---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS Summary on 2021/11/02-03 My personal feeling is that although it is likely Mark Redwine did in fact kill his son and dump his body in a fairly rugged area within a few miles of his property, there really is not enough to go on. I think the judge, jury and prosecutors are stretching things based on strong indicators, as well as feelings and assumptions, rather than hard-core evidence. Upon reflection, this case might not be as cut and dried as one might think at first glance; whether or not suspect Mark Redwine is guilty as charged, there are indications evidence against him is not solid and some extrapolations on the crime scene were made. People are innocent until found guilty. Several alternative ideas about what could have happened to Dylan Redwine are listed below in the Comments section, as well as some ideas about Mark Redwine if he is guilty. It is agreed that he seems the most likely suspect, but he denies allegations and the evidence against him does not seem fully conclusive. In this arena of slight hesitancy, we look at other options, but also more closely at what evidence and strong indicators we have, as well as what could be missing from the case against him. (See more in Comments below) COMMENTS Upon reflection, this case might not be as cut and dried as one might think at first glance. VARIOUS PERSPECTIVES OR ANGLES (without focusing only on the father Mark Redwine with an a priori expectation of his guilt) 1) Father Mark Redwine murdered son Dylan Redwine 2) Mother/Stepfather Side of Family 3) Peers or Adult Neighbors; Consider Cultural Environment 4)Hiking Injury 5)Animals 6)Abduction 7) Hunting Incident or Accident, Near or Far 8) Truth is Out, but Covered up 9) What are the rights of even the most plausible suspects Mark Redwine makes sense as a primary suspect, but consider other factors as possibilities in this case. If guilty as charged, what would get him to open up and admit what happened, and how? My suspicion is that honest, low key, up front and analytical (respect his intelligence) approaches might work best in this regard. He needs to trust in order to open up. Loud blaming like what his ex-wife did on Dr. Phil’s will only alienate him. Allow an outlet for remorse, but don’t expect or demand it, nor require it shows up in a certain form according to set standards - let it happen his way. Be real. Manipulation might make him suspicious. He seemed to open up perhaps subconsciously with his son Brandon. My opinion: There might be loose ends and a few volatile, even dangerous, people who don’t want certain things to get out, even if Redwine is guilty but locked away; Mark Redwine has held firm to a “not guilty” testimony, which might mean he is guilty but stubborn, or not guilty. 1) Father Mark Redwine murdered son Dylan Redwine (includes some personality profiling) o See 2021/10/31 Intuition notes below o Alcohol i. Mark Redwine’s problems might be further compounded by any drug or alcohol addiction, with the latter showing up in the literature on him. Does this man have such a heavy alcoholism problem there are times he blanks out and cannot recall things? ii. If the father has a true alcoholism disease, he is a person with a medical as well as psychological condition. How long had people known of this issue? Who else in the family or town knew about it? How about his employers? People with alcoholism need to be treated professionally. It is possible when he has been incarcerated he dries out and thinks better; his communication at that point might be more complete. It is possible if he was drunk previously when investigated, or during Dylan's missing time period and subsequent searches, as well as after that off and on over the years, he had been inebriated much or part of the time. You will find despite any intermittent alcohol content, he seemed to say the same things over the years. iii. He likely has an addictive disorder which includes sexual deviation. o Complex Personality I feel Mark Redwine is a complex entity who combines a certain kind of intelligence with a private world order. It includes, but is not limited to, craftiness. In addition, he has a child-like need for approval, but keeps a kind of distancing and loftiness, a little like “man of the chambers.” The more people judge him, feel disgusted and act hateful to him, the more he digs deeper into his cave of denial and self- protectiveness. Whether he killed Dylan or not, his behaviors had already turned people off, establishing an atmosphere of plausibility of his guilt. o Eating Feces and ?something more? Dylan’s texts to his brother Corey indicate Dylan himself really believed “Papa ate poop.” Mark Redwine had indicated the photos were not him. If they are of him eating a brown feces-looking thing, maybe it was mud or a fudge/chocolate cake mix, or something else If the feces are real, maybe he is capable of other abnormal eating, like of human flesh. If so, could he have eaten part of Corey after killing him? This is a wide span from eating feces, but keep the mind open to the possibilities. o Origins of Disorder Could his early home life been the root of his issues? Did the behavior show up around trucking job(s) o Intuition Around a vehicle involving Dylan Redwine, something around the vehicle itself and the garage or vehicle parking area something about man stuff around the garage, maybe tools something around a trash can, Mark Redwine’s or someone else’s - he is crafty enough he could put incriminating evidence in someone else’s trash down the road Homosexuality, child sexual abuse, incest my feeling is that child sexual abuse had already occurred in the home from the father Mark Redwine, probably starting early on, and this is part of the mother/female defiance we are seeing in Mark Redwine demeanor this might have started a tendency for incest among the boys in the family, and homoosexual relations with male friends I suspect criminal activity from the father around the trucking world, and it might include homosexual activity, something “tough” comes up Mark Redwine might actually have taken his son Dylan to a nearby Urgent Care or Vallecito medical clinic, or paramedics might have come - maybe this part of the story is not getting out to the public, and if so, why not? Is there someone else involved in the injury scene, during and after? is the defense attorney homosexual, and a friend, intimate or otherwise of Mark Redwine? Money: if there is any one reason Mark Redwine killed his son - if he did in fact do it - I think it is over money and wanting to reduce custody payments, if such were in the making during the custody battles at the time The other force driving him , I think, is a strong mistrust, which is linked to his money approach; this mistrust in turn makes him crafty as well Another personality characteristic is “my feelings and thoughts are my own” perhaps a personality divide due both to alcohol excess as well as burying feelings o macho (men are not supposed to cry, flat expectations about femaleness) versus feminine (perhaps the photo (if real) of him with women’s lingerie and eating feces is an alt personality o does Mark Redwine himself have a history of a head injury, like a concussion, TBI, etc. - like a job injury, etc? the part about Brandon Redwine saying his father Mark started talking about blunt head trauma prematurely out of the blue - check to see if he actually told the police at the time; if this only shows up later, maybe he is making it up; if Mark really did say that before the skull was found, maybe he had heard it from a medical expert- someone who checked Dylan out for him (nowhere do we see he consulted with a medical person) 2) Mother/Stepfather Side of Family: Elaine Hall and possibly others, like the older brother, Cory, or Michael Hall, did it o Intuition “Something about Mother”: Dylan or an end-of-life energy imprint comes up I have also felt Dyan might have been saying something about his mother; I am having trouble interpreting it. possibility 1: Dylan is saying his mother did it, or warning people what she is really like, what she was intending; possibility 2: on the other he might have been reaching out to her in his spirit for help, and out to any blondish blue-eyed female who kind of reminds him of her (or of mother figures in general.) 3) Peers or Adult Neighbors; Consider Cultural Environment o Some neighbors did it or were involved; this might include peers who were friends of his; maybe they wanted to party or have a wild spin over Dylan if they were into drugs and cult-like activity or such (ie, thrill-seeking) o Is it possible a ring of boys was in a homosexual gig, and that one of them had been photographed in diapers and women’s clothing, and they changed the photo to look like the father as a sort of dark joke? How many boys might have been involved in this ring, and did some of them live in Vallecito? Could one of them have abducted Dylan and killed him? What were the connections between the area’s families, the mother, the sons? Were their political and family ties to the courtroom people - judges, investigators, etc? seems likely kids can gang up on parents and be mean to and about them if they don’t like them or feel something is off about them - kids can have their own kind of malice, that if taken too far, might be part of the issue here. o Have kids been working around him during his worst times? It's possible he gets grouchy and burly during his bad times, and perhaps violent. But had the kids been kind of messing with him, teasing him, working games around him, and such? o One place to check who all he was in contact with shortly before his disappearance/death is the court records o Southeast Colorado regional culture: Some of Redwine’s behavioral characteristics remind me of cultural tendencies around Durango, Colorado - a little elitist, “lord of the manor” kind of self-protective concerned with self-image, small town gossip maybe some cloistering tendencies. I have suspected there might be a ring of young homosexual or recently turned gay males in the area targeting loner women for violent and secretive acts against women; I think they might have an anger problem toward women, maybe some had disappointing relationships with them. There is something around the energy of the Mark Redwine case that reminds me of this hint of a vibe I have felt in a few places in Durango - like a secretive homosexual ring. One is at a mechanic’s shop and the other is at a certain coffee shop. I think they are looking for targets. The only way I suspect this is from vibes; I have no direct proof. I would check for incest in the Redwine and/or Hall home, child sexual abuse, homosexual tendencies among the boys and their friends; “wild players” Dylan peers around Vallecito; Vallecito connections to the Halls in particular, especially if the Halls might have been in contact with them while Dylan was there in Nov. 2012; I am not talking about homosexuality in general; I am referring to dark strains of it which could run wild into secretive violence of targets. Whether this spurred from Mark Redwine in his own home or not, I would look into it around the Dylan Redwine case in general, and keep an eye out for it around Durango. That aside, could any of the females - peers or otherwise around Vallecito have done it? I would check Dylan’s friendship circles in Vallecito and nearby in terms of who he contacted the day before, and in terms of whether any of them would be likely to partake in “strange gigs.” That is the only other thing - other than maybe some off behavior from Mike Hall - that triggers a possible vibe involving another perpetrator. Maybe they were bored and wanted a “little action” and things went too far. The fact the postal carrier thinks she saw Dylan with another boy later in the day lends some credence to this idea. 4)Hiking Injury Dylan Redwine went for a hike, fell, got hurt, and animals finished him off sooner or later 5)Animals got him first and foremost Denver Post -2021/07/01 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/dylan-redwine-s-skull-fracture-could-have-occurred-weeks-after- death-defense-expert-testifies/ar-AALYBpA 6)Abduction-He was near or inside the house and got abducted, or walking toward a friend’s house further away and got abducted; maybe he was hurt or killed, animals might have been around attacking sooner or later; maybe a hiker did something to him; Maybe as he waslked toward his friend’s house, he thumbed to hitchhike, or someone pulled over to offer him a ride, then he was abducted. o Intuition: there does seem to be hike and injury issue possible but also some other human activity something that does not feel quite right around a hiker, maybe he/she did it, stole something, saw something, knows something 7) Hunting Incident or Accident, Near or Far Far- Strangers - mistook Dylan for animal, or stray hunter’s bullet Near - Redwine 8) Truth is Out, but Covered up: the father had already told someone the truth that he did it, what happened, where he put the body, and someone paid, bribed, encouraged or coerced him to cover his story and lie - why? o Publicity piece, make money? some kind of deal made under the table? o Could Dr Phil or his attorney be involved? o Satanic conspiracy theory? (ee Haleigh Cummings-2017/07/26) o Body parts stolen, hidden, moved around, planted evidence? 9)What are the rights of even the most plausible suspects, and how could someone be misinterpreted or misaligned? How could the vilifying of someone actually deter the case? Although not “for” Mark Redwine, here is what could be wrong about this case, particularly if he is not guilty as charged: People are innocent until proven guilty This case received a lot of publicity-the media often took sides - media justice People from all over the country (and in some cases, world) were intensely lit up or triggered and felt Redwine was guilty - armchair justice Redwine’s privacy, human dignity, and perhaps civil rights, might have been assaulted on multiple fronts, regardless of what is admittedly plausible seeming guilt - people might have misinterpeted his personality traits o he was verbally accosted by family and neighbors over the strange photos (diapers, female lingerie, apparent feces) o People kept expecting and demanding certain responses from this man, and when they did not get that, they seemed to have thought the worst - ie, he showed no worry for Dylan or interest in searching for Dylan This attitude was coming from the media and the police, family members, etc. All of this was broadcast in minutiae and drama in the news. Some people experience worry, grief or remorse differently, taking it inward rather than showing emotion. Alcohol can interfere with emotion. Despite multiple strong indicators, it is argued that there was not enough evidence to charge and imprison him What Caused Dylan’s Death? Comments The basic scenario, it happened in the livingroom and body was taken from there, to be dumped, seems plausible. I would lean on expert opinions as the most likely version of the tragedy. Loose Notes by Dates 2021/11/21 For a couple of days or so after the week of the last entry, I again picked up that kidnapping vibe around this situation. I still cannot pinpoint if it is coming off the father or from a third party. Let us say the father was engaging in transgender and homosexual activity which involved his male sons. Then the weird kind of sick energy around a gig - adark gig - linked to the kidnappipng vibe - might be coming off of him and his tie to abused boys. However, let’s say the sick gig vibe is coming off the fact Dylan had become awakened to homosexual activity involving other boys either from his father or someone in the area. The the sick gig vibe might be coming from a kidnapping and a network in the area, or a family in the area, or a sick perpetrator in the area. I will add I have felt an odd vibe around Bayfield’s municipal scetners, before I focused on this case. I cannot help but suspecting that if the father was not involved in the final disappearance and demise of his son Dylan, that something could be up with that municipal group. The idea of “break it if it is not broken” comes up as a possibility around sick people linked to municipal activity, including the police - similar to the Satanic cult conpsiracy theory mentioned in the Dylan redwine case elsewhere. I do not know that they are actually a Stanic gruop per se, but some kind of meanness caomes up on this subject, a particular brand of cold meanness. So use the concept of “Break it if it is not Broke” here, no matter which mean network is involved.What comes up around this is certain police have developed hard hearts to the point that they consider a call in to the police being bothered; there is an attitude of treat the public like morons; also an attitude of no one cared for me, or my group, so why should I bother caring about others calling in for help. This latter is a pervasive theme across the board in cartels and terrorists, too, I found this theme when studying what happened to Daniel Peral, as one of the possible suspects said something to that effect. So whether you are in Pakistan or Iraq or 2021/11/10 Update on Relief - bulk of energy that was coming up around case finaloly withdrew for most part (it’s still slightly in the background, but is no onger disturbing rest, daily activities as a permeating presence) This feeling began to resolve after i sent a letter to a sergeant with the Bayfied PD 2021/11/09 It seems to me that the animal issue so far in my readings is the question mark. I have a vague familiarity with animal behavior and activity, just from being interested in nature is some ways. I am not an expert on tracking, but read a little about it years ago in Tom Brown's field books. It seems to me that a good deal of information can come from both tracks and what animals leave behind, especially feces. I think there is more to the story about the animals connected to disturbing Dylan Redwine's bones, and the thing about maybe his toe bones were left in scat. I feel we need to look into this more. For example, is the scat that we found with his bones in it from the same animals, or pack, that were up near where the skull was found? Are they part of the same animal family, or such? Next, are we really sure that the animal scat with his toe bones really contained the toe bones as ejected animal waste material, or did the bones get there in another way? Are we sure the toe bones were part of the scat itself, or were they just nearby, or could it be something that was diffused through wind, being kicked around by animals or such? Do we have a good inventory of known wild animals in the area at that time in 2012? What animals were likely in the region? I have read bear and coyote, and heard through word of mouth, maybe linx, the latter particularly a little further north. What other animals would likely have chewed on the flesh of the bones? My intuition does suggest that as others have suggested Dylan was already dead when his body was dumped, and I agree with the police report that the first site where his body was found was likely the dump site. This resonates for me. However, as I have said before, I wonder whether the other part of his body still missing would show gunshot wounding. The reason this case is still important is the suspected and tried perpetrator is still with us. He is still alive. This is different from other kinds of cold cases in which everyone is already all gone. We have a significant player in the Dylan Redwine still with us. This is valuable, and could be a blessing in terms of remaining missing pieces to the puzzle on this case. I have gone off and on with this case; what I mean is, there have been times I have overwhelmed with bad feelings that come up and I feel I have to put it away. But then I find each time I am still working on it in my mind. As if something keeps poking at me about it. Just disturbing unsettling feelings of various kinds, but mostly just something not right about what happened to Dylan. It leaves a residual bad energy. So, I have these questions. I guess some of the feelings that come up include, if the father really did it, was there sexual abuse around the time? It comes up around these boys in Dylan's family and house, the question of "Was there male-to-male sexual abuse, not only by the father, but by anyone else, and was there incest, and were boys messing around from other households once introduced to male sexual abuse by adults?" In other words, there is kind of an odd feeling that comes over me when I see the three boys all sitting close together with arms draped over each other while sticking out their tongues in a sexual manner, and the father Mark Redwine in his odd photo with the cross-dressing also had his tongue out like that. I ask myself, is this normal, do boys show that level of close contact normally? I might expect it from a batch of girls, I personally don't remember seeing that much of it from boys over the years, not to say it is not a cultural tendency in the Durango-Bayfield-Vallecito (southwestern Colorado) area; maybe people of all sexes bond physically but not necessarily sexually in that manner. It just struck me as possibly suspicious; it does not have to be suspicious, but it raised an additional question when I saw the tongues stuck out the same across two different photos - the boys in one photo and then the father Mark Redwine in another. Is there a connection here? It is entirely possible that the older brother Corey revealed sexual abuse in the home that out of privacy did not get out to the public in the media and might have been retracted from court records or such later. I don't know and it is possible I have so far missed finding that if it is in the public record. So, in short, my readings so far lack detail on the animals which likely at least scavenged Dylan's bones and whether there is a line of continuity between scat types, animal hair, tracks, etc. in the first find where the body was likely dumped and the second find of the skull. People do seem to have a question as to whether animals will take food further afield. There is the possibility different animals can pick up and take on where others left off. In addition, perhaps large birds of prey or scavenger birds could conceivably take rabbit-sized prey or smaller elsewhere. A skull might be within that weight and size range. Finally, it is possible humans moved part of the carcass. In terms of Mark Redwine or any other killer coming back to the sight, perhaps part of the body was found quickly and picked up in a hurry and taken elsewhere to do a better job of concealing it through burial. I seem to pick up the possibility of a shovel used in this regard, and it might be in winter. If he caught a time period of temporary snow melt after an original winter snow on a warm day when things are melting, it is conceivable that the earth might be moist enough to dig at least a partial hole for part of the remaining carcass. Perhaps he would have chosen the spot near the stream where the skull was found because Dylan had fished there at some point; maybe there was some significance in that regard. Caught in a softer psychological period in his mood swing stream, perhaps at times he felt remorse and longing for his son, and perhaps in this period he would have gone and buried the body in a more respectful and meaningful manner by doing that near where the boy used to fish because the father does seem to come in on that subject regardng his son in a little warmer and more responsive way. I am not necessarily picking up that the father did in fact bury up near that stream. It is just a thought that maybe part of the carcass got buried after the fact, or at some point, and if so, maybe the remaining missing items like backpack cell phone and ipad are in that location. The other question around animals is whether part of the body was inside the animal den or similar near the stream in the second find when the skull was found. The other question is whether yet other humans had picked up the skull and moved it and then later it was found by someone else or finally mentioned. Something comes up around part of the body that suggests others and it has kind of an odd feeling to it, like we have not been told everything on this, by the people themselves especially. I would encourage the police if they feel they can do it to use a proven remote viewer to see if you can locate the remaining missing items of this case - namely the rest of the carcass, the backpack, cell phone and ipad. Although I did suggest that perhaps the death included a shooting, I would still continue to work on identifying any blunt force weapons if in fact the head injury does accurately reflect a blunt force trauma resulting in death. The problem with that skull as far as I understood from the various forensic professionals is that we don't have enough of the skull to identify the point of impact which would provide more conclusive evidence of a trauma that could lead to death. The problem with that skull injury is that the blows and cracks could have occurred post-mortem. For example, the cracking could have occurred as the skull dried and the blow could have occurred from a large animal kicking the skull when walking, I would add that a coyote could be swining the skull by the hair to try to crack it open to get at the soft brain material inside. I don't know if this is a known tendency of coyotes, but we need to consider that kind. I don't know if professionals looked for tracks around the site. In addition, I did not see a really solid and clear discussion on the two beer cans that were found in terms of detailed prints and DNA analysis. If a shovel was used at any point, perhaps it is the blunt force item in the head injury. That does seem possible in terms of the energy. As I have mentioned before, I get bits and pieces of things and sometimes time periods or other separate events could be bleeding into each other. So I was picking up energy around the vehicle but I am not picking up a specific violent event. And that energy included possible hunting equipment, a sense of going hunting or having a way with hunting. Like familiarity with the hunting equipment so that the energy is around that material. And kind of an intensity around the vehicle, which very well could be a truck which I learned about later. There is also a sense of a gun going off at some point, but i cannot say for sure that it was directed at Dylan, but one of the scenarios does suggest maybe. I would still hold onto the blunt force idea, though, keep it in mind and look for other types of evidence for that, just in case. This is how I would use these intuitive feelings, in other words. Things come up, we are getting a whiff energetically here and there, it might or might not be connected to the case in hand, but it does not seem so far removed as a possibility that we should just forget the whole thing. Instead, we just incorporate various things, keeping our minds open. I feel everything I am discussing as a possibility from the energy or vibes relates to the people and/or the area, and that some of it definitely relates to the case itself. The other thing that comes up is the possibility of a kidnapping. What is odd about this is that comes up for me personally way back to the time back around the Walmart visit and the McDonald's visit. So what is going on with me on this is I am asking, well, in the father's mind has he already taken control of the boy as kidnapped victim, even if the boy is not fully aware of it yet? In other words, if the boy is being seen normally in Walmart and McDonald's in the surveillance videos, and he does not look scared yet, then it is possible in his own mind he is not a kidnapping victim. He might not feel abducted until later after they get home. I think the police would have mentioned it if in those videos something looked like Dylan was being forced by his father in some way. So this is why it is odd to me that the kidnapping vibes come up for me pretty early on in the post-airport pickup - to - father's house - time period up until such time the cell phones text stop around a little before ten pm that same night. We don't hear from Dylan after that and the police have suggested the homicide occurred after that, in the evening hours. That energy does seem possible for me, I can resonate with that idea as a possibility, based on the energy. Again, I am not picking up much around the livingroom or inside the house. That does not mean a problem between father and son did not develop inside the house itself. What I am saying I pick up an energy of intensity around the vehicle which seems possible it could be the father and someone else, it seems most definitely likely one of them is the father, I cannot say for sure another person is around and alive. And I have picked up both a hunting thing there and also a guy tool thing, like maybe hunting stuff in the back of the vehicle and a tool box or tool things in the garage. It could be two separate vision/feeling scenarios. In the hunting thing, it's almost like it could be a gun - shooting issue there, maybe away from the house, but it could be somewhere in the garage or around the house, as well. I would consider both. In terms of the tool thing, it could be he is looking for something to hit Dylan with, or to do something in line with his other negative activities - it has the feeling he is looking for something a little bit, like the right tool. In terms of the shovel, that came up today in terms of being used possibly as a blunt force weapon, I had previously seen it as a possible burial tool, it seemed at the first viewing to maybe be after-the-fact, but we also need to consider some kind of burying at the time of the event, as well. We need to consider both possibilities. I do seem to sense a somewhat ghostly energy around the shovel, and it would be a larger shovel, if in fact the shovel exists in this scenario. I also feel that ghostly energy around a fishing pole, that does not mean the pole was used during the final trip to his father's house, it could be it was used on other stays, but something about it comes up on my radar, which I mentioned before. Part of it is that I read how there might be something off about the father's words on that, like maybe he lied about its being lost when it was not, and it showed up later. Not sure about the facts and details around this, just look into, something comes up when I read about it. A very light whiff of a question mark comes up that at any point the boy was around the water and fishing early the following morning or at any time the next day. I certainly doubt it, and this thing about fishing could be from other times, and so on and so forth, but I would just sort of keep this in mind as a light possibility, particularly in conjunction with apparent sightings of a boy with blond hair who looked like Dylan later in the day he was felt to have gone missing. One of these sightings, as mentioned elsewhere, was with another boy while walking together and the other was in a white van, and two different people said the same thing about a blondish boy in that van. If these sightings in any way are connected to my feelings of a kidnapping, then this would apply not to the father but to someone else. We do need to keep this in mind. The other whiff of energy that had come up during this viewing process was the possibility a friend in the friendship circle got wind that Dylan was back in the area and maybe a dark party was possible. There is an energy around this like my first word was "gig." So the party sense has a dark feeling to it. In this scenario, it feels like an extended friendship, not one of the close ones, maybe someone sort of on the fringes of Dylan's preferred friend list. It could include someone like the Wes he mentions not particularly wanting to spend time with, or someone else. It could be male or female, my first thought was it was likely male. And what came up later on this as another possibility was that I was picking up the thoughts and feelings of either Dylan himself, like he wanted to maybe go party with one of his friends, or maybe his father Mark kind of thinks of that dark kind of activity as a gig. For example, the odd cross-dressing/eating of feces might have occurred while drinking and/or doing drugs, or maybe when he shifts personalities, like going into an alternate ego, or something like that. Maybe that persona of himself sees encounters with boys as something like a gig. I don't know, but this energy of "gig" - the way I use it - comes up as an energy around all this. My first thought was that if a friend or father of a friend, or both, caught wind Dylan was b ack in the area, and if they were into a cult-like way, perhaps they would have wanted to get together with him to have a dark gig which could include male-to-male sexual abuse and murder after kidnapping him. This also came up when I heard he was seen in a van with a man known to live in the area, someone whose last name is Wilson. In addition, I noticed the judge's last name was also Wilson, and I wondered if they have a family connection given it is a small town kind of county. So this is just another whiff of energy that causes various questions to come up and to alert us to maybe be looking for certain things. If the gig energy is coming from the father, we need to look at alternate personality that might show up, particularly after excessive alcohol and/or drugs. There is one final point. It includes feelings that in addition to any actual father-son homicide scene, there also might be a darker homosexual clique around the Durango0Vallecit-Bayfield area. I have picked up on it as an energy from a mechanic and a coffee shop in the Durango area. This energy causes me to conisder the alternative kidnapping-murder scene mentioned above; if such a group wanted to carry on a gig that day he disappeared, then that could be linked to part of what I am picking up. However, it is popssible this energy is instead something else, around the Hall and Redwine homes, and extended family and friendship circles. I do not think all homosexual activity enters this realm of dark activity; this is not a judgment of homosexuality per se. I am talking about something else here, when things go into dark quirky spaces and even violence. 2021/11/05 Prayer It is time to let this case go and move on; it is disturbing my sleep at night and my sense of well-being in the day. A stronger than normal connection developed. I encourage the police or other professionals to connect with me if they have something to share. I think more background information would help with energy work. I have been saying prayers almost the whole time while working on this case. I call on a Higher Power to heal and protect Dylan Redwine’s soul, essence, beingness and/or spiritual center, and that of his father’s Mark Redwine, and that of his family and everyone else who has connected to this case in a meaningful and deeper way. Thank you. Amen. 2021/11/01-02 As of this date, these questions still unanswered - have not yet found it in the literature: Scat Location Bones o lab tests if any on Dylan’s toe bone(s) found in animal scat during first find in June 2013 did bones truly go through digestive tract of the animal what kind of animal how old was scat Beer Cans among first find in June 2013 o Fingerprints? o DNA - saliva, etc? o 2021/11/02 found this article with small discussion of subject: 2021/07/13--https://www.9news.com/article/news/investigations/dylan-redwine/redwine-trial-update/73- 3f87fd3b-8526-4bfa-abad-6b7e22a0626d Miller Light and Coors Light beer cans https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/a-look-at-what-investigators-found-on-a-rugged-mountainside- in-their-search-for-dylan-redwine/ar-AALDbGl Note 2021/11/02--Possible suspect in white van, maybe driven by Kent Wilson White Van possibly with someone matching Dylan's description-Judge’s last name is same as potential suspect in white van, did Kent Wilson get checked out? https://www.courts.state.co.us/userfiles/file/Court_Probation/06th_Judicial_District/La_Plata/Redwine/Order%2 0Upon%20the%20Prosecution's%20Motion%20in%20Limine%20to%20Prohibit%20the%20Defense%20From% 20Presenting%20Evidence%20Relating%20to%20the%20White%20Van%20%5BP-45%5D.pdf Per Starla Johnson and James Adcock Saw Kent Wilson driving a white van with a boy in the passenger seat who might fit Dylan's description - blonde curly hair with ball cap Postal carrier also saw a white van who contained an individual like the above description 7 or 8 am November 19 2012 Jeffrey R Wilson, Chief Judge District Court La Plata County 1060 E. 2nd Ave, Durango Colorado 81301 Nov. 16, 2020 https://www.courts.state.co.us/userfiles/file/Court_Probation/06th_Judicial_District/La_Plata/Redwine/Order%2 0Upon%20the%20Prosecution's%20Motion%20in%20Limine%20to%20Prohibit%20the%20Defense%20From% 20Presenting%20Evidence%20Relating%20to%20the%20White%20Van%20%5BP-45%5D.pdf [extracted from internet on 2021/11/02] I started this write-up on this case on 10/28/2021; when I first started, I had goosebumps, which might be a sign of paranormal connections, especially a connection to the spirit of the deceased, or a sign of a spiritual connection of some kind. I had looked into it much earlier for a brief period, especially after seeing my formal neighbor in Farmington, New Mexico, put a poster involving Dylan’s disappearance on her vehicle. I do seem to have found my notes, a little later than I had first thought -from 2016. o NOTES 04/21 to 05/02/2016 DYLAN REDWINE Dylan Redwine case, Durango, Colorado area (Vallecito) disappeared November 18-19, 2012 listed as likely homicide, father “person of interest” A few names associated with this case: Father: Mark Redwine Mother: Elaine Redwine (Hall) Profiler, ex-FBI: The Redwine case jumped back into the headlines this week after former FBI profiler Pete Klismet made statements implying Read in-depth story about Redwine case see http://blogs.denverpost.com/coldcases/2014/05/10/dylan/8449/ (Huffington Post 2013) The La Plata County Sheriff’s office announced on Thursday that the remains of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, a Colorado boy who went missing last November, have been found after an extensive five-day search of a forest service road on Middle Mountain near the town of Vallecito, Colo. A variety of items were found during the five-day search conducted of USFS Middle Mountain Road, including bones, and were positively identified as Redwine’s Sheriff’s Department spokesman Dan Bender said on Thursday. The remains were found about 8 to 10 miles from the home of Mark Redwine, Dylan’s father. Additional details about the items found were not released. The Middle Mountain area is north of Vallecito Lake, rugged with dense forests, very steep drainages and deep canyons http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/27/dylan-redwine-remains_n_3512528.html Elaine Hatfield Hall, in her third appearance on the TV show, told the host through a video interview that it remains a struggle to keep the tragic story of her son’s disappearance and death in the spotlight. - See more at: http://m.durangoherald.com/article/20160322/NEWS01/160329886/-1/mraid.js/Dylan- Redwine%E2%80%99s-mother-tells-Dr-Phil-of-frustration-with-case#sthash.Zjh41Zei.dpuf http://m.durangoherald.com/article/20160322/NEWS01/160329886/-1/mraid.js/Dylan- Redwine%E2%80%99s-mother-tells-Dr-Phil-of-frustration-with-case 2021/11/02 Intuition Summary of Intuitive feelings that came up - inexplicable, as most do not match professional expert opinions of homicide murder scene and body dumping aftermath Activity between father and son around truck in garage, a sense of hunting weaponry, a sense of tools, maybe a toolbox, maybe tools nearby in garage; it seems something around hunting or hunting weaponry came up earlier when first looked into this; the activity felt around a vehicle could be away from the garage, as well o it seems to me that if death-violence occurred between father and son, it occurred here, if in garage, a wounded body might have been taken inside the livingroom, which might explain the blood seen there maybe the body dripped blood being taken to the couch;there was not a lot of blood found but some of it was cleaned by cleaners something up around fishing pole - almost like paranormal activity, father at first denied knowing its whereabouts something about Mark taking the boy to a medical oriented place possibilities include a small local clinic, a private practitioner, a search and rescue type with known medical ability, or even a veterinarian something about taking the boy to a small cabin, like a hunters cabin if the father did kill Dylan, I feel the main motive is money, like perhaps alimony, not anger over photos, although the photos are part of it something about the mother o it came up both during the first look into this several years ago and during this October 2021 look into it o my first impression both times was Dylan was warning something about his mother o however, it could be he is trying to tell his mother something goosebumps have showed up off and on while looking at this case the second time; they showed up when reading about Brandon Redwine saying his father talked prematurely about blunt force trauma when only the first bone findings had been found and before the skull had been found my interpretation was that Brandon is important to Dylan in terms of the case in some way); if Brandon lied, why? there was the feeling that maybe a couple of young friends or so might have thought it would be cool to get together to party with Dylan - this whiff of an energy seems to come from extended friendship circles - not likely his main friends - someone who heard through the grapevine he was back in town - party might mean dark gi Intuition: I do seem to feel an energy that suggests Mark Redwine did it, but I would not rely on this, and think it is best to stay open to considering other possible options I repeat: I have felt some warning bells go off as if something volatile is still out there regarding this case, and that they might not like people “sniffing around”, might be dangerous - I have had a small energy hint perhaps it comes in through one very small particular strand of the La Plata County Republican Party linked to Bayfield, Vallecito and Durango I must stress I do not think all of the area’s Republicans are suspicious in this way Comments on Redwine case taken off Police Factor website November 4, 2021 I originally intended to put this case up on Sunday, a few days ago, but kept having the feeling I needed to keep working on it. I have felt a presence around the case, with the strongest feeling it is likely Dylan. I had goosebumps come up the first day when I went back to looking over the case after several years. I had looked briefly into it earlier; I see one date in 2016 but feel I might have looked into it earlier after seeing a female neighbor with a poster on her vehicle. It is likely that poster would have been up closer to the time Dylan had gone missing, so it could have been anytime between late 2013 through 2016 that I first wrote up on this. In late October 2021 I took it back up as I had seen front page headlines on the final verdict earlier in October at newspapers at the local Durango grocery store. Like many things associated with this case, I felt "something was up" when I read those headlines. This is a certain feeling of personal spiritual connectivity to a subject. In fact, I am getting goosebumps again writing this, this morning a little before nine am mst. I cannot say I have answers, and feel I often have more questions. I noticed that several times I get impressions that could be impossible if you followed all of them as leads. I refer to these as "whiffs" - whiffs are energy, vibes, light visual impressions, a feeling-knowing thing. For example, these whiffs show up around this case: -someone in a camper, or a picnic type of person, might be around Dylan; thoughts are that he was kidnapped by one of the area's round-year campers from one of the camping grounds, even in the winter like November -the sense of fishing, boats and lakes, something up around Dylan's old fishing pole -the sense the father could have dumped a dead body in the woods -the sense of a kidnapping, whether from the camper above or otherwise, of being taken off -something up around the wood seen piled in front of the father's house -something up around Brandon, the brother saying the father said blunt force trauma before the second find of the skull -I don't feel entirely trusting of the energy from the stepfather, like something is off -feel more of a concentrated energy around the vehicle of the father as related to son, rather than a concentrated energy in the livingroom; the police feel that because of the signs of blood in the livingroom the homicide event occurred there, which might be true, but I personally get more of an energy of such a possibility either in the garage near the father's vehicle or around wherever the vehicle was parked, along with the sense of possibly hunting, hunting equipment, and possibly a tool box or mechanical tools. From this energy, it seems more likely to me something could have happened between father and son there, and maybe the boy was taken into the livingroom - like maybe the father hit him out of anger, regretted it, carried or drug him into the livingroom to look him over to see if he could be rescusciated, laid him down on the sofa, etc. Maybe this is how the small drops of blood were scattered in the livingroom and among pillows. -a whiff of maybe the father trying to take him to some sort of medical care; a whiff of possibly a small wood cabin in the woods, like a hunter's cabin; I need to stress that the idea of medical care is not in line with what I had read on the case and was not what I was inferring or expecting from the image given of the father of killing in anger and more or less quickly trying to dispose of the body thereafter. I would not have added this idea of my own accord, for there was nothing in my expectations one way or another in these matters. I was just reading to figure things out and only had a limited set of ideas in this regard from the media and court case items. So to feel that the father might have worried about his son to try to take him for medical help is something that just spontaneously showed up as a vibe for me. November 1, 2021 Intuition: Mark Redwine might have gone back to dump site with large shove to bury rest of remains part of the remains might have been moved by animals to the road areas - not sure if the closest main road is cleared in the spring, but there is the sense that some of the remains might have been lost in road dirt work, like to the side or flattened out into the road, this might account for some apparent false positive by cadaver dogs I had discussed earlier the probably unlikely feeling Mark Redwine might actually have consulted a medic of some kind after realizing he had hurt Dylon after losing his temper, or otherwise after Dylan was hurt. I do realize this seems unlikely, but for some reason, it did come up, and it was not something I expected myself. My first impression was in following the literature on this subject, that police impressions were that the tragic and one-time blow to Dylan’s head occurred in the livingroom, and that immediate body removal resulted after that. This scenario was my expectation, not a softer Mark looking for a medic for his son. Perhaps a medic occurred in an earlier scenario between the two people, not during this final event. My approach is to share what comes up and not try to filter it out as unlikely. I am puzzzled by how the skull was so far from the other small parts of the body - is it possible that was a second burial site after Mark Redwine went back with a shovel to try to move andcover a and that animals dug it up given the nearby animal nest; could the second site have had significance to the father as one place Dylan used to like to fish? As I mentioned before, and a I still feel, I think the primary motive behind any murder by father of son is financial - that the revelation and prodding over the strange photos did make the father angry, but it was not the primary issue, it was one of several issues, with money being the strongest one The other possibility that Brandon heard his father talk abut blunt trauma is that there had already been a secret between Mark and the police - maybe he had already shown them where the burial was, they found the skull near the body at that time, defined the head injury as blunt trauma.. In this case, maybe it is the type of conspiracy discussed by others - I did have something come up that he might have already confessed and shown where the body was. The other issue is that a few people felt they saw Dylan alive, very strange as one of them seemed to run away. The conspiracy story mentioned elsewhere has the victims still alive at least for awhile. Bayfield has a mix of liberals and conservatives. Probably there were more conservatives in 2012 and 2013. Cults like dominionists or far right types could be in the infrastructure, it might lend tself to a conspiracy. Dylan and mother used to live there or in Vallecito - the paper might call Vallecito Bayfield. They would know people, have connections. It had only been since the summer they moved to Colordo Springs. The truth is, the mother should have shown the judge the odd photos of the father, explained the presence of alcohol, and asked fo a way to protect Dylan from visiting the father. It seems possible with hindsight, but to go about it would have required seeking other ways to stand up to the court or judge. If a parent feels a child is at risk, surely there is a awy to make things happen. This is one of the tragedies of this story. The what if’s can drive you nuts. Maybe this is a lesson for other parents in a similar divorce custody situation; this issue probably comes up a lot. The reason I suggested Mark Redwine’s civil right might have been violated is tha along the way in time, he indicated feeling watched to the oint he called an paramedic or something like that. It has to to feel pretty intense for someone to do that. If someone is innocent and put through that level of scrutiny, it becomes abusive at some point. It is a form of harassment. Like gangstlking - aa private vigilante system. If someone is guilty, the person might deserve it on some level, but always consider how you would feel if youwere innocent being treated like that. You want to stop a killer, you want him to see justice served, you want him locked away so he cannot hurt others…but at what point do you become one of the bad buys yoruself by becoming a vigilante? To wonder about these things does not mean you feel sorry for a killer if he is guilty, but it means considering when someone is innocent and all of that is going on. The tables could be turned at some point. So detectives need to think about that. When people take the law into their own hands, even if it feels like it is for good easons, people can take things too far and give the situation an added creepy feeling all of its own separate from the first possibe crime that they are investigating. At what point should people 2021/10/31 8th angle added - hunting Intuition Summary Dylan taken to rustic wood cabin in woods if after, father might be trying to take him somewhere private for medical help, privacy from mother, etc. if before or during, this might be where a hunting related accident occurred wood cabin might be small hunter’s cabin or belongs to a friend of Mark’s, or both it came up Mark might be paying someone to hide Dylan this might be an accomplice or significant other to case, still loose and possibly dangerous over perceived threats If hunting or hunting equipment related injury gun went off inadvertently gun went off on purpose butt of gun was used to hit Dylan’s head If medical help was sought for Dylan after an injury by father or issue at hand consider anyone with medical capabilities in area small clinic paramedic known private practitioner search and rescue type with medical capability even a veterinarian Touchy locals still around who could be dangerous any cabin guy (see above) people who were helping to protect Mark, or were part of the problem around Dylan helped hide or cover up evidence Maybe others have been killed in connection to this case at same time as Dylan, or to cover up evidence There might be something about the wood pile in front of Mark Redwine’s house I have felt Dylan might be trying to help get the word out on this case, about what happened to him, about people involved, etc. I felt goosebumps first day in late Oct. 2021second time looking into this case today reading about Brandon Redwine for what I feel is the first time Michael Hall said he saw suspect Mark Redwine near bones in mountain area near where Dylan’s bones were found later we can also ask why Hall was up there intuition: something is off with Hall on this it’s like he knows something I feel something is up around the fishing pole and the father-father acting suspicious Responses could be happening because of these notes a few people could be following up my suggestions, not only on this case, but during other times I have indicated concerns, verbally in person, written here, or otherwise Loose Notes 2021/10/31 However, I have had some intuitive feelings come up which either stray from that, or an additional attribute. There were two times I looked into this case. One was earlier, sometime between late 2012 or early 2013 and 2015; the other was here in late October 2021. Intuitive feelings came up both times. I am going by memory on the earlier time, because so far I cannot find my notes. I recall that something came up about the mother, and it did again this time around, leaving me with questions both times. In addition, I seem to remember something about hunting and hunting gun(s) around the father, the son and the vehicle, maybe in a place like the garage, or somewhere just around the truck no matter where it was parked. Dylan’s head seems to suggest death from a couple of blunt blows to the skull. I still seem to pick up the hunting weapon thing, but it was not the first thing that drew my attention this time around; it is in recalling those feelings that came up earlier on this. Strangely, it almost seems like a hunting accident, or a misfired weapon. Maybe this would explain the thing about a clinc or medical seeking for Dylan that came up this later time around. Maybe they were going to go hunting that morning, and there was an accident, or maybe the father shot in range and later regretted it. There is no mention apparently of a last minute hunting trip, but maybe they decided to do it as a man and son thing for Thanksgiving. I do not know if Mark Redwine hunts or has hunting equipment. Maybe skull got damaged later after body was dumped. Could Michael Hall know where bones are and want people to find them to entrap Mark Redwine because Michael is involved in the murder? Could he be thinking, “Leave them up there, leave them alone, I want people to find them.” The most obvious thought might be that Mark Redwine went up there to re-examine the death site of his son, knowing where the body had bee dumped. However, Michael Hall’s presence up there also should be suspect.
Comments (CASE STUDY-4c-Dylan Redwine)
UPDATE-Comments 2023/08: I would like to reiterate and clarify some points on this particular case. First, my psychic or psychic-type of intuition left me with more questions than answers, and I cam away feeling frustrated with a sense of sadness for the boy and the situation. That feeling is still with me to this day. Second, something elusive comes up for me about the energy and feeling of another, parallel, or additional inside scenario as an actual kidnapping/abduction vibe. As I said before, it is elusive for me personally based on intuitive feeling-vibe- feeling as almost visual material. So what that means is I am left with a feeling of abduction possibility which might explain either an outside person or group getting hold of Dylan, including people around year-round Vallecito, Colorado campgrounds, neighbors, or friends of Dylan, the post office or even local police, with something around campground long-term stay people coming up especially as a whiff or hint. Thirdly, I was wondering if the image of Dylan’s father in diapers eating “poop” as Dylan called it, might have been photo-shopped as Mr. Redwine later suggested. If so, it appears Dylan in his horror of such things in a text I believe to his brother, was not into it, but upon asking who might be, perhaps that older brother? Fourthly, I think we need to watch for overly zealous and appalled members of the police going after Dylan’s father based more on superficial evidence and emotion than actual hard-core facts. Fifthly, on the facts, tiny traces of blood around Mr. Redwine’s house showed up from dog-sniffing and other activities, some of it from cadaver-trained dog- sniffers long after the disappearance and death of Dylan. There seem to be unanswered questions in the residual animal feces which seemed to show signs of Dylan’s skeletal material, like toes. It seems unclear whether trash near the remains had fingerprints or DNA content still remaining despite weatherization. Sixth, up until my most recent look into the case, Mr. Redwine has repeatedly said he did not kill his son Dylan, never deviating from that message. He as said things like having hopes for his “day in court.” In addition, his attorney had indicated that Mr. Redwine, although “flawed”, was innocent. One way Mr. Redwine seems flawed is what appears to be alcoholism, not just occasional binges. Another way is he seems to have a temper and said some things indicating possessiveness over his sons and a thought-out way to dispose of a dead body in the mountains, according to his ex-wife, who says she feels he could kill someone. From this and other indicators, Mr. Redwine might be someone to lie and sneak, like to get out of prison and vindictively go after his ex-wife and others, which is a good reason to keep him locked up if this is the case behind why he says he is innocent. Seventh, in conclusion, I don’t know, but these troubling implications leave me wondering still if things are as they seem - Mr. Redwin did it - or if something else was going on. What would be nice is if he really did kill his son Dylan, Mr. Redwine would finally loosen up on any tightly kept secrets and come clean. I feel in order for this to happen, someone who is less judgmental and more understanding, empathic or resonant with his personality on some level - even if not on the level of murderous tendencies - would try to have a heart-to-heart with him and see if he would open up. It might not be a direct approach, but more of an “am present” approach, one that does not seek or demand answers, but feels the thing spiritually, and would allow for such opening up and divulging. The approach would need to be honest and sincere and not out to get Mr. Redwine. I think if he is guilty as felt, he has deep psychological issues which almost are like a divided personality, and that he buries things pretty deep, he compartmentalizes. So an approach here might be to “let go and let God” as much as possible in speaking with Mr. Redwine. Perhaps he had a sense of abandonment when he was a little boy or even older. Perhaps part of it is a cowboy sense of manhood and independence and kind of an in-your-head way of thinking coupled with deep raw emotions kept at bay until they explode. Part of it can be a kind of mistrust and controlling aspect, like doubtful of people’s real motives. In dealing with Mr. Redwine, I sense a complex personality which has an undercurrent of evasion where he goes to his special place away from the spotlight of people, those are his motives, his pact with himself, his insistence on propriety. So he could be very stubborn in that regard, should he be the actual killer. One of his sons said indicated at least one slip of Mr. Redwine’s true feelings when all or several of his boys came together. These kinds of slips might almost be a form of Freudian divulgences. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it could be part of it is he cares too much, and the feelings hurt so much they get buried. But in other ways, it could be a form of cold satisfaction in having been in control and gotten the last word on Dylan and what happened. Again, there might be a kind of double personality in all of this. MENU of Comments Section - Dylan Redwine Introductory Comments Comments o Various Perspectives (without focusing only on father with the a priori expectation of his guilt) Father Mark Redwine murdered son Dylan Redwine Mother/Stepfather Side of Family Peers or Adult Neighbors; Consider Vallecito-Bayfield-Durango Cultural Environment Hiking Injury Animals Abduction Hunting Incident or Accident, Near or Far Truth is Out, but Covered up What are the rights of even the most plausible suspects o Loose Notes by Date 2023/02/08 notes left at top of page 2021/11/10 Update on Withdrawal of Bulk of Energy around Case (Relief) 2021/11/09 Summation of various points as question marks about this case 2021/11/05 Prayer 2021/11/04 2021/11/01-02 2021/10/31 2021/10/29 2021/10/28
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