a variety of reasons in the state of New Mexico, parts of Arizona and in certain districts of California. For example entire malls can be managed and mostly operated by Hispanics in places like the El Cajon area of San Diego and mostly tribal and Hispanic groups can be seen working in Farmington, New Mexico. I have heard that parts of Minnesota have been subsumed by Somali who came in as refugees, mentioned elsewhere on this website. Watch for black-only banks. When you see something like this involving largely non-American black or Islamic communities in the USA, pay attention at ALL times to the possibility of Shariah-Law Islamic types, or ties to such groups, particularly if the blacks don’t seem to be working with the United States, but as groups unto themselves. Watch for a colonization mentality from both black groups with large numbers from outside the USA and Hispanics. Again, in both cases watch for people not trying to work with the USA and to become integrated, but to act like entities in and of themselves in such a way they are “shape-shifting” an area according to their own non-American tendencies. In this case, it’s the “Going, Going, Gone” thing of the Canary in the Coal Mine mentioned in “disclosures” on River Gold. With the Hispanics and tribal groups, it’s the attitude of “we were here first.” The tribal groups need to be cut off from the Federal government immediately, within six months to a year - no more benefits and free aide because they are using it to fight the USA rather than to work with it as a whole. Some whites are working with the tribal groups and cannot be trusted. Homosexuality or LGBT need not immediately work with Shariah Law types, many choose other routes for their rights, but many are still hooked into that old civil rights approach which leads back to anti- American groups both within and outside the United States. -Tenderizing an area using public violence such as shootings and/or explosives. Lying in the media about who was really involved and what really was going on. A disbelief in the general American public that such coverups are possible. The tenderizing involves a planned agenda using dupes or vulnerable people or actively awake sponsors. Dupes or vulnerables are people who might have joined a cult or been hooked into through an internet connection. They might have been psychotronically penetrated. These might wind up being Manchurian candidates, carriers. Actively awakes are like Islamic extremist suicide bombers. Islamic extremists might be penetrating Christian fundamentalists and turning them into Manchurian candidates. It can be a mind-twisting experience using mind control, drugs, psychological drilling and high tech psychotronics. The latter needs to be questioned even if we don’t have full proof yet ini the mainstream public. In discussing these topics, we need to be aware of low grade information, paranoia, spoofs and more, while still staying clear in our minds that such things might be possible. In tenderizing an area, as mentioned elsewhere, the planned anti-American agenda is to destabilize an area in preparation of bringing in other parts of the planned arsenal. There is a combination of intimidation and manipulation of the facts (the media problem listed above) but also the intention to upset the normal state of affairs in the USA by destroying it from within. If blacks and other non-whites are linked to Islamic extremist Sharia Law plots, the idea will be to put the blame on a white public “extremist”, to set up high drama in the media to say “bad, bad whites, sigh, another big bad white extremist on the loose, we need to remove guns and we need to put in more non-whites (conspirators) into the police and government so these terrible things won’t happen again.” The psyops is to make whites look unruly, unstable, undignified, stupid and dangerous with the correction pill being to bring in more non-whites into the area who look like the solution task group and the relief from such oppression. At that point, you will see more and more whites displaced from jobs in the area, more black police officers, more non-white counselors, etc…most of whom are players in civil rights groups tied to Islamic extremists. The people are aggressive, have a well-tested script and know exactly what they are doing and why. It is part of shape-shifting an area. Tenderizing comes first, shape-shifting comes next. It can come with increased civil rights related lawsuits by players bent on destroying reputations of non-players and to siphon money out of the United States toward their countries and groups. The tenderizing can also include planned efforts to wreak havoc, to create a dust cloud of chaos, so no one can figure out who is who, what is what; it can be a design for confusion and distraction, and you can feel you are a the Mad Hatter’s Party where points of logic have odd curvatures that hook you in and take you down a rat’s hole to nowhere. Know all of this is planned and some of the players are good at arts and drama; for example, they might sing or play instruments or work in cinema and theater as part of their lifestyle. This can mean that other time of thinking, other parts of the brain, other forms of physical and mental dexterity not normally found in left-brained analytical government job types. To keep up with this sort of thing, you will need to dance the dance up to the point of criminal departure; you will need to sense that outer range of intention and expression because this is part of their MO. You can have gifted criminals who can sing and play the sax like angels, but they are still criminals. In addition, with tribal groups, you can have shamans amongst you, people with high levels of inner vision capability. The other side of the dilemma is that the arts and intellectual types as well as the psychics, see through the fake and self-deleterious civil rights movements and use their gifts to help us. Not all people in these non-white and LGBT groups are playing the game: I have had a Navajo LGBT type walk up to me on the street and say out of the blue, “We are on your side; we support you.” I knew what the message was. It was a mediumship, psychic type of message. No previous contact, they can be psychic enough to sense you are fighting against the people who abused them as children - homosexual sexual abuse - and started them on their life of victimization, messed up and confused sexual choices and drugs. I have often had bisexual men or gay men cut through the chase and go “Got it; we are friends here.” They can also sense you are straight but not narrow, and as such can live and let live without the undercurrent of judgment or fear. Its the other side of the higher intuition in which non-whites and LGBT persons know that the Islamic extremist civil rights groups are tricking people. They realize that there is another way to do human relations which lets them be them and me be me. They realize that Civil Rights is not so much a noisy band wagon of cheer leaders and America deniers as it is an evolved and quiet state of mind in which people support peaceful non- violence while making their own sexual choices in life. A civil rights movement does not need a communist or socialist group to give them political and intellectual direction. Nor does it need stealth jihad leadership. -Identify government jobs that are being largely dominated by Hispanics and tribal groups in New Mexico. Watch for Hispanic dominated food service companies like Sodexo with retaliation against white hourly position workers who complain to a Hispanic boss. I ran into this in Cottonwood, Arizona. I met a woman there who spoke of yet other corruption problems with other large-scale food service companies that work in prisons. Food service companies that service government military, school and prison companies should in general be on our radar, both for racial issues and other problems. -We need stronger anti-cartel incentives. We need more investigations into complicity between the American military and cartels, like that shown here on PF regarding Alaska Army National Guard. On River Gold you will see a few more examples in the military section on Marines/Navy and Fat Leonard. In some cases you will see black and Hispanic influences leading to more rapes and abuses, but there is most definitely a “bad white guy” thing in all this, too. -The concern here is a Nazi-like creeping, like Hitler hitting Berlin with his takeover strategies, except this time the new Nazis are brown/black - but stay awake to the possibility of old players in new guises. For example, there are some suggestions of an International Nazi group that now includes people of all races from all over the world. Whether this Creeping is Nazi or not, pay attention to the hidden take-over processes. At the other side of the tunnel can be tyrants who destroy music, art, intellectual thought, who control dress, who beat up, ostracize and kill homosexuals; who control every last bit of a female’s life and have maximum misogyny. The concern is reduced equal opportunity in employment. It is also a concern over more and more grants going toward certain groups at colleges from non-American and anti-American contenders. In every group countering this nasty “Creeping” (take-over), put someone in charge of investigating how much money is going to whom on college campuses around the country. For example, identify Islamic extremist funding of certain departments and such on campuses. Christians, Jews and other religious and non-religious belief systems must learn to work together in these matters. I have seen certain Christian religious fundamentalists sticking to themselves. There is also the possibility of infiltration by Islamic extremists into these groups. A lot of these ideas are expressed on River Gold. -In the Farmington, New Mexico area and around other tribal border towns in the USA, watch for tribal Marines using what they learned in the military against the white inhabitants and otherwise mainstream leadership and businesses of the border town as a “take-back of lands” (pay-back for offenses against tribal people” approach. An example is a Navajo Marine using paramilitary tactics against the American public to help insert players into key positions around the area. You can have various non-white players involved, but from the point of view of the Navajo, he is doing it for Navajos in that area because he thinks this is his tribal homeland. Part of the psychological warfare he learned in the Marines is how to dismantle stability and to cause uncertainty and lowered self-assurance in the minds of the “enemy” (in this case whites). It is best to see this as a form of terrorism that is home-grown. Counter-terrorism approaches will be to increase awareness; to provide psychological support to the victims to restore self-assurance (ie, they have worth, they are not crazy or dull) and to orchestrate a network of combined police, military and grassroots civilians to push back. Since these groups are using the legal system as part of their warfare program (high ticket settlements and high drama media coverage) these counter-terrorism groups need to work together seamlessly and with a very well put together plan which covers various bases. This plan will have fall-back plans and coverage for the equivalent of flanks and sides, or otherwise points of vulnerability. You have to go into this with “we mean business” knowing that overt aggression, free speech and self-protection are being thwarted by the terrorists on various levels because they have a plan. Counter-terrorism will include helping the mainstream people overcome tendencies for passivity because they have not had the same high level intensity for competition and aggression as the players. It will require building up enough steam and fire to mean business - to stop the area shape-shifting and covert games of sneaking, deceit, trickery, lying through the media, creating false witnesses, tweaking the police forces through extortion or bribes and more. It means getting a handle on who the likely players are in the area and to start developing a strong understanding of the culture of networking. Understanding the culture of cartel, gang and anti-American networking is probably the key answer to the problem because they are doing what they are doing by being very well organized in their networking and by having a plan. When you start messing with their plan and activities around a compromised area, expect to be stirring up a hornet’s nest. Some of the males in the area are likely Hispanics with a detailed sense of resentment over small details and a tit for tat disposition. This anger includes stalking a target and paying attention to small details as part of the covert control and harassment program. The people are petty and vindictive; they get upset over what is trivia to other people. I feel this is closely tied to the Catholic world’s dysfunction that goes back hundreds of years with likely roots in deep antiquity. Sense the roots of when it all began - maybe in the Mediterranean around Italy and Greece, maybe in the Middle East, maybe in China or India….in more modern early history, sense the link with Islam in Spain before the Catholics took over, then the Spanish royalty invading the Americas…perhaps tendencies were gathered up like bits of twigs and bark as for a fire over time. In addition, we are often dealing with multiple Hispanic and Latino groups with diverse backgrounds. Puerto Rico is its own entity with a separate history from the rest of the Hispanic world. Cuba has an old communist connection and years of being under the same despot. Different kinds of indigenous peoples were scattered throughout Latin America before the Spanish took over and there are various mixes of them today influencing cartels, politics and military agendas involving the USA today. These multiple Hispanic and Latino aspects are being brought into the United States through illegal immigration and cartel activity. Hispanics in New Mexico are often very different from Latinos from Central and South America, but the two groups can commingle and start sharing attributes and goals. Negative influences from other countries can impact non-white groups more quickly and directly. Certain tribal groups watch a lot of black inner city music videos and might rely on black counter-movements for direction. I have heard older generation Navajos complain about this problem with their youth on the reservation. The older generation people don’t like the destruction of their culture by these influences and the impact it has on crime. Many newcomers might not realize the Navajo Reservation has an inner-city black influence, so it is important to keep this in mind during gang investigations involving tribal groups of any kind. Many tribal members intermarry; you will see Pueble, Navajo, Apache and Ute racial mixes in the Four Corners Area. This kind of thing will hold true in other areas. With this comes the mixing of ideas and criminal tendencies. -Consider some whites have been targets for decades, perhaps since the Vietnam War era as very small children. It is possible it came in through birth records. As such, consider the possibility such white children, particularly those born in heavy Hispanic, tribal, black or Asian zones were placed in “The Program” or something similar. Consider the possibiity of collusion with Nazis and non-whites against the United States. The portal of connection might be an old Nazi theme or an old Soviet communist one, or both as East German/Stasi groups with an old Nazi heritage linked with Russian groups. It can also include pockets of Nazis who fled Berlin during the end of WWII or who had already set up operations elsewhere, including in places like Venezuela. Whatever the case may be, consider an old “Program” targeting natural citizens of the United States deemed to be more mainstream or of the western white culture. As such, a program might include various forms of stalking and harassment. There is quite a bit on gangstalking in River Gold. Without covert activities made officially public, we are largely left with wondering about the quality of material is we receive on the internet. Sometimes the victims or professed victims say things in a way you wonder if they are real or working on all four’s. The fact such material can seem non- trustworthy means we are left in limbo for decades without anything real getting done; we need legitimate, verifiable sources. Although it is entirely true that blacks and other non-white populations have been targeted by dishonest and criminalistically abusive white groups in things like drug and disease testing and more, we must also consider the reverse possibility in which white children have been targeted in some kind of “Program” well into adulthood, perhaps for a lifetime. 2019/10/28 on Steve Hebbe as well as the older Alaska Army Guard scandal; earlier notes from about 10/26-27 started another section have been moved here: One problem with cartel members infiltrating the police, government and military leadership positions might be their evidence destruction once they feel someone is sniffing around. I have had very bad ongoing feelings come up since I started looking over this material on Hebbe and the surrounding Guard/APD corruption. My personal intuition suggests Hebbe might have been more involved, but I don’t have any supporting written material in news articles or other sources at this point. I personally suspect he might be connected to a mafia, and that it might have started back in his time in Wisconsin; perhaps he had a difficult male figure like a father in the home and racial/ethnic/religious familial ties to a mafia there. This is merely conjecture at this point. I also don’t like the vibes that come up around both Alaska and the United States commonwealth Puerto Rico. I am concerned we have a little known, decades old problem in that regard. I will confess to you I did not know about this sort of thing involving Puerto Rico and our American government until going over this material. I feel the Alaskan Guard/APD corruption is also tied to Columbia drug cartels. I firmly believe more historical review and contemporary research into the Puerto Rico issue is vital. We all need to take such security risks extremely seriously and as a top priority. What was revealed in the Alaska Army Guard problem is a tip of the iceberg, and although most of the fiasco was a few years back, we still need to be on alert. Whenever we see a clean-up job on cartels, we need to watchful of antics because sometimes one cartel can be involved on another to get their stuff. Also sometimes police mafias throw up some activity to satisfy the public without doing a thorough job; they can be putting up a good show, in other words, without really scraping the surface of the problems. On the other hand, we can have very good people on board finally making inroads into a months or years long investigation, often involving multiple agencies in coordination. I am sure some Alaskan natives were horrified by the amount of theft and crime on their doorstep. Comments from the PF NM Police Abuse/Info section on Steve Hebbe: this material has been moved from there to this less formal Personal Notes section. Steve Hebbe left the Anchorage Police Department around the time of an Alaska Army National Guard scandal; a number of articles linking the Anchorage Police Dept. (APD) and the Guard are listed at Steve Hebbe. He did seem to have a conflict with someone named Anthony (Tony) Henry (see KTUU (2018/10/24 at Steve Hebbe) a lieutenant who was fired in connection with an APD investigation into the Army National Guard problems; Henry later sued, mostly it seems because he felt his firing was retaliation for his trying to help a fellow police person who was having health problems and who seemed to be being demoted or put in less desirable positions because it was deemed he could not perform as well. However, other people in the police and Guard seemed to have felt Henry was interfering and even perhaps blocking investigations into the Guard problems. If he was guilty in the Guard problems in some way, anyone who countered his deceit and complicity might have had justification. On the other hand, if Henry was “odd man out” in some way other than complicity with Guard related problems, we need to accurately identify that and why. It looks like Hebbe accepted a position for police chief in Wisconsin to start in 3/2012 before accepting a position in Farmington in 2014; a second Wisconsin article does show that Hebbe withdrew his acceptance because of “problems in Anchorage) (see related articles at Steve Hebbe. Anchorage and Alaska articles at Steve Hebbe mostly do not refer to Steve Hebbe directly, but are added here for information. Although they do not show direct involvement with some of the most heinous crimes, the fact he was in the police and had an affiliation with the Guard should put any honest and thorough security investigator on alert. Several of the “freedom of information” types of articles demanded by the local media show strong amounts of redacted material; a cautious investigator would keep this in mind, understanding certain persons - even Steve Hebbe - might be part of the redacted material. Notice in the Kenneth Blaylock whistleblower material possible Army National Guard related victims like Michelle Clark (see at Steve Hebbe Alaska Public Org 2016/01/05) Again, several of the articles listed at Steve Hebbe do not directly relate to Steve Hebbe, but are put here because of his time in Alaska in the Anchorage Police Department since 1990 for 23 years, and for his apparent membership in the Alaska Army Guard. In addition, articles are added that refer to his work in his capacity as a chief in New Mexico dealing with other officers or problems in his precinct. Prudence in background investigations of any police officer, but particularly police leadership, at a minimum would assess “zone of influence” material surrounding a police person closely tied to a serious scandal like the Alaska Army National Guard. This zone could include past or current connections to the organization in question itself, as mentioned above, but also family members, friends, any affairs, children, extended family. It would include “bowling alley kinship”, a euphemism for bar hangouts and other social forms of habit in which guilty parties might be linked to the person. This would of course include promiscuous parties certain members of the Guard are referred to as having during the time in question, linking drugged and date raped women of the Guard to people in the chain of command. The zone of influence can also include extended persons who are brought with someone to a new area, so that old bad habits and networks get set up there; it can include significant others and family members, or people who needed a job and are recommended to the new area. Also old tendencies for infiltration can be brought in. When PF was going over the first set of articles found listed at Steve Hebbe), nothing in news coverage about becoming a new chief in either Wisconsin or Farmington, NM revealed the bad situation surrounding Hebbe back in Anchorage. Someone was either deliberately omitting uncomfortable facts or did not do their homework. It is possible additional articles would indeed reveal that connection. Police Factor does not like to go in and purposely look to find dirt on a chief or sheriff for kicks. Most of what is presented here are circumstantial indications that he could have been linked if certain proclivities or encounters occurred. What we likely should look for are any tribally related corruption between tribal communities in both Alaska and New Mexico; any “white guy” network tendencies - like strange religious cultism or links to far right extremists (See Blaylocks cryptome dot org whistleblowing 2012 statement at Steve Hebbe). Of course, as part of this latter, check for German, East German, Russian and Eastern European links among the men; start with something as coarse as what the last names look like and go from there (ie Nizich and Lawendowski) . Not everyone’s last name that sounds German or Russian would be guilty of such things, of course, but we do need to be on alert to this sort of thing given Blaylock’s (and perhaps others) observations. Please notice Blaylock also had a wife who was also a Lt. Colonel in the Alaska Army National Guard (how likely or common is that) who seems to have felt threatened enough by the situation to have quit during the most negative part of the situation at the Guard. We can ask if she herself was a victim or even complicit in some way, because thorough investigations consider all possibilities. She did try to support her husband to a letter to a political leader (Nancy Dahlstrom in Alaska Public Org 2014/11/01 see at Steve Hebbe)). Watch for antics: There are quirks noticeable in various parts of the Army Guard case and in terms of signs of the players. The cartel(s) involved - La Familia listed as at least one; Puerto Rico/Columbia/Sinaloa as well - seem to have had a strange religious thing during their origins as a break-off from another large cartel back in Mexico. We are seeing religious quirks among some of the white guys, too. People are jumpy, possibly disappearing people by killing them to remove them from the scene. Watch for possible tribal related jealousies of tribal women consorting with the white guys as an additional issue, along with any tribal-Hispanic ties. There might be something in either the tribal or Hispanic ties or both we don’t know yet, so stay open to the possibilities. It might require more in-depth study into ethnic and ethnic-religious/spiritual tendencies. Unfortunately, although on first look Kenneth Blaylock looks like a sincere whistleblower dealing with strange and harsh things in his sphere of influence, he also should be investigated since he was one of the last ones who saw one of the possible Army National Guard victims, Michelle Clark. Perhaps there is a little or no known sexual connection between him and Clark, making him a more likely killer to avoid detection. Perhaps if he had sexual connections with her or others at the Guard his wife was jealous or angry and did something. Perhaps two cooks int he kitchen encouraged conflict, or perhaps Blaylock ultimately preferred more helpless, younger, demure women; sometimes white males find it easier to be top dog with a non-white female for a variety of reasons. People should research whether he himself had a history with substance abuse before or during the Guard corruption issues, and whether he had a history of sleeping around at any point in time. Since drugging people comes up around the Guard issues, it should be identified who had access to sleeping agents and whether any were kept in stock supplies (like closets), although various forms of drugs can be used to knock someone out, not just pharmaceuticals. No paper trail Also watch for people brought into Guard with no paper trail; non-real brigades (38th Troop Command Brigade) and false commands; materials and money siphoned to the non-real brigade (See Blaylock’s whistleblower article 2012/12 at Steve Hebbe)) Mechanic corruption - PF’s own insert from personal experience with veteran and other mechanics In addition to tribal related networks, watch for the confluence of tribal, Hispanic, white guys. Identify how they operate among themselves and jointly. Identify Army National Guard contingencies linked to cartels in state-wide networking, including Anchorage-Farmington (ie Hebbe and crew); Arizona and the broader New Mexico border issue; Colorado;Texas; Oregon/Washington. Pay attention to any veteran/Guard link of any military group linked to a cultural tendency for drug networking which coincides with VBAW (very bad attitudes toward women-PF’s term). VBAW can be a red flag about other antics in teh area linked to cartels and can be a calling card. Identify this hostile behavior toward women among veteran and Guard related mechanics in association with the tribes, Hispanics, white guys all linked to this cartel tendency. Bad attitudes toward women among mechanics might have a corrupt police/military link. Who among you will adequately research a possible link to area mechanics which can have a regional network of informants - ie, they are sharing a list of people on a blacklist, especially women? Or watchers see the women try to get help from a mechanic and send in players to that mechanic to block the woman getting “real help.” It can have a gender bias about “Let the man handle it.” But it can have a link to VBAW, as well, so it is more sinister than just male gender bias. Male gender bias in general from any racial standpoint can lend support to the VBAW, because the men are already angry and defensive with women. Cartel connections to mechanics of all kinds should be researched, as well, not just veteran and Guard mechanics. They might be bad mouthing women trying to get help at mechanics by suggesting to mechanics the women are being watched by the FBI or something like that. Watch for Stasi style antics. HUD, welfare, etc. corruption Some people in Alaska are suggesting a cartel link to social services related groups. This can lead back to the tribe, Hispanic, white guy link described above. Consider whether any police chief, sheriff or police person looks white but actually is a racial mix which causes a political leaning toward a particular tribe or non-white race. Tribal connections in general might span tribes as a pan-tribal approach of beating out white America and “getting back our lands.” It can include intentions to suck money out of the USA toward them. It can be linked to Hispanic and communist/socialist groups going back to at least the Vietnam Era. Identify whether Chief Hebbe has a tribal link back in Wisconsin and Alaska brought to Farmington, NM. Do this with anyone you investigate in any policing related agency. Cartel connections can and often do come in through tribal connections. Islamic connections can and often do come in through African American connections. Either can be linked to civil rights groups with old ties to communism, which then takes us to the doorsteps of either white-skinned Russians or brown-skinned Chinese. National Security Alert: If none of this mess surrounding Hebbe’s earlier ties to APD and Guard don’t shake your boots demanding more background investigation into why we did not hear more about this when he came on board in Farmington, New Mexico’s police department, read this: Ground Based Midcourse Missile Defense (GMD) at Fort Greely Alaska: x Defense system to intercept nuclear missiles attacking this hemisphere. Security there is compromised. x Sex Club participation is mandatory if you want to get promoted…(again, read Blaylock’s whistleblower report 2012/12). Note 2019/10/28: I have had bad feelings ongoing come up since I started looking over this material on Hebbe and the surrounding Guard/APD corruption. My personal intuition suggests Hebbe might have been more involved, but I don’t have any supporting written material through news articles or other sources at this point. I personally suspect he might be connected to a mafia. I also don’t like the vibes that come up around Puerto Rico and Alaska and am concerned we have a long-term, decades old problem in that regard that is little known. I will confess to you I did not know about this until going over this material. I feel it is connected to Columbia drug cartels in the Alaska cartel problem. I think we need to spend a good deal more time on the Puerto Rico problem. People need to take such security risks extremely seriously and as a top priority. What was revealed in the Alaska Army Guard problem is a tip of the iceberg, and although most of the fiasco was a few years back, we still need to be on alert. Whenever we see a clean-up job on cartels, we need to watchful of antics because sometimes one cartel can be involved on another to get their stuff. Also sometimes police mafias throw up some activity to satisfy the public without doing a thorough job; they can be putting up a good show, in other words, without really scraping the surface of the problems. On the other hand, we can have very good people on board finally making in-roads into a months or years long investigation, often involving multiple agencies in coordination. I am sure some Alaskan natives were horrified by the amount of theft and crime on their doorstep. One problem with cartel members infiltrating the police, government and military leadership positions might be their evidence destruction once they feel someone is sniffing around. 2020/10/11-12 Dirty cop in a mostly minority crime ring possible in Farmington, New Mexico. This might include FPD and NMSP as well as other agencies. It could have a BLM connection. Farmington is a community with a very heavy anti-abortion clique. The conservative religionists who support anti-abortion can be, and probably are, in the policing systems of the area. Any female who has spoken outwardly against their approach and tactics could be targeted as a “bad woman” needing firm control and discipline. Taken too far, it could wind up like what is discussed in the following article: The Guardian 2019/04/06 'Hang women who have abortions' is not a view that's fit for public debate: The Atlantic hired – and then fired – a writer whose views are beyond the pale. We can have ideologically diverse publications without sacrificing integrity. By Jessica Valenti https //www theguardian com/commentisfree/2018/apr/06/kevin-williamson-atlantic-fired-abortion-tweet Excerpt: On Thursday, the recently hired columnist Kevin Williamson was fired from the Atlantic after an uproar over his views on abortion – namely his belief, first mentioned in a 2014 tweet, that women who have the procedure should be executed by hanging. Initially, the editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, defended Williamson, writing in a memo to staff that he did not believe “taking a person’s worst tweets ... in isolation is the best journalistic practice”. But after the release of a podcast in which Williamson talked at length about hanging women, the writer was fired, and Goldberg admitted “that the original tweet did, in fact, represent [Williamson’s] carefully considered views”. https //www theguardian com/commentisfree/2018/apr/06/kevin-williamson-atlantic-fired-abortion-tweet Here is another article on the subject: Verdict 2018/04/23 Why Only Misogynists Would Hang Women for Abortion. By Sherry F Colb https //verdict justia com/2018/04/23/misogynists-hang-women-abortion Excerpt: To say that women should be hanged for having an abortion might seem like a simple variation on the theme that a fetus is morally no different from a child. If a fetus is a child and abortion is murder, then it would appear to follow that the woman who has an abortion—the murderer, in this scenario—might be subject to capital punishment, just as other murderers might be. It would be a mistake, however, to classify Williamson’s words about hanging women with the words of other pro-life thinkers and advocates. His statement manifests a misogyny that does not necessarily and always accompany the view that a fetus is a child and that abortion is murder. In this column, I will explore the ways in which a call for hanging (or otherwise executing) women who abort reveals misogynist thinking at work https //verdict justia com/2018/04/23/misogynists-hang-women-abortion Keep the above in mind that this type of thing could be one issue we are dealing with in the Farmington area, along with minority/LGBT pro-BLM supporters. Remember the “Strands of Interconnection” at all times where left and right, white and non-white, male and female all work together along certain trajectories. The anti-abortion approach can intertwine with diverse groups like Hispanic Catholics, very conservative white Christians and even a radical Islamic intrusion through BLM and other minority power groups. There are signs that some Christians have indeed been influenced by millennial Muslim thinking. Then there was my repeated psychic impressions of a male hanging me after a mind rape; could he be an anti-abortionist who wants power over women, particularly those he knows had an abortion, in a sick sort of way, maybe after experiencing sexual and control abuse in the Catholic church or a religious fundamentalist one? If it is a white conservative or rough n’ tumble cowboy with fantasies of the Wild West, does hanging women come in with needing power over them? The psychic hanging thing seems to have a old Wild West aspect. A minority police officer in the Farmington area might be misusing radar and street camera surveillance to target and stalk a white female in his neighborhood and around the area. I feel this one might be a larger Navajo. A second trouble-maker might be a smaller Hispanic male with a bad temper, defiant (if you say go left, he goes right), and a crude sense of humor. I suspect he might be the one I sense listening in on the phone calls made to the police department. There might be a ring of both females (consider a Hispanic female detective as well as hidden shoppers for theft surveillance/prevention around various area stores) and males involved. I once felt watched and followed at Smith’s grocery store on 20th St. in Farmington. I looked up and saw a female in plain street clothes with a sweatshirt labeled “Sheriff.” She saw me look up and see her, and seemed possibly to react to this by disappearing rapidly behind an aisle and then around its corner on its opposite end. I remember wondering two things: first, is this one of the reasons I often feel watched and/or followed in Smith’s? Secondly, was her “Sheriff” label real or a spoof? Other than a Navajo officer, could this woman be someone in my area who has been watching and following me in her police SUV vehicle? I felt this from whoever or whichever in my neighborhood after I asked people to slow down. It felt like police reprisal, not support, of my request, so my first feeling it was a suspicious Navajo police person I had seen in the area. However, I know of one female cop in the area, and there might be another female policing person at the back of the complex. It felt like whoever it was was in a police SUV, might live there, and was targeting me in retaliation for asking for lowered speeds (because of kids previously seen in the street) by watching my own comings and goings to the nth detail. I had also asked for criminal background checks of tenants in the area because of suspicious activity or rumors of seven Vietnamese men living in a vacant property who someone apparently ran the license plates on and found they were wanted for human trafficking in another area. I cannot vouch for this license plate search, civilians generally do not have access to such records, but that and given the fact I have dealt with neighbors with either domestic violence issues and/or addictions with unruly behavior, I asked that rental managers and homeowners in the area be encouraged to do criminal background checks. My post was rudely removed twice on the same day it was put up over the course of a two day period, and there was a bad vibe around that, as if even police were involved with what would normally be a HOA Home Owner’s Association issue (a civilian/private property issue). It felt like the old dishonest cop network I have been talking about in this post, a small group using personal and cultural bias to exert vigilante antics in a way that seems to flow more with Black Lives Matter (ie, my suspicion of possible tribal preference with intentions for tribal takeovers of the police departments, incl. police chief positions later after the white chief retires) than being an example of the bad racist cops that BLM has supposedly been fighting. Perhaps a deal was struck with the Navajo Nation at the time of his hire. As mentioned elsewhere, check his record for any signs of a Native American heritage (perhaps with Wisconsin tribal groups) or a history with Native Americans which not only shows “inclusion” but “preference” in such a way games are played, rules twisted or broken and organized crime is furthered in an area to their benefit. If a deal was struck under the table at the time of his hire, perhaps watch for tribal family line power groups that showed up before, during and after his hire. There is more to the story but the point is, I am getting warning bells on all this. Some whites involved might be actual dirty cop crime ring players, but some might be dominated or ignorant of real police laws in terms of why to target someone for police surveillance or responsiveness. That is, the ignorant white cops might be a little younger although not as young as young junior cops, but playing along more with area cultural dynamics rather than true laws. In this atmosphere, a white cop teetering on the line of good and bad cop could make some wrong decisions and do something that is not only unlawful, but dangerous. All of this could include an upcoming false arrest if the games are not stopped right now for good. The false arrest could actually be an abduction in which the target could get hurt or even killed. We need more white officers aware of BLM players or sympathizers in their midst, for one thing. In terms of the Hispanics and Catholic Navajo mixes involved, there might be a Hispanic Catholic “ethno-religious wanna be royalty - a 15th-16th century Spain Queen Isabella and Ferdinand style royalty” aspect involved. This can include paranormal types of activity. Included in this can be some old ethnic style psychic viewing and interference, some up from Mexico and Latin America, some with historic roots in New Mexico and around the Southwest. The royalty aspect lends itself to a shadow government with separate courts and punishments, Hispania style, in direct opposition to the United States. These people will act like they are the ones playing host to white “guests” who they deem here at their will. You enter a business, American voting arena or college turfed by these types, they are likely playing host. They “allow” you in the door, they “allow” you to do this or that there. 2020/10/20 b. Remote Influencing spur of the moment blacks “in your face” and email/phone text/phone conversation spying b. Remote influencing: psychically sending in blacks at the spur of the moment so that they are “in your face”; might include phone/email spying/tapping and surveillance by satellite, watching your geo-location through your smart phone, and having cameras and spooks around town, some of whom might be BLM supporters in the police force Weird stuff, impossible by some peoples standards, but watch out for possible attacks on whites who have spoken out against Black Lives Matter or other aspects of black related problems, including cartels and inner city violence. It is a Stasi -type of tactic to “teach whites a lesson” or to “educate” someone who obviously does not “get it” about “systemic racism in America.” A remote influencer - or a group of them - “sends in the crows” (See Psychical/River Gold dot net) by making sure a black shows up at critical moments and spaces just as the supposedly errant white “needing fixin’” gets there, or that the white is known to frequent. So you are white and you drive up to a bank or a restaurant, and a black just happens to walk in the door, in front of you, or across the street toward that place you are heading; or you get a rental car at a rental car company or a mailbox at a private mailbox company and a black just happens to be the one servicing your paperwork; or your favorite coffee place suddenly starts to have a black employee after years of not having any there - could it be you recently complained to a manager at EMS that their tribal Navajo EMS employee was rude to the white female manager, that it was obviously typical Navajo chip on the shoulder behavior, and this behavior does not belong in any staff handling medical emergencies of the general American public, which includes whites? This is above and beyond the fact only blacks and Hispanics handle your calls at credit card companies, certain major cell phone carrier, Xfinity and all medical billing. IN an area of few blacks, the fact one just happens to show up just as you drive up or enter a building starts to build up as “is this being remote influenced?” That is is this not a coincidence, but a subtle issue associated with the overall “surround sound” and “in your face” and “beef it up” (if they hear you complain about surround sound o in your face, they turn around and make it louder or more in your face) already seen in the media advertising? They also might be in your phone systems and emails listening in and reading, then using telepathic, voice-to-skull and other forms of psychic/psychotronic control on unsuspecting, vulnerable family memberss to make sure the family members scold you for any real or perceived anti-black/brown comments you have made. Today I have seen a bumper sticker that said “Democrats are working toward a New World Order” or something to that effect. It was a Trump supporter. I completely agree. I did not used to support Republicans. The shift occurred slowly. I still have reservations about Trump, but feel he has done some things right. This includes being a rare one to speak out against Black Lives Matter, La Raza and their ilk. I do not feel he has been that effective about border patrol and such, but at least he spoke out against border issues. In addition, enough Republicans have their hearts in the right direction - protecting our country, to justify joining them. We do need to watch for being manipulated toward a police state by chess players in back rooms. The reason anyone who supports the Democrats (the way they are set up now is off base is because of all the signs of takeovers in our media and large corporations. It is extremely dangerous. The horror is some people have been misled by the Democrat position. If you are not a religious fundamentalist, it can be easy to get turned off by Republicans, until you realize exactly what it is they have been fighting. Whether you believe in heaven or hell, Jesus or Satan, you can still identify with their concerns about) radical Islam, leftists and the overall takeover horror going on in our country and around the world. Christian Republicans: find a way to network with other Republicans even if the people are not the kind of believers you want them to be. You need the secular anti-BLM types as part of your team, too. Some of the things the Christians do right is to cooperate along family lines. Make secular anti-BLM, pro-American types part of your family. Let us unite despite our religious differences. 2020/10/06-07-08 Farmington, NM possible BLM-connected police infiltrations; some additions to APUS on 10-08 Before we go on, some clarification about racial concerns: It can be a problem to have other races work on your case or problem. However, there are times when it is not an issue. It can be an issue, but it does not have to be one. That is, it is best to go in with an open mind, but to be mindful and cautious. Sometimes it is less a racial issue and more of a gender one. Sometimes it is a political one. My experience is that in small towns or cities the racial issues can be amplified, or in certain districts within a city. Give people credit where it is due no matter the race, gender or political orientation. People can hear only one thing - discrimination - when you voice concern or complain about racial issues. They might feel it is their job to set you straight and to back you down through scolding, intimidation or violence. They might feel they need to teach you a thing or two. They might try to get you to apologize. They might try to put ideas or words in your mouth that were not there. Something that could be going on with whites is what the author Taleeb Starkes refers to as “shedding white guilt.” At first shedding white guilt might have an edge or aggressive streak to it. They are learning, “Hey I don’t have to take on this guilt. This is not about me, or enough is enough.” In addition, it can be about people misusing race to get away with crimes, to deflect and reject the American legals system by pretending they are untouchables. They want to avoid the rule of law of the United States yet use the benefits of being an American citizen, or if an illegal alien, by exploiting America without citizenship. They want both the cake and icing without giving back to America, they want it all their way. Many illegal aliens have been involved in the riots and corrupt state governments which refused to cooperate with the federal government and the legitimate elements inside the states. In some cases, they wanted to section off the cities or states as separate mini-states. They were trying to create little Mexicos, little Somalias, etc. inside the states. So you can see, it’s not just about race. These groups are misusing race to set up separate states. Farmington - personal input on possible problems White police persons in the City of Farmington Police Department, New Mexico State Police and FBI Farmington area might be the only people awake and politically objective enough to do a proper investigation into illegal searches and stalking, as well as illegal arrest considerations (it’s in the back-chat, pending a hate monger to push the button) against white persons in the Four Corners Area, which in today’s times actually includes both the Farmington hub and its smaller sister towns, AND Durango, Colorado - through both the liberal and conservative elements, and business economics. The problem is that all races of police in this region might not be apprised of what is really going on. In addition, without some awareness raising and training, they might not be completely prepared to properly investigate and respond to this particular issue. Much of the information is already on POlice Factor, but we likely need to connect the dots in one place here to spur things along. In addition, we are all likely learning together as more and more facts come to light and as what is known by already active investigative teams is shared. See bottom of this section for today, Oct. 7th. Blacks and even far right whites in a politically off-base southern state can be part of that button, hooked up with police in far-away Farmington to “keep an eye out” on this white person. That off-base college has at least two things going on: a Black Lives Matter takeover, and a history of a military-oriented, southern style far right group. It is hard to say at this point if they are in collusion, but both might have long arms of control and breaking the laws across state lines. There have been discussions on this in the APUS story. The most recent FPD police chief, a white male with a possibly suspicious police/Army National Guard history in Alaska, might have graduated from there. As mentioned elsewhere a proper investigation into this gentleman would review his original background check at the time of hire with the City of Farmington, New Mexico; behind the scenes files back in Anchorage, Alaska regarding any of his in involvement with the corruption and scandal during his time there and shortly before he transferred to FPD. There is circumstanial material on this here on POlice Factor. 1. APUS is American Public University aka American Military University out of West Virginia. They might be breaking the rules and the laws in off-the-charts monitoring of students, which can include misusing law enforcement and private citizens, including special interest groups (ie, Black Lives Matter or military far right groups), APUS employees in various states, and students, connections for gangstalking. That is, the APUS illegal long arm of control can include targeting APUS students as a form of hidden warfare. Watch for tendencies for excessive surveillance, control and vigilante punishments. Watch for links to these corrupt groups in the Department of Education, Oklahoma Student Loan (OSLA) and elsewhere. Note: Oklahoma likely has a civil rights issue as well as a far right one like at APUS in West Virginia. APUS also has a strong connection in Portland, Oregon, I believe. A BLM issue might be linked to at least the eastern side of Oklahoma through a takeover by tribes, and also a possible far right group such as that at APUS. An additional problem, mentioned elsewhere, is that black and brown students are making comments to white students about support for Black Lives Matter and one black male used a black extremist as a common reference without disclosing the author’s biases. That author is a college professor in Texas, but his approach is extreme for the black power movement position. Another student that showed support for the black/power movement was a female Native American student from Ohio who showed a photo and what was essentially an epilogue of a controversial brown power movement leader in essentially a nostalgic manner. Students have a right to their views, but when coupled with blatant college black/brown/LGBT media photos dominating the home pages when you start to log in as a student to get to your classes, a “surround sound” seemed in effect. In addition, college instructors or hidden graders not disclosed to the student seem to offer curt, cutting and sometimes thus downright rude remarks along with the grades. Watch for undisclosed persons attending to the online forum. Students who have complained about the excessive focus on black/brown/LGBT (like in photos on the home page) could be being retaliated against. We need to see if some of these tendencies come in from an abusive military training culture in which too much control and put downs are deemed normal for “keeping people in line” and for “showing who is boss” and to replace constructive critiques with pointed digs or one-upmanship types of remarks. The critical comments could be coming from white military types and the surround sound from minority power groups like BLM comes from black/brown persons bent on one view of the racial issues in America. In addition, military minorities can add another twang to the brew, with more anti-American language than in previous years - thus they are getting paychecks on the American dime while putting America down at the same time. Students who did not used to outspokenly support the American system might feel compelled to do so in this atmosphere, particularly after all the Black Lives Matter riots. In short, if you stand up for America in the forum, you can be retaliated against by the minority power movement types in the class, but if you also try to find a midway approach that acknowledges certain things, or if you seem overly negative about an American president or historical figure, the far right might kick in with cutting instructor (or hidden grader) remarks and lowered grades. There are times the lowered grades are justified, but at times it comes along with obvious or apparent instructor (or hidden grader) retaliation. It could be regional or southern thing. Virginia (next to West Virginia) has a major problem with Islamic mosques and Muslim infiltrations into various institutions, and such infiltrations might be in places like Georgetown University. Online professors could weave in and out of various colleges and universities; there can be a network of associated problems with all of this. If there are hidden watchers and responders with either a black/brown/LGBT or a far right approach, students who don’t play the game could be getting “it.” The general feeling is that the whites in the institution are and have been on the defensive with the Islamic Sharia Law and black/brown/LGBT types afoot, and that some of these whites have low grade human relations skills. Part of the excessive cutting remarks could be coming from agitating for control they have lost. They also might feel more confident to exercise power with white students who won’t be part of the lawsuit-happy and contentious black/brown/LGBT types at the school. It would be good to investigate whether any actual or hidden online forum instructors or graders are linked to certain military branch training centers (Marines would be an example) in which training has either always been derogatory or whether it has degraded in later years, and thus if such tendencies are entering the online college through this channel via active duty or veteran persons. The reason to spend so much time on this is that such issues likely are running throughout our college and university systems, particularly online ones. How many American soldier trainees are having to contend with such low grade “training” antics inside the various military institutions around the nation? Who will wise up to this situation and get a grip on it - such ugly training mentalities only lower our combat effectiveness and morale. 2. Watch for concepts linked to terminology largely originated on this website: softening, calling cards, etc, much of which is in the BLM section on How to Stop Black Lives Matter. APUS is showing signs of possible softening after typical civil rights lawsuits by a black hiree with an increase in calling cards as almost 100 percent black and brown advertising and pictures referring to clubs/organizations including a type of LGBT. Please see the Black-Centric Media as one such example, it was asking for student input for suggestions of outstanding students or persons using black/brown photos in a quad-expansion upon click that excluded photos of whites until you click. You only see part of the first line of photos - that is, the ones only showing the black/brown people until you click. Such antics are part of the calling cards you see after a softening event toward ever-increasing takeover of the school by black/brown/LGBT. You need to watch for Muslim Student Association and CAIR in anything in education, census for education, etc. along with Black Lives Matter supporters of various types. Get clear about all administration at APUS, DOE, OSLA handling the student’s file, ie, who is answering the phone, handling the front desk, handling paperwork in the back rooms? How many times does a white student calling into the DOE get a black answering the phone? Are you aware of Black Lives Matter agenda to put in black employees and administrators, as well as owners, everywhere? They feel America owes them for past history. If you call in repeatedly and repeatedly get blacks, this might be another sign of a black takeover. This is the USA, and more than one kind of race should be answering the phone. Blacks make up less than 25 percent of the country, and as such should not be making up 90 to 100 percent of the employee base of a large corporation in terms of who answers the phone or handles the paperwork of white persons. If a corporation has experienced civil rights lawsuits that lead to a softening event on its way to a black takeover, you might be only getting blacks on the phone for a reason. Also consider other possibilities, like a call routing if you are on a watch list; you might be a white they are trying to control by sending all your calls to blacks - it’s worth considering. 3. Watch for psychic or psychotronic attacks as a form of hidden warfare not yet part of the mainstream mentality or awareness among the American public. Students might be attacked while they are trying to tend to their studies, making it difficult to concentrate, and also after they withdraw. 4. Watch for the Nebraska satanic, etc. conspiracy mentioned during the Gardner/Scurlock case. A strange black financier case linked to corruption across nation. I am getting warning bells on this, as if it might be linked to this issue, or something like it is. This might be one way far left and far right merge, for one thing. It can be linked to loan companies of various kinds. 5. The unlawful vigilante groups send in your match: whites if they think you have an issue with minorities; they send in women if they think you have an issue with males, they send in blacks for blacks, they use black media people to cover a story involving a black victim. If you are white with a white police officer sent to your door, there might be other power players behind the scene controlling or influencing him or her. Alternative View from Wikipedia: hoax Wikipedia Franklin child prostitution ring allegations https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Franklin_child_prostitution_ring_allegations The Franklin child prostitution ring allegations began in June 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska and attracted significant public and political interest until late 1990, when separate state and federal grand juries concluded that the allegations were unfounded and the ring was a "carefully crafted hoax." State and federal investigations Allegations In 1988, authorities looked into allegations that prominent citizens of Nebraska, as well as high-level U.S. politicians, were involved in a child prostitution ring.[3] Alleged abuse victims were interviewed, who claimed that children in foster care were flown to the East Coast of the United States to be sexually abused at "bad parties".[4] The claims primarily centered on Lawrence E. King Jr., who ran the now defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, and alleged that the ring was "a cult of devil worshipers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children".[3][5] Numerous conspiracy theories evolved, claiming that the alleged abuse was part of a widespread series of crimes including devil worship, cannibalism, drug trafficking, and CIA arms dealing.[3] The Nebraska State Foster Care Review Board submitted the results of a two-year investigation into the alleged physical and sexual abuse of foster children to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature, who were investigating reports of child sexual abuse linked to the credit union. After investigation, a grand jury in Douglas County, where Omaha, Nebraska is situated, determined the abuse allegations were baseless, describing them as a "carefully crafted hoax" and indicting two of the original accusers on perjury charges.[1] The grand jury suspected that the false stories originated from a fired employee of Boys Town, who might have "fueled the fire of rumor and innuendo" because of personal grudges.[1] A federal grand jury also concluded that the abuse allegations were unfounded and indicted 21-year-old Alisha Owen, an alleged victim, on eight counts of perjury. Owen served 4-1/2 years in prison.[6] Separately, the federal grand jury indicted multiple officers of the credit union for embezzlement of funds, including King.[1][2] 2020/10/14 Note from PF: In my opinion, this is an excellent article worth reading: Bloomberg 2020/09/17 What Happened to Portland? Looking for the roots of the city’s violent summer. By David Shipley. https //www bloomberg com/opinion/articles/2020-09-17/u-s-protests-stopped-in-portland-oregon-they- continued-why Excerpt: …The boards cover Tiffany and Co., Zara, 7-Eleven and bunch of local stores — selling luggage, legal supplies, men’s suits — that have been around since I was a kid in the 1960s. Some of the wood is mottled composite, some of it is serpentine-grained, nearly all of it is covered with graffiti. The slogans signal how far things have gone off track; only a fraction of them refer to George Floyd or Breonna Taylor or the other names Americans have been calling out for remembrance. …Not that long ago, Portland had a visionary, progressive and capable government. It was activist in the best sense — it took action and managed change. A bright mayor and an energetic city council in the 1970s brought the city light rail and an urban growth boundary and the green space that made it a magnet for hipness in the ’00s. This is not to minimize Portland’s failings, most notably its well-documented history of codified and tacit racism and exclusion, but government was present. It was there. And it was trying. …A true story: Fifty years ago, in August of 1970, Portland was host to an American Legion convention. President Richard Nixon was scheduled to speak. The Vietnam War was at its height and anti-war riots were feared. The last thing leaders wanted was a reprise of the violence that bedeviled the Democratic National Convention in Chicago two years earlier, or at Kent State that spring, which is exactly what the F.B.I. envisioned. Governor Tom McCall, a Republican, endorsed a plan: The state would sponsor a free, multi-day music festival, modeled on Woodstock, to take place at the same time as the convention. It would be held in a state park just far enough from Portland that travel back and forth would be a hassle. The police would stay away. Miraculously, “Vortex I: A Biodegradable Festival of Life” — that’s what it was called — redirected thousands of potential protesters away from the city. …Sometimes it means diverting a crowd so that you can avoid the harm that gets in the way of bringing about deeper change. This is what Tom McCall, who went on to enact the state’s visionary environmental agenda, did — at least in this case. And it’s the opposite of the leadership we had this summer. https //www bloomberg com/opinion/articles/2020-09-17/u-s-protests-stopped-in-portland-oregon-they- continued-why 2020/10/03 Note from PF regarding article from The Federalist below: I have noticed biases in Universities providing protest and riot data, and the author Joy Pullman also has noticed this. We are getting some useful data, but the people at the colleges putting them together can in fact be part of the whole BLM mindscape, so beware. The Federalist 2020/09/16 Study up to 95 percent of 2020 US riots are linked to BLM. By Joy Pullmann. https //thefederalist com/2020/09/16/study-up-to-95-percent-of-2020-u-s-riots-are-linked-to-black-lives-matter/ Excerpt: ACLED is a nonprofit organization that tracks conflict across the globe. Its U.S. project that collected the summer protest data is supported by Princeton University. The project’s spreadsheet collating tens of thousands of data points documents 12,045 incidents of U.S. civil unrest from May 26, 2020 to Sept. 5, 2020. May 26 is the day after George Floyd’s death in police custody with enough fentanyl in his system to have died of an overdose if police had never touched him. Of the 633 incidents coded as riots, 88 percent are recorded as involving Black Lives Matter activists. Data for 51 incidents lack information about the perpetrators’ identities. BLM activists were involved in 95 percent of the riots for which there is information about the perpetrators’ affiliation. Early estimates from insurance agencies say the cost of this summer’s rioting will set a record surpassing that of the 1992 Rodney King riots, which cost an inflation-adjusted $1.2 billion. Much of that will be paid by taxpayers in the form of overtime and hazard pay for police and EMTs, emergency room visits, destruction of public property, and more. Of course, rioters are inflicting these costs during a time governments, and the people who fund them, have fewer resources due to coronavirus shutdowns and pent-up entitlement obligations….A report accompanying the data project, however, reads like an upscale attempt to blame the police for criminals’ decision to steal, kill, and destroy. Several times the report explicitly does so, such as here: “Although federal authorities were purportedly deployed to keep the peace, the move appears to have re-escalated tensions. Prior to the deployment, over 83% of demonstrations in Oregon were non-violent. Post-deployment, the percentage of violent demonstrations has risen from under 17% to over 42% (see graph below), suggesting that the federal response has only aggravated unrest.” This is a logical fallacy called post hoc, ergo propter hoc: Because one thing happened after another, the first thing caused the second. It’s just plain false. In science, this error is described as the difference between correlation and causation. Social scientists ought to be aware of and refrain from employing it, yet these did not. The cause of violence is not the police. It is not poverty. It is not one’s race. To say so is in fact a smear against poor people and people of the racial group identified. The cause of violence is the people who have chosen to be violent. https //thefederalist com/2020/09/16/study-up-to-95-percent-of-2020-u-s-riots-are-linked-to-black-lives-matter/ 2020/10/01 KMOV 2020/06/17 Second man charged in connection with death of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, 3 others charged with burglary david-dorn/article_710c43a6-a90d-11ea-a7fb-773f3e096e33.html Excerpt: ST. LOUIS ( -- A second man has been charged with the murder of retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn after a handful of looters broke into a pawn shop in north St. Louis and ended the night with a tragic loss to the St. Louis community. From Front Page, Moved, 2020/11/20 Black Lives Matter and Indian Country One of the key steps in countering crime in the United States is to focus on Black Lives Matter, its networks and funding operations because it all connects to many other criminal and national security problems. Reward good policing and homestate security behavior: One way to combat police abuse is to reward good behavior and professional departments. Rather than defund the police, we need to look at who among the policing and security agencies were the most responsive during the Black Lives Matter riots. That is, which ones were the most responsible, ethical, astute and valiant in their individual and collective countering activities. Then give those groups more funding for advanced education, training, supplies and technology. The agenda is to make policing at once safer for minorities and others while making a stand against cartels and unfair attacks against the United States. At the end of this professionalization process, blacks and other minorities will see better trained multi-racial police departments - ones that do in fact include whites - and government agencies determined not to attack all whites for the mistakes of a few. They will make sure we are getting the facts and not cartel or race-driven hype. Problems in police departments go down with increased salaries and education, better background checks, and an insistance on real investigations based on facts, not political and gang-like pressures. Banishing whites from police is not the answer and often leads to further problems. A good solid mix can greatly deters special interest groups from taking over. Islamic extremists, leftists, Russia and others are using the Race Grievance Industry to further their agendas to help divide the country and take it over, letting tyrants in during the process. If Native Americans think America is bad now, wait until an Iran, China , large Mexican cartel or Great Reset group take over! Linked to large countries doing this are cartels and people of all races and economic/social statuses looking for a fast buck for survival, perks or to feed their addictions. Although police person studying a murder case might think it is far removed from Black Lives Matter related issues, chances are if drug deals are involved, somewhere along the supply chain will be someone with a racial issue with the United States, whether from inside or outside of the country. Drug dealing and usage can have an underlying psychological pulse because selling and doing drugs has a long history of “rebellion against establishment” aspect to it which has become “fight white.” Indian Country See also Indian Country a Problem to USA - Navajo Nation Lawsuits/Benefits to Navajos, includes some other tribes Lots of money pumped into Navajo Nation during Trump Admin. (including a December 2019 deal between Navajo NAPA agriculture and China) to no avail-they turned on him, nonetheless, some media allege 95% of Navajo Nation said to vote for Biden/Harris ON TRUMP moved from rivergold dot net 2021/01/11 July 28, 2019 Sunday 11:42 am mst After reading Horowitz and Geller, and watching two white presidents go through hell from the fake news bashers, hecklers and unbalanced, unfair news coverage, I have removed the Impeach Trump banner. I did not vote for Trump and don’t like him as a president, but he has at least made an effort or given lip service to things I do care about. In addition, I have become more concerned about border protections and safeguards against cartels since putting up the impeachment material. I have also read about how the left has had a plan and likely prevented American success in Vietnam and the Iraq invasion. I didn’t like Trump because of his Trump towers, what he said about women and his overall approach regarding them, his Russian connection and shallow big business show boy glamor image, loose and crude tongue and overall courseness, trophy wives and inadequate governmental and military experience, but I am not interested in being part of the left-wing hecklers turning our country and its president into a circus show. added note on 2021/01/11: Biden and Harris are trying to take control before the actual presidential transition period, someone seems to have jumped the White house, “Trump Supporters” are being blamed - was it someone else? Notice this: Book: Fatwa: Hunted in America. By Pamela Geller. (2017) Freedom of Speech in the Age of Jihad Chapter 2 The Workshop p. 12 The Bush Derangement Syndrome as a strategy clearly worked: Bush’s name became synonymous with mud. The insane hatred of Trump is merely BDS 2.0. It worked then, so why not ratchet it up? They have. Chapter 11 page 223 …Trump supporters have been beaten at rallies and demos in support of the President. From Berkeley to Brooklyn, college campuses have become nothing short of war zones…. page 228: President Trump was elected by Americans who oppose the left-wing coup and are fed up with living under the left’s oppressive boot. Trump is our proxy. We fought back the non-violent way - through the ballot box. Trump is our proxy. From the moment he was elected the left refused to accept the will of the people.. Freedom lovers are beaten at rallies against jihad and sharia by left-wing fascists who mockingly call themselves antifa short for “antifascists” or “anti-fascist action.
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