Notes Personal Backlog-19 SEPTEMBER 2020
IN THIS SECTION Backlog 19 SEPTEMBER 2020 Notes-Personal 2020/09/24 Gardner/Scurlock case 2020/09/18 Compromised Republican Aspects 2020/09/13 Riot Crew Support 2020/09/11 Remember Legislation 9/11 2020/09/10 alt views on BLM from blacks 2020/09/09 Book Black Lies Matter by Starkes revisited 2020/09/07 Help Each Other Out Over BLM; Weed out the cops/agents who support BLM 2020/09/06 The expression ‘Islamic Extremist’ 2020/09/04 Walmart corruption Borders associated w/ BLM; 2020 09 04a comment left on google review on Republican Party needing to get real about national security 2020/09/24 Jacob “Jake” Gardner/James Scurlock case - Oregon (apparent suicide), Nebraska (murder or self-defense) See also related material at NOTES#1/News Clips/History Highlights Jacob “Jake” Gardner died in front of a medical clinic in Hillsboro, Oregon* apparently from suicide. It should go without saying that given Portland’s overall anti-American track record, anything is possible. Given two high powered black attorneys on the prosecution side (Scurlock’s family’s side) in Nebraska, a criminal cartel that ranges across the nation is possible. Gardner was apparently visiting his father in Portland. So far, I am not finding which medical clinic. Could he have been wounded from a shooter and trying to seek help at a medical clinic? Were there cameras at the clinic or nearby? Gardner’s defense attorney says Gardner’s killing of the black male for whom he was indicted for murder was self- defense. Gardner apparently had PTSD with war-time related brain injuries (TBI). I think we need to be on alert to American Marines (and other military people) being targeted by Islamic Sharia Law fundamentalists, particularly those combat veterans with Iraq or other Middle Eastern experience, with a black muslim/Marxist/black power component. We also need to be on alert to “shenanigans” including psychic/psychotronic/remote viewing/remote influencing. This targeting of combat veterans inside the United States might have a history. I have previously wondered if people like my combat Vietnam veteran Marine/Navy uncle might have been targeted by the Vietnam related communist party and affiliates by infiltrating inside the FBI where he worked, perhaps even a close family member. There might be long grudges and targeting for decades before such persons are taken out, and it is usually in tragic circumstances that might include making it look like a suicide. It also should go without saying that wherever there is “black surround sound,” lies are possible with power grabs to dominate the narrative at every corner. That is, your first gut instinct should be to investigate who and what is involved in a case in terms of racial, political and ideological makeup. That is, white-on-black cases. This includes blacks not taking responsibility for their own guilt, including murder, with simultaneous coverups in the media with an ongoing habit of “making the other guy look bad,” even if the white person is the actual victim. Also identify such black surround sound in black-on-white cases by identifying who might be bullying whites and other victims, family members or witnesses to shut up. If you are a Marine combat veteran (or other veteran) from the Iraq or Middle Eastern zones, make sure you have a buddy system and a backup plan if you are targeted by the black/brown power movement, and try to get to an honest Christian church or church group in any town in which you find yourself isolated. You might feel you cannot trust most people. If the situation seems right to do so, try to create a track record with multiple points of contact. That is, give it your best to make a memorable impression by trying for multiple diverse participants. Make as much noise as possible, try to get as many witnesses as possible, try to draw attention to yourself so people remember you. I am sorry Gardner was dealing with this issue apparently largely alone. It looks like he received death threats and had hired a bodyguard at some point. He apparently had tried to go to Northern California and got caught up in the wildfire situation in California before going to Portland/Hillsboro. His father apparently also had been in the protest situation back in Nebraska, so might have been visiting at the time of the killing. *Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and is the county seat of Washington County. Lying in the Tualatin Valley on the west side of the Portland metropolitan area, the city hosts many high-technology companies, such as Intel, that comprise what has become known as the Silicon Forest (Wikipedia) 2020/09/18 COMPROMISED REPUBLICAN PARTY ASPECTS See River Gold dot net’s Point to Point and Point to Pitch discussions related to Disclosure of Spiritual Orientation there. Have any of you noticed the ominous similarity of the Black Lives Matter slogans with the Anti-Abortion signs? The Republicans in San Juan County, NM use Anti-Abortion, Keep Guns, as key party points. That’s their party, not mine. Mine is more the old school approach of Republicans back in the day when they had more common sense, one that adhered to “Church and State Separation.” Many do not realize it, but being a Republican does not instantly make you a religious fundamentalist. I think we need to be alert to shenanigans from the other side - an inside-out weaving of orthodoxy and fixated points by the very people the Christians think they are fighting. I feel the Democrats are so dominated by the LBGT/minority/Marxist position that I swung to voting Republican - albeit my way - which is far more midway and non-religious than many in my area, with the exception of this one shift in my vocalization: God Bless America. People might ask, What’s going on with that if you are not a “religionist”? It has to do with the above discussion well- disclosed on River Gold. God to me is “The Tao” or a “Higher Consciousness.” For me, according to my beliefs, when I say “God Bless America” I am inviting a Profound, All Encompassing Love to embrace all of the United States of America. It’s a door opening, opening that space to allow love in. I suspect God is a “wait for permission” god, as he/she waits until we invite him in. Then when we do, watch out! We get what we ask for! Being open and receptive to love and good tidings is a powerful first start to everything else. I do not think it is wise to be authoritarian by telling everyone what to do about abortion, demanding attention for male domination when this is often a ploy by Islamic extremists who take that to the nth degree. People say it’s not about male domination, it’s about murder. But it’s a focus on only one kind of murder. Certain Christians focus on abortions, BLM focuses on white-on-black murders. There are many other kinds of killings to voice concern over, as well. By weaving Islam into Christianity so that “Stop Abortion” on the so-called political right looks and feels like “Justice and Kindness” slogans on the political left, people have no real choices, with all messages in the visual public domain bossy and telling them what to do and think. Both Republicans and Democrats suck women into these anti-female, dis-empowerment messages, using them to cover and support what are really male-centered messages. Behind anti- abortionists are male dominating characters in the Christian churches, and behind the BLM groups are Islamic and Marxist terrorists who brutally control women. Either way it is a no-go. Abortion is often used to further man as “head of household.” Men are saying, Let me the boss. Let me handle it. There is a major problem with this: men are human, fallible and ultimately subject to the same universal laws as women. Male or female, you are needing to do your very own critical thinking. You can’t let women do it for the men, and the men can’t do it for the women. We need to stop seeing things as a power struggle. There are enough Republicans sincerely supporting and protecting the United States and basic American values, they got my vote this year, but the heavy religionist approaches could be taken too far once we get our country back from the far left. Telling everyone how to be a Christian will also be dangerous. I do not support having everyone forced to do Christianity in the public schools. I do support a western approach to science in the public schools, including the study of evolution - not a bible-based approach. I think critical thinking as to the origins of all major religious leaders like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed is the only way to go, and critical thinking does not mean only critiques within the one religion by members of that religion. People will break down every religion’s body of work into minutiae and in the process lose the big picture and the ability to distance themselves from their biases. You can become very good at memorizing the Christian Bible or the Koran, but lose touch with God, humanity and the rest of existence in the process. This is one way there is a point-to-point, or fixation of a point, issue. But Black Lives matter and the leftist position can also be just as fixated. Communism and/or socialism can be like a religious fixation, awaiting the day of revolution and utopia. I will continue to wave my American flags and proclaim “God Bless You”, but I do realize that taken too far, religious groups doing this who also have anti-abortion, stars and Jesus Saves signs might misinterpret my position as identical to theirs. I also realize that if taken too far, their position could suffocate broader education and the ability of women to be a self with open-ended educational opportunities. There are a few reasons the Conservatives might be being indirectly or directly tweaked by the Islamic/Marxist groups. Some might have bought into millennialism and fear of Satan and the end of times through Islamic influences while working alongside Muslims overseas and elsewhere. Others might be working with Native Americans and Hispanic Catholics who are closely tied in with the Islamic/Communist contingencies, many from Europe and Hispania (Mexico, Latin America and Spain). But then again, there could be that Dracula sneaking in the door. Media advisors for the Republicans might be suggesting how to combat Democrats. If some of the Republicans are in areas where there is low education and low reading capabilities, they could be manipulated into thinking “THIS is what being a Republican is all about.” People who only read the bible or biblical centered works can be duped into getting distracted on Democrat-driven focal points so these Republicans won’t think about national security. Too busy focused on aborted babies, they forget other important deaths and injured, like all of the Americans and allies on the battlefield, the growing numbers of casualties in the Riot Protection Teams, the numbers of people whose quality of life are impacted by the various takeovers - without adequate income, people don’t do well - if jobs are going to illegal aliens and jobs overseas, if there’s no money in the house, Americans take to the streets, there is sadness and despair. Health goes down, suicides go up. Not in control of our media, colleges and the major corporations that serve our every basic need, the takeovers eventually lead to decreased overall health and well-being, which in turn can lead to deaths. Staying focused on anti-abortion is a way to coopt the conservatives and keep them from being fully effective across the board. There is no problem with people having those ideals messages among themselves, but they should not try to dominate the public visual domain with them, just like BLM should not dominate American cities with their messages. Religion can help people feel connected and supported. They can offer resistance to dangerous oppositional groups. Prayer in groups might elevate bioenergy for mutual positive manifestation. People adhering to codes might be less prone to dysfunctional tendencies. It very well might be the Christians and other conservatives to help save America, but we need to make sure things don’t go too far, or that people are not being manipulated by “police state” types. My suspicion is that anti-American types want to tell themselves Americans are stupid pawns. What I am seeing is we have both awake Americans and not so awake ones. It’s not about IQ, it’s about knowledge and understanding. So stay awake and emotionally and intellectually open. If you are well read, great, but for those who do not read as well, admit it and get some help so you understand. We all come to the table with different strengths. It does not make us better or less than others. If you know someone who cannot read well, help them out without giving them an attitude. Slow things down until you are certain they get it. Sometimes pictures can help, or diagrams, or maps. 2020/09/13 RIOT CREW SUPPORT Support these brave men and women! The riot crews across the nation (prevention and response teams for BLM riots) are of all races, skin colors and genders facing larger than normal obstacles. They are stepping up to the plate, making a stand, facing ostracism and lack of support from politicians and police leaders who should be backing them. Write in with information about special organizations set up for such things and Police Factorwill post it here. Such support will include morale-enhancing words of encouragement, as well as money and supplies based on indicated needs by both teams and individuals. Such support will be for injuries or deaths sustained in anti-riot work. That is, it for those team members who have been injured or for family members of killed team members. It is likely given COVID-19 as well as the co-opting by corrupt politicians and entrenched illegal aliens that teams are not getting certain basic supplies. Send brief to-the-point words of support to Riot Crews, much like what you would put on a company greeting card. Collectively, the multiple composite of support letters informs these people they are not alone. Riot team members who have been injured need to know they do indeed matter, and that there are Americans who appreciate their efforts for local and national security. 2020/09/11 REMEMBER 9/11 REMEMBER 9/11 and its victims plus American and Allied casualties or Injured In Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Bosnia, Vietnam and beyond. These People Matter! God Bless America Proud to be an American 2020/09/10, 2020/09/12 ALT VIEWS BLACKS/BLM SITE JABBER BLOG Be careful about alternative views from blacks, including gay blacks, on the BLM movement. Although it is refreshing to see views that are not attacking whites from the black community, we always must stand back and ask a variety of questions about what else could be going on, or what parallel issues there could be. We are all human and frequently we might say this or that for more than one reason. Taleeb Starkes and Rob Smith* have been included on this website as blacks more or less supporting the United States, empathic with what whites are going through, not supportive of urban terrorism, gangs or cartels, unhappy with black-on-black violence, and willing to work new ideas. Not to be cynical or to downplay these important black thinkers, we need to keep our objectivity no matter who it is. Just throwing these extra thoughts in to remind people that even if you see support or positive discussions of a thinker here on Police Factor, there is always room to question, doubt and consider any antics. *Here are some reasons Rob Smith might not be as he seems. First of all it is the eyes. Yes, the eyes. They seem powerful, soulful and penetrating. Notice that several black men posturing as pro-American have those eyes. Could it be drugs helping them along? Second, charisma. Tends to draw you in, almost seductive. Several of the Islamic terrorists listed on Gaffney’s video series on the Muslim Brotherhood listed elsewhere have that charisma, Gaffney acknowledges frankly the tendencies. Thirdly, Christianity as a front. Smith says he is a Christian, but many blacks are linked to fringe Christian groups tied to anti-American sentiments which rework the Jesus story for their own ends. Their kind of Christian ain’t like the majority of Christians in America. Also, Islamic fundamentalists have been known to pretend to be Christians as a front. Finally, the gay aspect could include hidden abuse and extortion, particularly if there have been drug habits. If white military have been sleeping with a black gay Muslim or Islamic supporter like this, things can be contorted and secretive. If Smith is under some kind of influence, he could be a mouth piece, not a “thinker.” In fact, he might be a SPLINTER. The aforementioned approach by Rob Smith could be a SPLINTER [see UTT’s example in how players contrast themselves with that bad thing over there with their own, supposedly moderate approach]. “The aforementioned process is a SPLINTER…Different facades of the same threat, each more attractive than the previous one” -- see: Online and other college campuses should be investigated for BLM or related minority power movement affiliation/takeovers. Watch for affiliates targeting students in other states through extended networks, even car breakins and theft, monitoring emails, texts and locations through cellphones and the internet, gangstalking, etc. I had a car vandalism occur at the Super 8 Airport in Portland, Oregon in 2015 after a period of paranormal-like feelings of being stalked and precognition of a likely upcoming break-in and theft of my vehicle and its contents. Identity theft and fraud followed shortly afterward as it is highly likely the same perpetrators were involved. Blog applied to Sitejabber on 2020/09/12 American Public University “American Public University (APUS) has become another minority power movement dominated school” 9/12/20 After a recent civil rights lawsuit, the school has descended yet further into a minority-centered college complete with an emphasis on black first, brown second, photos on the website home pages, which includes minority and LGBT "club" ads, and fellow online graduate level history students who make obviously pointed and biased [comments] following the Black Lives Matter and minority power movement trajectory. The college should be investigated for hidden attacks on students who won't conform either to the far left or far right by variously positioned administration and students, including students who might be hired by or affiliated with APUS. Watch for a military carryover of abuse in which a low grade culture for "training" in the military might be extended to this college system by instructors and/or hidden "watchers" keeping a secretive back rooms eye on the online campus. Everyone from financial aid student loan personnel to campus administration should be suspect in targeting and retaliating against students; consider all races, political positions or religions. The Muslim Student Association is one group known to work with minorities and LGBT to take over American college campuses using civil rights themes to get in the door, but watch for similar groups, as well. The targeting might have a paramilitary type of connection; whatever it is, think outside the box and consider all possibilities. Students who have been secretly targeted by the college are likely showing lower than [normal] aptitude performance for reasons that might not seem obvious at first. Consider psychic or psychotronic hidden warfare among more obvious maneuvers used against targeted students. High end, expansively minded investigators with a military background should be part of the investigative team into this college. Also check out the Bank Mobile Bank the school uses for student loan refunds; there were strong signs of a Black Lives Matter or similar movement afoot there from wording found intermittently on website pages. Banks servicing federal loan refunds should not be political with student borrowers. No bank in the USA should be that politically blatant. 2020/09/09 Material Moved from Notes to its own section: See BLM8 Starkes Material on BLM 2020/09/07 Help each other out over Black Lives Matter, Minority Power movements, and countering other threats Be prepared to come to the assistance of those who oppose Black Lives Matter the most as they could be in danger; be sensitive and awake to those you figure might be in that targeted spotlight. They usually go after the non-conformists (the ones who have something different to say and do). The standing out from the crowd likely includes certain types of communication skills. The reason for this is a sense of Self that is strong enough to hold out against intimidation and games. The sense of Self can and often goes along with a certain spiritual aspect. This spiritual aspect might not manifest as religious per se, although it often does. Remember, minorities are no longer minorities, and they are taking it out on people who did not do anything to them personally. We must unite despite religious differences. We must work across the divide of religious beliefs about abortion, “Jesus Saves” and a whole lot more, to focus on personal, local and national security. It is likely someone who has started becoming especially vocal against BLM is a target. The person is showing extra fervency. What can be going on is an underlayer of hidden warfare. This is likely a battle of wills. Consider you are dealing with bullies - a numbers game against a few stronger types who stand up to them. Everything can be hidden. So one way to identify that hidden warfare is how the target becomes increasingly vocal against the movement. 2020/09/06 The expression Islamic Extremist: Stand Firm and Call a Spade a Spade People can legitimately voice concerns over the use of “extremist”, like Islamic extremist. The understandable response is that based on biases, anyone can be labeled an extremist. What we need to make clear is the context in which extremism is used when applied to Islamic fundamentalism. Some liberals and progressives might understand the distinction; many do not. Even if they understand the arguments behind saying Islamic extremism, they might deliberately reduce the argument to only race and discrimination. The other argument against using Islamic extremist is that it can appear to come from someone who is ignorant or uneducated. The fact is, many people today who apply this expression are aware of the arguments about moderate versus extremist when applied to Muslims. Many modern Muslims point to numerous examples of moderate Muslims who tried to stop the extremists from taking over their countries. These people truly ended up martyrs, killed by the dominating groups who came in with machine guns and bombs. The arguments are valid that not all Muslims are identical and many today want to face down and clean up the messes of their forbears. They ask their elders why they just let those awful groups take over, why so little was done to stop them. Places like Lebanon and Iran once had the beginnings of a western democratic space. People were not all just one thing. So many of these more moderate types feel they are being lumped in with violent fundamentalist extremists when they see or hear that expression Islamic extremist. Nonetheless, as many Islamic experts have suggested, it is not always so simple to identify a moderate from an extremist, even when they show signs of westernized dress and tendencies. Sometimes they still want everything to be Muslim, even if they think it is a softer Islamic approach. Sometimes people can be using Taqiyya to make you think they are doing things your non-Islamic way, when they are not. Police Factor will continue to apply the term Islamic extremist when deemed applicable. For example, you will find a section here with a list of reasons depicting exactly why we fight Islamic Extremism on this website. The reason behind the usage are multi-fold. First, it is a form of refutation against Islamic Sharia Law free speech control structures. The Islamic groups who want to take over the United States are attempting to deny Americans their right to call a spade a spade - to correctly identify the type of people demanding the controlled speech. Secondly, the forms of sneaky evasion (Taqiyya) these Islamic groups use enter us into a confusing and controlled world of media and politics in which language is constrained to political correctness as a whole way of life. It’s not just a word here and there they are controlling. They are also inserting a whole zone of influence around everything we do. They are trying to make everything fit into Islamic Sharia Law. This keeps Americans from being able to think, work and operate in a world of common sense for self-protective action. In addition, leftist groups are hooked up with these Islamic groups to create a world of denial about what they are doing while trying to make the USA look wrong while deserving reprimands and correction. These two groups often try to control language and the social zones of human communication using race as a primary distraction and excuse for their takeover operations. That is, if people are denying your appropriately applied language by keeping you wishy-washy and placating throughout all of your human interactions involving dangerous Islamic groups, you cannot step up to the plate and do what you need to do to stop them. By denying you your reality, they keep you unhinged and unable to gather up against them. These are planned psychological operations to deflect and dissipate American responses. They are also attempting to beat you to the door by preparing in advance what you can and cannot say about them. Many people sadly buy into these games because they want to help “the poor down-trodden minorities who are coming into their own.” These easily manipulated Americans are not shown the other side of the story in the news - the crying children and blown apart bodies, the endless unmarked graves, entire families and towns destroyed - in country after country where Islamic extremists and Mexican/Latino cartel tyrants have taken over. This is because Big Brother Media puts Black Lives Matter on the front page news time and again, while putting the stories of injured and killed American military people and brutalized countries on the back pages. People are being given the impression killed and injured American supporters are way, way secondary to black or other minority power movements. We have to take back our mainstream news. There is yet another reason to continue to use the expression Islamic extremist. Much of the Big Brother Media which continues to support Black Lives Matter and other racially driven power groups across the board often uses the expression far right extremist or a similar way to express Republicans, Trump supporters, white male police officers who vote conservatively and many more persons lacking pigment who stand up to black or other racially driven power movements. I have seen it more than once in articles obviously supportive of minority groups. This over-generalizes what kind of whites are involved just as much as “Islamic extremism” can be argued to stereotype all Muslims. Not everyone who is a Republican is a Trump supporter, not every white who stands against Black Lives Matter supports the KKK, and many white Democrats have old family histories filled with racism. A fourth reason to keep applying the expression Islamic extremist is to firmly show self-confidence and strength. Islamic groups of the most fundamental type are male dominated and power driven. They do not recognize or respect give-and-take or political half-ways. To them, it is all or nothing. Pandering to them is seen as weakness. If you seem to be “kissing ass” or apologizing, they feel elated and see themselves as in the dominant position. American experts on Islam have been warning the American politicians, military leaders and general public about this problem for years. If you try to be nice, they will wipe feces on your concessions. It feeds their egos and makes it almost 100 percent likely they will not only do it again, they will actually increase their attacks on you. That is, trying to be democratic is received with contempt and makes them think you are weak. It emboldens them to think they are only a step away from a full takeover. You cannot expect give and take, so stay firm and call a spade a spade. The concern is to not let Islamic groups bent on taking out the USA squash speech because this is a step in a series of planned deadly milestones they use to conquer territory. 2020/09/04 Walmart corruption associated with BLM. Also See Notes News #1 associated with this date. Walmart has come out in the open and shown its true colors; it is clearly one of the players of the dangerous, tyrannical network behind Big Brother Media. Walmart Big Brother Corporate Corruption associated with Black Lives Matter and affiliates: again, when they all sound, look and smell the same it’s a dangerous gig. Walmart is using the same “calling card” lingo that other large corporate companies are using. These calling cards firmly indicate that Walmart is in a zone of influence and cannot and must not be trusted. To the unaware, the material you read from the Walmart CEO below might seem innocuous. It is not that simple as the so-called civil rights approach you read. The ideas and language you read in the CEO’s letter are identical to everything you are reading and hearing across the board. It sounds like people are helping blacks out, but it a lot more than just that. If you really knew what was going on, you would fear for your childrens’ and your own life. These tactics about civil rights are coverups for much more dangerous enterprises. Walmart dot com 2020/06/05 Letter from CEO of Walmart Excerpt: Inside the company, our work to recruit, develop and support African Americans and other people of color will be even more of a priority.* We need each of you to actively partner to identify and work with your leaders to bring in great talent to the company. We want all of you to exercise your voice to make every part of our company even better. [Accessed from Internet 2020/09/04] *Translation: Minority preference. It could include hiring illegal aliens from other countries, people with terrorist and cartel associations. It can include hiring legal residents with links to terrorists and cartels. It can include all sorts of anti-American operations. As shown clearly above, Walmart is one of the dangerous groups sounding and acting like the Big Brother movement. This Walmart excerpt has been added to the Black-Centric Media section on this website The reason this is a problem is that it looks, feels and sounds like the Russian Oligarchy and China with its “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Where Walmart was somewhat normal and balanced in hiring practices before, it is now increasingly an ugly- spirited, reverse discriminatory space that cannot be trusted. I had already noticed a shift and problem in Farmington, New Mexico and had made several in-person and customer care support system complaints about almost 100% Navajo and Hispanic hiring preference in the Automotive section on East Main. Too many of these Big Brother types are taking over the corporation and will give themselves special gains. Do not trust Walmart. Send your business elsewhere if you can. Break up large corporations like this using anti-trust suits. Once a corporation starts sounding like a single political party, it is dangerous. One additional way Walmart can be dangerous: the surveillance being use in the stores is likely not just for anti-theft. Various tyrannical countries are controlled by henchmen who got in the door saying things like what you are hearing from Walmart and every news media group. Large numbers of young people are taking this ugly group at its word, not questioning the real antics behind it. The China problem is likely linked to this dangerous transformation which could also open the door to the next “social project”—whose path to the West is already being paved by One Belt, One Road*. We have already suspected more than meets the eye has been going on with all of China’s exports filling our stores. Now it is likely China is trying to force its ideology on the United States through its supply chain ties. For every Chinese that gets a job or works in forced labor with China sending goods to the USA, an American does not receive a benefit other than cheap, low grade product (the plastic parts alone often break or wear out quickly). It also feels like a Marxist enterprise found during the Nazi era. Some of tyrannical groups with Islamic bullies hooked up with both Russian oligarchs and old style Marxists are: Saudi Arabia, Iran (Iran is a big one), Syria, Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood stronghold), South Africa and various Marxist-cartel controlled Mexican and Latin American countries. *The 2020 US Presidential Election: A Seminal Moment in Western History, By Dr. Hanan Shai BESA 2020 09 04 a San Juan County, New Mexico Republican Party Google review put out on 2020 09 04 We need to see gritty common sense for national defense. I would put less stars but do not want to completely denigrate the party I vote with. The reason behind this mediocre rating is the anti-abortion banner as of Sept. 2020 found on the front of the Republican office. National Security, not anti-abortion, is the core issue of our times. Despite religious differences, we must unite as Republicans to fight the very real tyranny upon us. By focusing on the wrong issues, we are handing over our country to the enemy. Take down your anti-abortion sign and start showing San Juan County and the country you mean business about protecting our country from the predators currently assailing it. Getting distracted over abortion hands over the keys to the enemy. We have much higher priorities. I do not wave an American flag to support religious fundamentalism of any kind. I am in the secular branch of the Republican Party, of whom there are several members, although San Juan County rudely tries to pretend we do not count. I vote Republican and wave an American flag for national security and to show my commitment to supporting the safety of the United States. People supporting this form of Republican approach can contact me through police factor dot com. It is time the Republican Party came to its senses. GOD BLESS AMERICA PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN September 9, 2020