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CURRENT INPUT Recent Legislation 2021-2022: Secure our State-Side Bases! Police Factor does not support public taxpayer funding of these things: abortion or transgender sex change surgery or sex change hormone treatments SUPPORT GOOD COPS Hold bad ones accountable. Encourage consistent backup for officers, discourage unnecessary risks, always imagine it could be your family member dealing with violent people; don’t take cops for granted, imagine yourself in their shoes. GANGSTALKING IS STASI See Gangstalking Section 1 News Clips Dec. 2021 brief hiatus working on other parts of website 2 Personal Comments Dec. 2021 brief hiatus working on other parts of website ----- MENUS Topic menus by subject This is a way to quickly flip through summaries of content; Or go to section. Overview1 Overview2 Topics: o By page # o Alpha order o Groups o Names o Reading List About/Website Policing o Police (44) o Menu Policing o Menu NM Pol. o Abuse Borders o Borders 1 (12) o Menu Borders Crime o Menu Crime China o China1 (65) o Menu China1 (32) Leaders o Biden (194) o Biden Impeach (192) Legislation o Legislat1 (215) Stop Black Lives Matter o Stop BLM (291) o Menu Stop BLM Aviation o Aviation1 (263) o Menu Aviation 9/11 o Menu 9/11 Military Veterans o Menu Mil, Vets (38) Islam o Menu Islam Psyops o Menu Psyops Various o Menu Various ----- LEADER ISSUES - USA Leaders - Questionable Problems Possible or Actual, Encouraging Mass Immigrations, Bulk Amnesty, Aiding and Abetting China, Working for Russia, Radical Islam (Note 2021/10/22 Mike Pompeo was moved to Leaders for USA-strong presence against China’s virulence) Joe Biden o President Biden Impeachment Kamala Harris o Vice President Nancy Pelosi Lloyd Austin Denis McDonough o Secretary of VA Mark Milley o Chair-Joint Chfs Staff o Army General Ilhan Omar o Minnesota o Representative-5th o Democratic- Farm/Lbr Alexandria O-Cortez o Representative- 14th o New York o Democrat Anthony Fauci o Dir NIAID Letitia James o New York o Attorney General o Democrat Maggie Hassan o New Hampshire o Junior Senator o Democrat Kate Brown o Oregon o Governor o Democrat Alejandro Mayorkas o Secretary of Homeland Security Veronica Escobar o Texas o Representative o Democrat Ben Ray Luján o New Mexico o Senator Michelle Lujan- Grisham o New Mexico o Governor Barack Obama o Former US President
Cartels, Gangs, Criminal Groups Marijuana Farms/Houses Jalisco Juarez La Familia La Raza/Unidos FARC La Santa Muerte MS-13 Sinaloa Zetas SNM New Mexican Gangs of Arizona Puerto Rico-Alaska & Beyond Female Smugglers/Traffickers White Supremacy Black Panthers Old & New Police Techniques DNA Evidence Gathering Face Recognition Fingerprinting Face, Voice Recognition Cell Phone Monitoring Internet Monitoring Radar Police Internal Issues Peer Pressure in the Force Steroids Codes/Stereotyping Marijuana Use Alcohol Excess Data Theft, Exposure Computer/Internet Cybercrime, Dark, Deep Web Medical Data Cybercrime Ransomware Data Leaks Case Studies Prisons Drug Dealing Racetrack Corruption/Horse Drugging Corsican Mafia Greek Terrorism/Islam in Greece Gypsy Crime India Call Centers Firefighter Arson Cults Narco-Terrorism - Example 2020: General Barr/DOJ Officials on Significant Law Enforcement Actions Relating to International Narco-Terrorism Operation LeGend presidential announcement 2020/07/22- Narco-Terrorism: Dept of Justice/Venezuela: Attorney (Video/New 2020/03/26) Islam Islamic Extremism Sharia Law (Blasphemy, Fatwa, Honor Killings, Halal) Muslim Mafia RECOMMENDED ARTICLES List of Topics, cont. Muslim Brotherhood, cont. Global MB Watch-An Intelligence Digest Covering Developments In The Worldwide Muslim Brotherhood Network Alleged or actual MB Affiliation - US Political Leaders o VA Secretary - Denis McDonough-Jihad Watch-John D. Guandolo-2021/02/05 Political and Military Leaders - Corporate Connections o Lloyd Austin Secretary of Defense Austin-Raytheon Corporation Connection Biden Pentagon pick [Lloyd Austin] could make up to $1.7M from leaving Raytheon. The Hill-2021/01/11 ‘Bad analysis’: Congress panel blasts military for rosy-eyed ISIS intel. RT- 2016/08/12 Political and Military Leaders - Corporate Connections o Lloyd Austin Secretary of Defense Austin-Raytheon Corporation Connection Biden Pentagon pick [Lloyd Austin] could make up to $1.7M from leaving Raytheon. The Hill-2021/01/11 ‘Bad analysis’: Congress panel blasts military for rosy-eyed ISIS intel. RT- 2016/08/12 Flag Waving o A father and son in Seaford, New York, have inspired their neighbors to display the American flag all over the community. Breitbart-2020/07/23 o 4th of July Symbol of Unity May No longer Unite-New York Times-2021/07/03 o New York Times article sparks outrage-Golding-NY Post-2021/07/04 o American Flags Trump signs supporters scared to put up - The Federalist-2020/11/03 Terrorism o Terrorism Watch-Documentary-How Terrorism is Financed; Books on Terrorism o The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Taliban Are All Fighting Together. Understanding the Threat-2021/09/02 o Investigative Project-US Terror History Map o America Cannot Solve its Terror Problem Without Taking This Step. Frank Gaffney- 2016/07/05-See Terrorism below o Difference Between-Hamas and Hezbollah: Good introduction. o Political Islam, a Totalitarian Doctrine. Political Islam-2017/04/04 Open Borders and George Soros o George Soros: Open Society and Open Borders-News Max-2006/07/25 o The George Soros philosophy – and its fatal flaw: Unlike most of the billionaire class, George Soros is not an out-of-touch plutocrat, but a provocative thinker committed to progressive ideals – which is what makes his failures so telling. The Guardian- 2018/07/06 Joe Biden o Biden’s Extremist Nominee/Leadership Picks. Washington Examiner-2021/07/07 Wujan Virus o Rep. Gallagher bill would force Biden to declassify Wuhan coronavirus lab leak theory intel. Experts including former CDC Director Robert Redfield have said lab leak theory is entirely possible. Fox News-2021/05/13 o Senate passes Hawley bill to declassify intelligence on COVID-19 lab leak theory. Kansas City-2021/05/26 Immigration Large Numbers into USA o Are immigrants really flooding our borders? American Magazine - 2016/02/03 o Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders)-2021/10/07- Western Journal- We Are Ready for War': Leader of Migrant Caravan Says Nothing Will Get in His Way of Making It to US Immigrants (Legal, Illegal, Refugees, etc.) More Advantaged than American Citizens Reverse-Racism o Health Platform CDC Director Declares Racism A 'Serious Public Health Threat' NPR-2021/04/08 o Impacting Morale in Military, Inflaming Racial DIvides Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military. PJ Media-2021/03/22 A candid conversation with Rep. Mike Waltz, Congress’s only combat-decorated Green Beret. Washington Examiner-2021/04/29 o The Myth of Systemic Racism: In America, Reverse Discrimination Is the Norm. Lew Rockwell-2020/08/21 Transgender Issues o Anti-Transgender Legislation CNN-2021/04/15 Communism, Socialism o 2016/01 The Roots of America’s Dangerous Turn Left: To understand where the radical left plans to take America, you must understand the source of its ideas. We have been warning America about this for over 50 years! China o China’s Long Tentacles Extend Deep Into American Media-American Conservative- 2020/03/31 o Abandoning Criticism of China’s Government Isn’t the Right Way to End Anti-Asian Racism in the U.S. China File-2021/03/25 o Is China Funding BLM? Townhall-2020/10/09 o Chinese Information Warfare: Leveraging The Power of Perception. By Paul Coyer Forbes-2015/10/13 Anti-Trump Extremism Information Wars o Understanding the Threat John Guandolo on how modern warfare is largely in the information arena Cartels o Are Mexico’s Cartels Winning War on Drugs? Borderland Beat-2021/09/23 Anti-Trump Extremism Immigrants (Legal and Illegal, Refugees, etc.) More Advantaged than American Citizens etc…See more in Topics/Reading List -Resources, Excerpts
Reading zaps us into broader dimensions
Counterpointing Crime In order to offer a broad response to crime, conceptual tools like these are needed Systems Approach STOP Gangs/Cartels Softening Turfing Zone of Influence Masters of Networking (Running Strings) Coopting/Supplanting Shadow Government by Organized Crime Ethics, Protocol, Self-Evaluative Overviews Miranda Rights NM Mexico Encyclop. of Law-Miranda Rights… (2008) Human Trafficking: Understanding & Improving Law Enforcement Responses De-Escalating:Use of Force-Agree w/ Chiefs? Police Ethics: Analytical Look Into It corruption-an-analytical-look-into-police-ethics DHS Threat Assessment-Secretary Chad Wolf homeland-threat-assessment.pdf Borders Borders Human Trafficking Smuggling Tunnels Drones (Narco) Stash/Drop Houses Coyotes or Mules Sicarios Fixers Immigration, Amnesty Illegal Immigration Bulk Amnesty Agencies, Politicians supporting Bulk Amnesty Spotlight Articles KVOA dot com on Jalisco in AZ 2020/08/05 Digging Deeper:New cartel expanding power beyond Mexico Paul Birmingham Counterfeit Pills Fact Sheet
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List of Topics - Reading List More in Topics/Reading List -Resources, Excerpts Muslim Brotherhood o MB Infiltration of US National Security Agencies Scruggs-Times Examiner-2017/02/22 o Islam/Sharia Law not religion of peace o Scruggs-Times Examiner-2017/02/22 o Muslim Brotherhood in America Course-Gaffney
NO HONOR NO COUNTRY Wanton violence does not solve life’s problems. An ideology or religion should not be used to control other people. Self-defense is a way of honoring Self and Nation against tyranny and cruel acts. Borders Defense is central to safety and life quality.