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Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH-4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki/United_States_Army_Border_Air_Patrol See more in History discussion: Early Border History
--------------------------------------------------------- NOTES NEWS, BLOGS, OPINIONS, LETTERS, POLITICAL LEADER STATEMENTS/IDEAS 2021/05/12 2021/05/05 general letter from La Plata County Republicans Durango CJ’s Diner held out and won lawsuit La Plata County Republicans... GREAT NEWS!! The Civil case brought against CJ's Diner by SJBPH has been dropped! We all know the case against Jerry Martinez and his restaurant was unjust, and finally the judge has agreed. See moe: Former Afghan veteran - politician warning not to stop work over Afghanistan [yellow hilites PF’s] Washington Examiner 2021/05/04 A candid conversation with Mike Waltz, Congress’s only combat-decorated Green Beret. By Jamie McIntyre waltz-congresss-only-combat-decorated-green-beret Excerpts: Important points from the Washington Examiner, Mike Waltz article waltz-congresss-only-combat-decorated-green-beret Seeing that — the global war on terror from the White House, from the Pentagon, from multiple tours out on the ground — was really fascinating and illuminating. It made me fully appreciate that we are in a generational fight against Islamic extremism. Just as we have fought for generations against communism, we fought for generations against fascism. This is truly a war of ideas and ideology. I saw that from every level. Look, what's the only country in the world where we currently have a base that physically borders China? It's Afghanistan. It's Bagram Air Base. Why would we give that territory up if we are preparing as a nation and as a military for a possible confrontation with China? ...Well, absolutely. You're seeing some parsing from President [Ashraf] Ghani because on the one hand, he wanted us to stay, but he would have preferred for us just to leave cleanly rather than to force him into a power- sharing agreement with the Taliban, which is exactly what Ambassador [Zalmay] Khalilzad was doing. ...To look at it from former President Trump's perspective: Over the two decades that we've been in Afghanistan, we've lost 2,488 lives, with another 20,722 wounded. According to the Pentagon, we’ve spent $825 billion. Some people say it's more. If we don't leave now, when does it end? Waltz: When America can no longer be threatened by half the world's terrorist organizations sitting along the Afghan-Pakistani border. I just think that it ends when we win this war against the ideology. This problem will follow us home. The intelligence community is crystal clear that these groups will resurge in a vacuum, do intend to attack the west in the United States again. ...Washington Examiner: A few weeks ago, you raised concerns with the superintendent at West Point about mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion training at the U.S. military academy, which you said included seminars that were “inflammatory and detrimental to the mission and morale of the Army.” Explain your concerns. Waltz: Cadets, soldiers, and families at West Point that were sending me copies of seminars that they were being required to attend, one of which was titled, “How to Deal with your White Rage.” Another was, “How to Contend with your Whiteness.“ They attended a seminar led by a female lieutenant colonel, a mandatory seminar, who talked about how she became aware of her white privilege. I find that incredibly destructive to morale as evidenced by these very upset families, some of whom were relatives of law enforcement officers and first responders. I can't imagine, in a combat environment, if I'm ordering a Green Beret to go charge the machine gun and he's wondering in the back of his mind, 'Am I doing that because he's black?' Or you have other white soldiers that have been told they should encompass their white guilt for past sins. I think that's incredibly disruptive. Washington Examiner: Based on your more than two decades of service in uniform, do you believe there is a problem with racism and white supremacy in the U.S. military? Waltz: I think racism exists everywhere. We should always strive to eliminate it. The way to eliminate it is to keep the military merit-based and mission-focused. It is about achieving the standards that we have set to defend the nation. But when we start infusing in the very earliest part with 18-, 19-year-old cadets that race is a focus, I think that's moving in the exact opposite direction. I want to be clear that we absolutely should have a clear understanding of our very checkered past as a country with race, but inculcating our future leaders to be focused on race, I think the pendulum is swinging way too far. Washington Examiner: We’ve only touched briefly on your career, but you’ve written a book, Warrior Diplomat: A Green Beret’s Battles from Washington to Afghanistan. I imagine you have some great stories to tell. Waltz: Yeah, with President [George W.] Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and out on the ground [in combat], but the proceeds go to veterans charities, by the way, so that is not a shameless book plug on my part. More input on 9/11 [extralook for someone with this aspectcted from internet on 2021/05/10 - shows photos of hijackers with their names and pilot status by airflight; Note from PF: pay attention to Shehhi, am getting feeling he was a mastermind type; he is listed as only 23, he looks possibly older; in general when looking for Islamic masterminds 2021/05/09-10 See related discussion for this date in NOTES/PERSONAL-2021/05/09 on article and 9/11 topic section: Huffpost dot com 2017/09/14 UAE: Financial and Transit Hub of 9/11 Terror. By Kristen Breitweiser 9/11-8 Start Here 9/11 Kristen Breitweiser/UAE 2021/05/07 New York Times 2020/11/18 Can HEPA capture COVID By Tim Heffernan Excerpt: Furthermore, on October 5, 2020, the CDC changed its stance on how the virus is transmitted, and now says it “can be spread by exposure to virus in small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for minutes to hours.” In short, the CDC now acknowledges that the virus can spread via the air. That’s a major adjustment of its prior position: that direct person-to-person contact, including via larger respiratory droplets that do not travel far or linger in the air, was the main vector, and that airborne (a.k.a. aerosol) transmission was not a vector, period. Evidence for airborne transmission has been mounting since the spring; to catch up on the course this research has taken, read over University of Colorado- Boulder aerosols scientist Jose-Luis Jimenez’s summary in Time. And it’s worth noting that on September 18, the CDC published—and three days later retracted, citing errors in an internal review process—a version of its guideline that stated flatly that inhalation of aerosolized respiratory droplets “is thought to be the main way the virus spreads.” Back to purifiers: The virus that causes COVID-19 is approximately 0.125 micron (125 nanometers) in diameter. It falls squarely within the particle-size range that HEPA filters capture with extraordinary efficiency: 0.01 micron (10 nanometers) and above. Many media outlets have incorrectly stated that HEPA filters don’t filter below 0.3 micron and therefore could not capture airborne coronaviruses. That’s wrong. This NASA study of HEPA filtration is quite technical, but the graph on page 7 and the preceding paragraph do a good job of explaining why HEPA filters are actually most efficient—almost 100% at 0.01 micron—at capturing ultrafine particles below the 0.3-micron HEPA test standard. 2021/05/06 See Personal Comment for this date The New American Taboo Question: Are Face Masks Spreading the Coronavirus? By Selwyn Duke July 29, 2020 Excerpt: This was posed today by ex-Army surgical technician and biologist J.H. Capron. Capron, a man trained in face-mask hygiene and sterile technique, strongly suspects that masks, when worn by the general population, become vectors for COVID-19. Building his case, Capron posits the theory that poor mask hygiene during the Spanish flu epidemic (1918-19) made the face coverings “fomites” — objects capable of harboring and transmitting pathogens — that actually spread the disease. He then laments how people today don’t appear to understand the microscopic world any better than our WWI-era forbearers. Relating a common experience, which he himself had while grocery shopping, he writes at American Thinker, “Here were people with face masks and nitrile gloves — their hands all over their face masks, pulling them up and down, rubbing their eyes.” American Thinker 2021/04/30 If you dig down, permanent masks make sense for a lot of people. By Joel Duffie 2021/04/06 The mask's insidious symbolism. By Alison Nichols 2021/05/03 Alipac Warning About Amnesty spending $50m for 11m/actuall 22m illegal immigrant Alipac dot us 2021/04/28 Before Biden Speech, Amnesty Groups Promise $50 Million Campaign. By Neil Munro Groups involved We Are Home, Mark Zuckerberg's FWD(dot)us Amnesty Bills HB 6 and 1903 Excerpt From article: A coalition of left-wing groups is promising to spend $50 million to push an amnesty through the Senate, via a 60-vote majority or a 51-vote reconciliation maneuver, according to the Associated Press. “The effort includes a $30 million commitment from a group of advocacy organizations calling themselves We Are Home, in addition to a $20 million commitment from a handful of other immigration groups, including the Mark Zuckerberg-backed,” said the AP report. The report was posted shortly before President Joe Biden will give a speech in Congress urging passage of amnesty bills. The Washington Post reported April 28: Biden will call on Congress to pass his immigration proposal, which includes a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants and funding for security upgrades at the border and ports of entry, according to an administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the address ahead of its public release. The move marks an attempt by Biden to show his seriousness on immigration policy at a time when he is under attack from Republicans over the migrant surge at the border and from Democrats over his handling of how many refugees should be allowed into the country. The Biden amnesty plan would dramatically increase the inflow of immigrants and effectively remove any limits on the inflow of foreign college graduates who want white-collar jobs. The delivery of these workers, consumers, and renters would shift a massive amount of wealth from working Americans and towards coastal investors and states. A coalition of left-wing groups, working with Mark Zuckerberg's FWD(dot)us announced they intend to spend more than 50 million dollars to pass nation-destroying Amnesty for "11 million" illegals when we know there are more than 22 million invaders in our country. They say they plan to pass these Amnesty bills like HB 6 & 1903 out of the Senate to Biden by getting 10 GOP Senators to help them get the 60 votes they need to overcome the filibuster rule or to violate the rules by putting Amnesty into a reconciliation bill which needs only 50 votes! More info and details... Amnesty Groups Promise $50 Million Campaign 384520/?mc_cid=94554eadaa&mc_eid=UNIQID 2021/04/25 Youtube: Make the Call 2016/01/02 Make the Call - The Navajo County Mafia - Episode 1 - The Ken Wilson Story Make The Call 30 subscribers This series will high light the crimes of the Navajo Superior Courts, Holbrook, AZ police, MCAT, and the private prison's purchase of all the law makers and enforcement in Arizona. Ken Wilson was caught up as a victim of a car theft ring "Tin Man" in Phoenix AZ. This episode shows how the criminals in the police and courts are bought off by the Corrections Corporations of America CCA to fill the beds of their prison no matter the human costs. Navajo County Superior courts is full of criminals that have accepted bribes from CCA. They pay the police to fabricate offenses, the Public Defenders purposefully let the state win, the DA's are purchased to prosecute, the Jury is placed with moles for the police, and innocent people are sent to jail for YEARS of falsified cases, the judges are bribed as well and send people for maximum sentences. The entire city government is a criminal operation. This rabbit hole has no bottom with ties to other AZ cities and other states. 92.4% of CCA’s stock was owned by 300 institutional investors while 91.1% of GEO Group stock was owned by 272 institutional investors at the end of July 2015. In some cases, the same institutional investors held stock in both companies.
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