With smaller businesses bought out or going out of business leaving only these Big Brother corporations, the public is backed into a corner with no place else to get their basics as well as above-basics and luxuries. An example is Verizon which has gobbled up other cell phone entities. Verizon is also now TMobile, Walmart’s Net lines and what has been Mexico centered Trakfone. Military Being backed against a wall or into a corner is also about more direct warfare. You have been fighting various fronts inside an overseas country and find your personnel and weapons/vehicle/aircraft supply is being drained (see Like Cutting the Grass). As this becomes more and more the issue at hand, you can find your choices for response against the enemy are increasingly limited. When this happens, you are more on the defense and less on the offense. You are shuttling increasingly enfeebled responses as holding ground. At this point, you want to just reduce the enemy enough for this or that. An example is you no longer feel you can “break the back of the tyrannical government” or “the insurgents”; instead, you are in limbo almost in suspended animation as you await the day to hand war situation over to the overseas country rather than hold up a strong American offense. This is what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rather than breaking the back of the insurgency, the American position became one of increasingly reduced strategic options for just holding the line and to make inroads here and there. And example is that when you get one place under control, another place starts going out of control. Your reduced options in this case include increasingly low man and supply power with thoughts of: “Do you stay and hold ground here, or go hither, hoping this one place cleared stays in check?” It’s also about reduced options when you have to pull man/supply power from other places in the same predicament. There is just so much to go around, nothing gets done well all the way through and through, and experienced personnel get spread thin or might be killed or injured, leaving an increasingly untrained and inadequate supply of leadership. Backed against the corner is a situation we need to consider in advance as a possibility given any projected war zone consideration. But it is also something we need to identify stateside as more and more businesses and government agencies go by the wayside, allowing what is left to join The Big Brother system. What is left also might be coerced, extorted or softened in some way, including by relentless civil rights types of lawsuits. One way to fight this is to recreate systems for the public to go to which are outside the Big Brother networks. This will require possibly working off the grid, recreating small regional grids, like for cell phone and internet usage. It also will require setting up adequate protections against the mafia-like intrusions of the Big Brother system. Giving people some play else to go is a key survival strategy across all goods and services and will require thinking outside the box, dedication, will and smart, efficient ways of using money. It will require being willing to get a lot done using small scale facilities and manpower, using Mom and Pop types of operations, and taking a few experimental risks while trying to set up new systems. The key word here is CHOICES. Updates: 2023/03/21; 2023/03/6; 12021/05/02 PAGE STARTED-BACKED AGAINST A WALL;
Backed Against Wall (PSY-18)
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
Definition Related Concepts Contextual (Psy) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION meaning of backed against the wall When someone says their “back is against the wall” it generally means that they are in a difficult situation with few options left. It implies a lack of control and a feeling of being bogged down and overwhelmed. It is an expression commonly used to refer to feeling stuck or being in an unfavorable situation with seemingly no way out. It is often used to explain a situation of immense pressure or when a person feels cornered. https://www.tijuana-picnic.com/what-does-it-mean-when-your-back-is-against-the- wall/#:~:text=When%20someone%20says%20their%20%E2%80%9Cback%20is%20ag ainst%20the,an%20unfavorable%20situation%20with%20seemingly%20no%20way% 20out. RELATED CONCEPTS See also: System Abuse/Firefighter Arson CONTEXTUAL (PSY) Key points: Put up against an enemy with no or few options; backed into a corner or a one-way alley; Choices stripped away leaving few options; Given a few choices, they are really the same thing, so there are no options; left high and dry; out- smarted; out-stripped. Being backed against the wall is a critical concept in any psychological operations overview. We can see that changing the internal nature of multiple corporations toward a monolithic, single-voice/ideation aspect, people on the surface have choices for services and goods, but in reality, they are buying from the same type of organization.
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