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Counterpointing Crime Cartels, Gangs, Criminally Linked Organizations Jalisco Juarez La Familia La Raza/Unidos FARC La Santa Muerte MS-13 Sinaloa Zetas SNM Arizona’s New Mexico Mafia Puerto Rico-Alaska Female Smugglers Turfing Tunnels-Smuggling White Supremacy Responsiveness to Cartels,or Terrorism Systems Approach How to STOP Gangs/Cartels General Barr/DOJ Officials on Significant Law Enforcement Actions Relating to International Narco-Terrorism Operation LeGend presidential announcement 2020/07/22-Narco-Terrorism: Dept of Justice/Venezuela: Attorney (Video/New 2020/03/26) Police Responsiveness DNA Evidence Gathering Peer Pressure in the Force Steroids Codes/Stereotyping Topics/Case Studies Softening Borders Prisons Cybercrime, Dark or Deep Web Racetrack Corruption/Horse Drugging Black Panthers/Old-New Corsican Mafia Greek Terrorism/Islam in Greece Gypsy Crime India Call Centers Firefighter Arson Cults Human Trafficking Islam Islamic Extremism Sharia Law (Blasphemy, Fatwa, Honor Killings, Halal) Muslim Mafia Issues WithBiden (Natl Sec-1) Harris (Natl Sec-2) Obama (Natl Sec-3) Recommended Reading Human Trafficking: Understanding and Improving Law Enforcement Responses (2008) De-Escalating: Use of Force - Agree with Chiefs? Police Ethics: Analytical Look Into It analytical-look-into-police-ethics DHS Threat Assessment-Secretary Chad Wolf assessment.pdf Understanding the Threat John Guandolo, creator and head of UTT Extensive background for national security expertise. See: Brief summary: A former member of the military (Navy Academy graduate, Marines officer, Army Ranger, paratrooper, medic), has had extensive experience in multiple national security and policing roles. Has worked in leadership capacities for the FBI and Department of Defense*. Has successfully identified jihadi threats and moles. Offers training to FBI, police departments, etc. Accurately identifies that information distortion is the primary battlefield in the United States today. Information Wars 2016/08/07 Information Dominance: A Snapshot of the War of-the-war/ Targeting Violent Extremism Resources (excellent list of readings on Islamic cover (stealth) and overt terrorism) the-threat/ *DOD work When UTT President John Guandolo worked for the Department of Defense, his three (3) man team briefed Members of Congress – with great specificity – about the Muslim Brotherhood’s coming revolution months before it happened in January 2011. Higgins Memo About Memo: The full memo, dated May 2017, is titled “POTUS & Political Warfare.” It provides a sweeping, if at times conspiratorial, view of what it describes as a multi- pronged attack on the Trump White House See Memo: Memo.pdf Commentary on Memo: unprecedented-war-to-destroy-trump/ producing-memo-that-alleged-political-warfare Frank Gaffney Muslim Brotherhood video series Comment by someone else other than PF on this series: The Real World Peek dot wordpress 2012/09/21 The Muslim Brotherhood in America | A Course in 10 Parts Presented by Frank Gaffney. By BP Leland. america-a-course-in-10-parts-presented-by-frank-gaffney/ Excerpt: Given the Muslim menace that is revealing itself around the world today, This is probably a good place to start to understand some of the history behind one of Islam’s most pernicious assaults on the West. It is the grand daddy of al Qaeda and one of the most pervasive purveyors of lies to non-Muslims in the world today. The Brotherhood’s aims are clearly stated in its charter documents. It would appear that a great many so-called liberals are not capable of reading and understanding the English language – since all of these documents have been translated into this – a world wide common language. america-a-course-in-10-parts-presented-by-frank-gaffney/ The Muslim Brotherhood in America | A Course in 10 Parts Presented by Frank Gaffney. Part 1 Muslim Brotherhood in America Part 1 Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood =3 Part 2 Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 2: 'Civilization Jihad' in America Plus the other parts…. The Myth of Systemic Racism: In America, Reverse Discrimination Is the Norm. By Vasko Kohlmayer (2020/08/21) in-america-reverse-discrimination-is-the-norm/ Chinese Information Warfare: Leveraging The Power of Perception. By Paul Coyer (2015/10/13) sino-american-rivalry/?sh=51e1ee29703b
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