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Ukr.-4 - Links List Russians o Russian Mafia o Early ties to Iraq, Afghanistan Communism Old Soviet Threads o MPM (minorities, LGBTq) USA Mexico/Latin America Black Diaspora Native American Marxists, Comms, leftists Hawaiians Russian Oligarchy-old Soviet --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS A Early Stages of Invasion: Original Attack, Buildup and Subsequent Early Days Jan Feb 2022 Original Attack CBS News dot com Russia attacked Ukraine with 100 missiles, 75 bombers, official says Eleanor Watson - 1h ago [earlier on the 24th] Retired Admiral James Foggo* video included first seen on: attacked-ukraine-with-100-missiles-75-bombers-official-says/ar- AAUghKx?ocid=uxbndlbing Buildup and Subsequent Early Days Jan-Feb 2022-see more under Dates and Specific Topics ABC15 dot com 2022/02/22 arizona-preparing-for-possible-cyberattacks-as-u-s-russia-tensions-rise Fox News 2022/02/24 Russia-Ukraine war: What triggered Putin and what may happen next Vladimir Putin warned Ukraine not to resist the invasion because the Russian military is far superior By Greg Palkot WRBL 2022/02/20 NATO chief: ‘Russia is preparing for an invasion of Ukraine’ by: Mychael Schnell, The Hill via Nexstar Media Wire NPR Russia Kill List of Ukrainians [they would target\ Readiness-Russian Troop Levels Near Ukraine (More on Early stages of Invasion) Forbes 2022/02/23 80% Of Russian Troops Ready To Invade Ukraine Imminently, U.S. Says. Joe Walsh says/?sh=7b211c2471a8 Financial TImes 2022/02/23 Ukraine latest: Pentagon says full-scale Russian invasion could be imminent. Emiko Terazono in London added 2/22: Fox 2022/02/222 Putin's Ukraine narrative 'simple and horrifying': Ukrainian foreign minister New York Times putin/us-and-allies-impose-sanctions-on-russia-as-biden-condemns-the- invasion-of-ukraine AP News economy-fiona-hill-1cb4fee8f64b41479468a07eb32ad304 have-orders-to-proceed-with-ukraine-invasion-report troops-20220223 Washington Post 2021/01/25 Putin Navalny Russia Protests 94 Disinformation and MIsinformation Denial of Russian Culpability Euro News dot com 2022/02/25 The Disinformation War: The Falsehoods about the Ukraine Invasion and how to stop them spreading to-stop-them-spre By Ian Smith • Updated: 25/02/2022 - 11:03 The groundwork for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday was seeded by a mass disinformation campaign that continues to be ongoing as the conflict escalates. As the pretext of the invasion, pro-Russian online disinformation campaigners flooded the Internet with images and videos depicting Ukraine as aggressors. This tactic has continued as Russia launched its full-blown military invasion, attacking Ukrainian cities and military sites by air, land and sea. Their efforts have been promptly dismantled by experts and fact-checkers; however, the sheer volume of disinformation in media reporting and social media means it is still a pressing problem. So how is this disinformation campaign being carried out and what can you do to make sure you are not sharing false information? False flags in the build-up to the invasion There have been three main unsubstantiated claims used as a justification for the military action by Russia, according to a report by the European Expert Association - a research group that focuses on security in Ukraine - and the technology watchdog group Reset Tech. B Businesses Halt Sales in Russia 2022/03/08-09 McDonald's, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Starbucks halt sales in Russia amid Ukraine invasion Pepsi and McDonald's were corporate pioneers whose work with the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet Russian state decades ago were seen as improving international relations. 2022-03-09 C Communism - Ukraine Ukraine Solidarity Campaign dot org 2014/09/10 behind-the-lines-ukrainian-leftists-in-the-donbasC Convoy - Russian Attack Chain Outside Ukraine capital CNN 2022/03/03 Here's what we know about the 40-mile-long Russian convoy outside Ukraine's capital. Luke McGee "The main body of the large Russian column advancing on Kyiv remains over 30 km from the center of the city, having been delayed by staunch Ukrainian resistance, mechanical breakdown and congestion. The column has made little discernible progress in over three days," the UK statement said. Corruption - Ukraine President Zelensky Corruption Buzz 2022/03/01 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Is No Clean Break From Corruption. By Corr. Buzz Excerpt: Volodymyr Zelensky promised to ‘clean up’ the Ukrainian government. But he is caught in allegations of corruption himself…ome media outlets are fondly reminiscing on his previous career as a comedian and actor—including voicing the Ukrainian version of the Paddington film….Defeats for the Russians in Ukraine will be welcome. But that shouldn’t prettify Zelensky’s history…[the question around Trump-linked corruption and Trump’s subsequent impeachment]As one of the first acts of his presidency, Zelensky appointed Andriy Bohdan as head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. Bohdan was the lawyer of a Ukrainian oligarch. Under laws surrounding corruption in Ukraine, Bohdan was not entitled to hold any state office until 2024…Zelensky also came under criticism for lack of transparency on a trip to Oman in January 2020, despite having criticised previous leaders for their secret trips. He faced further scandal when the Pandora Papers were revealed last October. Despite his “anti‑corruption” manifesto, he and his closest advisors owned a network of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Belize. Cyber Attacks Cyber Attacks-Preparation possible-cyberattacks-as-u-s-russia-tensions-rise PHOENIX — ABC15 has confirmed the Arizona Cyber Command Center is operating at its highest level of alert. Officials are anticipating a Russian cyberattack now that the United States and European allies followed through with economic sanctions in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Arizona's Director of Homeland Security Tim Roemer has been in almost daily contact with federal cyber security officials in the days leading up to the Russian invasion. D Disinformation or Misinformation See early stages of invasion Carlson has a discussion on this see Notes Input March 13, 2022 E European Union against Russia NBC 2022/02/28 New Europe United against Russia even neutral Switzerland. Alex Seitz-Wald Excerpt: WASHINGTON — A continent that has spent most of the past millennium at war with itself has united against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Germany reversing its historic policy against sending weapons to conflict zones and even famously neutral Switzerland joining the rest of Europe against Moscow. “It’s the rebirth of a new Europe,” said Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia. “I’m absolutely shocked, I want to tell you honestly. It’s a historic shift. I think this will have major consequences moving forward for the future of Europe, for the future of the transatlantic alliance, for the future of NATO — just when all of those things were fraying.” The European Union, for the first time ever, agreed Sunday to directly finance the purchase and delivery of arms, with plans to send more than half a billion dollars worth of military aid to Ukraine as it battles Russian forces in what the president of the European Commission called a “watershed moment.” Virtually all of European airspace is now closed to Russian aircraft, including private jets. The E.U. also banned Kremlin- backed media outlets and took steps to freeze Russian assets and cut off the country’s access to the global financial system. French Ambassador to the U.S. Philippe Etienne said on MSNBC Monday that the united front was nothing less than “a turning point in the history of our continent.” L Legislators/Congressional Input on Russian Invasion of Ukraine To Have Say Congressional Input on any US Declaration of War with Russia Sending in of troops Virginia Mercury 2022/02/23 Before any U.S. troops are sent to Ukraine, some in Congress want a say BY: ARIANA FIGUEROA AND JENNIFER SHUTT - FEBRUARY 23, 2022 Excerpt: WASHINGTON — U.S. Reps. Peter DeFazio of Oregon, a Democrat, and Warren Davidson of Ohio, a Republican, are leading a broad, bipartisan coalition of nearly 50 lawmakers urging the president to not send U.S. troops into Ukraine, or declare war, before receiving authorization from Congress. Among them are two Virginia Republicans: U.S. Reps. Ben Cline of Botetourt and Morgan Griffith of Salem. President Joe Biden has not dispatched troops to Ukraine following Russia’s invasion and has said he does not intend to do so, but on Tuesday announced sanctions on Russia, as well as on its oligarchs. Biden also said he would move U.S. forces and equipment already in Europe to the three Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And on Wednesday he announced additional sanctions related to a Russian pipeline project intended to deliver natural gas to the European Union. In a Tuesday letter to Biden, the House members cited Article I in the Constitution that gives Congress the power to finance and declare war, along with Article II that names the president as commander-in-chief. They noted that “the War Powers Resolution of 1973 was passed into law after multiple presidential administrations failed to receive congressional approval for over a decade of unauthorized involvement by U.S. armed forces in hostilities in Southeast Asia.” The Democratic and Republican lawmakers acknowledged there’s no intention now to place U.S. troops in Ukraine. Bipartisan Support Against Russian Aggression of Ukraine added 2022/02/24: Nevada Las Vegas (NV) Review Journal 2-22/02/22 Nevada officials demand severe Russia sanctions. Gary Marin 2533476/ Wisconsin WPR Wisconsin Bipartisan added 2022/02/23: AZ Mirror 2022/02/23 Members of Congress from both parties urge tough sanctions on Russia. JENNIFER SHUTT, ARIANA FIGUEROA AND JACOB FISCHLER Sen. Mark Kelly called for ‘significant sanctions against Putin, his backers, and the Russian government’ BENNET Senator Michael Bennet, Colorado, D JOHNSON Senator Ron Johnson, Republican U.S. a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, placed responsibility on Putin for "the tragedies unfolding" in an emailed statement. "They have stolen wealth from the Russian people, destabilized and done great harm to their European neighbors, and now they’ve crossed another line that will yield untold horrors," Johnson said. "Weakness tempts tyrants and totalitarians to seek more power. People who only want to live in peace suffer the consequences." MCCOLLUM McCollum, Betty (Rep, Minnesota - D) 2022/02/21 Minnesota Congresswoman Says Response Should Be Swift If Russia Invades Ukraine Congresswoman Betty McCollum says the response from the U-S and its allies should be swift if Russia invades Ukraine – especially if there is a loss of civilian lives. The Minnesota Democrat says sanctions would hurt the Russian economy. The White House said Sunday night that President Biden would agree to a summit meeting with Russian President Putin if Russia doesn’t invade. The Kremlin says there are no firm plans for such a meeting right now. McCollum says she hopes that diplomacy works. ukraine/article_c7b9b75a-935e-11ec-a642-979a61f427be.html MORAN Moran, Jerry (Senator, Kansas - R ) Sen. Moran Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Feb 21 2022 WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) tonight released the following statement after Russian troops invaded Eastern Ukraine: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an avoidable tragedy for which Vladimir Putin is solely responsible. President Biden and our allies must impose punishing sanctions on Russia’s vital economic sectors and provide humanitarian support to Ukrainian victims of Moscow’s aggression. It is also imperative that all NATO allies remain unified against the Russian threat and ensure the security of the alliance’s eastern-most members. While this moment underscores the need for our allies to contribute more to NATO’s defense, the United States’ commitment to our NATO obligations cannot be in doubt. “I am grateful for our military servicemembers stationed in Europe—and those who have recently deployed there—for demonstrating to our NATO allies in Europe and around the world that the United States can be relied upon.” NEAL, RICHARD E D-MA Ways and Means Committe Charman Input RESPONSE TO RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE Feb 24, 2022 Press Release SPRINGFIELD, MA – Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA) released the following statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “I stand with the people of Ukraine as they endure Russia’s attacks, and I support President Biden’s new sanctions in response to this invasion. Together with our allies and partners, we must make clear that war is unacceptable. No tool in the Ways and Means Committee’s jurisdiction is off the table as we explore our options to further confront Russia’s aggression.” invasion-ukraine WALORSKI Rep. Jackie Walorski, Indiana, 2nd District In a tweeted video, Walorski, a Republican who represents the 2nd District in north-central Indiana, criticized Biden's policies and response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.. "With Biden at the helm, America is weaker, our prosperity has been stalled, our adversaries are emboldened and our values are in danger," she said in the video. "That is the state of the union." However, Walorski said she has hope "because of who Americans are, not who is sitting in the White House." "The American people are resilient and we will rise to any challenge," she said. respond/9340186002/ YOUNG Sen. Todd Young, Indiana Vladimir Putin is attacking the democratic, rules-based order that has benefitted countless Americans and millions around the globe since World War II. The United States must stand with the Ukrainian people by immediately providing additional assistance, including military equipment and lethal aid. American strength and leadership in this moment is critical. The weak response from the United States following Russia’s previous invasions of Georgia and Crimea left Putin ndeterred in his perverse ambition of rebuilding the Soviet Union. In the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the United States must be united and resolute. sanctions announced earlier this week by President Biden are a positive step, as are ongoing efforts to rally our NATO allies. We should immediately impose the strongest possible economic sanctions to make Putin a global outcast. We must cut off Russia from SWIFT and freeze the life of luxury enjoyed by Putin and his oligarchs. Oligarchs The Conversation dot com 2022/03/04 Meet Russia’s oligarchs, a group of men who won’t be toppling Putin anytime soon Power Plant Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant CNN 2022/04/04 CNN How dangerous was Russia's attack at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant? By Rob Picheta Putin’s Address Time DATES 2022 Apr 9 CBC 2022/04/09 'Tortured' Ukraine wants peace with Russia despite atrocities, says Zelensky Ukraine's leader renewed plea in interview for countries to send more weapons. Adam Schreck, Mstyslav Chernov · Excerpt: He made the comments in an interview with The Associated Press a day after at least 52 people were killed in a strike on a train station in the eastern city of Kramatorsk and as evidence of civilian killings came to light after Russian troops failed to seize the capital, Kyiv, where he has hunkered down. The Hill 2022/04/09 Ukraine, allies brace for the worst as Russia regroups. Ellen Mitchell Mar 21 News 18 Russia-Ukraine War: Russian Troops Stalled Outside Kyiv, British Intelligence says USA TODAY 2022/03/21Russia tells US envoy that Russian-American relations are on the verge of rupture: Live Ukraine updates John Bacon and Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY - 1h ago about 1:30 pm mst updates/ar-AAVj50B?ocid=uxbndlbing Mar 14 New York Times 2022/03/14 Russia Deploys a Mystery Munition in UkraineRussia Deploys a Mystery Munition in Ukraine. Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles are releasing a previously unknown decoy designed to evade air-defense systems, an American official said. By John Ismay Financial Times Russia has asked China for missiles, drones, armoured vehicles: Financial Times The United States told allies that Russia has requested military gear from China, including missiles, drones, and armoured vehicles, and that China “responded positively” to the request, the Financial Times reports. The Guardian Ukraine war: reports that Russia has asked China for missiles; civilians leave Mariupol via humanitarian corridor– latest news FT says that China has ‘responded positively’ to reques live?page=with:block-622f9da28f080ca367919031&filterKeyEvents=false humanitarian-corridor-e2-80-93-latest-news/ar-AAV0UsG?ocid=uxbndlbing FOX News Ukraine invasion: Russian rocket slams into Kyiv bus, video shows Michael Ruiz - 1h ago The Guardian 2022/03/14 22 hrs ago Russia-Ukraine war latest news: UK says Russian navy has blockaded Black Sea coast; Zelenskiy urges Nato to implement no-fly zone Samantha Lock (now), Johana Bhuiyan , Jamie Grierson and Harry Taylor (earlier) missiles-e2-80-93-live/ar-AAUZN2M?ocid=uxbndlbing Mar 8 - Mar 09 Reuters: McDonald's, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Starbucks halt sales in Russia amid Ukraine invasion NPR 2022/03/08 What happened today March 8 Russia and Ukraine struggle to establish humanitarian corridors to evacuate Ukrainian civilians. More than 2 million Ukrainians have fled their country in the 12 days since Russia launched its attack, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's and Starbucks joined the corporate exodus from Russia in some of the most symbolic exits. The White House is banning imports of Russian oil, which accounts for less than 10% of U.S. imports. The United Kingdom and European Union also announced plans to phase out their imports of Russian fuel. Stalled and frustrated, Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely "double down" in the coming weeks, CIA Director William Burns warned U.S. lawmakers. March 6 Zelenskiy asks United Nations’ top court to issue emergency ruling requiring Moscow to stop its attacks – as mastercard-pull-out-of-russia-live?page=with:block-6225881c8f08d07f5d1c9ea9 March 4 CNN: How dangerous was Russia's attack at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant? By Rob Picheta [under Power Plants] Lawfareblog dot com What Sanctions Has the World Put on Russia? March 1 2022/03/01 Corruption Buzz Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Is No Clean Break From Corruption. By Corr. Buzz February 25 2022/02/25 Euro News dot com The Disinformation War: The Falsehoods about the Ukraine Invasion and how to stop them spreading 2022/02/25 Air Force Times dot com Thousands of U.S. troops deploying for first-ever NATO Response Force activation amid Russia attack By Meghann Myers February 24 2022/02/24 Yall Politics The Mississippi U.S. Senator [Roger Wicker] talked with Y’all Politics on Thursday as the Russian invasion of Ukraine was underway. Watch the interview. 2022/02/24 Russia attacked Ukraine 2020/11/30 Mirror dot co dot uk - Vladimir Putin guard shot himself dead while on shift inside the Kremlin 2020/11/30 Vladimir Putin guard shot himself dead while on shift inside the Kremlin Mikhail Valeryevich Zakharov, 33, took his own life while on duty overnight - with reports he formed part of the personal protection department of Federal Protective Service (FSO), directly responsible for Putin’s security Updates 2022/03/14 added some names; 2022/03/03;2022/02/28; 2022/02/25 Page Started-Russian Invasion of Ukraine
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