Orian Wynn Documents (MIL-Downed In Austria-4a) )
---------------------click to enlarge each item------------------- MILITARY MILITARY PHOTOS MILITARY SCHOOLING MILITARY PAPERS (Correspondence) 1942-Aug 25, 1942 selected for Bombardier Training 1944-Apr 19 MIA Telegram Dunlop Acting Adjutant General for Sec. of War June 17, 1944 September 7, 1945 Air Medal December 15, 1945 Death Pension-Dependent Mother $45 monthly BURIAL SITE Likely at Lorraine, France back of photo indicates May 1955 (unknown photographer) Cross tombstone indicates Orian T Wynn, Colorado, Bomb group, squadron and date of death as April 2, 1944 Handwritten May 55 is someone else’s writing; I am wondering if it was by Allen Flynt, who was overseas during WW2 in England and perhaps made a trip later back to Europe, check that style of “M” against various known contacts of Orian’s, maybe someone from the cemetery itself sent the photo ORIAN PHOTOS PERSONAL FAMILY PHOTOS Ray Carmack Wynn - father of Orian, Thelma, Louise and Marene; he died in 1942, the same year Orian went into the Army Air Forces Anallene Wynn Mother of Orian birth-Vogel-mother Mary Elizabeth Vogel, father George Vogel, brother Clarence, of Gallup at time; John Allen and Allene Johnson-adopted her as 3 year old toddler,she lost contact with birth parents when adopted); Wynn- husband Ray Wynn. A Clarence Vogel has been found as a NM politician linked to the Gallup mines, possibly corrupt according to at least one source, the Vogels were said to have been from the Black Forest. Below Right: child in dark dress is young Anallene Anallene and Raymond Wynn together Orian, Thelma, possibly a Rita; sister Thelma on right as facing group of three, unknown female on left Possibly bluffs of Chokecherry Canyon, a wilderness-like area near Farmington Group Photos - Wynns Two photos below left;Possibly photo of Orian as little boy; Photo far right: Orian, Marene, Thelma, Louise Ray Wynn Family Home (unknown date) Orian and sister Thelma could be the little boy and girl standing to the right. Toddler sister Marene in arms of parents Anallene and Ray JA Johnson John Allen Johnson Orian’s “Grandpa” - his mother’s adopted father, he lived in Broomfield, Colorado near Denver, near the end of life, he died in his 90s, was pretty stout most of his years but had complications at the end including removal of a limb old-timers referred to it as “turning to stone.” . He helped post an article on Orian’s disappearance in action from Pilot Zuidema. The actual photo is fading as of 2022, so have provided two different types of light/tone enhanced photos. He originally ha a meatshop in Gallup, NM where he adopted Anallene. ORIAN CORRESPONDENCE, PAPERS MISC PAPERS 1930s Before US entered WW2 Sept 20 1933 April 2, 1934 WORLD WAR II WAR ZONE PERIOD November - December 1943 unknown date-North Africa-uses address APO 12516 NY DECEMBER 1943 Dec 1, 1943 Dec 5, 1943 Telegram the later date marking on the front is very confusing but the date marking on the back of the telegram seems to be the right one perhaps the later date marking was rubbed off from the back of a later telegram. Orian encouraged Annalene to use telegrams from time to time because they were cheap and quicker than snail mail; it did not have to be really important or an emergency Dec 17 1943 Dec 22, 1943-Dear Folks-one page-postmarked to Anallene Wynn Dec 26 1943 - Dear Folks first page is flipped JANUARY 1944 Jan 1, 1944 Left-Dear Folks; Rt-Dear Kids-older copy; env. post date Jan 15 1944 two on right-someone else’s older copies were stapled together letter shown in back of Jan. 15 postmarked envelope, not sure if they belong together; one on right - separate pile, not stapled Jan 2, 1944 Left-to Anallene-one page, Right-to Allen Johnson-one page Jan 7, 1944-one page Jan 11 1944 left-Dear Kids postmarked to Mrs. Fred Carson, R-one page; right-Dear Foks-one page Jan 15, 1944 Jan 17, 1944 someone else’s older copies were stapled together - envelope with two letter sheets seen below the date of envelope might not match the letter it was linked to two pages (letter plus envelope) Jan 20, 1944 lft two pages; rt-to Grandpa one page Jan 23, 1944 Italy--two pages Jan 28 1944-one page Jan 30, 1944-one page FEBRUARY 1944 February 4, 1944 three pages “By the way, if I should ever be reported as missing, that just means that I’m walking home instead of riding, and will come strolling into camp some day.” February 5, 1944 to Marene three pages February 6, 1944 two pages Directly mentions that he is in Italy February 7, 1944 one page February 9, 1944 two pages February 12, 1944 “Still sliding around in Italian adobe” two pages February 13, 1944 mentions Norma and a photo of her, helping sister Marene financially on schooling Feb 18 1944 Feb 17 1944 Feb 20, 1944 Left to Marene; Rt to Folks Feb 23 1944 Feb 24 1944 Feb 26 1944 Feb 27, 1944 February 28, 1944 February 29, 1944 MARCH 1944 March 5, 1944 March 6, 1944 Mar 8 1944 Mar 9 1944 Mar 10 1944 to Mom and Louise March 16, 1944 March 18, 1944 Mar 27 1944 Mar 26 1944 APRIL 1944 April 1, 1944 April 19, 1944 April 21, 1944 April 30, 1944 Norma Campbell to Mrs. Wynn
1-Orian US Army Air Forces Bombardier 1942-44 o Military Photos o Personal Orian Photos Family Photos o Burial Site Old Photo o Correspondence - his letters 1930s Before War Sept 20 1933 April 2, 1934 War Zone December 1943 o Nov-Dec 1943 o Dec 1943 Unknown Date N Africa likely time period unknown exact date (pp1-4) copy o Dec 1, 1943 o Dec 5 1943 telegram Orian to Anallene and back showing time date stamp
DECEMBER 1943 17 22 26 Nov-Dec 1943 unkn. date North Africa APO 12516 NY JANUARY 1944 1 2 11 15 17 20 23 28 30 FEBRUARY 1944 4 5 6 7 9 12 13 17 18 20 23 24 26 27 28 29 MARCH 1944 27 26 18 16 10 9 8 6 5 APRIL 1944 1 final letter 19 21 War Dept missing in action-listed since Apr 1, 1944-confirmation of telegram from Robert H. Dunlop Acting Adjutant General 30
WW2 DOWNED-4a Orian Wynn Records (Orian’s Corner - Military & Personal Correspondence) (Preserved Docs in Family heritage)
see wings top center and 43-6 in bottom right corner - Orian’s bombardier school graduation book’s front cover
-Shows May ‘55
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