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Related Agencies Acts, Programs, Executive Orders, etc. DAPA DACA E-Verify ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEADERS (as of May 25, 2023) DHS: Alejandro Mayorkas - See Leaders With Issues CBP: Jason Owens (replaced Chief Raul Ortiz) CBP Commissioner/Acting: Troy Miller CBP Deputy Commissioner: Benjamine Carry Huffman CBP/Sector Leaders Ms. Gloria Chavez, Chief Patrol Agent for the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) sector One Source: Tucson-Mr. John Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent for the Tucson Sector Yuma-Chris T. Clem Articles CNN 2023/06/12 Border Patrol veteran Jason Owens tapped to lead agency. Rosa Flores https //www cnn com/2023/06/12/politics/border-patrol-jason-owens/index html Excerpt: A longtime veteran of the US Border Patrol will be its next chief, the Biden administration has announced. Jason Owens, who has been overseeing the typically busy Del Rio Sector of the US-Mexico border, will take over as Border Patrol chief, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said. Owens will replace outgoing US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz. Ortiz is scheduled to retire at the end of June after more than three decades of service, CNN reported. Houston Chronicle CBP Leader Ortiz (also see Borders-Sheriff/Agent Input) CBP dot gov Raul Ortiz, Chief US Border Patrol organization/executive-assistant-commissioners -offices/chief- united-states-border-patrol AGENCIES INVOLVED IN DETECTION - SUMMARY (more detail below this brief list) U.S. Customs and Border Protection U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) San Diego Tunnel Task Force (of note for 2020/03 case: AUSA Orlando Gutierrez) US Border Patrol Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) United States Attorney’s Office San Diego Sheriff’s Office Government of Mexico authorities cooperation in bilateral investigations Fiscalia General de la Republica (FGR) Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) GROUPS/AGENCIES FIGHTING IMMIGRATION Fighting illegal immigration or linked to its processes in this regard in some way Government Agencies Linked to Border Patrol DHS Department of Homeland Security Secretary of Homeland Security in 2021: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas Recent Operation: Operation Sentinel*, is a collaborative effort with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the U.S. Department of State, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice. See alternative view of this operation: Front Page [Note from PF: thisi s a David Horowitz production] 2021/05 DHS Created Operation Sentinel… By Michael Cutler *https //www frontpagemag com/fpm/2021/05/dhs-created-operation-sentinel-combat-human-michael-cutler/ Excerpt: …Speaking from my own personal experience as a former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) agent, generally immigration agents build cases against human trafficking organizations by arresting illegal aliens and then questioning them about the way that they managed to enter the United States…Under Biden's restrictions, however, ICE agents today are not able to arrest illegal aliens who may have the information that is required to conduct successful investigations into alien smuggling and human trafficking…Now here is the “Show Stopper”: How can the Biden administration be serious about dismantling alien smuggling operation while ignoring the smuggled aliens themselves, who are at the heart of these criminal operations? …Could it be that the administration created the illusory Operation Sentinel to respond to the concerns of the American public but not to actually combat the smugglers who are part of the immigration delivery system? https //www frontpagemag com/fpm/2021/05/dhs-created-operation-sentinel-combat-human-michael-cutler/ And background: DHS dot gov https //www dhs gov/stopping-illegal-immigration-and-securing-border Stopping Illegal Immigration and Securing the Border Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS), Chairman of the Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, met with DHS personnel at the US-Mexico border on June 6, 2018.The Department of Homeland Security is committed to enforcing our immigration laws so that we can secure our border and keep the American people safe. DHS is taking action to disrupt cartels, smugglers, and nefarious actors. These actions include referring and then prosecuting 100 percent of illegal border crossers, building the first new border wall in a decade, and deploying the National Guard to the border. However, smugglers, human traffickers, and nefarious actors know our loopholes well and continue to exploit them. To truly keep the American people safe, we must end legal loopholes that have left us with policies that serve as tremendous magnets for illegal immigration. https//www dhs gov/stopping-illegal-immigration-and-securing-border CBP US Customs and Border Protection - Various States Arizona New Mexico https //www cbp gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry/enrollment-centers/new-mexico One contact for CBP NM: Albuquerque International Sunport Airport (ABQ) Address: 2200 Sunport Blvd SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 Located on Departure Level West End Hours of Operation: 10:00AM - 4:00PM, Monday - Friday Contact Information: (505) 346-6994 San Diego Texas https //www cbp gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry/enrollment-centers/texas ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) https //www ice gov INS Immigration and Naturalization Service USCIS US Citizenship and Immigration Services https //www uscis gov/ FBI The FBI has 22 border corruption task forces and working groups across the country staffed by 39 local, state, and federal partner agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Transportation Security Administration. Corruption on the Border — FBI… Coast Guard Defense Media Network 2011/10/26 The Coast Guard and Southwest Border Security. By Craig Collins 2011/10/26-- security/#:~:text=The%20third%20and%20final%20layer%20of%20border%20protection,local%20partners%20to%20detect% 20and%20interdict%20maritime%20incursions. Some examples of Coast Guard Work in connection to Border Protection and Illegal Migrant Handling - also placed in Borders/2021/by months; VI Free Press 2021/05/19 COAST GUARD DIRECTS 66 ILLEGAL DOMINICAN MIGRANTS BACK TO HISPANIOLA. By VI Free Press Minuteman Militia 2021/05/18 Coast Guard Rescues 23 Illegal Immigrants From Smuggling Boat Stuck off California Coast. By Tom Ozimek stuck-off-california-coast/ Articles Listing Pro-Immigrant Groups Miami Herald Lists some pro-immigrant groups UNIONS linked to border patrol National Border Patrol Council National Border Patrol Council Local 2595 San Diego Union Tribune 2022/02/17 Border agency chief faces challenges from within and outside within-and-outside Excerpt: “There’s a lot of frustration,” said Rafael Rivera, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2595, a union that represents agents in the patrol’s Yuma sector, which has seen a huge increase in such migrants. “They feel like there’s no consequences, that we have an open border.” Private Org’s (Citizen Watch/Activism) or Platforms for Backup for Police and Border Protection Alipac Arizona Border Defenders FAIR Law Enforcement Today Minutemen UTT Understanding the Threat - Freedom 25 Minuteman Project ALIPAC Americans for Legal Immigration A good place to get to know ALIPAC is to read their history of illegal immigration: http s:// At the bottom of this history page you will see this: Many articles, blogs, and opinion pieces about illegal immigration can be found in our General Discussion Area . And while we have a special section for illegal immigration articles written by William Gheen of ALIPAC , our main article collection point is in the illegal immigration News Stories & Reports section . We also have a large collection of illegal immigration videos , and a YouTube channel with many very interesting Videos about Illegal Immigration . While researching illegal immigration, you may also find our search feature useful. Earlier insert: Alipac Excerpt: Welcome to ALIPAC! We hope you will join our fight AGAINST the costly and deadly illegal immigration & illegal immigrant invasion of America by JOINING our ACTIVISM ALERTS (Click Here). We hope you will join our discussions here and our fight against illegal immigration & Amnesty! Arizona Border Defenders Private, Not a government agency. http //azborderdefenders org/ Some articles: 2021/04/18 Amnesty talk continues and enforcement loosens illegal border crossings are on the rise, FRI, FEB. 12th by CHRIS CHMIELENSKI, NUMBERSUSA DEPUTY DIRECTOR 2021/04/18-- crossings-are-on-the-rise/ 2019/02/27 House passes resolution aimed at blocking Trump’s national emergency declaration declaration/ 2019/02/15 5 insane provisions in the amnesty omnibus bill http //azborderdefenders org/5-insane-provisions-in-the-amnesty-omnibus-bill/ FAIR US Federation for American Immigration Reform About FAIR As concerned Americans, we all share a responsibility to look to the future and envision where current policies may lead. Immigration is no different. Immigration policies can determine what kind of America future generations will inherit – livable or overcrowded, successful or overburdened. While we see our obligations to help the less fortunate around the world, we also know that irresponsible border policies can undermine our own nation’s ability to be a successful change agent for the human race. FAIR engages in community outreach to inform affected communities of how national immigration policies affect their own situation, and invites them to engage in a meaningful dialogue on how to shape immigration policies for the 21st Century and beyond. As a non-partisan, public interest organization with a support base comprising nearly 50 private foundations and over 1.9 million diverse members and supporters, FAIR is free of party loyalties and special interest connections. FAIR evaluates policies, seeking out solutions that help reduce the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration on the nation’s security, economy, workforce, education, healthcare and environment. Our Objectives: FAIR seeks to reduce overall immigration to a more normal level. Reducing legal immigration levels from well over one million at present to a very generous 300,000 a year over a sustained period will allow America to manage growth, address environmental concerns, and maintain a high quality of life. FAIR article 2021/04/28 Biden Evades Responsibility and Avoids Solutions to Raging Border Crisis, Charges FAIR. By Dan Stein. 2021/04/28--https // border-crisis-charges-fair Law Enforcement Today https //www lawenforcementtoday com/business_listing/backuparrived/ Excerpt: “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” Excerpt: We have reached a tipping point in society. Let’s call it what it is – there is a full-blown war on law enforcement. There are rising calls to defund the police…abolish the police… kill the police. And we’ve all been sitting here silently, trying to figure out what happened… and how it happened so quickly. Officers signed up to serve and protect. They didn’t sign up to be attacked day after day. And it’s not just the criminals who are attacking them – it’s mayors who are handcuffing them and targeting them for doing their jobs. There are approximately 850,000 sworn law enforcement officers in America who right now feel alone and under full-scale assault. Ted Bell is an officer who was wounded in the line of duty. In a recent interview with Law Enforcement Today, he said that the sweetest sound he ever heard was sirens, because he knew “all of my brothers and sisters were coming for me”. It’s time for law enforcement officers who are under attack to get some backup – and that backup is all of us. Let’s do some math. There are approximately 331 million Americans. According to a Gallup poll, 85% of Americans support law enforcement. That’s 285 million of us. Let’s say Gallup is wrong. Let’s say it’s not the overwhelming majority of Americans that support law enforcement. Let’s say it’s just five percent of Americans that support the police. That’s 16 and a half MILLION people. At the height of World War 2, the size of the United States military was approximately 12 million Americans. Our nation became back to back World War Champions… with an army that was 12 million strong. It’s time for us to get back to our roots and build that army of support. How We’re Fighting Back: We’ve hired dozens of new writers at Law Enforcement Today. Most of them are active, retired or wounded police officers or family members. Their sole job is to bring you the stories of what’s really happening in America. And we’re putting a team of cinematographers on the road to capture the stories of police officers and patriotic Americans. The stories that the mainstream media often refuses to show you. Pick your gifts below. Sign up for a membership. Perhaps even just get a lawn sign for your house to show your support. The proceeds will go into expanding our staff of police officers, their families and cinematographers to bring you those untold stories. We’re also going to start listing all of the Back the Blue Rallies across America for you to attend. Stop being the silent majority – and be a part of the army that will help save America. You are not alone… but right now, our officers are. Backup has arrived – and this time, it’s all of us. ~Law Enforcement Today https //www lawenforcementtoday com/business_listing/backuparrived/ Articles Police Backup-KKK https //www lawenforcementtoday com/police-backup-kkk/ Minuteman Project Tracking Terrorism Org https //www trackingterrorism org/group/minuteman-project Earlier insert: Minutemen Excerpt: About Jim Gilchrist Jim Gilchrist founded the multi-ethnic Minuteman Project on October 1, 2004 after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a neglectful U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws. Jim holds a B.A. in newspaper journalism, a B.S. in business administration, and an M.B.A. in taxation. He is a former newspaper reporter and a retired California CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Jim is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and recipient of the Purple Heart award for wounds sustained while serving with an infantry unit in Vietnam, 1968–1969. Mr. Gilchrist is a passionate defender of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and an avid supporter of law enforcement organizations. He has appeared on over 4,000 radio, TV, and print media interviews, and he believes he is only one of millions of 21st century minutemen / women / children who want the U.S. to remain governed by the “rule of law” and who want proactive enforcement of our national security protections and our immigration legal code. Minuteman Militia UTT Understanding the Threat - Freedom 25 Minuteman Project, Minuteman Moment John Guandolo https //www understandingthethreat com/ THE MINUTEMAN PROJECT Understanding Threat has been called a modern-day “Minuteman.” We are the only group in the United States who responds at a moment’s notice to the growing threat of the Marxist and the Islamic movement in America. We hope to: Improve our communication; Target your interest; Provide direct communication to your Civic leaders; Protect your privacy; Provide a convenient system for our support The Freedom 25 Fund is the fund raising arm of our Minuteman Project…click the image above or the donate button below to see how you can help. https //www understandingthethreat com/ Articles or Websites on Private Activism against illegal immigration Listland dot com Top 10 solutions to illegal immigration in the USA: Authorize The Use Of Volunteer Civilian Groups. https //www listland com/top-10-solutions-to-illegal-immigration-in-the-usa/ Excerpt: It’s true that despite the enormous effort of the government to stop illegal immigration, it is still easy to get into the U.S. territory. Every day, thousands of people illegally cross the southern and northern borders. While most of them are entering simply because of the search of a better life, their actions adversely affect the lives of others. Farmers and ranchers, who live along the borders, suffer daily due to illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants destroy fences and gates, leave massive amount of trash, vandalize properties, steal livestock, and damage water pipes. There are even instances that they kidnap innocent victims for ransom. Almost daily, ranch owners have to deal with these problems, which make their lives in the field really hard. This is the very reason why various civilian groups have emerged to try and solve this issue where the federal authorities have effectively failed. And these civilian patrol groups are uniting to fight against this never-ending illegal entry. While civilian patrol groups are not legally authorized to conduct their activities, many concerned citizens support their action to increase our borders’ security. According to law, we, as citizens, have the right to defend ourselves, protect our properties, and make an arrest in case of breaches of the peace. And as what Jim Gilchrist, a retired accountant and decorated Vietnam War veteran who is helping recruit Minutemen across the country, said, “I felt the only way to get something done was to do it yourself.” https //www listland com/top-10-solutions-to-illegal-immigration-in-the-usa/ Miami Herald 2023/05/26 Migrants remain confused about new U.S. immigration policies, legal status in Mexico BY JACQUELINE CHARLES AND ANTONIO MARIA DELGADOR UN, ACLU, Amnesty International, Haitian Bridge Alliance, Mexican Orgs mentioned: Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance Immigration rights advocates, the United Nations refugee agency and others have all criticized the new immigration measures. id Erika Guevara-Rosas, the Americas director for Amnesty International. Read more at: RELATED AGENCIES Social Security Administration (SSA) Health and Human Services (HSS) Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) US Department of State Various sheriffs offices including (examples not complete list) Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) San Diego Sheriffs Department Narcotic and Gang Unit The team consists of Sheriff's Investigators, a Sheriff's Sergeant and a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and is an element of the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division. The team conducts narcotics investigations, surveillance and interdiction missions, Domestic Highway Enforcement, and tactical operations. ACTS, PROGRAMS, EXECUTIVE ORDERS, etc. DAPA Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) DACA Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a United States immigration policy that allows some individuals with unlawful presence in the United States after being brought to the country as children to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and become eligible for a work permit in the U.S. To be eligible for the program, recipients cannot have felonies or serious misdemeanors on their records. Unlike the proposed DREAM Act, DACA does not provide a path to citizenship for recipients. The policy, an executive branch memorandum, was announced by President Barack Obama on June 15, 2012. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services began accepting applications for the program on August 15, 2012. See this article on DACA and Trump’s approach: Excerpt: End DACA On Sept. 5, 2017, Trump announced a wind-down of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).9 The program postpones the deportation of undocumented immigrants who had been brought to the United States as children. It assigns them work permits allowing them to obtain social security numbers, pay taxes, and become part of “mainstream” society. On June 18, 2020, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that his action was not lawful.58 DACA offers a two-year deferral of deportation those under 31 who were brought to the United States without documentation as children. President Obama launched the program with an executive order in 2012.59 On Jan. 25, 2018, Trump signed an executive order to replace DACA. It would offer a 10-12-year path to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants who arrived in the United States illegally as children. It would also drastically restrict legal immigration and add funds for the border wall. Yet, it didn't pass through Congress.60 A year later, Trump again asked Congress to approve a similar plan. He offered to protect DACA recipients for three years in exchange for border wall funding.61 Democrats rejected it because it's not permanent.62 The Cato Institute estimated that the elimination of DACA could cost the economy $215 billion in lost GDP over 10 years.63 That's the amount of lost spending power from these employed young people E-Verify - DHA, SSA The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1996 added the 287(g) provision that provides authority for state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate, detain, and arrest illegal aliens. However, it’s a completely voluntary program that only encourages state and local law officials to participate if they want to be involved in immigration enforcement. Since the program began, only about 1,300 police officers have been trained by ICE. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 Signed into law by George W. Bush, mandated the construction of 652 miles of fences along our Southern borders. And as of February 2012, DHS has completed 651 miles of barriers. San Diego Area 1979 Horse Patrol 1984 REACT (now named San Diego Sector Border Patrol Tactical Unit -BORTAC) 1992 Marine Interdiction Unit (now led by CBP's Office of Air & Marine) 1994 Operation Gatekeeper on October 1, 1994, an initiative that aimed to restore integrity and safety at the Nation's busiest border. 1998 Border Safety Initiative (BSI). In 1998, the BSI was initiated, a multi-faceted border safety campaign designed to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities along the border. 1998 BORSTAR (Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue team) 2003 Air Mobile Unit (recently merged into Mobile Response Team) 2005 Smuggling Interdiction Group (SIG)- consolidated a variety of special-purpose enforcement units in the areas of smuggling interdiction, investigation, and intelligence Updates: 2023/05/28 Miami Herald-2023/05/26; 2021/10/10-11 Open Society Institute, Heartland Alliance, etc.; 2021/09/28 added The Opposite section, with Front Page=2002/12/06 and CNN-2021/09/21; 2021/06/30 Minuteman Militia added under Groups/Private Activism; 2021/06/29 Law Enforcement Today, Minutemen fleshed out more, links added to menu list on Groups Private list; some articles added; 2021/04/25 added San Diego BP along with more acts detail over the years, Texas BP, Arizona BP, NM BP info; 2021/04/24 PAGE STARTED-agencies linked to BP
Borders-3: 3a Govt Agencies 3b Private Citizen Groups 3c Groups Aiding Immigrants Although listed as “against” for simplicity, often these groups are not entirely against all immigration, but want curbed responsible immigration AGAINST: AGENCIES/GROUPS FIGHTING IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS Sectors and Sector Leaders (emphasis here on SW) o Arizona o California o Texas and NM Leaders o Agencies - broad divisions o CBP Sector Leaders also see 2a-Phys. Locations Government DHS CBP ICE USCIS US Citizenship and Immigration Services FBI INS Immigration and Naturalization Service Coast Guard Unions linked to border patrol National Border Patrol Council Local 2595
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