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SEX, RELIGIOUS ABUSE SECTION Protestant Fundamentalism Catholic Catholic NM Jehovahs Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists Dominionism, Quiverfull Mormons Afghan Sexual Abuse o Bacha Bazi o Buckley, Gregg- o Quinn, Dan o Complicity o Dancing Boys o Pedophile Ring ARTICLES Links List ties.html? abuse/ bb09-430100540650.html 91aa-f7f13e2c5b77.html molestation/article_39e7ebe2-08da-52d3-b976-d738d9dfb108.html 2ccb-5a21-9432-8ace399beb2f.html files Excerpted Articles Albuquerque Journal 2018/11/18 The shame of the Catholic church. BY CAL THOMAS 2018/10/24 New abuse suit filed against cath. priest. By T.S. Last 2018/10/13 Alleged sexual abuse continued after warnings.BY COLLEEN HEILD New Mexico AG asked to impanel grand jury on priest abuse.BY RICK NATHANSON (2018/08/30) jury.html Keep light shining (2018/08/24) Angela Kocherga(2018) Send priest sex abuse cases to a grand jury. BY LEVI A. MONAGLE. (2018/08/31) Come-to-Jesus moment for the Catholic Church. BY DIANE DIMOND. (2018/09/08) 2018 at 12:02am Fugitive Priest in Custody Facing Child Sebuse Charges Priest sex abuse victim challenges ‘culture of secrecy’.BY OLIVIER UYTTEBROUCK (2015/12/06) Santa Fe archdiocese faces more sex abuse suits. BY OLIVIER UYTTEBROUCK (2014/08/22) CBS New Mexico AG launches investigation into allegations of Catholic clergy sexual abuse (2018/09/06) National Catholic Reporter Santa Fe New Mexican Archdiocese of Santa Fe Publicly names priests accused of molestation. Andrew Oxford (2017/09/12) molestation/article_39e7ebe2-08da-52d3-b976-d738d9dfb108.html Catholic leaders wary of film; others welcome spotlight on sex abuse, cover-up (2015) 7506-507b-bb09-430100540650.html Lawsuit alleges sex abuse by priest in questa 5909-91aa-f7f13e2c5b77.html Incoming archbishop faces criticism over abuse cases (2015) cases/article_8c8c99c7-2ccb-5a21-9432-8ace399beb2f.html Snap US News New Mexico Wants to Review Church Files for Sex Abuse. Sept. 5, 2018 personnel-files New Mexico Catholic Sexual Abuse Albuquerque (and beyond) Abq Journal: Priest sex abuse victim challenges culture of secrecy Farmington Bishop Accountability: Scandal Shakes Diocese of Gallup. By Hannah Grover (2013/09/06) Excerpt from Bishop Accountability - Farmington Daily Times: Ex-Farmington priest allegedly abused children, covered up for others. (Front page story.) “On Sunday, Catholic Churches throughout the Diocese of Gallup surprised the parishioners with a letter from Bishop James S. Wall announcing that the diocese would file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The letter explained that sexual abuse lawsuits brought against the diocese prompted the bankruptcy. In the past decade, more than a dozen priests in the Diocese of Gallup, which includes parishes in San Juan County, have been accused of sexually asssaulting minors, according to, a website based out of Massachusettes that documents abuse in the Catholic Church.” Gallup Gallup diocese ordered to pay settlements to abuse victims BY MAGGIE SHEPRAD / JOURNAL STAFF WRITER Published: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 at 12:05am Updated: Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 Gallup diocese bankruptcy case closed, $17.6 million paid to claimants Feb 7, 2017 by Elizabeth Hardin-Burrola, Gallup Independent Insurance Journal: New Mexico Man Settles Sex Abuse Suit Against Catholic Church (2012/11/19) Jemez Springs Bishop Accountability: Sex-Abuse Suits Jolt N.M. Archdiocese Excerpt from Bishop Accountability per Phil. InqBy Rich Henson Philadelphia Inquirer 01/17/1994 : For three decades, the Catholic Church sent priests who had been accused of molesting children to this corner of New Mexico. They were counseled at a treatment center tucked discreetly in the Jemez Mountains. Once released, many of these priests stayed in the area, serving in local parishes. Now a proliferation of sex-abuse charges has jarred the spiritual core of this traditional Catholic community, spurring so many lawsuits that they threaten to bankrupt the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. So far, more than 100 complainants have asked for $50 million from the archdiocese. Church officials acknowledge that complaints have been filed against 45 to 50 priests for alleged sexual abuse of children and adolescents in the archdiocese over the last 30 years. The complaints occurred both in urban parishes of the state's larger cities, and at rural missions scattered on ponderosa-covered mountains and sun-baked mesas of New Mexico's rugged countryside. Several of the suits contend that the archdiocese, which covers two-thirds of New Mexico and has 300,000 faithful, kept silent while allegations of sexual abuse were tucked away in file cabinets. The complaints included everything from an unwanted kiss, to fondling, to oral sex, to sodomy. Questa Santa Fe New Mexican: Lawsuit alleges sex abuse by priest in Questa 5909-91aa-f7f13e2c5b77.html Raton Bishop Accountability: N.M. Priest Charged with Sexual Misconduct - Raton (2006) Excerpt from Bishop Accountability per the Santa Fe New Mexican (02/24/2006) The Rev. George Silva, 73, formerly a priest at two Catholic parishes in Raton, was arrested Thursday by FBI agents on charges of sexual misconduct involving a minor. A federal grand jury in Albuquerque indicted Silva on Wednesday on four counts involving transporting a boy under the age of 16 from New Mexico to France and Portugal for criminal and illicit sexual activity. Santa Fe Santa Fe New Mexican: Archdiocese of Santa Fe Publicly names priests accused of molestation. Andrew Oxford (2017/09/12) molestation/article_39e7ebe2-08da-52d3-b976-d738d9dfb108.html CONTEXTS Historical - Colonialism, Feudalism, Settlerism - One Approach Rewire: sexual-abuse/ Related: Settler Social Order: The Violence of Policing inNew Mexico Fall 11-14-2016 Elisabeth R. 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