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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop Racism, Reverse-Racism, Civil Rights as Warfare Rethinking Racial Tensions 1-Denouncement 2a-Responsiveness 2b-Turfing, etc. 3a Funding 4-Old Black Panthers 5-Riots, BLM protests 6-Oregon Riots 7-Resources 9-Starkes Black Lies Matter 10-CAIR Complicity 11-Islamic Extremists 12-Marxists 13-Riot Victims 14-Study Amer. City 15-Russian Link to USA 16-Maps BLM Riots 21-Lawsuits against BLM IN THIS SECTION Resources on Islamic Extremism, etc. See also: RRT1-23 List of Topics Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes RECOMMENDED WEBSITES The below information is derived from https://www.understandingthethreat.com/research-resources-understanding-the-threat/ www.InvestigativeProject.org This is the best resource for finding information on individual jihadis, Islamic organizations, and terrorism related cases in the last 20 years. This should be the first stop for anyone beginning to look into a person, event, or organization tied to terrorism. IPT was doing it before anyone else. www.GlobalMBWatch.com This site will give viewers a big picture view of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network, operations, and strategies globally. Check this at least once a week and the picture will become clear to you. www.politicalislam.com Bill Warner comes from a scientific background and after 9/11 took that perspective when reviewing the Islamic threat. His material is easy to digest and pertinent to law enforcement and civilians alike. He has a number of excellent presentations on his site and on youtube.com which UTT highly recommends to expand your understanding of this threat. www.JihadWatch.org Robert Spencer’s daily articles are timely and pertinent for anyone trying to stay current on the growing Islamic threat around the U.S. and the world. Spencer knows Sharia and Islamic history as well as anyone else in America, and his insights are right on the mark. http://www.txnd.uscourts.gov/judges/hlf2.html The US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) case was the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history. This 15+ year FBI investigation revealed a massive jihadi network in the U.S. led by the Muslim Brotherhood. The federal judge in this case ordered all of the evidence published on this website. For researchers it is a good way to dig down deep into this case. Again, it is recommended those new to this research begin at the IPT website going through the HLF trial. www.mappingsharia.com This site details the results of a nationwide survey of 100 mosques to determine if there is a correlation between observed Sharia adherence and violent dogma taught at these mosques. The result was that there exists a one to one correlation. This information is evidence that Sharia adherence necessarily means violent teachings are present in the community. This also provides law enforcement facts that can go towards probable cause and/or reasonable suspicion. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Updates 2021/09/14 cleared the bold’s; page started 2020/09/20
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