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NOTES SECTION 1 News/History Highlights 2-Personal Comments (here) COVID-19 Backlogs o Most Recent Backlog-32 Notes-Personal April 2021 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES PERSONAL 2021/05/09 Warning about 9/11 material added to: 9/11-8 Start Here 9/11 Kristen Breitweiser/UAE . If real, Good Start on 9/11. If No Planes, some or all survivors of Twin Towers plane crash victims could could be operatives, keep in mind when reading over 9/11-8; the trail of coverups could include media used to back up story; find some photos of Kristen and look closely at her eyes. If bombs blew up WTC 3 buildings, some plane victims might not exist or were taken elsewhere, and relatives of the deceased might be a mix of real and not not real. Breitweiser’s articles list uses a lot of media outlets that have been considered suspect (Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) On first glance a grieving widow has gone the extra mile in research on how and why her deceased and beloved husband expired in 9/11 and the material is insightful and useful which is why 9/11-8 was created today, it lists her resources on the UAE article: Huffpost 2017/09/14 UAE: Financial and Transit Hub of 9/11 Terror. Kristen Breitweiser 2021/05/06-07 Personal input on masks, relates to Notes-News for this date. The point behind addiing alternative views on masks is that we need to question things and not accept them point blank. Many of the points about masks are worth listening to. I started feeling almost immediately that something was off about the whole COVID-19 thing, as well as the masks. There were two concerns right off the bat. First: “The Germ Bank.” The feeling the masks were incubators of bacteria and other things. Within moments of usage, stuff from self and from surroundings can grow rapidly in the moisture stream from mouth and nose inside the concentrated area of the mask up against the face. Second, the suspicion masks did not adequately filter very tiny things like viruses. On the HEPA air filters said to filter in the .125 micron range sufficient for COVID-19 viral exclusion, my instinct is that although this might be true under ideal circumstances, certain variables might reduce the overall efficiency. However, as we move along and read more, many different ideas develop as well as new insights from ongoingresearch. see Notes-News 2021-05-07
CURRENT NOTES-PERSONAL (here) 2021/05/09 Warning 9/11 material 2021/05/06-07 Personal input on masks, relates to Notes-News for this date.
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