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This is a way to see who and what is being written by experts in a given field linked to “trajectories”, the types of topics and lines of thinking found on PF. b Books-1 Books-2 Media - Alternative Views, Owners, CEO’s, Editors, Lawsuits by or against Media-1 - alternative views, fake news, biases Media-2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASE STUDIES These are not really investigative-level case studies per se, but do involve a little more detail following certain trajectories. Firefighter Arson India Call Centers Corsican Mafia Greek Terrorism/Islam in Greece Gypsy Crime White Supremacy, Racial Divides Kennedy Conspiracy Stories Gary Webb Gangstalking Albuquerque see in Conspiracies: Gangstalking Tactics --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CULTS Group Deviant Behavior - Religion or Rebellion gone foul Criminal Groups and Case Studies, gangs and cartels, organized crime Cults-1 Introduction, General CULTS AND BRAINWASHING - Introduction (here) Summary of Links o Cults o Brainwashing Books Reports What Are Cults o Start Here-Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult o An Ex-Mormon gives her input on what a cult is and offers some good advice Some Cult Tendencies o Grooming Gangs o Few if Anyone is Immune - Manipulating, Tricky o Mind Control Techniques o High Demand Closed Group Brainwashing o Start Here o Zersetzung 59 Cults-2 Soka Gakkai Links List Articles or Websites Resources List Selected Topics France rejects SGI as cult Japanese see SGI as terrorist group 60 Cults-3 Subud 61 Cults-4 Hare Krishna 62 Cults-5a Other Religious Cults: Mormons, Protestants, Adventists Mormon offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Mormonism o Mormon Cults, Cultist Elements or Sideshoots Mormon Sexual Abuse Catholic offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Catholicism Protestant offshoots Protestant offshoots o Quiverfull Movement o Dominionism Jehovah’s Witnesses Seventh Day Adventists 63 Cults-5b Other Religious Cults, cont: Catholics - Catholic Sexual Abuse, Offshoots Links List Books Videos Nuns o Abuse by Nuns o Abuse of Nuns Pennsylvania Horror Vatican Greed Mafia 64 Cults-6 Monarch, MK-ULTRA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONSPIRACIES See also PF-based Two Horns, Disclosure of Spiritual Orientation, Focal Points-Point to Point/Pitch Conspiracy Theories might or Might Not Have Validity, Elements of validity, or parallels to similar things. Do not take any conspiracy theory on blanket faith. This website is written from the bias that there is a world of the paranormal, that there are ghosts, and that people can mess with energy, but draws the line by saying “be cautious” about stories involving satanic or dark beings. Fear and paranoia can take people down dark alleys. I suggest staying close to actual vibes and realize some of the MPM (minority power movement) can be involved in efforts at mind control, but that also “white religionists” can have been dealing with satanic-like activities, and that there can be “masking” or “Double-Layering” in which the actual perpetrator (any race) uses someone else as a front or temporary tool (any race), ie, a white Nazi uses blacks for fronting corporate takeovers (ie, 100% black ads). There also can be second or third generation abused victims who take on the roles and approaches of their perpetrators, like black Apartheid victims or Jewish Holocaust victims; some of this could be paybacks. We need to watch for Satanists taking over the Republican Party using what on the outside seems like opposite ideas to Democrats, but underneath is more of the same calling card lingo and overly simplistic entrapment. What could be happening is the same groups are trying to entrap and mislead Democrats, Republicans and others toward a nihilistic Big Brother space by trying to make it look like no matter the arguments, all things ultimately must funnel toward this overly controlled, nihilistic space. By controlling the calling card ling among both Republicans and Democrats, these groups are likely making fun of both. For all we know, it is the Chinese or Islamic governments doing that, or Catholics (including Hispanic ones) trying to make American ideals for liberty and choice seem ridiculous (political options). This can be a sort of “rub in your face” aspect. 000 Cons-Piracy 000 “Teaching Whites a Lesson” Conspiracy as Corporate/Media Dictatorships - As mentioned elsewhere Holocaust Payback; Planned “Replication” of Build-Up to the Nazi takeover and Holocaust A certain segment of Jews doing this? Black Jews, Black Gypsies? Blacks? Black African Nationalists from African Continent - Reason behind all the corporate black ads? Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks cooperating with Corporatism against whites - it could even be running through medical world Here are some signs of their ties to mean-spirited Totalitarian Corporatism: Fed Ex, UPS, Amazon, Post Office Verizon, other cell phone companies Comcast Grocery Store Chains like Krogers and Safeway/Albertsons Germans with Ex-Nazi roots teaching the world a lesson by “stuffing it in your face” about minorities - hence all the black ads could be something like “You sympathize with minorities and hate Germans, always blaming German ancestors year after year, decade after decade. In your face, you swine, we’ll shove blacks in your face until you vomit!” (See the Stop BLM/Black-Centric Ads section) 000 Nazi International -The main point here is an old Nazi link to international corporations from the USA, Germany and elsewhere which were largely behind the Nazi movement, and that did not die out after the Nazis were beaten but went underground with a long-term agenda to come back and take over the world; the idea is that now Nazis are “international” - not just white Germans; If there is anything to this, we probably need to look for any old tendencies in cult behavior showing up in global corporate dictatorships today - is it in the family and multi-generational? This seems like a fairly balanced article: 11 Points dot com 2008/02/24 11 Companies that surprising collobarated with Nazis By Sam Greenspan https //11points com/11-companies-surprising ly-collaborated-nazis/ [Note from PF 2021/03/28 Artricle is dated; Author “Greenspan” might be Jewish; there might some other agenda than the one presented] [extracted from Internet on 2021/03/28] 000 Debunking Conspiracy Theories ie, Rothschilds English Shabtabnews Debunking the Rothschilds Conspiracy Theory from Frankfurt to Tehran See frankfurt-to- tehran/#:~:text=The%20Rothschild%20conspiracy%20theory%20appears%20to%20have%20its,family%20b ank,%20of%20profiting%20from%20the%20Napoleonic%20Wars. [extracted from Internet on 2021/03/23] 140 Rothschilds, Pilgrims, British, Tavistock 80 Donmeh 79 Satanism Christian Conspiracy Theory Website Also See: 57 Kennedy Conspiracy Stories (also found under Crime-Case Studies-Kennedy) 58 Gary Webb (also under Case Studies) 59 John Lennon 52 Michael Ruppert (also under Whistleblowers-1) 53 Aaron Russo (saw conspiracy around the tax system while under attack for tax evasion and sick with cancer) 55 Rodney Stich 149 USS Liberty 190 TWA 800 63 British Ops 56 Gangstalking Tactics (Also see Case Studies - Gangstalking Albuquerque) WHISTLEBLOWERS - Real and Alleged 32 Whistleblowers-1 COMMENTS GENERAL INFORMATION/HISTORY WHISTLEBLOWERS* ORGANIZATIONS/SUPPORT ACTS LEGISLATION Black, Sandra Drake, Thomas Eastman, Gerald Edmonds, Sibel D. Ellsberg, Daniel Ginsburg, Edward Kwiatowski, Karen Kiriakou, John (see below) MacLean, Robert Manning, Bradley/Chelsea Rowley, Coleen Ruppert, Michael (under Conspiracies) Russo, Aaron (under conspiracies) Russo, Anthony Snepp, Frank Snowden, Edward Sterling, Jeffrey Stich, Rodney (under Conspiracies) Westmoreland Whitehurst 33 Whistle-2a-Snowden (also found under Surveillance) 34 Whistle-2b Snowden Links 35 Whistle-3a-John-Kiriakou FBI report, Court Case 36 Whistle-3b-John-Kiriakou Various Articles START HERE o Leaks Mild o Possible Courtroom Corruption BOOKS OR ARTICLES BY KIRIAKOU ARTICLES ON KIRIAKOU 38 Whistle-3c Kiriakou Links 37 Whistle-3d Kiriakou Comments TERRORISM 86 Terrorism Introduction Brief LINKS LIST ORGANIZATIONS Fighting Terrorism TERRORISTS LIST o Most Dangerous NATIONALIST OR COMMUNIST IRAN o Hezbollah o Hamas SINGAPORE o Jemaah Islamiya 87 White Supremacy, Racial Divides (also found under Extremism) See also Greek Terrorism (Found under Case Studies) CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS ACLU and Americans United --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOTING, ELECTORAL PROCESS Electoral College Corruption and Issues ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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