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MENU ITEMS (menu of menus) (Black & White/Larger Print) On this page 1 Topics Lists (Menu pages for each section) 2 Introduction About; Of the USA, etc… 3 Borders Links; Human Trafficking; Smuggling etc…. 4 Policing o Police State: Tyranny Against Tyranny 5 Tech, Science o DNA evidence gathering o Surveillance o Weapons 6 Prison System 7 Government Corruption as is relates to Policing and National Security 8 Whistleblowers 9 Legislation (Applicable to Topics on PF) 10 Resources-Books Media 11 States Policing Issues o Arizona - see Overview2 Menus-Arizona o Colorado o New Mexico (separate page Menus/Topic List-5 NM Police alleged and real abuse/general information) o Oregon Scroll down if links are not active on a page’s given menu; this is true at any time across this website Currently, there are often several ways to find topics on this website: 1. 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A separate index for that particular page is usually to the right of that ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MENU DETAIL TOPICS LIST- ABOUT/WEBSITE INTRODUCTION page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 TOPICS LISTS (index per sectional topic) 413 Topics by Page Number 414 Topics in Alpha Order 2 Topics-1 (here) Menu Overview Part 1 full list of website topics 3 (Overview, cont.) Topics-2 Part 2 27 Topics-3 About and Website Introduction 28 Topics-4 Policing 29 Topics-5 Borders 30 Topics-6 China 31 Topics-6 Crime 32 Topics-7 Stop Black Lives Matter 33 Topics-8 Aviation 34 Topics-9 9/11 35 Topics-10 New Mexico: Police; Crime 36 Topics-11 Military Veterans 37 Topics-12 Islam 38 Topics-13 Various Subjects 39 Topics-14 Psychological Operations (Psyops) page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 INTRODUCTION 1 Sheriff’s Badge Actual Home Page and Enter 2 Topics-1 (here) Menu Overview Part 1 full list of website topics 3 Topics-1 Part 2 full list of website topics 4 Police Index About 27 Topics-3 About and Website Introduction 5 About 6 Disclosure of Political Views 7 No Undisclosed Ads 8 Fair Use Of the USA and Supports the USA 9 For USA: What is good about USA 10 Made In USA 11 No Honor No Country page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 BORDERS Illegal Alien Amnesty, Cross-Border funding of Anti-American groups 29 Topics-5 Menu List Borders 12 Borders-1 General 13 Borders-2 Issues articles 2021 14 Borders-3 Agencies-linked-to-border-patrol 15 Borders-4 Lawsuits-border-immigration-related 16 Borders-5 Links List 17 Human Trafficking See Also: 221 Modern Slavery (Countries with Worst Slavery Problems) Human Trafficking: Understanding/Improving Law Enforcement Responses (2008) 18 Tunnels Smuggling See Also: Narco-Flying BIrds, Drones 19 Ports: Authority, Issues around9/11, national security 20 La Raza 21 Funding-1 Settlement Slush Fund, etc. 22 Funding-2 Donations to BLM or Social Justice types 23 Funding-3 Terrorist Connections 24 Funding-4 George Soros 25 Funding-5 Grants, etc. 26 Funding-6 Lawsuits page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 POLICING 28 Menu/Topics List-4 Policing Positive Side of Policing and Support 44 Blue Lives Matter 45 Police Positivity 46 Prayer for Police Persons Police Internal Issues 47 Peer Pressure on the Force 48 Steroids Marijuana Usage by Policing Persons Excess Alcohol 338 Female Policing Persons Select Police Topics 4 Police Index Under Recommended Reading: De-Escalating: Use of Force - Agree with Chiefs? Police Ethics: Analytical Look Into It DHS Threat Assessment-Secretary Chad Wolf Human Trafficking: Understanding/Improving Law Enforcement Responses (2008) Surveillance Good or Bad: Useful in saving lives, protecting national security and solving crimes if used appropriately, while potentially dangerous to the public if used otherwise 52 Search and Seizures Home-Intrusive Radar Cell Phone Intrusions (also see Cell Phone Corruption section) 79 Snowden (found under Whistleblowers) page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 TECH, SCIENCE 52……………………Tech 1-DNA Evidence Gathering 53……………………Tech2-Weapons: Tasers 54……………………Tech3-Weapons: DEW, Frequency Weapons 55……………………Tech4 Surveillance: Biometrics, Body Cameras 56……………………Tech5-Surveillance: Stingrays 57……………………Tech6-Surveillance: Echelon, PRISM, Tempest, Carnivore 359…………………Tech7 Artificial Intelligence See also China-Artificial Intelligence Science: Evidence, Biochemical. Human Development - Links to Crime Solving or Criminal Behavior 49……………………Psychological Biological Development Child’s Brain - Connects with Criminality, Depressionf, etc. Legal Protocol 51 Miranda Rights 52 Seizures (also under Surveillance) Police State - Policing and National Control Combined into Tyranny 58 Police States in general LINKS LIST BOOKS THE ENEMY WITHIN SOME REASONS BEHIND MISPLACED POLICING AUTHORITY o Deferred Responsibility: I Am Just Doing My Job. I Am Just Following Orders. o Elation or Satisfaction Over Power: Support From Above, Running in System-Backed Packs o Mindset o Shifting Times - Police’s Own Concerns o Regional Culture Might Be A Key Indicator of Police Behaviors, Approaches and Expectations o When A Police Officer Shows Up: How to Keep Things Low Key; What to Do to Protect Yourself o Police State: Strange Pattern UNITED STATES - ALLEGED OR REAL POLICE ABUSES THAT MIGHT INDICATE TRENDING TOWARD A POLICE STATE o SWAT - ACLU on SWAT o See also: Biometrics Body Cameras Directed Energy Weapons Frequency Weapons Stingrays Tasers 59 Stasi 60 The Great Reset (Note from PF: It is an opinion-thus a bias-that this is a police state in the making. Also, it is believed that the overall approach to get things to a so-called great reset has also used police state tactics. In other words, things have been manipulated, information skewed, media misused) China Police State 30 Menu Topics List-6 on China 61 China-1 Police State in General 62 China-2 Police State Attacking Hong Kong 66 China-6 Links List Against Tyranny 267 Is King George Back? (found under History) page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 PRISON SYSTEM 80 Prison System Issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION Agencies, Departments LInked to Policing/National Security. See also Corporate Corruption 28 Menu/Topics List-4 Policing FBI 73 FBI 74 FBI Links List CIA 75 CIA-1 Directors Brief History Order of Secession Directors o Names - Alpha by Last Name By Year Articles on CIA Directors - Select 76 CIA-2 Agents 77 CIA-3 Prisons 78 CIA-4 Links List and Book AGENCIES 72 Govt Agencies Various Summary of Links Comments DPS DPS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Arizona DPS/Colorado New Mexico New Mexico Issues DEA DEA DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION Background General Corruption-General-National Arizona DEA Government Websites Arizona Issues Arizona Real or Alleged Corruption DEA/Colorado Colorado Corruption Issues New Mexico New Mexico Issues Focal Point - Enrique Camarena Salazar; McKesson Case AGO AGO ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE Arizona AGO/Colorado New Mexico New Mexico Issues (ie, AGO cases) T&R T & R TAXATION AND REVENUE Arizona Colorado New Mexico DOJ 79 DOJ (Department of Justice) POST OFFICE 80 Post Office Corruption 81 Post Office Some Other Issues MVD 82 Motor Vehicle Division FCC 111 FCC (also under Corporate Corruption and Related Govt Agencies) page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 WHISTLEBLOWERS REAL AND ALLEGED 81 Whistleblowers-1 COMMENTS GENERAL INFORMATION/HISTORY WHISTLEBLOWERS* ORGANIZATIONS/SUPPORT ACTS LEGISLATION Black, Sandra Drake, Thomas Eastman, Gerald Edmonds, Sibel D. Ellsberg, Daniel Ginsburg, Edward Kwiatowski, Karen Kiriakou, John (see below) MacLean, Robert Manning, Bradley/Chelsea Rowley, Coleen Ruppert, Michael (under Conspiracies) Russo, Aaron (under conspiracies) Russo, Anthony Snepp, Frank Snowden, Edward Sterling, Jeffrey Stich, Rodney (under Conspiracies) Westmoreland Whitehurst 33 Whistle-2a-Snowden (also found under Surveillance) 34 Whistle-2b Snowden Links 35 Whistle-3a-John-Kiriakou FBI report, Court Case 36 Whistle-3b-John-Kiriakou Various Articles Start Here o Leaks Mild o Possible Courtroom Corruption Books or articles by Kiriakou Articles on Kiriakou 38 Whistle-3c Kiriakou Links 37 Whistle-3d Kiriakou Comments page sect. topic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 LEGISLATION Menus below Go directly to page: 341 Legislation1 342 Legislation2a China Bills More Info 344 Legislation3 345 Legislation4 Dates 340 LEGISLATION-1 BILLS BRIEF o Anti-Corruption Government o Borders o Immigration, Amnesty o China o Iran o Transgender o Reasonable Government Spending o Human Trafficking o Arms Trafficking o Cartels, TCOs o Terrorism o Cancel Culture o Mexico 342 LEGISLATION-2a CHINA Notes on Abbreviations o By Bill o By Date 2021 2020 o By Topic Maritime COVID-19 Infection Accountability Taiwan Chinese Theft Interference, Malign Influence Visa Issuance Research Human Rights Violations, Tyranny against Citizens MORE INFORMATION o Bills Anti-Corruption in Government Borders China Immigration, Amnesty Transgender Older Bills, Legislation Related to these topics o Political Leaders o Articles page sect. topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 RESOURCES 1) Media Alt Views, Owners, CEO’s, Lawsuits 2) Books 3) Articles Copies MEDIA - Alternative Views, Owners, CEO’s, Editors, Lawsuits by or against 40 Media-1 - alternative views, fake news, biases 41 Media-2 BOOKS This section came off an older River Gold dot arena. The gyst of the list is “compilation by topic”, and is not a “recommendations list” nor is it comprehensive. What is more, to be more complete and up-to-date, books that have since been added per sections on both previous River Gold entries and subsequently brought to PF, as well as newer PF entries, need to be incorporated into the list. However, it is a start. This is a way to see who and what is being written by experts in a given field linked to “trajectories”, the types of topics and lines of thinking found on PF. b 42 Books-1 43 Books-2 43 Articles Copies Menus 11 STATES Arizona See Overview2-Menus-Arizona Colorado Colorado Police Colorado Police Abuse and Information DEA DEA/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado DPS DPS/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) Other Corruption Colorado Corruption Issues (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) AGO AGO/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) Governor Colorado Governor (seen under BLM20-Governors) Polis - Democrat governor is gay -could be part of the LGBT/Leftist/Minority-BLM conspiracy against the USA? (Colorado Attorney General is Democrat Philip J. Weiser) Crime: Gangs, Cartels, Graffiti Links Summary Articles (Summary of listings with a little more detail) Gangs in Southern Colorado Mexican Restaurant/Food Service linked to Cartels… Articles (Summary of listings with a little more detail) AREAS: Southern Colorado Western Colorado Denver BOOKS WEBSITES/INFO (crime-fighting orgs, police groups, etc) Hawaii has been moved to Notes-Backlogs Hawaii Police Abuse and Information Oregon Oregon Police Abuse and Information New Mexico