POLICE FACTOR is about connecting the dots and providing a diversified resource and educational platform for a variety of thinkers and investigators. Laws and legal protocols are here to protect us from people exerting power plays on the rest of us, but they are also designed to protect us from becoming power players, too. Not created by a police person or policing expert, but by a concerned citizen from a grassroots activism perspective, Police Factor encourages creative thinking and the ever-developing, well-nuanced American. The approach of Police Factor is both objective (resources, facts, multiplistic) but also subjective (very human personal blogs and biases). Church and State Separation: people have a right to their own views and religious approaches, but they should not try to make everyone the same through force. There needs to be an agreement what reasonableness, fairness and balance are - those things need to keep things safe for democracy. Urban terrorism, cartels and linked drug operations do not maintain the health and vitality of the United States. Our main focus at this time should be on safety from radicals trying to take over everything. Sometimes religious groups are doing the right thing and are helping with keeping things safe. Other times, they are not. A link between cults and religion can be exerted on people in such a way strange and dangerous things occur. Sometimes idelogical beliefs operate like religious cults without the softening edges of compassion- driven spirituality usually found in most large religions. This website considers a sense of the possibility of a higher power inherent in and interconnecting anything. This website does not subscribe to the notion that Jesus died for our sins, as this seems to be a form of guilt- mongering that leads to other psychological problems, both individually and throughout group behavior. Police Factor says Easy Does It over sin and guilt. It also says Careful over “The Meek shall inherit the Earth” because yesterday’s poor can become today’s tyrants. It does not pretend to know God in such a way it can tell others what to think or believe, but at the back of everything said and done is the sense that there is at least something more to the story of mankind than a strict atheist approach. By keeping that level of openness and receptivity, people are probably healthier in the long run - this then is one bias of the website. By keeping a question mark around the source, nature and meaning of existence, we probably allow for greater possibilities. Some religious groups encourage compassion and taking care of self and society in a dignifying manner; we do not want to exclude these groups, but make the most of them. Using guilt-mongering as part of a religious venue is probably not a good plan - again, this is another bias of the website. Covered: -Topics List start here: Disclosure of Political Orientation List of Topics-1 -What’s good about USA -Positive aspects of the American police force and various security agencies -Real and alleged police abuses -Real and alleged victim case list, with some more detailed cases -A few primary states covered; New Mexico has been covered in more depth, but Colorado has recently been given more attention, as well as Oregon. Hawaii is more of a back-burner topic, having spent some time there off and on and seeing a few disturbing tendencies. -Books, Article and Website links can help us compare and contrast resources, authors, perspectives and biases in an easier organizational format; this can help us identify competent as well as tainted or incomplete news; also we can see material about the same individual or group over time and space Contact: info at policefactor d-o-t com
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