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NOTES SECTION 1 News/History Highlight 2-Personal Comments COVID-19 Backlogs o Most Recent Backlog-42 Sept 2021 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES PERSONAL 2021/10/09 about a letter sent with bumper stickers Below is a letter similar (although not identical) to ones that have been sent out to various police departments and regional residents. What’s been added is a concern about known and suspected problems on bases inside the US. Summary of Points in letter: Consistency of loyalty to United States statewide and nationally among policing, border patrol and national security agencies Insufficient vetting of large numbers of evacuees Criminals and terrorists could have gotten in on secret planes and among bulk evacuees Bad habits brought in from overseas among both Afghans and Afghan-US military interrelationships Our stateside bases could be in trouble - housing large numbers of Afghan evacuees and other immigrants bases o suggestion is to send in SOF teams or others with proven track records for true loyalty to the United States backup support, recon, monitoring and training junior/experienced American staff o don’t put Afghans in charge at American bases o watch for losing security control of key centers on bases terrorists can move rapidly and could have had pre-planned specific goals for takeovers terrorists and cartels are masters of networking, co-opting and supplanting Regional Neighbor or Policing Professional, Enclosed is one or two free bumper stickers, Americans 1st and/or Remove Gangs/Cartels. We need to shore up in our individual states and across the country. Stop large numbers of immigrants from coming in. Return the ones who came in legally or illegally. Stop easy bulk amnesty and easy lines to delayed citizenship. Border security includes barriers and intelligent responses to modern ploys to get people and things across the border. Plan in advance for corruption and problems which involve housing and feeding large numbers of immigrants or others at a time. Problems include crime and abuse by fellow inhabitants as well as corrupt guards. Know that criminals and terrorists could have slipped through the Afghan evacuee vetting processes, or that vetting was never done or was incomplete. Make sure our bases are not being co-opted by dangerous groups with all of the confusion and placement of foreigners. This problem can include dishonest or negligent American military/Afghan allieds who got into some bad habits overseas. One example might be Afghan cultural tendencies for rapes by males of males. We have already seem some signs of this. Another less disclosed problem might be whether young American males were raped by foreigners (allied or otherwise) or by fellow Americans overseas and on bases to the point they themselves develop the criminal dysfunction. In addition, there could be a problem with having gotten into the opium-related drug sales, or taken on a second identity supportive of Afghan-American mixes with Afghan leanings. Whatever the case might be, we need to be alert to problems. In addition, we need to watch for portions of bases succumbing to Afghan or other immigrant authority, with takeovers of key areas possible if we are not careful. There could be vigilante forms of discipline here and there. I don't have direct proof, but intuition and common sense suggest these could become a problem if they have not already. I suggest sending in teams of SOFs with proven track records of loyalty to the United States to fan out around stateside American military bases holding large numbers of Afghan evacuees and other immigrants. I suggest they plan to back up and support key weak areas, assess, monitor and train inexperienced and uneducated junior personnel. They need to also assess blocked areas that the Biden administration and/or corrupt military people are keeping hidden from the public and other more legitimately performing parts of the military. There might be a collusion between American military and Afghan allied to overcome the United States. In addition, there might be terrorists and professional criminals who slipped in one way or another and who are now seeking to immediately take over key systems. The ones who slipped in might have come in on secret small planes or mixed in with the vetted/unvetted mass evacuees from Afghanistan. Let's work together to fight crime, terrorism and takeovers of our American system by foreigners, cartels and anti- American countries. Let's make sure our policing and national security departments are loyal to the United States and working for the American people. Plan on returning mass immigrants to their homelands. The United States cannot be the bread basket of the world. We need to shore up and take of our own, and to apply deferred maintenance to large cities taken over by foreigners and urban terrorists. The United States must stop giving so many people green cards or bulk easy amnesty. This approach is often linked to planned anti-American warfare. 2021/10/08 Possible infrastructure problem* at bases handling mass refugees. This can include Afghans handling their own inside US at these bases. See articles in Notes News regarding one aspect - vetting on this; more in Afghanistan Pull-Out. Additional issues include: not really knowing who is among the refugees on a base; refugees leaving on Uber and other forms of transp; criminal activities have already shown up. *Intuition suggests a morale problem among actual American military handling the refugees which could lead to ineffective responses against Afghan disorder and law-breaking; the corruption could include a US-Afghan set of bad habits brought over from Afghanistan - they brought their baggage with them. Some of it could include vigilante types of military justice in which people are punished off the books. It could include young Americans who are not very educated, trained or experienced up against something that is over their heads. The low morale could include, among other things, the feeling they are being lumped in with bad press and feelings over Afghanistan including the mass refugees. The feeling that they themselves don’t matter as much as the refugees or all the focus on them. 2021/10/04-05-06 Warnings about Afghan Refugees see Notes-News for this date-2021/10/04-05 “Rogue flights landed without manifests.” --from Daily Wire-2021/09/22 on unvetted Afghan refugees to the USA First, I want to thank all loyal Afghan persons who cooperated with Americans and various allied forces over the years to try to help liberate Afghanistan from tyrannical control by the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. I know there are diverse groups of Afghans and that it is impossible to lump them all together. Each individual Afghan, male or female, needs to be considered both in the context of their racial, tribal, cultural, linguistic and geographic home origins as well as their personal uniqueness. I also know some of our allied Afghan forces have worked under and with the very best military leaders and trainers that America has to offer (this can be a double-edged sword), and as such, are a type of educated and experienced extension of our armed services. In addition, I know various Afghans bring to the table their own unique wealth of wisdom and life experiences which can add to the depth and vitality of the overall American platform. Among the most in danger in Afghanistan are women, interpreters and people who worked directly with the Americans. The threat is the Taliban will brutally abuse and kill them. However, this threat used to promote a huge evacuation of excessive proportions reveals the fallacy in thinking behind both the pull-out and the evacuation itself. It is my opinion we should have held ground and stayed, and expanded the best and most likely sanctuary in Afghanistan to put the escapees from Taliban and other terrorist control, retaliation and potential or actual abuse there. We should have kept the people in Afghanistan, not brought them in huge numbers to the USA or other allied countries. In addition, I feel that we likely should have bombed our remaining supplies, equipment and weapons left behind in Afghanistan. There is precedence for this, like for downed helicopters or tanks. Leaving supplies in the hands of the enemy radical groups has happened before in Afghanistan history with the British and Americans. We need to learn from history and apply what we have learned in these matters. Among enemy groups who have gotten hold of that apparently is Iran. Part of the problem with past pullouts was that advance warnings gave the enemy time to prepare or respond in certain ways. One of the ways they responded was to hunker down and wait until the projected exit. It also encouraged a drift of Afghan allies over to the enemy groups. It also caused our military leaders to make truncated plans for the short-term which lacked follow-through or intensity. WARNINGS As such, I know some of my following words might seem harsh or discriminatory against all Afghans. However, I feel I need to put out some warnings about large Afghan displacements, referred to as evacuations for safety, to the United States as well as to various allied countries. First: I will get right to the point about one of the concerns. Violence stateside. Rapes and sexual abuse perpetrated by Afghan refugees have unfortunately showed up almost immediately inside the United States. We have already had some news come in that some Afghan refugees have raped, beaten and tried to kill people on American bases and such. This is entirely unacceptable. see Notes-News for this date-2021/10/04-05 Second, I want to warn about possible Afghan takeovers here in the United States or among allies receiving refugees. I am intuitively picking up that certain deceptive Afghans posturing as allies have a pre-planned goal to go very immediately after system controls on American military bases and such. I am picking up a possible Russian or Eastern European (like Russian) vibe to some of this. I am not getting a clear indication of what this could be, but sense electrical and/or computer could be part of it. Using common sense beyond intuition, based on readings of works by experts, I suggest locational control consoles might be at risk, like at an airport or on a military base. The Baghdad airport, for example, was taken over fairly early by hostile elements within a relatively short time period after the original American 2003 invasion. The other thing I am picking up are highly experienced criminals and some who are very likely sociopaths and/or psychopaths* so this is beyond most Americans’ awareness and most civilian police to handle. o *Bacha Bazi [Afghanistan-General Section/Sexual Abuse] Third, we need to consider collusion between now stateside Afghan refugee hostiles and certain American military persons. Time spent together, relationships developed, any opium drug business pacts, an old Vietnam War-China related conspiracy and payoffs by various anti-American enemies all could be possible. Red flags about such collusion would be certain kinds of wording in statements encouraging bringing in large numbers of refugees, among other things. The old Vietnam-China conspiracy is something I have identified as a possibility among certain American military veterans who fought in the Vietnam War and their descendants. It could be connected to ex-POWs who were tortured and mind-controlled by the Vietnamese or extorted in some way, disgruntled Americans and veteran drug dealers. I feel some of these military leaders, some who were retired but acting as advisers, might have been back- stabbing our regular American forces in Iraq and other Middle Eastern contexts. There is a suspicious whiff of a Soviet-Russian zone of influence linked to what has happened to the USA in Afghanistan; not only communist/socialist presence, but a staged, planned repeating of circumstances of the USSR experiences in the 1989 withdrawal in which they felt they lost face and lost the USSR so that now the USA experiences it. Russians had a tendency to leave Afghanistan overnight or in a hurry to avoid Afghan attacks. Possibility of growing number Kidnappings of American people by Afghan immigrants and the other immigrants inside the United States - have been picking up a vibe around this, it could include parking lots, cartel-ridden businesses. Women are also finding men walking up to them making direct flirtatious overtures and propositioning them. Historical repeated signs of Afghan cultural tendencies Duplicity (two-facedness). This had by the been a problem from the beginning of Anglo-Afghan contact. It presented itself as early as the late 1830s to early 1840s when England tried to contain Afghan groups during imperial contact. It likely showed up again during the long-term 1970s through 1980s* Soviet invasion, but the Soviets are more secretive of their failures, and also they were more totalitarian in their oppression. Americans rediscovered this cultural tendency over 20 years.** *Reminder of Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan: 24 December 1979 – 15 February 1989 ** See Dan Bolger’s book (2014) Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Chapter on “Green on Blue” (paperback) 2021/10/02 The main point in putting up the various problem leaders is to express how our governmental leaders are not working for the American people nor cooperating with the United States system. Leaders cooperating with the MPM/Left are working for China, Mexican and Latino cartels, Iran and its terrorists, as well as Al Qaeda, ISIS and their variants. None of the political leaders actively supporting illegal immigration and bulk easy amnesty can be trusted in this regard. Politicians supporting foreigners over Americans have been victimizing our nation and its inhabitants for many years now. Minority politicians all too often serve anti-American masters, have narrow racial agendas and encourage treason in others. Many of the BLM groups are not even from the United States, or are cooperating with non-American groups and countries. Political leaders can be just as dictatorial over anti-abortion as those supporting militant transgenderism. The scary thing is the same groups might be involved behind both in terms of what shows up in whacky legislation. Watch for male-first types coming out of Hispanic and Latino populations; they also might have been cooperating with male-first Islamic groups in at least three contexts: 1) American combat military persons who met Muslims overseas and joined forces; 2) cartels working withthe Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. and 3) civil rights groups in the USA which blend races into a melting pot, new world order type of anti-American militancy. . Another way Hispanic/Latino men could be dominating over abortion is from the sickness in the Catholic Church involving priests and homosexual abuses. The overall homosexual/abuse climate seeks to suppress women by seeing natural females as competition, and the ability to bear children a power that must be thwarted. Just as with transgenderism, there can be a combined racial power issue with a female subversion issue over anti- abortion Transgenders want to compete with natural women and subvert them. I am not arguing over abortion or anti-abortion, but am saying that men can have other agendas than just protecting unborn human life.
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