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For example, the Islamic section might have Islam Extremism-specific pages listed at the top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MENU - MORE DETAIL PART TWO page topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 CARTELS 87 Cartels-1 General Jalisco La Santa Muerte MS-13 New Mexican mafia of Arizona Sinaloa Zetas La Familia Occult Religion Systems Approach The Puerto Rico connection in Alaska Smuggling Tunnels SNM (Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico) 88 Cartels-2 FARC FARC o Nov. 2020 article by Insight Crime Why Former FARC Fighters are Abandoning Colombia’s Reintegration Camps o FARC Colombia natives of American interdiction and alleged less punishment in USA contrasted w/crimes see NY TImes-2016/09/11 o List of Attacks attributed to FARC - See Wikipedia article Colombia and Cocaine: Cocaine production in Colombia - see Colombia Reports for good introduction Hezbollah and Latin America - see 89 Cartels-3 How to Stop 90 Cartels-4 Female Gang Members/Traffickers Female Smugglers/Traffickers Various Areas and Critiques of Female Gang Violence 18 Cartels-5 Tunnels - Smuggling 91 Cartels-6 Books 92 Cartels-7 Links List See also: States: New Mexico Crime Crime Various 90 Cybercrime page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 CASE STUDIES AND CONSPIRACIES Not investigative-level case studies , but involve some level of detail and focus 95 Kennedy Conspiracy Stories (also found under Crime-Case Studies-Kennedy) 96 Gary Webb (also under Case Studies) 97 John Lennon 98 Michael Ruppert (also under Whistleblowers-1) 99 Aaron Russo (saw conspiracy around the tax system while under attack for tax evasion and sick with cancer) 100 Rodney Stich 101 Psyops 102 British Ops -- Rothschilds, Pilgrims, British Royalty (ie WIndsor) Tavistock, Black Nobility, Female Illuminati, Agenda 2030 [Note from PF: In weaving a tale, it could of the craft to suck the reader into a fantasy akin to a dungeon That is, in calling this or that dark or black, and drawing a person into a minscape, the entity itself could be using metaphysical antics] Examples - websites: Pilgrims Female Illuminati Dr.%20John%20Coleman%20%28ex-MI6%20officer%20and%20whistle- blower%29%20reminds,they%20enjoyed%20being%20known%20for%20their%20black%20deeds. [extracted from Internet on July 16, 2021] Black Nobility refers to this at bottom of its home page: [extracted from Internet on July 16, 2021] Depopulation Agenda 2030 Note from PF: the pyramid chart on this is the same as on one or two of the above, indicating a possible same author] [extracted from Internet on July 16, 2021] 104 India Call Centers 105 Donmeh 106 Corsican Mafia 107 Greek Terrorism/Islam in Greece 108 Gypsy Crime 20 La Raza 109 Racetrack Corruption/Horse Drugging 110 Firefighter Arson 163 White Supremacy, Racial Divides also listed in the Terrorism section 109 Gangstalking Albuquerque 111 Gangstalking Tactics 244 USS Liberty 243 TWA 800 page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 CULTS Group Deviant Behavior - Religion or Rebellion gone foul 113 Cults-1 Introduction Cults and Brainwashing Summary of Links o Cults o Brainwashing Books Reports What Are Cults o Start Here-Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult o An Ex-Mormon gives her input on what a cult is and offers some good advice Some Cult Tendencies o Grooming Gangs o Few if Anyone is Immune - Manipulating, Tricky o Mind Control Techniques o High Demand Closed Group Brainwashing o Start Here o Zersetzung 114 Cults-2 Soka GakkaiLinks List Articles or Websites Resources List Selected Topics France rejects SGI as cult Japanese see SGI as terrorist group 115 Cults-3 Subud 116 Cults-4 Hare Krishna 117 Cults-5a Other Religious Cults: Mormons, Protestants, Adventists Mormon offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Mormonism o Mormon Cults, Cultist Elements or Sideshoots Mormon Sexual Abuse Catholic offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Catholicism Protestant offshoots Protestant offshoots o Quiverfull Movement o Dominionism Jehovah’s Witnesses Seventh Day Adventists 118 Cults-5b Other Religious Cults, cont: Catholics - Catholic Sexual Abuse, Offshoots Links List Books Videos Nuns o Abuse by Nuns o Abuse of Nuns Pennsylvania Horror Vatican Greed Mafia 119 Cults-6 Monarch, MK-ULTRA page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 CORPORATE CRIME, REGULATION AGENCIES LINKED TO IT 83 Anti-Trust 117 FCC (also under Government Corruption) 43 Insurance Company Corruption- Government Regulated, etc: CAR INSURANCE HEALTH INSURANCE: Blue Cross-Blue Shield Blue Shield COMMENTS 122 Cell Phones Note: Things change. An acquisition or merger might show in the works in the media, then fall apart. Articles listed here are often a moment in time; things could change. LINKS LIST ARTICLES LIST (MORE DETAIL) CELL PHONE COMPANIES* ISSUES (**more below) GOVT AGENCIES INVOLVED IN CELL PHONES COMMENTS * CELL PHONE COMPANIES TracFone (planned purchase of Tracfone by Verizon as of late 2020; Note from PF: TracFone has consistently over the years had a lot of Eastern Indians answering the phones in what often sounds like large busy calling centers in which you hear other agents talking to customers; recently in 2020 December, I heard a rooster in the background when talking to one East Indian sounding woman, as if she was fielding calls from home (perhaps because of COVID- 19 and new business practices. Because of this, please see East India Call Center corruption.) Brands In addition to its namesake product, TracFone Wireless offers products under the brands Clearway, GoSmart Mobile, NET10 Wireless, Page Plus Cellular, Safelink Wireless, SIMPLE Mobile, Straight Talk, Telcel América, Total Wireless, and Walmart Family Mobile. Nov 26 2019 Who Owns TracFone? (Before Verizon acquisition) Carlos Slim; allegedly associated with Carlos Salinas (planned purchase of Tracfone by Verizon as of late 2020) * ISSUES INVOLVING CELL PHONE COMPANIES Surveillance Tracking Tracking Customers Selling GPS locational data PRISM Hindering transfer to other cell phone companies Collusion Leaks Cult-Like Culture in some Corporations in general 123 Halliburton LINKS LIST ARTICLES SELECT TOPICS o Nigeria o Fracking o Deep Water 125 Unaoil 124 Food Systems Corporation Corruption, Issues Aviation Related Corporation Corruption (also found under Aviation) page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 BANKS Bank corruption Al Rajhi Bank Dubai Islamic Bank HSBC scandals Federal Reserve Bank corruption, issues Goldman Sachs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 CULTURE; POLITICAL THEORY OR RELATED 123 Transgender Problems 141 Strands of Interconnection (also as Psy-11) 13 Culture Reverse Discrimination in Work Place Discrimination Stereotyping Profiling -- Higgins Memo -- Fourth Political Theory -- Far Left: Latin American, Communist, Socialist -- Fascists page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 VOTING, ELECTORAL PROCESS 225 Electoral College Corruption and Issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS ACLU and Americans United 18 MILITARY CRIMINALITY 153 Military Criminality-1 Air Force 154 Military Criminality-2 Army 155 Military Criminality-3 Coast Guard, Navy, Military Schools 156 Military Criminality-4 Marines/Active Duty-War Zone-Stateside 157 Military Criminality-5 Veterans 158 Military Criminality-6 Overall Crime, Books, Commentary 159 Military Criminality-7 Summary of Internet Articles 160 Military Criminality-8 Fat Leonard (p. 1) 161 Military Criminality-9 Fat Leonard (p. 2) -- Torture - Senate Hearings page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 TERRORISM 34 9/11 Menu Topics List-9 162 Terrorism Introduction Brief LINKS LIST ORGANIZATIONS Fighting Terrorism TERRORISTS LIST o Most Dangerous NATIONALIST OR COMMUNIST IRAN o Hezbollah o Hamas SINGAPORE o Jemaah Islamiya 87 White Supremacy, Racial Divides (also found under Extremism) See also Greek Terrorism (Found under Case Studies) page section topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 ISLAM 37 Islam Menu Topics List-12 109 Danny Pearl Case - Journalist killed by Islamic criminals in Pakistan Other Countries, Political, Miscellaneous (News Sketches, Not Comprehensive) Afghanistan Israel, Jews in Various Countries or Contexts Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia List of Links North Korea 60 Far Left Latin America-Communist-Socialist 61 Ukraine Biden Also see Biden/Harris and Obama Bolsheviks Russian Topics - Brief (a Sketch) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 IRAQ 238 Iraq-I Invasion of Iraq and Beyond [Also under Iraq] 239 Iraq-2 US invasion of Iraq and beyond 240 Iraq-3 pre-2003 weapons chemical buildup 241 Iraq-4 links list --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 AFGHANISTAN Afghan Sexual Abuse 22 BY STATE - CRIME NEW MEXICO New Mexico sex offender list Drugs - New Mexico with some Arizona and Navajo Reservation AREAS Alamagordo Albuquerque Anthony Artesia Aztec - also see San Juan County Belen Bernalillo County Bloomfield - also see San Juan County Carlsbad Chama Chamita Chaparral Chimayo Cimarron Clovis Cordova Deming Espanola Farmington - also see San Juan County Fruitland-also see San Juan County Gallup Grants Hatch Hobbs Jemez Valley Jemez Springs Kirtland - also see San Juan County La Luz Las Cruces Las Vegas Los Lunas Medanales Moriarty Otero County/Southern NM Portales Raton Rio Rancho Roswell San Juan County Santa Fe Silver City Socorro Taos Tijeras T or C Tucumcari Tularosa Apache-Jicarilla Apache-Mescalero Laguna Pueblo Navajo Reservation San Juan Pueblo Zuni New Mexico Drugs Detail Part 1 A - G New Mexico Drugs Detail Part 2 I - Z New Mexico Drugs Enforcement New Mexico Drugs New Mexico Drugs New Mexico Drugs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MILITARY o See Iraq; Afganistan Military Related Topics Active Duty Assigments and Veterans Issues; Military Criminality Stateside and Abroad 81 Military Index of Section Military Criminality Iraq see below Afghanistan see below Things gone awry USS Cole USS Liberty TWA 800 Extortion 17 THINGS HAPPENING TO SHIPS OR PLANES WITH MILITARY CONNECTION 124 USS Liberty TWA 800 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HISTORY Nazis Is King George Back? Early Genocides, Roots of Nazis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTREMISTS -- White Supremacy, Racial Divides (also found under Terrorism) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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