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CHINA (LEG-3 CONGR-118 Jan-Apr 2023)
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US LEGISLATION ON CHINA Comprehensive List for this Section (although likely not complete on China bills from all legislation) By Bill, titles abbreviated; Co=Cosponsor By Legislator see Measures for USA Source: or June 2023 May 2023 China House H.R.3357 -2023/05/16 Strong-AL Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act of 2023Sponsor: Strong, Dale W. [Rep.-R-AL-5] (Introduced 05/16/2023) Cosponsors: (30)Committees: House - Agriculture; Foreign Affairs; Intelligence H.R. 3334-2023/05/15-McClain STOP CCP Act Portion of bill applicable to land, property with an excerpt under Land below April 2023 China House H.R. 2511: Defund China’s Allies, Andrew Ogles, R-TN-5 H.R. 2594: China Technology Transfer Control Act of 2023, Mark E Green, R-TN-7, 4/13/23 Mar 2023 China Senate (S.) S.684 2023/03/07-Hawley-MO S 591: South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act of 2023, Marc Rubio, FL S 908: 3/22-Barrasso-WY A bill to oppose the provision of assistance to the People’s Republic of China by the multilateral development banks. S 939: 03/22-Cotton-AR-Securing Maritime Data from Communist China Act of 2023 S 1035: 03/01-Ending China’s Unfair Advantage 2023, John Barrasso, WY House (H.R.) 1714: 3/22-Mast-FL 1724: 3/22-Steel-R-CA-45 2372: 3/29-STAND with Taiwan Act of 2023, Mike Gallagher, R-WI-8 2381: 3/29-Larsen-D-WA 1351 Feb 2023 China Senate S. 308: Ending China’s Developing Nation Status Act, A bill to end the treatment of the People's Republic of China as a developing nation. Mitt Romney, UT; 02/09 House (H.R.) 1081: ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act, Mike Gallagher, R-WI-8; 02/14 1016: Stop China’s IP Theft Act, Debbie Lesko, R-AZ-8 1156: 2/24-Spanberger-D-VA-7 January 2023 China Senate (S.) 9: 01/23-Cruz-TX o Protect Strategic Petro Res fr. China o Rep. Ted Cruz, R-TX; Co 16 125: 1/26-Cotton-AR o Trade Restrictions on China, etc. o Sen. Tom Cotton, R-AR; Co 3 138: 1/30-Merkley-OR 144 2023/01/30-Rubio-FL o Disclose Chinese filers in Sec. Exch. Com. o Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl; Co 1 145 2023/01/30-Rubio-FL o require disclosure by Fed contractors of contracts with Chinese, etc. o Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL; Co 0 151: 1/30-Rubio-FL o amend Securities Exch. Act of 1934 to address Chinese corruption, etc o Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl; Co 0 152: 01/3-Rubio-FL o Prohibit Security trading Chinese mil. o Sen.Marco Rubio, R-Fl; Co 2 153: 1/30-Rubio-FL o Safeguard tech, intel prop, industry o Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fl, Co 0 190: 1/31-Rubio-FL 510 2023/1/25-Davidson-OH o Internatl Mon. Fund wt. Chinese currency o Rep. Warren Davidson, R-OH-8; Co 0 554 2023/01/26-Hill-AR o Deter China off Taiwan, finances, etc. o REp. J. French HIll, R-AR-2; Co 1 566 2023/01/26-Nehls-TX o Halt US fed funds to China til COV. reimb. o Roy E. Nehls, R-TX-22; Co 1 638 2023/01/30-Smith-NJ o Trade Restrictions On China, etc. o Rep. Christopher Smith, R-NJ-4; Co 1 H.Con.Res10 2023/01/25H.R. 499 2023/01/25 H.R. 401 2023/01/20 o Prohibit Dir of Natl Sci Found fr. awarding grants etc to Chinese communist military companies and affiliates, etc. o Rick W. Allen, R-GA-12; Co 0 H.Res. 39 2023/01/17-Dunn-FL Fentanyl weapon mass destruction o Neal Dunn, R-FL-2; Co 0 H.R.293 2023/01/12-Houlahan-PA o Banning Oil Exp to Foreign Adversar. o Chrissy Houlahan, D-PA-6; Co 64 H.R. 315 2023/01/12-Wilson-SC o US Agency for Global Media - China o Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC-2; Co 0 H.R.301 2023/01/11-Rose-TN o Unmasking Origins of COVID–19 Act o Rep. John W. Rose, R-TN-6; Co 3 H.R. 551 2023/01/26H. Res 9 2023/01/09-Nehls-TX o China responsible for COVID-19 o Rep. Troy E Nehls, R-TX-22; Co 0 H. R. 229 2023/01/09-Wittman-VA o World Deserves to Know Act o Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-VA-1; Co 0 H.R. 22 2023/01/09-McMorr-Rodgers-WA o Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act o Cathy McMorr-Rodgers R-WA-5 Co 63 H.Res 11 2023/01/09-McCarthy-CA o Establishi Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the US and CCP. o Kevin McCarthy, R-CA-20; Co 0 H.R.59 2023/01/09 o SAVE ACT: (DOE) to prohibit the sale of petro fr. the SPR to some entities. o Rep. Stephanie I. Bice, R-OK-5; Co 13 H.R. 57 2023/01/09 o Protect Pers. Data fr. Foreign Advers. o Rep. Jack Bergman, R-MI-1 H.R. 222 2023/01/09 o No Oil for CCP Act Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-VA-1 TikTok, ByteDance and Related S.85 o impose sanctions on TikTok, etc. o Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO; Co 0 H.R. 231 2023/01/10 o Terminate TikTok on Campus Act ‘23 o Brian Babin, R-TX-36; Co 19 H.R. 503 2023/01/25 o impose sanctions on TikTok, etc. o Rep. Ken Buck, R-CO-4 H.R. 57 2023/01/09 o Protecting Personal Data from Foreign Adversaries Act o Rep. Jack Bergman, R-MI-1; Co 0 US LAND - CHINA PURCHASES (also up in Comprehensive List) Agriculture, Residential, Commercial, Large Empty Parcels HR: 3357-5; 3334-5; 1351-3; 840-2; 809;-2 344-1; Senate: S1066-3; S926-3; S684-3; S168-1; Jun May H.R.3357 -2023/05/16 Strong-AL 118th Congress (2023-2024)Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act of 2023Sponsor: Strong, Dale W. [Rep.-R-AL-5] (Introduced 05/16/2023) Cosponsors: (30)Committees: House - Agriculture; Foreign Affairs; Intelligence H.R. 3334-2023/05/15-McClain STOP CCP Act Portion of bill applicable to land, property (b) Sanctions Described.—(1) IN GENERAL.—The sanctions described in this subsection are the following: (A) BLOCKING OF PROPERTY.—The President shall exercise all of the powers granted to the President under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) to the extent necessary to block and prohibit all transactions in property and interests in property of the person if such property and interests in property are in the United States, come within the United States, or are or come within the possession or control of a United States person. Apr Mar Senate S.684 2023/03/07-Hawley-MO 118th Congress (2023-2024)This Land Is Our Land ActSponsor: Hawley, Josh [Sen.-R-MO] (Introduced 03/07/2023) Cosponsors: (0)Committees: Senate - Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry S.926 2023/03/22-Braun-IN 118th Congress (2023-2024)Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act of 2023Sponsor: Braun, Mike [Sen.-R-IN] (Introduced 03/22/2023) Cosponsors: (3)Committees: Senate - Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry S.1066 -3 2023/03/29 Soil Act To increase oversight of foreign direct investment in agricultural land in the United States, and for other purposes. Feb H.R.809 - 2023/02/02 Newhouse-WA 118th Congress (2023-2024)Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China ActSponsor: Newhouse, Dan [Rep.-R-WA-4] (Introduced 02/02/2023) Cosponsors: (77) Jan Senate S168: 01-31-Rounds-SD House H.R.344 - 2023/01/12-Roy-TX 118th Congress (2023-2024)Securing America’s Land from Foreign Interference ActSponsor: Roy, Chip [Rep.-R-TX-21] (Introduced 01/12/2023) Cosponsors: (13)Committees: House - Foreign Affairs Older Bills Land H.R. 4356 (117) Agriculture-FDA Spending Bill Older BIlls TikTok & Related H.R. 6837 2022 o No TikTok on Department of Homeland Security Devices Act o Michael Guest H.R. 8772 2022/9/6 H.R. 2566 2021/4/15 H.R. 3057 2021/05/07 o Anti-CCP Espionage via Social Media Act of 2021 or the ACES Act of 2021 o Lisa McClain, R-MO-10 H.R. 4793 2021/07/29 S. 1143 2021/4/15 o No TikTok on Govt Devices Act o Sen Josh Hawley, R-MO Updates: 2023/06/07-08; 2023/05/09
June May April Mar Feb Jan Land: Residential, Agricultural, Commercial (See also China-1b-Land) TikTok
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BRIEF: Bill#/Date-Name-State (from May House 3357 -2023/05/16 Strong-AL 3334-2023/05/15-McClain-MI -------------------------------------- April S 1372-4/27-Rubio-FL 2462-Donalds-FL 2511: 4/6-Ogles-TN 2594: 4/13-Green-TN 2993: 4/28-Banks-R-IN -------------------------------------- March Senate S 1066 S 926 S 684 2023/03/07-Hawley-MO S 591: 3/1-Rubio-FL S 906: 3/21-Hawley-MO S 908: 3/22-Barrasso-WY S 939: 03/22-Cotton-AR S 968-3/23-Scott-FL S 1035: 3/29-Barrasso-WY House 2381-3/29-Larsen-D-WA 1351 2372-3/29-Gallagher-R-WI 1724-3/22-Steel-CA 1714: 3/22-Mast-FL ------------------------------------- February Senate Resolutions S 23: 2/1-Cruz-TX S 75: 2/16-Merkley-OR S 218: 2/1-Cruz-TX House 1156: 2/24-Spanberger-D-VA-7 840 809: 2/2-Newhouse-WA 308: 2/9-Romney-UT 1016: 2/14-Lesko-R-AZ 1081-2/14-Gallagher-R-WI 839: 2/6-Meuser-PA -------------------------------------- January Senate Bills S 9: 01/23-Cruz-TX S 125: 1/26-Cotton-AR S 138: 1/30-Merkley-OR S 151: 1/30-Rubio-FL S 153: 1/30-Rubio-FL S 168: 01-31-Rounds-SD S 190: 1/31-Rubio-FL H.R. 344 22: 1/9-Rodgers-WA 533: 1/26-McGovern-MA 566: 1/26-Nehls-TX 638: 1/30-Smith-NJ