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GOVERNMENT SECTION Agencies FBI FBI Links List CIA-1 Directors CIA-2 Agents CIA-3 Prisons, Torture CIA-4 Links List and Books DOJ (Dept. of Justice) Post Office Corruption Post Office (Other) MVD (Motor Vehicle) Prisons (also private) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Mexico 2020/03/31 Santa Fe New Mexican 2020/03/31New Mexico GOP files lawsuit to block mail-in primary election By Tony Raap https //www santafenewmexican com/news/coronavirus/new-mexico-gop-files-lawsuit-to-block-mail-in-primary- election/article_9bc4eef8-73b2-11ea-980f-471e90b35d3a.html 2019/05/29 Facility Conditions, Delayed Mail, and Staffing Levels in Albuquerque, NM PDF: SEARCHES IN POST OFFICES and OTHER MAIL CARRIERS Note from PF: this clip from an attorney directly below is not meant to be an advertisement for this company, but is used for informative and educational purposes Wirth Law Office dot com Tulsa https //www wirthlawoffice com/tulsa-attorney-blog/2018/06/can-the-government-open-your-mail-without-a- warrant Excerpt: Not satisfied with courts’ generous grants of “good faith” exceptions and other such loopholes, members of a drug task force in Louisville, Ky. decided the U.S. Bill of Rights balance between freedom and power was too heavily tilted toward freedom. At least three of the five member task force simply did not bother with search warrants in many cases – at least not until after they had opened packages at a UPS processing facility. One rogue cop on the task force did not even care enough to take the receipt out of the fast food trash he stuffed into a purloined UPS package from which he had stolen cash. Among the three implicated, he was the only officer charged with a crime related to the unauthorized searches of UPS packages at the Louisville facility. https //www wirthlawoffice com/tulsa-attorney-blog/2018/06/can-the-government-open-your-mail-without-a- warrant R Street 2014/11/19 Yes, the government can open your mail without a warrant By Kevin Kosar https //www rstreet org/2014/11/19/yes-the-government-can-open-your-mail-without-a-warrant/ 13 News Now 2018/08/13 This drug busting agency has more power than the DEA but we can’t tell how they use it. By Madeline Mitchell but-we-cant-tell-how-they-use-it/465-6f47530c-757b-4430-bbe0-f09edacf2ae2