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Theories 2020/11/24 JFK cont 2020/11/23 JFK cont 2020/11/22 Jackie shot Kennedy? 2020/11/20 a) Black Lives Matter, Indian Country, China threat, American college campus threat b) Opinion on Biden/Trump from front page b) Opinion on Biden/Trump from front page 2020/11/17 Billboard only portraying Navajos/brown again: Stop Ugly Racial Turfing Wars at San Juan College in Farmington of NW New Mexico 2020/11/15 Marketing an Ideology/Brand Labeling 1) Trump not to be blanketly excoriated here; 2) Ukraine-Biden-Trump problem given more detailed attention 3) I am Navajo: how to avoid mind control/corruption in Navajo Nation Big Business politics 2020/11/10-13 Not excoriating Trump 2020/11/10a I am Navajo: How to avoid Navajo Nation and/or Navajo composite corruption 2020/11/10b On page Backlog-22-b: 2020/11/11 Happy Veterans Day 2020/11/10 2020/11/09 2020/11/07-08 Don’t Blow Giuliani Off; Biased pro-Biden Articles/News 2020/11/05-06 2020/11/02-04 BLM material Replace Durango, Colorado Black Lives Matter protest site/memorial with Memorial honoring Persons in Blue/Uniform, Connecting the Dots BLM-terrorism, organized crime, drug cartels 2020/11/01 Backlog 21 November 2020 Notes-News 2020/11/26 Happy Thanksgiving 020/11/26 Happy Thanksgiving-Veterans Today; Donate; Cops Today 2020/11/22-23 Jackie Shot Kennedy? Old “Hispania” anti-American theme 2020/11/20 Great Reset Breitbart 020/11/17 Navajo Nation Lawsuits 2020/11/15 on Marketing 2020/11/13 Ukraine page started 2020/11/11 Passages of Pain in War, Veterans Day Reflections 2020/11/09 Covid-19 vaccine “magically” shows up in news after presidential election; WBSM-2020/10/16 Complicity of Media no doubt, By Barry Richard NY Post-2020/10/14 on Biden/Ukraine corruption; Business Insider on Biden-Ukraine 2020/11/07 2020/11/06 a letter to encourage all Republicans from La Plata County Republicans of Southwest Colorado 2020/11/04 Article telanganamata-2020/08/13 on alleged corruption of Kamala Harris, excerpted from @peterschweizer‘s 2020 #1 bestseller, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite” 2020/11/02 Islam Afghan earlier War Zone Publicity Stints; Article Indianz-2015/08/31 Islamic extremists making inroads on reservations 2020/11/01 ACT for America letter from article Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not By Stella Morabito in The Federalist Backlog 20 OCTOBER 2020 Notes-Personal and News Notes-Personal October 2020 2020/10/29-30 2020/10/28 BLM update 2020/10/27 BLM update 2020/10/26 BLM update 2020/10/24 Trump/Chinese 2020/10/23 2020/10/21 Backlog3 started for specifically BLM personal or news notes 2020/10/20 PF comments on previously mentioned 2017 article Potus and Political Warfare; 2020/10/13 2 2020/10/09-10 Nebraska and The Franklin Scandal 2020/10/06-07-08 Farmington, NM possible BLM-connected police infiltrations Notes News October 2020 2020/10/27 2020/10/15 Backlog 19 SEPTEMBER 2020 Notes-Personal 2020/09/24 Gardner/Scurlock case 2020/09/18 Compromised Republican Aspects 2020/09/13 Riot Crew Support 2020/09/11 Remember 9/11 2020/09/10 alt views on BLM from blacks 2020/09/09 Book Black Lies Matter by Starkes revisited 2020/09/07 Help Each Other Out Over BLM; Weed out the cops/agents who support BLM 2020/09/06 The expression ‘Islamic Extremist’ 2020/09/04 Walmart corruption associated w/ BLM; 2020 09 04a comment left on google review on Republican Party needing to get real about national security Backlog 18 Notes News Clips, etc. SEPTEMBER 2020 Indication George Floyd died from other or additional complications 2020/09/28 Gardner/Scurlock Case 2020: Jacob (Jake Gardner) decorated Marine Iraq veteran, apparent suicide in front of medical facility in Portland, Oregon/indicted shortly before his death for killing Scurlock a 21 year old black male BLM protester during a brawl linked to the protests outside Gardner’s bar in Omaha Nebraska 2020/09/23 Cannon Hinnant, a white child, killed by black felon neighbor at close gun range, killing not racial according to parents 2020/09/20 Vendetta = Violence, Ongoing “Paybacks” by Blacks against Whites/from book Black Lies Matter 2020/09/19 Higgins Memo from UTT website 2020/09/13 Scytl voting arena corruption in US linked to Spain and Russian thugs; Russians invading American businesses big time, and old Chicago connection to American business development in Russia since its so-called Communist fall (Russia soon became an oligarchy controlled by rich businessmen and is state run); Rob Smith opinion as an alternative view on BLM by a gay black person 2020/09/11 Walmart part of Big Brother corporate support for terrorist/cartel/misguided civil rights movement/operation Black Lives Matter; layoff dot com blogs 2020/09/04, 2020/09/28 Backlog 17 Notes News Selected Clips, etc. AUGUST 2020 Murder of Jackie Vigil in Albuqurque, Suspect named 2020/08/31 Against Black Lives Matter Axios and The Federalist-2020/07/03 2020/08/29 Portland, Oregon hit hard; letter on the problems between state, local and federal in Portland; The Heritage on Voice of America - one way, if not the way all the CNN’s, NY Times, etc. sound the same on BLM 2020/08/25-26-27 Spain 2020/08/05 Problem with Apple; China’s dangerous approach with Hong Kong; more issues involving the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 2020/08/02-03-04 Backlog 16 Notes News July 2020 Excerpts from Horowitz/Black Book Left-dangers of Black Panthers (2020/07/08, 13) Understanding The Threat: Jihadis, Marxists, Core Issues (2020/07/07) Video clip from Sky News Australia-2020/06/11 Hidden Agenda behind BLM; Book The Truth Behind the BLM Movement/By Martinelli; MSN-2020/07/04-05 China’s Hong Kong Draconian Crackdown;(2020/07/05) Death by Restraint: 3 NM cases-CBS-2020/06/14; Gang Intervention in El Salvador and League Central America -The Intercept-2018/10/02 (2020/07/01) Backlog 15 Notes News June 2020 CBS News 2020/06/23 Bob Kroll head of Police Union Minnesota BLM is terrorist or (2020/06/25) March 2020 article NM GOP files lawsuit to block mail-in primary election; KRQE article on BLM organizer accused of violating parole arrest (White) in Albuquerque (2020/06/24) Jalisco Mexican cartel - CBS March 2020 article and KRQE Feb 2020 article (2020/06/21-22)c Some groups of concern regarding their attempts to abolish police; copied letter from Act For America 2020/06/19 Americans who turned to or worked with ISIS; New Yorker article-2019/06/11 American ISIS returnees to USA; NBC-2016 article on several Americans who joined ISIS; 2019-NPR article; The Daily Beast-2014 w/2017 update etc… Also 2018-Journalist Jamal Khashoggi murder (2020/06/17) 2020/06/15 J-Calvin added to Black Lives Matter section addition to BLM section (2020/06/14) US Post Office corruption excerpts & section added (2020/06/13) History Backlog 14 Notes Personal AUGUST 2020/08/29 Nazis in the vaults and what is wrong with BLM 2020/08/26-27 2020/08/25-26 2020/08/19 2020/08/10,18 2020/08/05 INFO WARS What to do about them section created 2020/08/03-04 US Postal Problem-SPLC (the suspicious Southern Poverty Law Center should not be used as a resource on a government website) Backlog 13 Personal Notes JULY 2020/07/28 Catholic, Mormon, etc. Top of Mind Issues 2020/07/19-21 warning for safety around BLM signs 2020/07/08 Black Panthers vs. BLM 2020/07/04, 07 Horowitz concerns 2020/07/03 Happy 4th 2020/07/01 Smuggling Tunnels, Minority Photo Displacement of Whites in Ads - Infiltration of Schools; The Left; Backlog 12 Personal Notes JUNE 2020 2020/06/17 2020/06/15-16 2020/06/12 Fake and Biased News, Planned/Repeated Ritualized Dramatic Undercurrent 2020/06/10-11 2020/06/07-08 Running Strings 2020/06/05 George Floyd Case-CNN 2020/06/19 2020/06/17 Khasoggi-more goosebumps 2020/06/13 Post Office Corruption 2020/06/10-11 2020/06/062020/05/26-29 Backlog 11 Personal Notes MAY 2020 2020/05/30 #2 Goosebumps: Dave Schultz 2020/05/30 2020/05/29-30 2020/05/26-27-28-29 Letter about vote fraud 2020/05/25 2020/05/23-24 -26 Voting Location Security Cameras also 2020/05/23 #2 Goosebumps Christopher J Van Der Horn also 2020/05/23 #3 No Honor No Country Revisited 2020/05/20 vote fraud, problems with electoral, etc 2020/05/19 2020/06/19 2020/05/15-16 2020/05/13 2020/05/10 2020/05/08 Goosebumps: Sasha Krause Case 2020/05/05-06 2020/05/01-02 Backlog 10 Personal Notes JAN - APRIL 20202020/04/29 2020/04/18-19 2020/04/12 2020/04/10-11 2020/04/04 2020/04/03 2020/03/26 2020/03/21 2020/03/12-15 2020/03/07 Table Work/NM in process 2020/02/26-27-28 Why the Steroids Section Added to Website 2020/02/19 Boy Scouts Crisis, Male Sexual Abuse 2020/02/01/Birds of a Feather 2020/01/08 2020/01/01-02 Backlog 8a News History 2020/06/12 2020/06/11 2020/06/09 2020/06/07-08b 2020/06/07-08a 2020/06/06 2020/06/05 2020/05/30 2020/05/29 2020/05/23 2020/05/10 2020/05/08 etc… Backlog 9 Personal Notes #2 2020 May and beyond Backlog 8 The Coronavirus section has been moved to Health/Coronavirus and is listed in Notes and Topics List Backlog 7 2020 Notes #1 News/Facts/History Notes Section China Censorship section added to Media (2020/02/24) DNA found at a crime scene (2020/02/16) Corruption in New Mexico article from 2018, Albuq mayor crime strategy (2020/02/14) From Daniel Pipes/Reader’s Comments: Was Barack [Hussein] Obama a [Shiite Muslim]? (2020/02/12) Belen Chief Rodriguez lawsuit against city - indicates excessive force by officers/ there’s a non-responsive mayor (2020/02/11) Steroids, the police and public (2020/01/20-21,26) Iran Issues: Qassem Soleimani executed, downed Iranian commercial liner, British ambassador Iran, Iran’s history of attacks on American soldiers in Iraq (2020/01/12; 2020/01/21) “Black Lives Smatter”-Article-2017/02/20- Santa Fe white officer Troy Baker investigated for racial and gender smears on Face Book (2020/01/06) Black LIES Matter - Book (2020/01/05) Boy Scouts Sex Abuse/Lawsuits; Alamagordo Ex-Chief Brian Peete lawsuit against city - city manager/attorney likely retaliated over Whistleblowing (see also Chief Rodriguez below) (2020/02/18) Strange drones Eastern Colorado (2020/01/04) Colorado (Durango, Cortez) incidents (2019/10/05,2019/07/17) Orwell’s Two Minute Hate, etc. (2019/08/27-28) Backlog 6 Personal Notes Section 2020/05/08 2020/05/05-06 2020/05/01-02 2020/04/29 2020/04/18-19 Backlog 5 Personal Notes Section Meaning of Christmas (2019/12/28-29) 2019/12/10-12 2019/12/05, added from 11/22 2019/12/04 added from 11/22 2010/11/22;see also added content on 12/4-5; The challenge of being disabled, like working with one arm/hand; an ad for a zipper/jacket for no or lowered hand capability (2019/11/21); 2019/11/16; 2019/11/15; Happy Veteran’s Day (2019/11/11); 2019/11/05; The Braid/Twine - Strands of Connectivity for both good and ill mutual endeavors; brief reference to additions to NM Hebbe material (2019/11/03-04); Steve Hebbe and related material (2019/11/01-02); 2019/10/20-21; 2019/10/11; 2019/10/09-11 some editing 10/11 Backlog 4 Select Accessed News Clips, History, Books, etc. Book I Love a Cop (2018)/Kirschman for PTSD and related issues for cops, military persons, etc.; Mormon problems former Mormon bishop in Farmington, NM (2019/12/30); 2018-Suspected Muslim Extremist Complex/3 yr old boy’s remains (2019/12/10); Black Female Witchcraft (2019/12/01); Navajo Tribal Police Issues (2019/11/19); NM Religious Sexual Cults - Fence Lake area - The Greens The Rivers, CA, FL, MT, OR, Gallup, etc) (2019/11/16-17); New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board - Chaired by Attorney General Balderas (2019/11/13); No Honor No Country section added; Concerns about Bolivia (2019/11/08); Puerto Rico: How connected to USA; 2018 Article-growing hub for cocaine/heroin shipments to USA (2019/11/07); Steve Hebbe-Farmington Police Chief; Book-Arnold Ray Lambert’s 2019 book Every Man a Hero A Memoir of D-Day, The First Wave of Omaha Beach and a World at War (2019/10/25-27); Navajo Issues (2019/10/20); Christopher Oskins (2019/10/18); Laura Loomer vs. Twitter, Cair; cartels in Central America (Northern Triangle), Illegal Immigration in New Mexico; Somali terrorism Minnesota 2016; Trump and El Salvador 2018 (2019/10/17); Christopher Blea (2019/10/11); David Black-Sheriff Otero County- Article/2019/05/30-warning of border patrol manpower shortage (2019/05/30); Daniel Payne-Article-2017/02/06/fake news (2019/09/14,16); Racial Tensions-Racial Issues-Democratic Primaries; 9/11 this year (2019/09/11); Stasi Antics in Reverse Discrimination Grandfather’s concern deceased grandson issues over local police Heinrich on Jews: Heinrich on Jews 2017: New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich on Jewish Community Center bomb threat 2019/08/11 Al-Jazeera Islamic media; problems with common man soulful pathos/seeing through it to the blunt criminality; 2019/09/04-05 Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Backlog 2 Backlog 1 Notes Personal Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes MISC NOTES and history notes misc. 8a history 8b Miscellaneous and Earlier Drafts - separate page - moved Loose Notes-1 Mixed Notes Loose Notes-2 Loose Notes-3 Trump