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MENU - BRIEF SKETCH of Topics List (Takes you to more detailed menu below) TOPICS FULL LIST-2 (here) Corporations: Anti-Trust National Security: Biden Harris Obama Afghanistan Stop Black Lives Matter Cartels (p145) Case Studies Civil Rights Groups Conspiracies Crime Cults Extremists-Far Right, etc. History Iraq Islam Military Criminality Psychological Warfare, Antics Surveillance Terrorism Veterans Voting-Electoral Whistleblowers States - Policing and Other Issues New Mexico: Policing Crime Governmental Corruption Resistance to National or Federal Infrastructure Arizona Colorado Policing Crime: Drugs, Gangs, Cartels, Grafitti Oregon Hawaii TOPICS FULL LIST-1 Intro About Of USA Media Culture Police Issues Government Corruption Prison System Corporate Crime and Corruption Aviation Banks Trump: Speak Out Against Trump Impeachment and Related Matters National Security: Biden Harris Obama (Scroll down if links are not active on a page’s given menu; this is true at any time across this website) Note: Currently, there are 4 ways to find topics on this website: 1. 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For example, the Islamic section might have Islam Extremism-specific pages listed at the top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MENU - MORE DETAIL PART TWO CORPORATIONS 81 Anti-Trust CULTURE 121 Transgender Problems CRIME See also Colorado New Mexico: Policing Crime Governmental Corruption General 57 Borders 58 Human Trafficking See also Modern Slavery: Countries with Worst Slavery Problems Human Trafficking: Understanding/Improving Law Enforcement Responses (2008) Modern Slavery 46 Racetrack Corruption/Horse Drugging 47 Cybercrime, Dark or Deep Web 48 Cybercrime Networks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CULTS Group Deviant Behavior - Religion or Rebellion gone foul Criminal Groups and Case Studies, gangs and cartels, organized crime 58 Cults-1 Introduction, General CULTS AND BRAINWASHING - Introduction (here) Summary of Links o Cults o Brainwashing Books Reports What Are Cults o Start Here-Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult o An Ex-Mormon gives her input on what a cult is and offers some good advice Some Cult Tendencies o Grooming Gangs o Few if Anyone is Immune - Manipulating, Tricky o Mind Control Techniques o High Demand Closed Group Brainwashing o Start Here o Zersetzung 59 Cults-2 Soka Gakkai Links List Articles or Websites Resources List Selected Topics France rejects SGI as cult Japanese see SGI as terrorist group 60 Cults-3 Subud 61 Cults-4 Hare Krishna 62 Cults-5a Other Religious Cults: Mormons, Protestants, Adventists Mormon offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Mormonism o Mormon Cults, Cultist Elements or Sideshoots Mormon Sexual Abuse Catholic offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Catholicism Protestant offshoots Protestant offshoots o Quiverfull Movement o Dominionism Jehovah’s Witnesses Seventh Day Adventists 63 Cults-5b Other Religious Cults, cont: Catholics - Catholic Sexual Abuse, Offshoots Links List Books Videos Nuns o Abuse by Nuns o Abuse of Nuns Pennsylvania Horror Vatican Greed Mafia 64 Cults-6 Monarch, MK-ULTRA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OR ANTICS FORMS OF REASONING USED DISHONESTLY TO JUSTIFY TERRORIST, CARTEL, and CORRUPT STATE ACTOR CONTROL AND CRUELTY (ie, ethno-religionism, real or perceived slights, vigilante punishments and psychological warfare. For example, this latter might be something designed to make whites (or others deemed perpetrators) to feel what minorities or Holocaust Jews claim to have felt, etc) 75 Psyops 76 The Zone of Influence (also on rivergold dot net/Far Zone) 77 Making The Other Guy Look Bad (also on rivergold dot net/Far Zone) 78 Softening 79 Running Strings 80 Turfing 81 Watch for Antics 82 Arabian Nights Effect 83 Deep State 84 Strands of Interconnection (also under Culture) 85 Wall of Silence (also on rivergold dot net) 86 Misery Loves Company 87 Switching 88 Invisible Fingers 89 Two Horns --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cartels and Gangs (more detail down below) Cartels-1 General Cartels-2 FARC Cartels-3 (How to Stop) Cartels-4 Female Gang Members/Traffickers Gangs/Cartels-5 (Tunnels - Smuggling) Gangs/Cartels-6 (Books) Cartels-7 Links List see also Cartels-New Mexico 145 Cartels-1 General Jalisco La Santa Muerte MS-13 New Mexican mafia of Arizona Sinaloa Zetas La Familia Occult Religion Systems Approach The Puerto Rico connection in Alaska Smuggling Tunnels SNM (Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico) 104 Cartels-2 FARC FARC o Nov. 2020 article by Insight Crime Why Former FARC Fighters are Abandoning Colombia’s Reintegration Camps o FARC Colombia natives of American interdiction and alleged less punishment in USA contrasted w/crimes see NY TImes-2016/09/11 o List of Attacks attributed to FARC - See Wikipedia article Colombia and Cocaine: Cocaine production in Colombia - see Colombia Reports for good introduction Hezbollah and Latin America - see 105 Cartels-3 How to Stop 106 Cartels-4 Female Gang Members/Traffickers Female Smugglers/Traffickers Various Areas and Critiques of Female Gang Violence 107 Cartels-5 Tunnels - Smuggling 108 Cartels-6 Books 109 Cartels-7 Links List 00 Cartels-New Mexico Military Criminality 64 Military Criminality-1 Air Force 65 Military Criminality-2 Army 66 Military Criminality-3 Coast Guard, Navy, Military Schools 67 Military Criminality-4 Marines/Active Duty-War Zone-Stateside 68 Military Criminality-5 Veterans 69 Military Criminality-6 Overall Crime, Books, Commentary 68 Military Criminality-7 Summary of Internet Articles 69 Military Criminality-8 Fat Leonard (p. 1) 70 Military Criminality-9 Fat Leonard (p. 2) 71 Torture - Senate Hearings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERRORISM 86 Terrorism Introduction Brief LINKS LIST ORGANIZATIONS Fighting Terrorism TERRORISTS LIST o Most Dangerous NATIONALIST OR COMMUNIST IRAN o Hezbollah o Hamas SINGAPORE o Jemaah Islamiya 87 White Supremacy, Racial Divides (also found under Extremism) See also Greek Terrorism (Found under Case Studies) 9/11 124 1-General LINKS LIST BOOKS INSIDIOUS TIES TO 9/11 OR TIME PERIOD o Jemaah Islamiya and link to Al Qaeda training in Afghanistan Plot against Navy in January 2002, very shortly after 9/11 o Dubai Ports World and UAE (United Arab Emirates) 122 2a-Saudi Arabia as Player 123 2b-Saudi Arabia links 124 3-No Planes 125 4-Mossad Did It 126 5-Bosnia Connection 127 6-Big Oil Related Issues 128 Port Authority 45 Halliburton [also under corporate corruption] 42 Unaoil [also under corporate corruption] CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS ACLU and Americans United --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOTING, ELECTORAL PROCESS Electoral College Corruption and Issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COLORADO Colorado Police Colorado Police Abuse and Information DEA DEA/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado DPS DPS/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) Other Corruption Colorado Corruption Issues (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) AGO AGO/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) Governor Colorado Governor (seen under BLM20-Governors) Polis - Democrat governor is gay -could be part of the LGBT/Leftist/Minority-BLM conspiracy against the USA? (Colorado Attorney General is Democrat Philip J. Weiser) Crime: Gangs, Cartels, Grafitti Links Summary Articles (Summary of listings with a little more detail) Gangs in Southern Colorado Mexican Restaurant/Food Service linked to Cartels… Articles (Summary of listings with a little more detail) AREAS: Southern Colorado Western Colorado Denver BOOKS WEBSITES/INFO (crime-fighting orgs, police groups, etc) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW MEXICO (see more detail below) Policing Drugs Crime Cartels Police Names Victim Names New Mexico Policing Police Crimes (Alleged or Actual), General Population Crimes 216 New Mexico Police Abuse Commentary and Various Resources New Mexico partial list of links New Mexico A to Z list of locations New Mexico New Mexico Abbreviations New Mexico Victim Incident and Case from real or alleged police abuses 236 A1 Ackerman-Anders 237 A2 Armijo-Avila 238 A1-A2 Table View 239 B1 Babcock-Berry 240 B2 Black-Briseno 241 B3 Brown-Burt 242 B1-B2 Table View 243 C1 Campa-Castillo 244 C2 Champlin-Christesen 245 C3 Clifton-Currell 246 C1-C3 Table View 247 D1 Darby-Disney 248 D2 Dobyns-Duran 249 D1-D2 Table View 156 E Early-Etsitty 157 E Table View 158 F Fay-Fuchs 159 F Table View 160 G1 Gallagher-Geier 161 G2 Gigante-Grover 162 G1-G2 Table View 163 H1 Hackett-Heatley 164 H2 Hebbe-Hughes 165 H1-H2 Table View 166 IJK Ielacqual-Killinger 167 I-J-K Table View 168 L Lampiris-Tremba-Lytle 169 L Table View 170 M1 Maes-Martinez 171 M2 McAllister-McPeak 172 M3 Merriman-Munoz 173 N Najar-Norwood 174 M1-M3-NTable View 175 O Oates-Owens 176 P Pacheco-Porter 177 QR Ramsdale-Rupp 272 S Salazar-Stout 273 T Taylor-Torres 274 W Wallace to Wright 275 UVXYZ Utley to Zavala New Mexico Crime New Mexico sex offender list Drugs - New Mexico with some Arizona and Navajo Reservation AREAS Alamagordo Albuquerque Anthony Artesia Aztec - also see San Juan County Belen Bernalillo County Bloomfield - also see San Juan County Carlsbad Chama Chamita Chaparral Chimayo Cimarron Clovis Cordova Deming Espanola Farmington - also see San Juan County Fruitland-also see San Juan County Gallup Grants Hatch Hobbs Jemez Valley Jemez Springs Kirtland - also see San Juan County La Luz Las Cruces Las Vegas Los Lunas Medanales Moriarty Otero County/Southern NM Portales Raton Rio Rancho Roswell San Juan County Santa Fe Silver City Socorro Taos Tijeras T or C Tucumcari Tularosa Apache-Jicarilla Apache-Mescalero Laguna Pueblo Navajo Reservation San Juan Pueblo Zuni New Mexico Drugs Detail Part 1 A - G New Mexico Drugs Detail Part 2 I - Z New Mexico Drugs Enforcement New Mexico Drugs New Mexico Drugs New Mexico Drugs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATES Arizona Arizona Police Abuse and Information Oregon Oregon Police Abuse and Information Hawaii Hawaii Police Abuse and Information --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLACK LIVES MATTER & RELATED MINORITY POWER MOVEMENTS: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH page topic 135 BLM INDEX 136 BLM-1 Denouncement Music Selection #1: Choose to Love by J-Calvin of Durango, Colorado 137 BLM-2a Responsiveness: What to do about Back Lives Matter Music Selection #2: India 138 BLM2b Terminology 138 BLM-3a Groups of Concern, incl terrorists, funding Music Selection #3: Blues, Jazz 139 BLM-3b Groups of Concern, Terrorist funding, cont. Music Selection #4 Female Musicians: Violinists, Cellists, etc. 140 BLM-3c Funding Topic Links 141 BLM-4 Old Black Panthers Music Selection #5: South Korea 142 BLM-5 Nationwide Riots Music Selection #6 Jews 143 BLM-6 Oregon Riots 2020 Music Selection #7: Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Netherlands 144 BLM-7 Resources Music Selection #8: Kenya 138 BLM-8a Black-Centric Media Music Selection #9: USA BLM-8b Black Advertisers Black-Owned Marketing Companies Too Many Black Ads Media Companies - used by Walmart and Target Black Lawsuits against corporations which might spur more and more black ads 139 BLM-8c Black Centric Media cont. Photos Music Selection #9: Japan BLM-8d G to Z 140 BLM-9 Starkes Music Selection #10 Peru 141 BLM-10 CAIR complicity Music Selection #11 China 142 BLM-11 Radical Islam Music Selection #12: Dissident or Human Rights Oriented The Universal Language of Music 143 BLM-12 govt 144 BLM-13 Support 145 BLM-14 Case Study Iraq vs. USA: BLM Riots vs 2007-2009 Iraq War Zone Baghdad-Fadhil 146 BLM-15 Russia-History 147 BLM-16 Maps of BLM Riots 2020 148 BLM-17 Police Chiefs-Black Problems and Issues 149 BLM-18 Attorney Generals-Black 150 BLM-19 Mayors-Black 151 BLM-20a Governors 152 BLM-20b Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting Arizona California o Governor Gavin Newsom-Democrat elected 2018 Colorado o Polis - Democrat governor is gay -could be part of the LGBT/Leftist/Minority-BLM conspiracy against the USA? (Colorado Attorney General is Democrat Philip J. Weiser) Michigan o Whitmer - Democrat governor - Kidnapping attempt apparently thwarted Minnesota o Walz - Democrat governor; Peggy Flanaga n- Lt. Governor-Native American-pay attention to her leftist/minority leanings and possible influence of the governor; (Add governor team to Black Police Chief in Minneapolis + Attorney General Ellis = surround sound?) New Mexico o Michelle Lujan-Grisham 163 BLM-21 Lawsuits against BLM 164 BLM-22 Shedding White Guilt 165 Notes/Personal/Black Lives Matter See Indian Country Problem under National Security (Moved from BLM section) NATIONAL SECURITY 166 Indian Country Problem for USA 169 Natle Sec-1 Joe Biden Biden: Several Corruption Indicators 168 Natl Sec-2 Kamala Harris What Is Wrong With Kamala Harris (previously in BLM section) LINKS LIST HARRIS LINKED TO BLACK LIVES MATTER o Harris Bails Out BLM HARRIS BACKGROUND o Summary of Names o Deja Vu or Odd Consequence? Recognize the similarity between older 2010 race for California attorney general and 2020 presidential election last minute Democrat wins after Republicans were winning o Willie Brown Connection-Corruption cases o Peter Schweizer’s 2020 book Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite VIEWS OF HARRIS o Corruption Views - More Critical of Harris o Alternative Views - Less Critical of Harris *The possible China connection through attorney husband Alt View from Politifact says Not True Dirty Priests Let Off - Alleged material from Profiles in Corruption Prostitutes Let Off - Alleged material from Profiles in Corruption Herbal Life Not Investigated in Harris’ Jurisdiction - Husband’s Law Firm clients RELATED CARIBBEAN ISSUES (HARRIS IS LINKED TO JAMAICA) o Black Caucus - Jamaica o Black Caucus - Haiti 169 Natl Sec-3 Obama: Unresolved Problems With Him (previously in BLM section) ISLAM Islam Extremism, Criminality and Terrorism: Let’s Get Real (See also BLM-10 CAIR complicity; BLM-11 Radical Islam Information about Islamic extremists, etc.; BLM-14 case study between American city under riot-siege and Iraq war zone) Table MSA Muslim Students Association 135 List of suggestions to protect US from Islamic extremists - AFDI 136 Islam-1 Why we counter Islamic extremism A brief list of why we respond firmly to radical Islam - can be used for public introductions; this is followed by a little more detail into its listed topics Some resources (acknowledgement of experts - books, articles, websites, etc) Background information Sharia Law (Blasphemy, Fatwa, Honor Killings, Halal) Muslim Mafia 137 Islam-2 Jihad Attacks in USA, Death Counts, etc. 102 Islam-3 Jewish Input Various Persons Actively Fighting Jihad Terror and Encroachment MIND TRICKS/DRACULA CREEPING IN THE DOOR Trojan Horse Taqiyya Double-Speak Turfing Supplanting Softening Halal/Secretive Meatpacking Slaughter/Possible Food Magic Selective Reasoning Islamic/Racial-Centric Photographs in Media Advertising Warm Cozies of Brother/Sister Ways 104 Islam-4 Muslim Mafia 105 Islam-5 Hamas 106 Islam-6 Publicity Stunts Afghanistan (As mentioned at the start of this Islam section, see also related topics of BLM10 CAIR complicity with BLM movement; BLM11 Information about Islamic extremists, etc.) BLM14 case study between American city under riot-siege and Iraq war zone) 107 Islam-7 Further Info on Islam Summary of Links Commentary Not all Islam is radical islam (Huffington Post) Islamofascism Israelis/Muslims Together Mesmerism In Muslims Muslims & Nazis World War II Ottoman Empire Terms-Some Islamic Terms Deobandi Shias vs. Sunnis Portugal - Islamic State Syria - Islam Syria - Jaish al-Islam Sunnis: Wahhabism Sunnis: Salafi Movement Sunnis: Ahl al-Hadith Mujahideen Madhhab See also Hamas Pastafarians Muslim Mafia Names- Islam-Some Terrorist Names Shariah issues: Civilization Jihad Stealth Jihadists Some terms Abrogration Caliphate Dar al Harb / Dar al Islam Fatwa Hadith Ijma Jihad Salafist Sharia Sira Taqiyya Zakat 108 Islam-8 Sexual Abuse More Detailed Links Islam- Afghan Sexual Abuse bacha bazi, etc. 122 Islam-9 Fatwa 109 Danny Pearl Case - Journalist killed by Islamic criminals in Pakistan Other Countries, Political, Miscellaneous (News Sketches, Not Comprehensive) Afghanistan Israel, Jews in Various Countries or Contexts Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia List of Links North Korea 60 Far Left Latin America-Communist-Socialist 61 Ukraine Biden Also see Biden/Harris and Obama Bolsheviks Russian Topics - Brief (a Sketch) MILITARY Military Related Topics Active Duty Assigments and Veterans Issues; Military Criminality Stateside and Abroad 81 Military Index of Section Iraq see below Afghanistan see below Things gone awry USS Cole USS Liberty TWA 800 Extortion 17 Iraq 76 Iraq I Invasion of Iraq and Beyond 77 Iraq 2 78 Iraq 3 79 Iraq 4 Afghanistan 80 Afghanistan THINGS HAPPENING TO SHIPS OR PLANES WITH MILITARY CONNECTION 124 USS Liberty TWA 800 VETERANS 117 Veterans-1 Introduction 118 Veterans-2 TBI 119 Veterans-3 PTSD 120 Veterans-4 Honorable Acts 121 Veterans-5 Healing 122 Veterans-6 McCain and other topics 123 Veterans-7 Older Material New Mexico Criminality and Drugs New Mexico Drugs 124 New Mexico corruption political, agencies etc HISTORY Nazis Is King George Back? Early Genocides, Roots of Nazis POLITICS, POLITICAL THEORY OR RELATED 123 Higgins Memo 124 Fourth Political Theory 125 Far Left: Latin American, Communist, Socialist 126 Fascists --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CULTURE 12 Strands of Interconnection 13 Culture Reverse Discrimination in Work Place Discrimination Stereotyping Profiling --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTREMISTS 87 White Supremacy, Racial Divides (also found under Terrorism) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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