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2021/01/18 cont. Burned Out on The Navajos in the Four Corners Area - I have developed a lack of trust in how they think and operate in business, government and personal relationships. I see a lot of deceit and competition to be top dog and to take over; there are connections to gangs or cartels from Mexico and Latin America, California, Texas and beyond; I have met a few with Muslim and black parents with ties possible to Islamic and BLM extremists. Some have strong Mormon ties with extended family networks, others are linked to Catholic or Protestant anti-abortion cliques and yet others to witchcraft. The police can be in on their targeting of people who question them. Long-term incest among the Navajos from the Reservation, has been a dark secret. Lots of pedophilic abuse scattered across various Navajo groups. In the 2020 election, there were only a handful of Navajos who stood up to the crowd and denounced the Democrat position, but it is telling that some of them were honest enough with themselves and others to do that. The rest of the Navajos seem to believe the news too easily, are quick to let it feed their egos, and to misuse it for power trips locally. We are not seeing real analysis, just emotion. To walk into any Navajo controlled business or government office is to walk into a clique of self-serving people who often used the American law and system to get in the door (civil rights lawsuits) and plant roots to take over, but who then turned around and refused to follow those same laws for whites wanting a job there - Navajos and Hispanics are exercising reverse discrimination throughout the Four Corners across the board. To be clear, the Navajos fail to provide honest equal employment opportunities for whites in the Farmington, New Mexico area; you walk into stores and most feel like a fraternity of browns. The clique-mentality of the Navajo-controlled areas has a tight and heavy atmosphere recognizable to those who are not part of those cliques; Navajo family members and friends fail to see the problem - or as long as whites have paychecks, they play along with the Navajos at that particular location. Some of the most dishonest people in these Navajo bordertowns are white enablers (often Mormons, but not always) who have relationships with Navajos, often producing scores of mixed-race children. You cannot trust these whites. What you will notice in the business and government operations is that both the whites or Navajos will hire Navajos or brown - so if a mixed-race child has white skin, that is usually not the one who gets hired - it’s the mixed-race child with brown skin. In this case, you are seeing reverse discrimination. Some Navajos have bought into the lies in the media because it fulfills their prophecies of the restoration of Native American power to the country. In the process, like they did many hundreds of years ago when Native Americans switched sides between European powers and took scalps for money from any highest buyer, they have sold their souls to Islamic extremists and terrorists, cartels and illegal immigrants with criminal records, China or anyone else. The Navajos run mafia-like operations around Farmington and any Navajo population area, and dishonest cops work with them. They share information on a targeted person with these bad cops. The good cops received the same hammering and as others around the country, leaving only the BLM, Navajo and Hispanic preference types in the New Mexico police departments. Both the cops and the others “run strings” that is, they keep tabs on any person who questions their tactics and reality. Sometimes the enablers are white Mormons or far right religious fundamentalists who together with the Navajos and Hispanics target white women or others if that person does not have the same religious views and if the white woman doesn’t seem humble by their standards. Some are trying to get women to bow down, others want to pretend sex will solve the problem - certain male Navajos or lesbian or bi female Navajos might have predatory instincts about lapping up women deemed as stragglers. Some of the behaviors can be anti-female with the idea of using punishment and misguided authority to get that women to “behave.” In the process there might be gangstalking types of surveillance. These nasty groups have dominated the local community college and put up Navajo-centered billboards along Hwy 550 between Farmington and Durango, and perhaps elsewhere. Navajo leftists swarmed from San Juan College in the Black Lives Matter protests earlier in 2020, joining like-minded people at Fort Lews College 45 miles north in Durango, Colorado, a four year college. At San Juan College in Farmington, they give the lower end hourly jobs to Navajos and “browns”, with a few white “players” given the rest - players are whites who are part of the cliques through marriage, sexual relations or were raised in mixed race households. Often these whites are not only enablers, they balk at any suggestion that reverse discrimination is in effect, and can get angry with any white who suggests something bad is going on in Farmington. This all has taught Navajos that honesty is not part of the game - they believe in inquisition-style news stories nationally to feed their dishonest power grabs over whites locally. For every Home Depot, Safeway and mall that shows Navajo and brown preference in hiring practices, there is a loss of the American vision and system of protections designed to protect us. The American system is better than anything that the Navajos are putting out in the Four Corners Area. What has been and is happening in the Four Corners Area is a microcosm of the whole dishonest Democrat movement. So this is why I, a fair liberal and secular person, joined the Republicans despite the fact I figured it was a lost cause. Also I joined it because I started reading in the past few years what our military people really have been dealing with in Middle Eastern and other wars, and how the Democrats have eclipsed their stories with their endless American bashing. I see ignorant Democrats who have succumbed to the lies of the other Democrats - these people have enabled a dangerous group to get in the door. Just about any dangerous thing is possible under Biden and Harris. Only very ignorant people not of the BLM movement would overlook their dangers.. The reason for joining the Republicans is that these are the people who have stood up to the crowd, offering other viewpoints and pieces of information when the Democrats seemed to have gone down a rat hole. Also, many among them have suffered in overseas wars and have assisted in riot response teams. The Democrats say Trump is lying - I do not entirely trust Trump myself, but some of what he says seems to have merit. At the same time, there are many lies that have come out of the Democrats. We should question whether a. there really was an attack on the White House b. assuming it is likely something happened, we should question whether it was actually an ISIS attack like the one planned and thwarted shortly before, and c. whether Q’Anon was truly at the center of the movement, and whether Trump really planned to have them attack the White House; it is possible, as some have suggested, he was just giving a pep talk for his supporters not to give up in the long run, feeling already defeated. He might have been encouraging them keep up the spirit over time, not necessarily to show activism in that moment by storming the White House. By taking a wrong view of his words and intentions, the Democrats got their inquisition after all because these were people who questioned their reality and behaviors. This approach is very much part of the Islamic Jihad approach in the final hour of Jihad against the so-called infidels, so much so, in fact, we can assume many Islamic radicals are part of the game against Trump and his supporters. The sad thing is so many non- Islamic “just folk” people left the Republic and mid-center camp and have believed the news too much, gullible enough to donate to the Democrats and many other sad things (ie, spending too much time listening to the hype on the so-called news). People who otherwise showed integrity and common sense over a lifetime lost it by joining forces with the Democrats in 2020 and they don’t know how bamb ------ From DOJ section I would also like people to pay attention to other DOJ/Attorney General corruption, or simply Attorney General ones. I feel in New Mexico the current Attorney General Hector Balderas is of the same ilk as that of Obama’s DOJ/AG. It is likely similar forms of higher quality investigations into corruption are needed. Neither DOJ nor AG’s need to act like they themselves like separate kingdoms unto themselves. ------------ 2021/02/17 From BLM Media - San Juan College - moved here 2021/02/17 as part of re-organizing and editing: Left Three Photos off Hwy 516/Hwy550 that runs north-south between Farmington, NM and Durango, CO. Top Two Photos: I am SJC-San Juan College-Success Matters: The picture here only shows one person, a Native American, likely Navajo, saying “I am SJC.” The photo below shows the sign’s orientation along the highway as seen from Navajo Lake’s entrance - you can’t see the sign too well, but it’s off in the distance to the right of the hwy. Bottom photo: Only four minorities seen (no whites) advertising San Juan College on hwy 516/550 just south of Super S Gas/Convenience store on same side of road, slightly north of Cedar Hill, NM and just south of the COlorado border. There is another long-term sign up the same hwy closer to the Colorado border only showing four minorities seen This is an obvious overt form of Racial Turfing. The college used to be a friendly open space for all races, but has become Navajo-centered over the years. Few people notice the turfing for what it is in the area; too many whites at the college are of the liberal sort who think whites need to take a second stage as long as they themselves have a job, and there are too many Navajo leftists at the college who supported Black Lives Matter protests locally. Video seen on home page of San Juan College website shows only Navajos and Hispanics; you get fleeting glimpses of one or two whites (fair-skinned Caucasians). San Juan College used to have a lot more whites; the college is state funded but it’s acting like a private for-profit college favoring certain students over others. The college did not used to be Navajo, Hispanic and minority centered. It’s lost its openness, it feels like a network of control. Watch for this ugly behavior in other colleges. The reverse discrimination is nasty and dangerous. They feed into their own reality and will not accept dialogues, no reciprocity., and it is likely the Navajo and Hispanic bias is in campus security and law enforcement. New Mexico has a long list of mostly Hispanic cops who have broken the rules and the laws; as New Mexico descends further and further into being a third world country state, these minority cops will only get worse. As they get rid of the white cops, no one will be left behind to stop their antics against other whites or themselves. That is, people with alternative views are being wiped off the landscape in New Mexico. San Juan College likely is associated with dishonest minority law enforcement and media. Campus Security is mostly minority controlled on that campus, and on many if not most campuses in the state of New Mexico. San Juan College has players who are central to the MPM in Farmington and the Four Corners, which includes Durango, Colorado 45 miles north. Watch this college carefully for reverse discrimination and minority preference across the board, including from white faculty and administrators part of the clique. This little college used to be an open and friendly space for all races, but in later years shifted to what feels like a primarily Navajo centered place. The college HATES people to say this, they hate it. They have a proven track record of trying to shut people up about this. One way to look for minority preference and reverse discrimination is to walk around the college and see who is there. If you are seeing mostly Navajos, know this was not the way it used to be. It used to be very mixed racially. Something has happened. The next thing to look for is who is getting what jobs where - especially the lower end, entry level, hourly positions, including student aid jobs. The third thing to watch for is advertising. This is a key way to identify the approach of the college. If you are mostly seeing Navajos, Hispanics or other minorities in their ads, including website home page videos or photographs, billboards along the highway, front pages of class schedules or student or community informational magazines, this is a red flag. The college hates people to say things like this and there could be retaliation for this post. Most of it comes from Navajos who are trying to control not only the college but the entire Farmington and perhaps Four Corners Area. They are part of the Minority Power Movement, with Navajo and other minority leftists protesting in the Black Lives Matter parades in Farmington and Durango. The college does not want the public to denigrate Navajos associated with leftists or minority power movements. The media, especially The Durango Herald, seems to be highly supportive of BLM and was part of the game to only put out one side of the story. Again, San Juan College has people who will try to remove this post. They will likely act ugly. San Juan College needs to go back to being an open, friendly and non-controlled space, one not so Navajo- centered. A strong number of whites live in the area not directly linked to the Navajo Nation. The college needs to stop acting like a portal for the Navajo Nation. The Navajos have their own community colleges elsewhere. San Juan College needs to actively demonstrate it is not only giving advantages to the Navajos. This includes grants, scholarships and positive behavioral responses. Whites students on campus need not be part of the MPM mindset or cliques in order to feel at home and part of the flow. Whites who walk to the beat of a different drum on campus need not feel like "odd man out" - that is, people who speak up and against what feels like minority preference should not experience retaliation from the college. San Juan College under other administrations was better and was normal. It had an open-cosmopolitan feeling which included fair-skinned people. Going onto that campus today you would think few whites live in the area. You would feel it is an extension of the Navajo Reservation. We have needed a change for several years, but we particularly need change now. The college likely has some militant Navajos when whites speak out about these issues, including in campus security. They will try to fight anyone with a different point of view. Some whites on campus are married to Navajos who think this ugly behavior is par for the course, because they believe Navajos were a poor down- trodden people now coming into their own. Whites who support the BLM reparations mode are wrong, because reverse discrimination has gone too far the other direction. Whites do not have to keep giving reparations; they don't owe, owe, owe forever and ever for what happened to Navajos or other minorities in history. I want the old San Juan College back, one in which diversity is real diversity: one that includes a solid, balanced number of fair-skinned students and student employees. I wait to see what kind of hostile response comes from the college over this.
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