IN THIS SECTION Meaning of Christmas (2019/12/28-29) 2019/12/10-12 2019/12/05, added from 11/22 2019/12/04 added from 11/22 2010/11/22;see also added content on 12/4-5; The challenge of being disabled, like working with one arm/hand; an ad for a zipper/jacket for no or lowered hand capability (2019/11/21); 2019/11/16; 2019/11/15; Happy Veteran’s Day (2019/11/11); 2019/11/05 The Repeated Them: The Braid/Twine - Strands of Connectivity for both good and ill mutual endeavors; Brief reference to additions to NM Hebbe material (2019/11/03-04); Steve Hebbe and related material (2019/11/01-02); 2019/10/20-21; 2019/10/11; 2019/10/09-11 some editing 10/11 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/12/28-29 Happy Holiday Season For many in the United States, Christmas is about Christ, finding the Christ in Christmas. For others of different faiths or approaches, it is a time of traditional celebration. Despite the best of intentions by the nation at large, many people find themselves alone, working all day or at graveyard shifts. Others are in the hospital, old people’s homes or facing a serious injury or illness. It can be a time of joy, but it also can be one of depression and sorrow for some. Feelings of suicide might intensify when the sense of loneliness or hopelessness gets to be too much. There can be increased thefts as people who feel themselves left out of the Christmas bounty, or without money to buy gifts for others, take extra risks in stores and elsewhere. The divide between the haves and have nots might become more pronounced. Increased police undercover operations involving prevention of store theft and road DUIs abound across town. Many want to stay focused on the love and spiritual aspects, to put aside the depressing stories for awhile, to give the time sacred space. Since ancient times, there have been the poor and homeless, often living in crowded ghettos or begging on the streets. With each modern generation, new eyes and ears look in on the problems, make observations and suggestions for improvement. They try to help by creating new laws, shelters or programs for the poor. Yet the problem continues. River Gold has tried to take a look at these issues from various angles. By suggesting a variety of platforms from which to spring long-term changes in society, the idea is to set the pace for a more loving, nurturing and nurtured society. There are no easy answers, and it seems the more idealistic ones open the door for tyranny and even greater hardships, despite the best of original intentions. Among the suggestions are those of reduced population numbers, so as to allow for more quality time spent on fewer people. Less people also means less competition for jobs and resources, as well as less geographic sprawl and environmental destruction. Although the USA has less population growth than many other countries, we still run into people with five to seven kids. We find religious groups putting up flack over women’s right to birth control. There are people who think women should let men and the churches handle their reproductive rights. We need to move past this by encouraging everyone to be responsible in keeping child births down. The other suggestions cover treatment of humans during the child raising years. Being mean to our kids will create mean adults with emotional problems. Sexual abuse can lend itself to later sexual abuse of others and dysfunction. Both males and females can suffer from abuse from either males or females. Males can find themselves objects of various forms of predation from both males and females, just like females. River Gold, put together by a woman, suggests we often don’t give our males enough credit for the intensity of their experiences, feelings and needs, as women are often seen as the ones with emotionality. Males often have a very active feeling nature. Beyond the application of physical meanness, cruelty can include the lack of extra care; unnecessary strictness and harshness can create people devoid of empathy and compassion for others. Topics along these lines also include saying no to torture and animal or human sacrifices. Torture can include direct physicality, but also deprivation, like isolation chambers. No matter which religion or belief system you adhere to, it seems the focus should be on combining realism with kindly and meaningful relationships for mutual support and trust. You can feed and water the monkey in the cage, but if he does not have living touch, he will suffer emotionally. Consider that love is eternal, true for all spiritual paths, based on will, intent and aligning with something higher than ourselves. Not an advertisement - for information purposes only for veterans and others with lost hands/arms: 2013 article - fast company dot com - Ingenious zipper lets you zip with one hand Note: notice how much repeated effort, largely through trial and error, went into the study of this invention. In trying to find an example of something with the magzip zipper, I found this item on Amazon, but there are likely other products - not just on Amazon, or not just this one brand. Amazon - a light jacket with “magzip” zipper f=sr_1_15?dchild=1&hvadid=78615133127590&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&keywords=magzip&qid=1573496011&sr= 8-15 2019/11/05 The Repeated Theme added to Backlog 2019/11/05 The Braid or Twisted Twine in River Gold Strands of Interconnectivity for Both Bood or Ill From Wikipedia: A rope is a group of yarns, plies, fibers or strands that are twisted or braided together into a larger and stronger form. Ropes have tensile strength and so can be used for dragging and lifting. Rope is thicker and stronger than similarly constructed cord, string, and twine. You will find the subject of race comes up a good deal here. It is a complex subject. Consider a braided rope in which each strand is a different race, orientation, loyalty or financial source. When it is a braid of races, you can see how different ones can work together as a unit much of the time or at least some of the time. In addition, there can be mixed races in one person; for example, in the state of New Mexico, it is entirely possible to be dealing with a person who has a Caucasian, Mexican and Native American genetic heritage. This person might lean toward one or two cultural tendencies, depending on how he was raised in the home, which language was spoken and whether certain religious groups had an influence. In one example, Hispanic, tribal and largely fair-skinned Caucasian (white-white) persons work together to get heroine into the United States for a mutual profit. Along the way, there can be a particular racial theme adding influence and tendencies to the overall pattern, depending on who is most involved and/or in charge. There can be muting of other racial tendencies as one group or another gains dominance. For example, in certain regions of the production/sale network, things might be more Hispanic; in other parts, it might be more tribal or Anglo. In other areas, a corrupt “white guy thing” can see strange things like neo-Nazi racism, even if these groups are working with “down south” Mexican or Latino drug sales operations. Another form of white influence might be certain American military leaders who used to be legitimate, but who have emotionally detached from loyalty to the United States to the point their coldness and aloofness becomes its own kind of banner. Their reasons might be the idea that military people are used like cogs in a wheel or as fodder; that they don’t get paid enough for what they have to go through in war; they don’t like people telling them what to do and want to be in charge of the show themselves; they learned the trade of drug sales from earlier military operations and continued with that habit. Another motive for some might be that they they tell themselves they are tired of the rest of the United States being what they refer to as mindless sheep - people they see as being asleep, dull, wasteful, non- disciplined and sloppy, crude and largely consumers and not producers. Such white leaders might be giving non-white groups special privileges - like Hispanics - because they are disgusted with other whites; as such, certain Hispanics might say to themselves “Well, your bosses want us to take over in these places now because you were bad boys and girls.” Can you see that whites can do other whites in, whether in the above scenario, or some other one? And along any part of the braided network, we can see certain strands of religious quirks and full blown extremism and which add to the complexity of the behaviors and crimes. You will see on the sister website up in the title area in the upper left corner and on every page of River Gold a braided strand (under the title) looking like a golden river streak. If you look closely, it is actually deliberately a braided rope posing as a river. This same braided rope is kept here at Police Factor, but turned blue to reflect the police and military world being discussed. This subtle braid also reflects on the unity of purpose in a positive way when various groups decide to put aside their differences and cooperate toward a common goal. At a deeper level, it also reflects the way DNA strands bring together different elements into a three-dimensional twisting ladder-like whirl, a kind of braided rope in and of itself. In doing anti-cartel investigations and those studying police and military related crimes, we remember that things can either be simple and direct (obvious as what you see is what you get), or multifaceted with a number of players - including people we might not normally think of as heroine, meth or cocaine dealers or users - we can go further. One theme that keeps coming up is that certain white guy church members acting like or thought of as pillars of the community are supplementing their incomes with drug sales, or are keeping up that high energy fake smiley face by using uppers. 2019/11/01-02 2019/11/03-04 (See also most recent notes-2019/11/01-02: Steve Hebbe - Part of that section moved here to Personal Notes Reference: Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe and Blaylock Material (in Steve Hebbe section) Steve Hebbe - Part of that section moved here to Personal Notes (here) Reference: Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe and Blaylock Material (in Steve Hebbe section) Understand that much of the Hebbe related material has been removed for revising and editing. In the meantime, consider these main points: While I was going over the Steve Hebbe (Chief in Farmington, NM) material, psychical material came up. It was above my normal range, as if given a boost. What came up was very disturbing. It might or might not be related to Hebbe directly. If it is connected, I would consider the following: cocaine or other drug usage: have all police chiefs and other police leaders in the state of New Mexico checked regularly for drugs. Drug tests should be: intermittent; performed by different departments and people to avoid corruption in the ranks and in any given arena; spontaneous; of high quality. I would also consider thief and drug networks involving police persons connected to certain members of the public, with Army National Guard and veteran groups, as well as tribal and Hispanic ones, on high radar. Side Note As a side note, no matter whether we are dealing with this particular issue or not, always consider the possibility Civil Rights groups have decades-old tendencies for: making money with the help of cartels (drug networks, etc); anti-American agendas; faking evidence, making false statements in lawsuits, getting “players” to go along with these false statements and accusations, pulling strings, buying people off, bullying, killing witnesses, etc. As part of this, go back over old Civil Rights related lawsuits in the state of New Mexico to try to identify those that might be linked to mafia types of groups. Although police officers and leaders can and do make mistakes and can be abusive along racial lines, we need to consider a long-term tendency for mafia groups to pull a number of antics to create high ticket lawsuits to make money. In addition, racially and/or religiously driven non-whites from other countries can be working with the same in this country to try to “make whites look bad” or specifically “white Christians.” As such, this is another type of racket not receiving enough attention in the state of New Mexico because of the large number of non-white persons living in the state (Hispanics and tribes). In addition, the racket could include a highly planned goal of tenderizing an area to make it more vulnerable for further intrusions, infiltrations and take-overs of players. Tenderizing might have certain common start-up points, like blowing people up in public areas using some kind of vulnerable host or another. Using this incident as an excuse or otherwise opportunity to move other players in along racial, religious or sectarian lines, plan to look for a change in the area along certain lines after that. This in turn can be thought of as area shape-shifting which can include removing whites (fair-skinned Caucasians) and “normal” people (stable family groups keeping the area clean of gangs, etc.) with cartel-driven and vulnerable types. This can include anti-American agendas, like tribes and Hispanic groups wanting to get their lands back from history. But it also can include non-American groups tweaking and manipulating natural citizens for their own anti-American agendas. Tribal groups, for example, can be and often are targeted by cartels. Back to the Hebbe section The material came up while reading up on an older Alaska Army National Guard scandal and seeing that APD was connected. For clarification, the Anchorage Police Department is referred to as APD as is the Albuquerque Police Department, so keep the two separate in your mind. Obviously, when talking about Alaska, APD refers to the Anchorage Department. See how both the Guard and APD were involved, both in the sense police people were current or former Guard members, but also because the department was involved in investigating the scandal. So far, I have not seen anything directly relating Chief Steve Hebbe to the corruption in the Guard or APD. The main points that came up in the psychical material are at once vague and more specific than I usually get in some ways. I am getting a little more detail in this than I normally receive. But it is still not enough detail to point to a specific person, house, city or housing subdivision. To possibly correlate, we would have to go at it differently, from the back end. The main points include a possible large nice custom home at a lake front or near it; with access to it from an opposite shore using a small boat, or otherwise with the boat used back and forth across the lake from or near the house. If the boat is used to access the property over the lake, a person might be dropped off at that end. The boat might be owned or rented. There was a feeling of maybe a vehicle parked in a garage and driven at night with headlights seen in one brief vision. There is a feeling a male has recently been in the house and was there secretly, with others generally thinking he is in another area of the country. There is the feeling he has not been in it regularly for awhile, and that it might have been his first main residence but that now it is a vacation or retirement home, something to be used upon retirement. There is the feeling he has been away for awhile but staying in it recently without many people knowing he is there, so furniture might be covered or dusty, there might not be too much food in the house and so on, things like that, a generally kind of cold and unoccupied feeling to the house, like it had been sitting awhile. There is a feeling he had a meeting with a woman there, maybe connected to real estate, aviation or media or a combination of these in some way. There also was a feeling of aviation in the air, like someone or something in this is connected to aviation. Several possibilities came up: commercial companies like Alaska Air; private pilot license and small private plane usage; and someone who works as a pilot or hostess, etc. in a commercial company. There was also the feeling a small plane or helicopter might have brought the man to this area, or that he himself is a licensed pilot. The housing area feels relatively unpopulated and woodsy near a lake; although it is conceivable that there are houses on either side of this one in the vision, either small or large, the house’s large custom feeling lends itself to the feeling of the area, as if there might others like this in the area but with the homes fairly far apart. I first suggested a resort but later felt maybe it’s an area with similarly styled houses scattered around the lake. I am not getting imagery on anything around the house and don’t see the house that well; it’s more of a vibe or feeling about it and its setting. There is the feeling that the woman might have tried to have a money deal with the man in the house; that he became angry and might have killed her; the feeling is it might have been hands on and aggressive like a strangling. A feeling that either the boat or the vehicle might have something to do with where she might have been taken afterward. My first assumption was she was dead already and that the emergency was over in that regard; I could be wrong about that. I don’t have a lot more to say on this about the man; he might hunt and fish in the lake and region. He might have a tribal connection in some way; he might be one to hide or destroy evidence upon provocation. The man himself might be in danger from yet another element in his connections. I have the feeling if he dies, we might lose useful information that could otherwise come from him, in addition what he might have done with any evidence he had tried to fully destroy (this would even include burials or ashes from a burning or shredded papers, etc, etc). Beyond this, going back to the Alaska Army National Guard material, I want people to hone in on the Blaylock whistleblowing material right off the bat and get familiar with that. No matter which whistleblower, people always need to check out the whistleblower, Blaylock of course no exception to that. But in the process, study his material carefully. Also go over the various insertions I have already placed in Steve Hebbe’s section on this website in the New Mexico Police Information and Abuses Section. Much of that does not seem to relate to him directly but will be kept there as a precaution. As mentioned elsewhere, Hebbe was one who was in both APD and the Guard; this should put any investigator worth his salt on alert. Pay attention to Blaylock’s list of actual or possible victims, including Michelle. Notice how a family member says he does not trust anyone connected to her situation. Pay attention to the fact Blaylock himself died a few years later; this information is also in the Hebbe material. I have had psychic feelings he might have been exposed to something detrimental on one of the base divisions, most likely seeming the aviation one. It could be chemical, biochemical or such. The other feeling beyond that he might have been sick from that is the possibility of foul play. Whatever the case may be, I feel we should be on alert about the full range of possibilities regarding the reasons for his demise. Please recognize his whistleblowing seems to be coming from a higher level of intelligence and perception; it is of a better quality in span and depth. Realize he might have been trying to deal with this mostly alone. I believe he had been a Navy Seabee which might have lent to his capabilities in this matter. He was probably trying to protect himself while also helping others; it looks like his source of income was being challenged in the sense he wanted to move from R and R because of corruption there and might have experienced retaliation for that. Rape victims appear to have been coming to him for help. My feeling in going over this material - disturbing vibes - is that full caution must be used as the people involved are jumpy and potentially dangerous. In addition, I feel they would destroy or hide evidence. I have asked people to jump in and study this. One thing to watch for are plane ticket receipts back and forth to Alaska; possible signs of a real estate transaction trying to sell the property quietly; people in media in that area who also double in other occupations; aviation related people who also double in other occupations, and such. Keep in mind the Guard problems included rapes and possible homicides; drug sales involving Puerto Rico and colombia; a group called La Familia; a fake military division (see Blaylock); a compromised military division, and much more. 2019/10/20-21-22 Chris Oskins, previously an officer in Questa, New Mexico: an older video clip and some links have been added to his NM Police Issues/Information insert. I have suggested the material as a composite is a teaching tool for both police persons and the public alike. My thinking on this is that the frog pantomime video and a related link to a real or faked “good cop” news clip showing the actual incident bring us right into the middle of both sides of the policing/public situation. The frog pantomime, although sexually graphic and emotionally charged, gives a pretty good view of the worst case situation involving a member of the public dealing with a bad cop. On the other hand, the linked good cop clip also provides a nice view of the way things are done when they are done right against great odds when a member of the public is difficult, guilty and/or dangerous. We can sense how an innocent pat down could be misconstrued in the hands of liars, and how one single patrol officer can be out-numbered. We can also see how he could be vulnerable to a sneak attack, as in the case of the shovel being pulled out. This video is a further reminder to police officers the various vulnerable points of being alone when pulling potentially difficult members of the public over while alone with them out somewhere away from backup support. The frog pantomime displays psychological nuances that might not be there otherwise, even in a “real world” clip. We feel things, we sense things, that suggest that the situation might have indeed been a bad cop scenario involving rape and beatings. On the other hand, the good cop news clip shows us clearly how certain racial groups can be difficult in their own way with a white cop or a mixed race cop who seems largely white, or of the more western US institution. In the case in particular, the two Hispanics are obnoxious, difficult, back talking, and ultimately dangerous for pulling out a shovel at the back of their Ford truck. White police officers (or racial mixes thereof), often in Hispanic dominated (or Hispanic and tribal) police departments and communities, can find themselves “Odd Man Out” in such a way they are dealing with difficult people who don’t see them as “one of us.” They can deal with a variety of covert and overt activities against them. In addition, any officer of any racial background can be considered a member of the United States institution, and thus a threat to non-white groups who have intense feelings against the United States. You can be dealing with non-white thugs who are difficult in the first place as criminals, but can be additionally difficult because added to that are hostile feelings toward the United States and anyone associated with that institution. So you can have both forms of antagonism directed at you as a police officer in the state of New Mexico, making one’s job potentially very stressful and hard to maintain one’s calm, sense of dignity and personal self worth. My feeling for the possible victims is that one of them is behind the frog pantomime video and might have at least back in 2000 suffered from psychological anxiety, perhaps PTSD or something similar, because the emotion I feel in his voice suggests to me that something happened that impacted him personally very badly. If this speaker is one of the victims, perhaps if he did not receive therapy it could have long-term ramifications. There can be frustration when someone has been victimized and their story is not fully heard or responded to effectively in both the public and authority forum. When justice is not fully served for one’s victimization, it can keep things from finding closure in one’s spirit. On the other hand, if something additional happened that is outside our view given the limited range of evidence provided so far, we need to investigate these possibilities, even if we are not fully sure at this point of all that is possible. Either of these situations - bad cop/victimized public or good cop/dangerous public can happen in the real world of policing. In addition, the composite of material - not complete on Oskins or the situation by any stretch of the imagination - already offer a glimpse into the possible complexities of what might be a long-term issue going back in time but also following the person to the Phoenix area where he at least most recently resided. If, as is suggested by the frog pantomime video, Oskins raped and beat, why wasn’t he more formally brought to justice? Did he receive a swat on the hand before being sent on his way, which in this case allowed him to become an officer in the Phoenix area, open a consulting business, and possibly be found in other capacities related to police work? If the material is wrong, what can we do to help clear this officer’s name? Old news clips, some which might be more legitimate than the link provided with the frog pantomime resubmitted in 2011 and used here, need to be run down. Old news articles in Taos, Santa Fe and beyond need to be recovered. Court cases, if any, need to be found. Because I picked up something in all this which might indicate a Hispanic Catholic priest sexual abuse link, including images and feelings around a shovel and an eerie burial, I would look into whether Oskins or anyone connected to the case, including the two suspects/possible victims, might be connected to that, especially since the two Hispanics had a shovel. However, it might be unrelated to this case and more about Questa area Hispanic priest sexual abuse material in general. I would just check it out about Oskins to be safe, given the vibes. Summary: In terms of countering crime in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, we need further tri-state cooperation with the outer regions of Texas and California, two larger states which bring in their own forms of crime and which have unique peculiarities requiring specialists in each of those states. We need to see increased expertise (specializations) in these two areas: gambling and horse racing The corruption involving organized crime in these two arenas can seem daunting to the average policing official, but many police persons do realize much of the crime in the state can be linked to these arenas. Closely tied to these worlds are drug usage and dealing among the rich networked family members involved with them. As mentioned previously, although New Mexico is largely inhabited and controlled by Hispanic and tribal groups, we must not forget the Italian portion of the corrupt mafia systems. Italian and related types of mafias usually get attention in other areas of the country and the world, but it needs attention in at least New Mexico and Arizona, as well. This is truly a hidden shadow group defying detection and adequate policing responses. With all of the material and experts on organized crime, we are still finding ourselves feeling like we are scooping water in a sinking boat. Something radically different needs to occur in our approaches to these matters. We need to continue with what we are doing right and what works, but we need to tweak this to a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency, while still retaining our sense of honor and dignity as Americans. A high quality policing system is not a vigilante system filled with abuses and corruption, but articulates well with the judicial, prison and reform systems in such a way we see break-throughs in our response to organized crime. Sometimes it can feel like pushing a boulder uphill as well as dealing with a leaky boat. With the right attitude and resources we can not only “put a bite out of crime” - we can actually largely stop it in our respective areas. Like so much else in life, it is largely the attitude and morale which defines our ability to do something. We must not assume just because something has been difficult for years, it never can be handled and fixed right today. With new energy, insights and approaches, anything is possible. Many people feel daunted by the large economic power of the cartels. With so much money at their disposal, police systems can feel beaten before they begin. With so many antics playing out in the Southwest, linked to those played out nationally and globally by Islamic extremists, Russians, Chinese and other groups vying for dominance and attention, we can feel overwhelmed. Dealing with these issues requires high energy and dedication. It also requires working in teams, as many task forces realize all too well. Overcoming prison gangs in New Mexico (after decades of misery from the effects of their severe criminal impacts) has relied on such task forces to get the job done. Morale and high energy are needed, as well as a commitment to cultural transformation breaking up the tendency to “think like gangmembers.” That is, when people see themselves as marginalized and filled with anti- American hatred, countering such widespread cultural problems will require a new ways of looking at crime. If in New Mexico some of our police people themselves are anti-American, we cannot get a whole lot done regarding border issues and countering “the brothers.” If people in the police force want an Old historic Mexico border line back, we can have two entirely different groups fighting each other in the police force in the state. This of course only adds to the havoc. In these matters, it is important to know who you are where you stand. Police Factor has made it clear where it stands. Mexico and Mexican culture are not the answer to eliminate cartels, drugs, civil rights/human rights abuses, domestic violence against women, and much more. Where the Hispanics dominate there is always corruption and a downward state. The culture is not imparting itself to the dignity of mankind over the long run. Although the emotionalism seen during state over-turns talks a good game each time, in the long run the revolutionary charge dissipates into chaos and severe corruption. That is, after each and every rebellion, the states return to barbarism and corruption. It is time to make major changes in what it means to be Hispanic. And so that is why the Hispanic victims always come north to the USA - to get out of the mess each and every one of their revolutions have left behind. Trump comes to New Mexico and speaks; he sounds bigoted and course, overly simplistic and uneducated, in telling the Hispanics what they are doing wrong. We immediately stop listening as soon as he opens his mouth. I stopped listening a long time ago, before he was elected, and as mentioned before, I did not vote for him, feeling he was a course cud. However, despite everything, going back over Trump’s material and really listening, some of it actually makes sense and correlates with our concerns about culture-related corruption. Whereas we don’t want to support the abuses of a Trump Tower world, which is just as bad in its own way and likely linked to Russian mafias and twisted Old World white royalty lineages, some of what Trump says applies to our policing concerns. It has to do with how certain cultures act as feeding grounds for cartels and other forms of tyranny. Despite all the bashing of the American system, it has been the best in the world for keeping better order and legally based fair people for all its citizens. Many of the people who want to tear it down are very jealous of that better image and way and are doing everything in their power to smear it. Whereas many whites are corrupt, too, and there never has been any denial of this on Police Factor, we have to get real about the fact certain cultures plainly encourage a seeding ground for tyranny. Largely we deal with denial of these facts in our efforts to try to get people to be honest with themselves in these matters. Denial that their culture has a problem and that it is not just about discrimination or culture shock to say that. The Trump supporters are going to have to find new ground, new footing. By taking the best of their core concerns, they will need to start working with strong liberal women, gays and non-religious fundamentalists to save America from the cartels and the tyrants. Retaining religious views and ways, they can still work with the rest of us. 2019/10/11 Keep on radar: Somali in Minnesota. Somali in banks centered in Minnesota especially the two key cities. Somali with ties to anti-American agendas, Islamic extremism, immigrants acting like colonists in the USA, not like real American citizens supporting the country. A number of “far right” groups have this Somali issue on their radar, as well, and one of them is who brought this to my attention. I suspect having a large group of Somali in the country centered in Minnesota’s two major cities is a major security threat and any banks or corporations centered in that area of the country should be on our radar as possibly compromised. Another area of the country I am directly familiar with has seen a major demographics shift in a short period of time, as well, but for other reasons. The Somali largely came over in the 1990s as immigrants during hard times in their own country. This means that some members of the group might have been with us for almost 30 years. They have had a link to Wells Fargo. My warning bells went off over such things again recently because of a bank I am dealing with whose central offices are in Minnesota. The major twin cities of Minnesota should be considered likely compromised and any activity coming out of that region possibly tainted, as well - it is best to be on alert about such things. Compromised banking and credit card settings should be top-of-mind awareness for all Americans today. Compromised in terms of who is manning the operations and handling the day-to-day paper flow. However, what we have to be aware of us is they bring more over and they tend to not integrate with the USA but to become populations unto themselves. Many are Islamic, some of whom are Sharia based Islamic extremists, and yet again some of whom are actual terrorists. They can be a threat when entering financial institutions or other security sensitive areas. The other thing I want to add is that I have had some success as a white person dealing with blacks and Hispanics over the phone. In an interesting reversal of an earlier concern voiced about either or both category, I must add there are times some members of these races come in like “one of us.” When you hear and feel that over the phone and in person, it’s “Bingo.” Bingo means that the idea of “universality of sincerity” and “we are all on the same page” has kicked in. This means we have transcended our racial differences and are engaging as mutual human beings. For example, one way this could happen in another example would be the following: a Hispanic woman from Mexico has been in the United States for thirty years, naturalized as a full citizen. She deals with other women as equals, no matter their race, in empathy for what men do to women. She was brutally raped repeatedly by several men in her life in and out of the household over a course of several years in her twenties and thirties in Mexico before immigrating to the USA. She goes around with a sense of “us together” when talking to other women, including white women. You can literally feel it when you are in the room with her talking together. In addition, you will feel this same sort of bond between a black woman and a white woman where there is a sense of empathy. Issues of race alone are transcended. It’s the human condition that is felt by both parties. This is not to say similar cross-racial empathies cannot occur between man and woman. The can and do occur. But I have often felt this from certain non-white women when they handle my concerns, so we need to give credit where it is due. not all racial issues are of conflict and competition. Sometimes another race steps in for a white and just knocks your socks off on how helpful and honest they are in your regard. Whites who are worried about this sort of thing need to bridge their differences over religion and politics and start finding new footing. Extremist, paranoid and strange sounding websites are not the solution, nor is going around shooting people in public areas. Violence and paranoia don’t last for the long haul. More stable responses and counter-measures are needed at this time. Old school FBI agents concerned about national security are needed at this time. 2019/10/09-11 some editing 10/11 Added 10/10: Private/Public Space for Crimes and Entrapment - an extension of a similar subject in the Watch for Antics section: When we are around a certain character type with this kind of sexual abuse past, there might be the tendency to try to bring the person to a private area and also a tendency to entrap. It has a certain vibe to it. The private area might be still fairly public but a place of habituated abuse, because part of this issue leans on habit. There is the feeling in the would-be perpetrator to take the expected victim to the side, to the back, to a hidden or small room….it is part of an almost ritualistic habit. The peculiarity includes a sense of “jumping” associated with entrapment, and the entrapment includes a ritualistic/habitual tendency to get the intended victim to a real physical “other” space but also into a psychologically understood space not so far from the original encounter. This psychological space could be a lair provided by other attackers, a center space designed to attack a victim in a “surround sound” style of victimization. In this case, the human attackers create a central area which might somewhat mirror an actual physically hidden and removed space in the above example. The lair becomes a replacement for the hidden space. The center of the lair and the hidden room have similar ramifications. Gain the sense or feeling of these matters intuitively. Understand the issues of ritualism and habit here. Get a feeling for the rhythm, the underlying psychological tendencies. Earlier material from 10/9; there has been a little editing here on 10/10:Changes to notes: down to two sections now. #2 will be the spot for a few personal notes here and there. Backlogs will go on River Gold later. This eliminates #3, 4, 4a, etc. which was cluttering things up and distracting from focus and purpose. So Notes 1 is news/history and contextual materials like letters from others of political or policing interest, and Notes 2 is about personal notes here and there, intermittent and brief. Some old material is on this page, but starting today, 2019/10/09 things started going into focus on this. Concerns about chiefs and sheriffs in New Mexico:Use the New Mexico Quick list table to look over and find the chiefs and sheriffs who have been arrested and such in New Mexico. Several indications of severe problems among too many of our policing leaders - chiefs and sheriffs. Investigating these issues, we must go about our research with at least two frames of mind. First, we must consider issues of national, state and local security. There is the possibility that we are dealing with cartels messing with our police leaders and the media giving us the news about them - that we are in some kind of skewed zone of influence interfering with fact finding and reporting. We can ask if they were or are being targeted by cartels and/or international anti-American groups bent on taking out the USA. We can ask if white sheriffs are being targeted in certain ways in Hispanic/tribal/non-white dominated New Mexico. On the other hand, we can ask if anyone basically honest and real in police management, no matter their race or cultural background, is at higher risk for such targeting. Second, we must consider that we are dealing with widespread corruption among our police leaders - corruption that is systemic or personal. Some of the news stories on these leaders fall from grace are truly dismal and far too constant to ignore.
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