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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-35 2021/06/30 Update from Colorado Republicans-La Plata County on success in keeping CRT out of schools; Miss Nevada Transgender; Alipac on Texas Rep. Sen. John Cornyn showing soft on or aligning with amnesty deals 2021/06/28 Crisis Mag-2020 Racism against whites is a sin too 2021/06/26 Some updates on Border issues, also being added to Borders section 2021/06/19 Republican input on Critical Race Theory and problems with in in La Plata County, Colorado 2021/06/18 Soros/Obama: Washington Times, Snopes 2021/06/04-05 See Nancy Pelosi; Joe Biden; Mike Gallagher (Wisconsin Republic House Representative; Keystone XL Pipeline ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE NEWS These two might be duplicated below 2021/06/30 Update from Colorado Republicans-La Plata County success keeping CRT from schools; Miss Nevada Transgender; Alipac-Texas Rep. Sen. John Cornyn soft on or aligning with amnesty deals 2021/06/30 More on the pain in problem communication between liberals and conservatives in the home 2021/06/30 Update from Colorado Republicans-La Plata County; Miss Nevada Transgender Also see Notes-Personal 2021/06/30; Alipac: block Republicans from supporting bipartisan amnesty bills Email from La Plata County, PF is passing on the message here: La Plata County Republicans... Thank you to everyone who acted in the fight to keep CRT out of 9-R schools. As soon as they started hearing from all of you, the district started to backpedal and tried to make it seem like implementing CRT was not their goal. However, this fight is far from over. If you read the 9-R resolution on "equity" it is plain to see that activism and not education is now their primary objective. Read HERE. [note from PF: this is the link: a8db-3885e2e891cb.pdf] Another bit of good news...This week the Colorado Supreme Court struck down the PAUSE initiative, granting the Colorado agriculture community a temporary victory. PAUSE will effectively eliminate animal agriculture in the state. The fight against PAUSE is not over, look for a rewritten version to come back soon, with the same blatant lies and misinformation. Miss Nevada Transgender wins state competition see opinion on Notes-Personal 2021/6/30 The Blaze 2021/06/29 Transgender contestant, a biological male, wins Miss Nevada USA​. Kataluna Enriquez will be the first transgender contestant to compete for the Miss USA title usa?utm_source=theblaze-breaking&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210629Trending- MissNevada&utm_term=ACTIVE%20LIST%20-%20TheBlaze%20Breaking%20News Alipac The article quotes Sen. John Cornyn as saying: -- “Right now, there’s a proposal to deal with DACA, a bipartisan border solutions bill, if there’s a deal to be had on farmworkers, and TPS recipients,” Cornyn told PunchBowl News this week. “I’m not sure where TPS figures in all this. But that’s the current proposal, so we’ll see if we can agree on some parameters for those three things: DACA [illegal aliens], [illegal alien] farmworkers, and the [southern] border.” “I’ve agreed to focus on those three things and see if we can come up with some parameters that would make sense and that I can support,” Cornyn said.-- This is not the first time Senator Cornyn has shown his support for Amnesty for illegal aliens, which is a highly unpopular position to hold in the conservative border state of Texas. In December of 2020, NumbersUSA and Breitbart News reported that six GOP Senators were meeting with ( 380910/?mc_cid=d437ababde&mc_eid=UNIQID) amnesty advocates (View Sources) ( 380910/?mc_cid=d437ababde&mc_eid=UNIQID) comprised of corporate donors and members of the open border lobby with the intention of “building bipartisanship on immigration reform,” and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) was one of those Senators. "If Senator John Cornyn thinks that these reports from our PAC or in Breitbart News are inaccurate, then we challenge him to issue a press release making it clear to the Democrats like Dick Durbin and all of his constituents in Texas that he does not support Amnesty for DACA, Dreamer, Farm Worker, TPS, or any other class of illegal immigrants," challenged William Gheen ( Gheen/?mc_cid=d437ababde&mc_eid=UNIQID) , spokesperson for "Right now Sen Cornyn is one of 12 Republican Senators we believe is eager to cave to Biden and the Democrats on immigration issues, and as such we will continue to pressure him to align with the American citizens and Texans he serves instead of illegals and the open-borders lobby in DC." 2021/06/28 2021/06/26 Some updates on Border issues, also being added to the Borders section Recent inserts to the Border section as of June 26, 2021: Fox News 2021/03/15 Texas members of Congress demand lawsuit against Biden for border 'crisis'. By Marisa Schultz. Lawmakers want AG Ken Paxton to sue to ensure people caught crossing illegally during the pandemic are turned away crisis KLTV 2021/06/24 Texas governor leads GOP push for Trump-style border measures. By AP. Law Enforcement Today 2021/05/28 What’s really happening at the border: Texas ranchers struggle as encounters with illegal immigrants increase. By Scott A. Davis. immigrants-increase/ Western Journal 2021/06/11 Texas and Arizona Governors Ask Other States to Send Police to Border as Crisis Rages. By Kipp Jones 2021/06/19 La Plata County (includes Durango), Colorado email on Critical Race Theory (CRT) copied here; the order of the letter has been inverted to show the discussion of CRT first. La Plata County Republicans... What is Critical Race Theory? Proponents of CRT use the benign phrase "to teach kids to think critically about race." The truth however, is much more sinister. Born from Critical Legal Theory, which pushes the belief of any system that has different outcomes for different individuals at different times is therefore an unjust system and must be torn down. Critical Race Theory not only blurs the lines between equality (uniform opportunity) and equity (guarantee of standard outcome) but it teaches the faulty idea of all interactions in society are based on a system of the "victim" and the "oppressor." The fundamental ideals of the American Dream say- anyone who works hard can get where they want to be. CRT teaches any system which results in an unequal outcome to an individual of a different race (regardless of personal regency) is therefore a racist system and must be torn down. Further, CRT teaches that any individual who participates in said system is implicitly racist and must be torn down also. Instead of believing a person should be judged, not by the color of their skin, but in the content of their character- CRT pushes race as the foundational paradigm in society. The end goal of CRT is not better understanding of our past and reconciliation in the future. The goal of CRT is to tear down every American institution in a very real, and very Marxist fashion. Truthfully, CRT is a Marxist doctrine... More reading can be seen HERE and HERE see below [PF has found and copied links/Added links] a5a4ba8f753f/Understanding_CRT.pdf 7e22de1dc21a/Critical_Race_Theory_What_It_Is_and_How_to_Fight_It_Imprimis.pdf Today (6/16) is the last day to get your ballots in for the LPEA election. All ballots must be received by 4pm! The board has been pushing hard towards a destructive path, while keeping crucial information from the public and ignoring the obvious conflicts of interest... Recent elections have been decided by less than 20 votes, YOUR VOTE MATTERS. Although this is considered a "non-partisan" race, the candidates who best encompass conservative and libertarian ideals are: Veronica Medina- District 1 Kohler McInnes- District 2 Bill Waters- District 3 John Purser- District 4 It is too late to mail your ballot. You must drop off your ballot by 4:00pm Wednesday, June 16th. LPEA Office Durango, 45 Stewart Street LPEA Office Pagosa Springs, 603 S. 8th Street La Plata County Clerk & Recorder, 679 Turner Drive La Plata County Administration Building, 1101 E 2nd Ave Bayfield Town Hall, 1199 Bayfield Parkway Farmer’s Fresh Market, 535 Goddard Ave, Ignacio Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall, 1000 Rim Rd. The most troubling thing to come to School District 9-R recently is the proposed change of curriculum to include "Critical Race Theory." Next Tuesday, June 22nd at 5:30 PM the School District 9-R board will discuss and vote on changing policies and curriculum to include the key components of CRT. It appears they are trying to fast track approval so there will be limited public input. We urge you to attend the zoom meeting and make public comment. A key message should be: "This policy change needs to first be addressed at public hearings. A vote at tonight's meeting is not acceptable and lacks public transparency." Even if you don't have kids who attend 9-R, your taxes pay for this school district. In reality, 9-R is YOUR school district! Unfortunately, the meeting will have no "in person" public comment. Please attend the Zoom meeting next Tuesday. Zoom link HERE. You can also call the 9-R superintendent. (970) 247-5411 Or contact the other board members HERE. Emails to the board can be sent to- La Plata County Republican Central Committee "The struggle for today is not altogether for today - it is for a vast future also..." - Abraham Lincoln You can forward this email to anyone you think may be interested, and they can sign up for our email list HERE website Copyright © 2021. La Plata County GOP, All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: 361 Camino Del Rio, PMB 296, Durango 81303 2021/06/18 George Soros, Obama, Kamala Harris George Soros, Obama Washington Times 2018/07/19 George Soros: Obama was my greatest disappointment https //www washingtontimes com/news/2018/jul/18/george-soros-obama-was-my-greatest-disappointment Snopes Fact Check Obama and Soros laughing https //www snopes com/fact-check/photograph-obama-soros-laughing/ Kamala Harris Is Kamala Harris a man? What early photos of Harris are available? Notice difference in thickness of lips and also jaw line across different photos. Go ahead and type this question in your own browser and see what you come up with. I do not get much, but I do see a couple of websites that have different names, but are copies of each other. There is one photo of a baby next to a grandmother-like person that strike me as possibly valid, and the baby could be a girl or a boy perhaps. Two fake news-seeming websites by same http //adrenogate net/wp/2020/11/23/the-kamala-connection-an-evil-man-named-kamal-aroush-aka-kamala- harris-ritually-blood-sacrificed-wwf-wrestler-james-kamala-harris/ Real or alleged early photos of Kamala Harris LA Times https //www html Infant photo - could be boy or girl 1885AAE182&FORM=IQFRBA 2021/06/04-05-06 Nancy Pelosi; Joe Biden; Mike Gallagher (Wisconsin Republic House Representative; Keystone XL Pipeline See Notes Personal for this date PELOSI See Nancy Pelosi Keystone XL Pipeline Biden Issue Heritage dot org (orig. in Daily Signal) 2021/05/25 Biden’s Hypocrisy on Keystone XL vs. Nord Stream 2 PipelinesBy Katie Tubb and Daniel Kochis pipelines Excerpt: What is utterly baffling, then, is that Biden has not been consistent either with the vision to “show the rest of the world the way forward” or with his own administration’s recent policy decisions relating to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction project, supported by Russia and a small cadre of European governments. Biden on Wednesday waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, the subsidiary of Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy company, building the pipeline; the company’s CEO; and corporate officers, all using a “national interest” waiver. The waivers marked a confusing about-face from statements by Biden that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a “bad deal” for Europe, and by Secretary of State Antony Blinken that there was “no ambiguity” in U.S. opposition toward it. If completed, the natural gas pipeline would run from northwestern Russia to northern Germany and be operated by Gazprom. Russia currently supplies 45% of the European Union’s natural gas imports. Completing Nord Stream 2 is neither economically necessary nor geopolitically prudent. It would increase European dependence on Russian gas, magnify Russia’s ability to use its European energy dominance as a political trump card, calcify the divisions in Europe over energy that Nord Stream 2 has opened, and specifically undermine U.S. allies in Eastern Europe and central Europe. pipelines Mike Gallagher - House Representative of Wisconsin on Pipeline 2021/02/02 Gallagher Joins Effort to Continue Construction of Keystone Pipeline pipeline Excerpt: Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today joined Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) and more than 80 of his colleagues in introducing the Keystone XL Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act, a bill that authorizes the construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and declares that a Presidential permit is not required. The pipeline was projected to create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin and across the country and generate billions of dollars in economic activity. President Biden issued an Executive Order halting construction of the pipeline on his first day in office. “President Biden’s decision to cancel construction of the Keystone Pipeline will eliminate thousands of good-paying jobs and leave billions of dollars in economic activity on the sidelines,” said Rep. Gallagher. “At a time when Americans across the country are struggling to make ends meet, Congress can and should do everything it can to protect jobs like those created by this project. I’m proud to join Rep. Armstrong in this effort to put Congress front and center in securing our economic and energy interests.” Immediately following President Biden's decision to halt construction of the pipeline, Rep. Gallagher joined members of Wisconsin's House delegation in urging him to reconsider. He later met with members of the UA Local 400 to discuss the importance of the pipeline to the economy in Wisconsin. pipeline MSN 2021/01/21 President Joe Biden draws criticism in Texas for blocking Keystone XL permit KTRK keystone-xl-permit/ar-BB1cWE4J Washington Examiner 2021/06/04 Two more states sue Biden administration over Keystone XL pipeline, bringing total to 23 by Lawrence Richard, Social Media Writer pipeline DOJ Montana June 3, 2021 Two More States Join AG Knudsen’s Keystone XL Lawsuit Against Biden Administration Alaska and Florida join lawsuit against illegal cancelation of Keystone XL permit Total number of states suing Biden administration over Keystone now stands at 23 Recent pipeline crisis demonstrates need for more American energy infrastructure Two more state attorneys general joined the lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced today. The lawsuit, led by Montana and Texas, seeks to have portions of Executive Order 13990 cancelling KXPL’s cross- border permit declared unconstitutional and unlawful and seeks to prevent the Biden administration from taking any action to enforce the permit revocation. Here are the people being sued in BIden’s administration by 23 states: Departments and Positions Biden Administration Department of State ANTONY J. BLINKEN, in his official capacity as Secretary Department of Homeland Security ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, in his official capacity as Secretary Attorney General of the United States MERRICK B. GARLAND Department of the Interior DEB HAALAND in her official capacity as Secretary Department of Energy; JENNIFER GRANHOLM in her official capacity as Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency MICHAEL S. REGAN in his official capacity as Administrator of the Department of Agriculture THOMAS J. VILSACK in his official capacity as the Secretary Department of Transportation PETE BUTTIGIEG, in his official capacity as Secretary U.S. Army Corps of Engineers SCOTT A. SPELLMON in his official capacity as Commanding General Advisory Council on Historic Preservation RICH GONZALEZ in his official capacity as Acting Chairman