RRT-16 Maps of Protests/Riots 2020
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop Racism, Reverse-Racism, Civil Rights as Warfare See discussion on RRT-1/Enough RRT INDEX 1-22 IN THIS SECTION Maps of BLM Riots 2020 Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes Jews/Israelis -Warning about their possible biases in news articles CNN 2020/06/10 Black Lives Matter makes its mark on map apps. Allison Gordon. https //www cnn com/2020/06/10/tech/map-protests-trnd/index.html The Federalist 2020/09/16 Study up to 95 percent of 2020 US riots are linked to BLM. A report accompanying the data project, however, reads like an upscale attempt to blame the police for criminals’ decision to steal, kill, and destroy. By Joy Pullmann. https //thefederalist com/2020/09/16/study-up-to-95-percent-of-2020-u-s-riots-are-linked-to-black-lives-matter/ ACLED US Project Summer Protest Data by Princeton University discussed below in The Federalist: Excerpt: Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data collected by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). The data also show that nearly 6 percent — or more than 1 in 20 — of U.S. protests between May 26 and Sept. 5 involved rioting, looting, and similar violence, including 47 fatalities. ACLED is a nonprofit organization that tracks conflict across the globe. Its U.S. project that collected the summer protest data is supported by Princeton University. The project’s spreadsheet collating tens of thousands of data points documents 12,045 incidents of U.S. civil unrest from May 26, 2020 to Sept. 5, 2020. May 26 is the day after George Floyd’s death in police custody with enough fentanyl in his system to have died of an overdose if police had never touched him. https //thefederalist com/2020/09/16/study-up-to-95-percent-of-2020-u-s-riots-are-linked-to-black-lives-matter/ USA Today dot com 2020/06/03 Map Protests in wake of George Floyds death https //www usatoday com/in-depth/graphics/2020/06/03/map-protests-wake-george-floyds-death/5310149002/ Other maps: Some of these seem pro-BLM, and some of the information or maps might be similar or identical. Watch for library or college pro-BLM tendecies. Investigators should follow these trajectories. 2020/06/22 WBUR is a pro-BLM group https //www wbur org/hereandnow/2020/06/22/mapping-black-lives-matter-protests Mapbox dot com https //blog mapbox com/a-map-of-the-global-black-lives-matter-movement-461449430c31 Creosote Maps George Floyd/Black Lives Matter Protests or Riots https //www creosotemaps com/blm2020/index html Bloomberg dot com 2020/06/18 https //www bloomberg com/news/newsletters/2020-06-18/maplab-a-global-map-of-protests This one has flashing lights as well as dots on the map. Material on the page includes mapping police violence. Watch for pro-BLM approach. https://libguides.wellesley.edu/blacklivesmatter/statistics Civil Rest in general Visual Capitalist Mapping Civil Unrest in the US 2000-2020 https://www.visualcapitalist.com/mapping-civil-unrest-in-the-united-states-2000-2020/ Updates 2021/09/16 bolds cleared; 2020/10/14 added some maps incl. CNN-2020/06/10; 2020/10/05 page BLMf 16 Maps BLM riots 2020 started
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