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Groups Aiding or Soft on Immigration (BORDERS-3c)
Borders-3: 3a) Govt, Private Grps Protect US 3b) Grps Private Citizens 3c) Grps Aiding Immigrants FOR: GROUPS SUPPORTING IMMIGRATION - groups supporting immigration, mass immigration, mass amnesty, immigration rights, et o Haitian Bridge Alliance o Immigrant Legal Resource Center o International Organization For Migration o MALDEF o MEChA o National Border Patrol Council o The Heartland Alliance o Open Society Institute Soros Funded directly or indirectly: US Justice Fund - See Immigrant Legal Resource Center Human Rights Watch Center for American Progress CREW: Citizens for Responsibility Ethics in Washington NDN: New Democrat Network
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GROUPS SUPPORTING IMMIGRATION Groups fighting the USA and its border protection and strict protocols involving immigrants Haitian Bridge Alliance CNN 2021/09/21 Haitian Bridge Alliance: Nicole Phillips, the legal director for Haitian Bridge Alliance, an advocacy group for Haitian migrants. Heartland Alliance CNS News 2014/07/22 COMMENTARY: Open Borders or Open Society? By Jen Kuznicki Excerpt: Grosse Pointe Park-based Wolverine Human Services is negotiating a contract with anti- poverty organization Heartland Alliance in Chicago to provide temporary housing to 12- to 17-year-old males from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala." The Heartland Alliance is a group funded in part, along with numerous groups across the country that deal in immigration and refugee crises, by George Soros by way of his Open Society Foundation. Immigrant Legal Resource Center News Max 2006/07/25 George Soros: Open Society and Open Border Excerpt: President Theodore Roosevelt did not believe in hyphenated-Americans, let alone "Americans" who claim they owe allegiance to another country. In 2006, the Open Society Institute contributed to the U.S. Justice Fund, which, in turn, awarded a grant to the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Francisco office, to defend non-citizens in criminal and immigration matters and to combat the federal government's "inappropriate" use of local jails for detention of non-citizens. International Organization For Migration Newsmax 2021/09/27 Rep. Tiffany to Newsmax: Criminal Activity Among Unvetted Afghans 'Predictable'. By Sandy Fitzgerald Excerpt: I've been to the border twice this year. I've been to Panama. I saw them coming through the Darien Gap," said Tiffany. "It is a pipeline coming to the United States. And, you have all these organizations that are facilitating, including the International Organization For Migration, a UN outfit that's contracted by the State Department to resettle people in this country. They're all part of the open borders group. They're the ones that are controlling the flow at this point. " 2021/09/27-- crime/2021/09/27/id/1038032/ Washington Times 2021/06/02 ‘Babies washing down the river’: Congressman hears of migrant misery at the Darien Gap. By Stephen Dinan checkpoint-i/ Excerpt: Some transit the Darien Gap, though others pay in Colombia for a boat trip that circumvents the gap, landing them up further the coast in Panama. It’s not just the congressman who says migrants are massing through the gap. The International Organization for Migration said 11,370 “extra- regional migrants” arrived in Panama from January to April. Mr. Tiffany said the 200 to 300 people he saw headed out of Bajo Chiquito the day he was there were likely a daily occurrence. checkpoint-i/ MALDEF Frontpagemag dot com 2002/12/06 Mexican Anti-Americanism in America. By David Montgomery The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund - See Front page is one of the leaders in this anti-American movement. MALDEF is a supposed grass-roots organization that receives almost none of its money from the people it claims to support. In reality, they are funded by the Ford Foundation and take their ideological guidance from the anti-American leftists of the National Lawyers Guild. Among other things, they promote free college tuition for illegal immigrants, the lowering of educational standards to accommodate Hispanics, refusal to defend American borders, and the right of criminals to vote in U.S. elections. This is all from an organizational that proudly proclaims itself “the premiere Latino civil rights organization in the United States.” MEChA Frontpagemag dot com 2002/12/06 Mexican Anti-Americanism in America. By David Montgomery Such anti-Americanism among Mexican students is encouraged by the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, the country’s largest Hispanic student group. “Aztlan” is the name given to a section of the western United States (stretching as far north as Washington and east as Texas) that extremist Mexicans still dream of as their own. Among MEChA’s more outrageous positions is their open denial of the authority of the U.S. government. They pledge themselves to be an “indigenous people, who are sovereign and not subject to a foreign culture.” What they propose is nothing less than treason, a Mexican nation “autonomous and free” to be balkanized from within the United States. Not only does MEChA have chapters at most universities throughout the Southwest, they even have groups at some high schools, thus ensuring that young and suggestible minds can be corrupted early. National Border Patrol Council CNN 2021/09/21 Brandon Judd, National Border Patrol Council president. Frontpagemag dot com 2002/12/06 Mexican Anti-Americanism in America. By David Montgomery Open Society Institute - Gyorgy Schwartz (George Soros) NewsMax 2006/07/25 George Soros: Open Society and Open Borders Excerpt: The Open Society Institute is the cornerstone for the Soros Foundations Network, a group of Soros-funded organizations in more than 50 countries, which promote open-society concepts by influencing governmental policies. The various branches and paid instrumentalities of the network include Democracy Alliance,, America Coming Together, America Votes, The Center for American Progress, and other leftist front organizations, which advocate open borders for the United States — not for other nations but for the United States. These Soros-funded groups finance his camp followers, among them the Democratic Party, the National Organization of Women, abortion advocacy groups, various environmental groups, and last but not least, the increasingly powerful immigration special interest groups.