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MENU ITEMS (menu of menus) (Black & White/Larger Print) Sections Overall Topic/Menu Lists Section pp 2-3; pp 27-38; About pp 5-11; Resources: Media/Books, etc. pp 39-42; (4 )Policing: pp 43-55; Police State pp 58-; New Mexico Policing; Arizona Policing; Colorado Policing; Oregon Policing (Also see Stop Black Lives Matter/Riots/Oregon); Funding: pp 21-26; (3) Borders: 12-19, includes La Raza, p 20; Topics Lists pp 2-3; 27-38; Government Agencies: pp 63-; FBI pp 64-65; DOJ p70; Corporations: pp 75-; Cell Phone p77; Insurance p 76; FCC p 82; Banks pp 83-; Goldman Sachs; Crime pp 85-; Cults pp 88-; Transgender Problems; On this page 1 Topics Lists (Menu pages for each section) 2 Introduction About; Of the USA, etc… 3 Borders Links; Human Trafficking; Smuggling etc…. 4 Policing o Surveillance o Weapons o Police State: Tyranny Against Tyranny 5 Conspiracies 6 Whistleblowers 7 Case Studies 8 Prison System 9 Government Corruption 10 Corporate Crime Resources-Books Media ; Scroll down if links are not active on a page’s given menu; this is true at any time across this website Currently, there are often several ways to find topics on this website: 1. INDEX - first page you see after entering website; Topics page is now on both the Index so you hit it without fanfare right off the bat once getting into Police Factor (direct no nonsense approach) All of the topics menus are in black and white with larger font. 2. MENU BARS seen at the top of every page - “Index” in dark blue box near gold badge 4. TOPIC LISTS: Several Topic Sections (ie, Aviation) might have their own sectional indexes at the top (usually top left corner) of each page. A separate index for that particular page is usually to the right of that MENU DETAIL TOPICS LIST- ABOUT/WEBSITE INTRODUCTION page topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 TOPICS LISTS (index per sectional topic) 2 Topics-1 (here) Menu Overview Part 1 full list of website topics 3 (Overview, cont.) Topics-2 Part 2 27 Topics-3 About and Website Introduction 28 Topics-4 Policing 29 Topics-5 Borders 30 Topics-6 Crime 31 Topics-7 Stop Black Lives Matter 32 Topics-8 Aviation 33 Topics-9 9/11 34 Topics-10 New Mexico: Police; Crime 35 Topics-11 Military Veterans 36 Topics-12 Islam 37 Topics-13 Various Subjects 38 Topics-14 Psyological Operations (Psyops) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 INTRODUCTION 1 Sheriff’s Badge Actual Home Page and Enter 2 Topics-1 (here) Menu Overview Part 1 full list of website topics 3 Topics-1 Part 2 full list of website topics 4 Police Index About 27 Topics-3 About and Website Introduction 5 About 6 Disclosure of Political Views 7 No Undisclosed Ads 8 Fair Use Of the USA and Supports the USA 9 For USA: What is good about USA 10 Made In USA 11 No Honor No Country --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 BORDERS Illegal Alien Amnesty, Cross-Border funding of Anti-American groups 29 Topics-5 Menu List Borders 12 Borders-1 General 13 Borders-2 Issues articles 2021 14 Borders-3 Agencies-linked-to-border-patrol 15 Borders-4 Lawsuits-border-immigration-related 16 Borders-5 Links List 17 Human Trafficking 18 Tunnels Smuggling 19 Ports: Authority, Issues around9/11, national security 20 La Raza 21 Funding-1 Settlement Slush Fund, etc. 22 Funding-2 Donations to BLM or Social Justice types 23 Funding-3 Terrorist Connections 24 Funding-4 George Soros 25 Funding-5 Grants, etc. 26 Funding-6 Lawsuits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 POLICING 28 Topics List-4 Policing Positive Side of Policing and Support 44 Blue Lives Matter 45 Police Positivity 46 Prayer for Police Persons Police Internal Issues 47 Peer Pressure on the Force 48 Steroids Select Police Topics 4 Police Index Under Recommended Reading: De-Escalating: Use of Force - Agree with Chiefs? Police Ethics: Analytical Look Into It DHS Threat Assessment-Secretary Chad Wolf Human Trafficking: Understanding/Improving Law Enforcement Responses (2008) Science: Evidence, Biochemical. Human Development - Links to Crime Solving or Criminal Behavior 49 Psychological Biological Development Child’s Brain - Connects with Criminality, Depression, etc. 50 DNA Evidence Gathering Legal Protocol 51 Miranda Rights 52 Seizures (also under Surveillance) Surveillance Good or Bad: Useful in saving lives, protecting national security and solving crimes if used appropriately, while potentially dangerous to the public if used otherwise 52 Seizures (also under Policing-Legal Protocol) Home-Intrusive Radar Cell Phone Intrusions (See Cell Phone Corruption section) 53 Stingrays 107-8 Snowden (found under Whistleblowers) 54 Surveillance Tech Biometrics, Body Cameras Weapons in association with policing (CONTROVERSIAL) USED BY POLICE WHICH COULD DEFEND, HALT OR KILL Also more elaborate weapons technology more likely to be used by military - few examples 55 Tasers Definition-Taser Links List ARIZONA COLORADO NEW MEXICO TASERS* *TASER TOPICS Greater distance How stun guns and tasers work From an ad showing capabilities 56 Directed Energy Weapons, Frequency Weapons Police State - Policing and National Control Combined into Tyranny 57 Police States in general - mostly in USA LINKS LIST BOOKS THE ENEMY WITHIN SOME REASONS BEHIND MISPLACED POLICING AUTHORITY o Deferred Responsibility: I Am Just Doing My Job. I Am Just Following Orders. o Elation or Satisfaction Over Power: Support From Above, Running in System-Backed Packs o Mindset o Shifting Times - Police’s Own Concerns o Regional Culture Might Be A Key Indicator of Police Behaviors, Approaches and Expectations o When A Police Officer Shows Up: How to Keep Things Low Key; What to Do to Protect Yourself o Police State: Strange Pattern UNITED STATES - ALLEGED OR REAL POLICE ABUSES THAT MIGHT INDICATE TRENDING TOWARD A POLICE STATE o SWAT - ACLU on SWAT o See also: Biometrics Body Cameras Directed Energy Weapons Frequency Weapons Stingrays Tasers 58 China-1 Police State in General 59 China-2 Police State Attacking Hong Kong 60 Stasi 61 The Great Reset (The approach to get things to a great reset has also used police state tactics) Against Tyranny 257 Is King George Back? (found under History) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 CONSPIRACIES 140 Rothschilds, Pilgrims, British, Tavistock 141 Donmeh Also See: 96 Kennedy Conspiracy Stories (also found under Crime-Case Studies-Kennedy) 97 Gary Webb (also under Case Studies) 98 John Lennon 99 Michael Ruppert (also under Whistleblowers-1) 100 Aaron Russo (saw conspiracy around the tax system while under attack for tax evasion and sick with cancer) 55 Rodney Stich 149 USS Liberty 190 TWA 800 63 British Ops 56 Gangstalking Tactics (Also see Case Studies - Gangstalking Albuquerque) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 WHISTLEBLOWERS - Real and Alleged 32 Whistleblowers-1 COMMENTS GENERAL INFORMATION/HISTORY WHISTLEBLOWERS* ORGANIZATIONS/SUPPORT ACTS LEGISLATION Black, Sandra Drake, Thomas Eastman, Gerald Edmonds, Sibel D. Ellsberg, Daniel Ginsburg, Edward Kwiatowski, Karen Kiriakou, John (see below) MacLean, Robert Manning, Bradley/Chelsea Rowley, Coleen Ruppert, Michael (under Conspiracies) Russo, Aaron (under conspiracies) Russo, Anthony Snepp, Frank Snowden, Edward Sterling, Jeffrey Stich, Rodney (under Conspiracies) Westmoreland Whitehurst 33 Whistle-2a-Snowden (also found under Surveillance) 34 Whistle-2b Snowden Links 35 Whistle-3a-John-Kiriakou FBI report, Court Case 36 Whistle-3b-John-Kiriakou Various Articles Start Here o Leaks Mild o Possible Courtroom Corruption Books or articles by Kiriakou Articles on Kiriakou 38 Whistle-3c Kiriakou Links 37 Whistle-3d Kiriakou Comments --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 CASE STUDIES These are not really investigative-level case studies per se, but do involve a little more detail following certain trajectories. 49 Firefighter Arson 51 India Call Centers 52 Corsican Mafia 53 Greek Terrorism/Islam in Greece 57 Gypsy Crime 58 La Raza 56 White Supremacy, Racial Divides 56 Kennedy Conspiracy Stories 56 Gary Webb 56 Gangstalking Albuquerque see in Conspiracies: Gangstalking Tactics --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 PRISON SYSTEM 42 Prison System Issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION Agencies, Departments LInked to Policing/National Security. See also Corporate Corruption 30 Govt Agencies Various Summary of Links Comments AGO ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE Arizona AGO/Colorado New Mexico New Mexico Issues (ie, AGO cases) DEA DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION Background General Corruption-General-National Arizona DEA Government Websites Arizona Issues Arizona Real or Alleged Corruption DEA/Colorado Colorado Corruption Issues New Mexico New Mexico Issues Focal Point - Enrique Camarena Salazar; McKesson Case DPS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Arizona DPS/Colorado New Mexico New Mexico Issues T & R TAXATION AND REVENUE Arizona Colorado New Mexico 34 FBI 35 FBI Links List 39 CIA-1 Directors Brief History Order of Secession Directors o Names - Alpha by Last Name By Year Articles on CIA Directors - Select 40 CIA-2 Agents 41 CIA-3 Prisons 42 CIA-4 Links Lis and Books 43 DOJ (Department of Justice) 44 Post Office Corruption 45 Post Office Some Other Issues 46 Motor Vehicle Division --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 CORPORATE CRIME OR REGULATION AGENCIES LINKED TO IT 53 FCC 43 Insurance Company Corruption- Government Regulated, etc: CAR INSURANCE HEALTH INSURANCE: Blue Cross-Blue Shield Blue Shield COMMENTS 44 Cell Phone Company - Corruption, Issues LINKS LIST ARTICLES LIST (MORE DETAIL) CELL PHONE COMPANIES* ISSUES (**more below) GOVT AGENCIES INVOLVED IN CELL PHONES COMMENTS * CELL PHONE COMPANIES TracFone (planned purchase of Tracfone by Verizon as of late 2020; Note from PF: TracFone has consistently over the years had a lot of Eastern Indians answering the phones in what often sounds like large busy calling centers in which you hear other agents talking to customers; recently in 2020 December, I heard a rooster in the background when talking to one East Indian sounding woman, as if she was fielding calls from home (perhaps because of COVID-19 and new business practices. Because of this, please see East India Call Center corruption.) Brands In addition to its namesake product, TracFone Wireless offers products under the brands Clearway, GoSmart Mobile, NET10 Wireless, Page Plus Cellular, Safelink Wireless, SIMPLE Mobile, Straight Talk, Telcel América, Total Wireless, and Walmart Family Mobile. Nov 26 2019 Who Owns TracFone? (Before Verizon acquisition) Carlos Slim; allegedly associated with Carlos Salinas Verizon (planned purchase of Tracfone by Verizon as of late 2020) * ISSUES INVOLVING CELL PHONE COMPANIES Surveillance Tracking Tracking Customers Selling GPS locational data PRISM Hindering transfer to other cell phone companies Collusion Leaks Cult-Like Culture in some Corporations in general 45 Halliburton LINKS LIST ARTICLES SELECT TOPICS o Nigeria o Fracking o Deep Water 42 Unaoil 46 Food Systems Corporation Corruption, Issues Aviation Related Corporation Corruption (also found under Aviation) 83 Anti-Trust BANKS Bank corruption Al Rajhi Bank Dubai Islamic Bank HSBC scandals Federal Reserve Bank corruption, issues Goldman Sachs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AVIATION 208 Aviation-1 Overall Corruption Aviation-1 Links List MERGER: 1997 Boeing-McDonnell Douglas AIRBUS BOMBARDIER (Canada) FAA CORRUPTION Federal Aviation Administration TSA CORRUPTION Transportation Security Administration (Department of Homeland Security) ATC CORRUPTION Air Traffic Control FCC-BOEING ISSUES MILITARY TO CONTRACTOR Possible Corruption, Cronyism, Negligence STATESIDE AIRPORTS International Airport corruption (a few examples) o Newark Liberty International Airport o Historical focus - O’Hare Airport Chicago One personal account: history from prairie field to major airport Background of O’Hare name See Historical Focus: 1979 Flight 191 O’Hare Airport o John F. Kennedy Airport Corruption, Events, Issues NON-AMERICAN Airport/Aviation Corruption(a few examples) MAFIA- Aviation 209 Aviation-2 Corporation Corruption Links List Aviation-2 Links List (found in Aviation-8) Discussion Involving Multiple Companies as a Group General Dynamics o History Ducommun Lockheed Martin Northrup Grumman y Raytheon 210 Aviation-3 Airlines Corruption LINKS LIST Aviation-3 Links List American/US Airways o Merger Related Information o Articles United Airlines Southwest Airlines 213 Aviation-4 Boeing Corruption LINKS LIST Aviation-4 Links List China and Boeing Iran and Boeing American-Turkey Council (ATC) Connections Saudi and Boeing Sales of Boeing, 9/11 Entanglements, etc. Old Corruption Issues Before 9/11 (perhaps building up or connected to it) Boeing 737 Max 214 Aviation-5 Parts-Linked Issues: Crashes involving known parts, parts Manufacturer Corruption, Negligence or Cover-ups Aviation-5 Parts Corruption Links List Engines o List of Aircraft Engine Manufacturers; Top Engine Manufacturers o Electric Plane Engines o Rolls Royce o GE (GEAE) See 1979 AA Flt 191 crash involving a GE engine repair and subsequent attachment related failure in Aviation-6b o Pratt & Whitney Crashes/Engines/Airbus Crashes/Engines/Boeing Companies: Manufacturers/Engines Corruption, Issues Section Top 3 Article Summary Rudders Rudder issues Crashes/Boeing 737 rudder issues Parker Hannifin issues (rudders and other) Lap Joints Lap Joints/Boeing 215 Aviation-6a Crashes Please understand this is only a small sampling; some websites with more complete data are listed at bottom Aviation-6a (Links List for Crashess Boeing crashes Boeing incidents Non-Boeing crashes McDonnell Douglas History of American Airlines Websites with crashes Boeing craft - crashes o Pacific Western Airlines 314/Boeing 737-200 (02/11/1978) o Far Easter Air Transport/Boeing 737-200 (08/22/1981) o Cameroon Airlines/Boeing 737-200 (08/30/1984) o JAL 123/Boeing 747SR (08/12/1985) o United Airlines 585/Boeing 737-291 (03/03/1991) o US AIR 427/Boeing 737-300 (09/08/1994) o Sudan Airways/Boeing 737-200c series (07/09/2003) o Flash Airlines 604/Boeing 737-300 (01/03/2004) o Helios 522/Boeing 737-300 (08/14/2005) Boeing Other Flight Issues (ie, repair issues with almost-crashes) o Pacific Western Airlines Flight 501/Boeing 737-275 (03/22/1984) o American Airlines 383/Boeing 767 (right engine uncontained failure with severe fire, aborted takeoff, 20 injured(10/2016) o Singapore Airlines 368/Boeing 777-312ER (engine oil leak, in flight turned back, on landing, right engine caught fire, all passengers evacuated with no injuries) (06/27/2016) o Korean Air 2708/Boeing 777-300 (left engine “uncontained failure with substantial fire” aborted takeoff) (05/27/2016) o Southwest Airlines 812/Boeing 737-300 (lap joint/fuselage issue, emergency landing) (04/01/2011) o Southwest Airlines 2294/Boeing 737-3HR (lap joint/fuselage issue, emergency landing) (07/13/2009) o Boeing 787 list of engine related incidents (2013 to 2017) o Boeing 777 list of engine related incidents o Boeing 767s and 9/11: United Airlines 175/Boeing 767-200 Boston (Logan International Airport) to Los Angeles (Lost Angeles International Airport) reported as crashed into South Tower; and American Airlines/Boeing 767 223ER Boston to Los Angeles, reported as crashed into North Tower Non-Boeing crashes (a few mentioned here if they seem applicable in some way): o American Airlines 587/Airbus A300-600 (11/12/2001) o American Airlines 191/McDonnell Douglas DC10 (05/25/1979) 1979 Flight 191 O’Hare Airport-See Aviation-6b o United Airlines 232/DC-10 crash landed, catastrophic failure of tail-mounted engine causing loss of all flight controls;planed landed w/o conventional control; 111/296 died. (07/19/1989) Websites with lists of aircraft crashes and incidents: o https //www aeroinside com o http //www airsafe com o https //en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_accidents_and_incidents_involving_commercial_aircraft 216 Aviation-6b Crashes/1979 AA Flight 191 HISTORICAL AND ACCIDENT FOCUS 1979 AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 191 Aviation-6b Links List for Crashes/1979 AA Flight 191 Start Here Comments CONTEMPORARY ISSUES o US Airways was having a strike at the time o Continental AIrlines had a similar unauthorized engine-pylong-forklift repair with nearly identical results - it was known somewhere in the industry this could cause catastrophic plane failure Memorial Wall with names on bricks created later PERSONS ON BOARD o Crew Captain/Pilot Last Minute Switch Female equal rights stewardess just got job back after maternity layoff Male steward who wanted to be a AA steward/stewardess recruiter o Passengers Several Writers bound for Writer’s Conference in LA Some American military veterans Group of connected people Some unidentified bodies per dental forensics, etc. One took AA by default always preferring/using United Airways which was on strike then o Some people chose not to go on Flt 191 Playboy writer Gonzalez Bionic Woman actress Lindsay Wagner and mother Yet another or others Fellow pilot who last-minute switched with Captain HISTORICAL OVERVIEW o American Airlines Notice that Cheap Fares had started up o Era Historical Perspective - 1970s decade and shortly beyond o Background: 1970s Aviation Era o McDonnell DC-10 o O’Hare Airport WHAT HAPPENED - ENGINEERING FAILURE o FAA report - December 1979 o NASA-2010 review - Forklift: NASA overview of what happened 1979 to AA Flt 191 (good run-down) o Continental Airlines had done same wrongful repair using forklift instead of crane with nearly identical effects, did not report to FAA o Cranes in general: Engineering, Repair, Maintenance - Cranes GHOSTS/paranormal activity Notes 2019 and 2021 217 Aviation-7 Unions (Mostly Aviation unions in focus, but other kinds of unions are also covered) Aviation-7 Union LInks List 218 Aviation-8 Links List 219 Labs See Also: 190 TWA 800 (also found under Conspiracies) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESOURCES 1) Media Alt Views, Owners, CEO’s, Lawsuits 2) Books 3) Articles Copies MEDIA - Alternative Views, Owners, CEO’s, Editors, Lawsuits by or against 39 Media-1 - alternative views, fake news, biases 40 Media-2 BOOKS This section came off an older River Gold dot arena. The gyst of the list is “compilation by topic”, and is not a “recommendations list” nor is it comprehensive. What is more, to be more complete and up-to-date, books that have since been added per sections on both previous River Gold entries and subsequently brought to PF, as well as newer PF entries, need to be incorporated into the list. However, it is a start. This is a way to see who and what is being written by experts in a given field linked to “trajectories”, the types of topics and lines of thinking found on PF. b 41 Books-1 42 Books-2 43 Articles Copies
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