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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They’re lying and cheating, over and over, having low-grade ideas about power like cartel dons or with access to crude money like casino vendors. BLM-supporting political leaders often get in the door through crime networks, don’t work for the greater good of all, and tend to have a sour attitude toward America. Many support illegal immigration and bulk amnesty for undocumented people - fight back constructively with gusto. Abbreviations MPM = Minority Power Movement; BLM = Black Lives Matter; PC= Political Correctness; TOM = Top-Of-Mind Awareness BLM SECTION TOPICS LIST BLM 1-23 BLM INDEX here BLM-1 Denouncement BLM-2a Responsiveness: What to do about Back Lives Matter Music Selection #2: India BLM2b Terminology BLM-3a Funding: Groups of Concern, incl terrorists, funding Music Selection #3: Blues, Jazz BLM-4 Old Black Panthers Music Selection #5: South Korea BLM-5 Nationwide Riots Music Selection #6 Jews BLM-6 Oregon Riots 2020 Music Selection #7: Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Netherlands BLM-7 Resources Music Selection #8: Kenya BLM-8a Black-Centric Media Music Selection #9: USA BLM-8b A to F Black Centric Media cont. Photos Music Selection #9: Japan BLM-8c G to Z BLM-9 Starkes Music Selection #10 Peru BLM-10 CAIR complicity Music Selection #11 China BLM-11 Radical Islam Music Selection #12: Dissident or Human Rights Oriented The Universal Language of Music BLM-12 Marxists in American Government BLM-13 Support BLM-14 Case Study Iraq vs. USA: BLM Related Riots vs older 2007-2009 Iraq War Zone Baghdad-Fadhil BLM-15 Russia-History BLM-16 Maps of BLM Riots 2020 BLM-17 Police Chiefs-Black Problems and Issues BLM-18 Attorney Generals-Black BLM-19 Mayors-Black BLM-20 Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting BLM-21 Indian Country Problem for USA BLM-22 Lawsuits against BLM BLM-23 Shedding White Guilt See also: Natl Sec-2 What Is Wrong With Kamala Harris Natl Sec-3 Obama: Unresolved Problems With Him Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes Jews/Israelis -possible biases (Also see Notes #1-News and #2/Personal) Updates: 2021/07/28 cleaned up excess bolds; 2021/02/16 PAGE STARTED-BLM Index