Jemaah Islamiya A clandestine organization that has cells in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Eight of them had gone to al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan for training that included use of AK-47s and mortars and study of military tactics, they said, and the group's leader in Singapore, Ibrahim Maidin, underwent military training in Afghanistan in 1993. Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines: Two of the 15 people who were arrested were released, but ordered not to contact any terrorist organization for the next two years. They had donated money to religious organizations involved with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines, where they had visited a training camp, but were not members of Jemaah Al Qaeda -Singapore Plots: Jemaah Islamiya What is Jemaah Islamiya? Jemaah Islamiah is a Southeast Asian militant extremist Islamist terror group dedicated to the establishment of a Daulah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia Possible Australia link to Jemaah Islamiya - Halal (a few Australians involved in Fat Leonard) http //www islamiccouncilwa com au/ Plot: Afghan related organization called Jemaah Islamiya in Singapore: Plot against Navy in January 2002, very shortly after 9/11: The plot, these sources say, included plans to attack U.S. Navy ships, sailors and the nightspots they frequent. The 17,000 Americans living in Singapore and other expatriates were also among the targets. People: Ibrahim Maidin, underwent military training in Afghanistan in 1993. Mohamed Khalim bin Jaffar, Mohamed Elias. What was under surveillance by the terrorists: the Embassy and Australia came up in Fat Leonard The group also carried out surveillance of the U.S. Embassy, the Australian High Commission, the Israeli Embassy and commercial buildings housing U.S. companies in conjunction with a group from outside Singapore Three terrorist cells: Authorities said three cells were involved in planning attacks: First cell: One was to target a shuttle bus service used by U.S. personnel in Singapore, and Singapore official said a videotape made by its leader, Mohamed Khalim bin Jaffar, was found in the rubble of an al-Qaeda leader's house in Afghanistan. For unknown reasons, the plan was not carried out. Under a second plan, U.S. Navy vessels northeast of Singapore between Changi and Pulau Tekong may have been targeted for bombing. Khalim's possessions included a map that showed observation posts in Singapore and Johor and a "kill zone" in the channel between Changi and Pulau Tekong. Authorities said he had a list of more than 200 U.S. companies in Singapore, two tampered Singapore passports, 15 forged Malaysian and Philippines immigration stamps, night-vision binoculars and papers describing how to make bombs. Second cell: The second cell obtained photographs in April 2000 of Paya Lebar Air Base and the U.S. planes there as a potential target. The pictures were found among bin Jaffar's possessions. The group also carried out surveillance of the U.S. Embassy, the Australian High Commission, the Israeli Embassy and commercial buildings housing U.S. companies in conjunction with a group from outside Singapore, two members of which told the cell they had stockpiled four tons of ammonium nitrate in Malaysia and needed 17 more. Mohamed Elias, a 29-year-old manager, tried to make the purchase but was arrested by Singapore authorities before he could do so. Third cell: Authorities said a third cell formed after last September's terror attacks in the United States. They observed targets that included U.S. companies, but stopped when they heard other suspects had been arrested by Singapore authorities. Earlier plots discovered as early as Dec. 2001 Wikipedia: Singapore embassies attack plot The Singapore embassies attack plot was a plan in 2001 by Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) to bomb the diplomatic missions and attack personnel of the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Israel based in Singapore. There were also several other targets. The plot was uncovered in December 2001 and as many as 15 people were arrested in Singapore within a month. Further investigation and intelligence prompted the detention of another 26 persons from 2002 to 2005. As of 2006, 37 of them were still being detained without trial, under the Internal Security Act. Four had been released on restriction orders. 2003 and beyond: TPP, Australia, etc.: Free Trade Agreement (Singapore and related issues involving free trade agreements) democracy/ nal).pdf Updates: 2021/03/10 PAGE STARTED-9/11 and Southeast Asia connections - moved from 9/11-1 General section;
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