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NOTES SECTION 1 News/History Highlight 2-Personal Comments COVID-19 Backlogs o Most Recent Backlog-42 Sept 2021 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES PERSONAL 2021/11/11 Tribute on Veteran’s Day Many of our veterans have experienced known and unknown hardships overseas, and in certain cases,during stateside call-ins. Many times it was a matter of sheer grit to keep trying day after day, despite obstacles and hardships. Many things have been learned from all the multifaceted experiences. Every time a veteran took a bomb of one kind or another and/or worked hard to diffuse them while encountering dangers - these things matter deeply. National Guard was there, too. State-side call-ins for disasters or national security threats usually particularly involve the National Guard. In fact, the National Guard was called into Iraq and elsewhere with several guard members having been deployed several times. Both the Living and the Deceased Matter We need to be present for both the ones staying alive despite or because of their experiences, as well as those who have died in, or as result of their combat experiences, or from suicides. Where We Go From Here I feel it is important in these times to give veterans more support by making it clear Afghanistan and Iraq were not for nothing. All of their efforts will go somewhere real, and in many cases, already have. WE are currently dealing with the enemy within in our epartment of Defense, people who have a bad attitude toward the United Sates . It is vital we not confuse these corrupt people with our veterans and our military as a whole. One of the most honoring things we can do for both our veterans and our United States is to get the current corrupt leadership out of office. One Possible Help For Suicidal Veterans [NOte from PF: Warning: CBS as a source for this info might not be trustworthy. I have voiced concerns about Big Brother Media talking about veteran suicides elsewhere; always think for yourself and use caution] CBS 2021/11/09 Anonymous app offers support to veterans suffering with mental health. By Catherine Herridge 2021/11/10 Message Sent November 10 to Starbucks’ online portal-website comments section: Black Only Ads: Starbucks has many white customers, please reflect and appreciate this vital fact. In addition, many donations went to black groups after the most recent Black Lives Matter attack on the United States. I would like Starbucks to start giving donations to poor and homeless white people, and to white people suffering from hard-luck cities with lots of crime. Ads need to reflect the diverse nature of your customer base; seeing only black cartoon images or photos sends the signal you are part of the anti-American Black Lives Matter groups who are attacking the USA - and white Americans - from within our once fine nation. To retrieve our country, we must realize that diversity includes white people. Blacks who refuse to realize diversity includes white people must be fired from Starbucks. Hire blacks who realize diversity includes white people. Showing only black ads is a political attack. Blacks are no longer marginalized, but they are pretending they are. Many blacks are working with anti-American groups to attack the United States. Starbucks must not cooperate with blacks who are attacking white Americans and the USA. Support the USA or get out of the USA, Starbucks. 2021/10/31 Notes on Mark Redwine Case found in the Introduction of Dylan Redwine section Upon reflection, this case might not be as cut and dried as one might think at first glance. This observation does not deny Mark Redwine’s plausible guilt. My feeling is there is something still volatile around Redwine Case (dangerous-people jumpy about someone with penetrating tendencies digging around into case) here are some ideas as to what it could be: -Mark Redwine himself from prison thru secret contacts in the outside world -Other guilty parties either in conjunction with Mark Redwine or separately -alibis, secret buddy -actual separate perpetrator -cover-ups, falsified evidence, hidden evidence, fake slipped in evidence - law enforcement, etc.
CURRENT NOTES-PERSONAL 2021/11/11 Tribute on Veterans Day Where We Go From Here Both the Living and Deceased Veterans Matter One Possible Help for Suicidal Veterans 2021/11/10 Complaint to Starbucks on reverse-racist, pro-black ads; if you are only seeing blacks on certain home pages, this is reverse-racism
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