John Lennon (CASE STUDY-2)
Links List relationship/ artist/#:~:text=The%20Ono%20family%20was%20considered%20to%20be%20aristo cratic.,San%20Francisco%20two%20weeks%20before%20Yoko%20was%20born. murderers-bizarre-act-after-killing-john-lennon/news- story/f63d46d38eb4b62c6957cd03dec873c2 and-ringo-hated-yoko-ono/ 2000/12/08--,8599,91207,00.html 1980/12/22--,33009,924600,00.html START HERE, FOCAL POINT Youtube From video clip with John Lennon: “Our society is run by insane people…” Five peace a chance” “Give power to the people” “Awaken the power in the people” “The government will fix everything” Famous clip, but this is the first time I remember hearing it. YOKO ONO Japanese-Vietnam connection? Might or Might not have significance to underground issues involving civil rights movement, Ono’s tendencies, and Lennon’s murder Background in General Japan-Vietnam - likely nothing about Yoko Ono in particular here, but gives context Fire Across the Sea: The Vietnam War and Japan l965-l975 THOMAS R. H. HAVENS Series: Princeton Legacy Library Copyright Date: 1987 Published by: Princeton University Pres Gives context on her life in general: Yoko Ono was born on February 18, 1933, in Tokyo, as the eldest of three children, in a wealthy banking family to Eisuke Ono and Isoko Yasuda Ono. Her father was transferred to San Francisco two weeks before her birth and hence, was able to meet her only when the family shifted to the US in 1935. The family returned back to Japan in 1937, where she secured admission in the Gakushuin School. In 1940, the family relocated to New York City and back to Hanoi next year, where she attended Keimei Gakuen primary school. She went to Scarsdale, New York, in 1951 with her family and enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College, but left midway in 1956. She later moved on to one of Japan's most exclusive schools, Gakushuin. In 1945 American planes bombed Tokyo, forcing Ono and her family to flee into the countryside. They had to forage for food traveling from farm to farm with their few belongings. Ono and her family were reduced to skin and bone; farmers who resented the population fleeing from cities threw stones at them. Ono remembers being drawn to the beauty of the sky during those times. The next year her school reopened and she continued her studies, graduating in 1951. She was the first woman to be accepted into the philosophy program at Gakushuin University. After two semesters, however, she left to join her family, who had moved to Scarsdale, New York. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and was drawn to the radical politics of the small liberal arts college, where she met artists and poets. She had planned to be a writer, but her writings didn't fit the Western academic mold embraced by her professors at Sarah Lawrence, although she continued utilizing her musical talents. Father might have been in Saigon, Vietnam concentration camp During this time, Ono's father, who had been in Hanoi, was believed to be in a prisoner of war camp in China. However, unbeknownst to them, he remained in the city.[citation needed] Ono told Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! on October 16, 2007, that "He was in French Indochina, which is Vietnam actually.... in Saigon. He was in a concentration camp."[ The Ono family was considered to be aristocratic. Her mother was descended from samurai warriors. Yoko’s father worked for the Yokohama Specie Bank. He received a transfer to San Francisco two weeks before Yoko was born. artist/#:~:text=The%20Ono%20family%20was%20considered%20to%20be%20aristo cratic.,San%20Francisco%20two%20weeks%20before%20Yoko%20was%20born. 5 Reasons Why Paul, George, And Ringo Hated Yoko Ono By Charles J. Shields, July 22nd 2014 and-ringo-hated-yoko-ono/ Excerpt: 2. She was better educated than they were. One thing about having a modest education is that your worldview tends to be, well, a little underwhelming. It was John who said at the Beatles’ first American press conference that their education had been “lousy” (much to Paul’s obvious embarrassment). The four lads each had gone about as far as high school. Yoko, as I point out in Imagine: The Story of a Song, attended the Keimei Gakuen, an exclusive Christian primary school in Tokyo; she was the first woman to be admitted into the philosophy program at Tokyo’s Peers School; and she studied art at Sarah Lawrence. With her first husband, composer Toschi Ichiyanagi, she counted among her friends many of the avant gard artists of the abstract expressionist movement in New York. Her mentor was the legendary John Cage. and-ringo-hated-yoko-ono/ COMMENTS Alternative Query, What If? 2021/07/14 Note from PF: Is there any chance Lennon was already dead, killed back in a music studio? Were both, or one or the other, drugged? Could there be a hired assassin involved? What’s going on really around the book The Catcher in the Rye? (It’s a good idea to reread the book if your last visit to it was back in high school or college or a number of years ago). Is it possible both he and Ono were drugged and laid out in a photo together, with Lennon already dead? Was Yoko Ono being abused and intimidated by Lennon? Had he started to get kinky and weird, making obnoxious sexual demands of her? Was he a “creep”, insecure of his masaculinity, and using a racial minority to mask his masculinity problems? Had he felt he could do whatever he wanted with her and get away with it? Is the alleged or real killer really always in prison, or is he quietly spirited out of the prison as part of an ongoing agreement? If people area aiding and abetting her murder and deceit, who are they? Were she and the security guard/assassin lovers at any point? Could she have had him killed by a security guard/hired assassin? If she had nothingto do with his murder, but was there a tendency for her to live in fear and to remain silent, both over Lennon and other things in their lives? Yoko Ono seems/seemed spooky and spooked, often hiding her face behind her hair. Did Lennon have a crude upbrining in the UK, and did itrear its punches and sexual aggression in the home, especially under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Was he kind of an ego maniac with Ono? Ono seems like a woman with dark secrets. Beyond these thoughts, it is just as likely the alleged killer is actually the one: Mark David Chapman. He’s had parole declined several times over the years. The thing I had picked up intuitively was she felt she had a “royalty” type of heritage. So I went digging on the internet and found a few reasons why this might have come up for me, listed below. I feel this could possibly be part of the MO behind any assassination of Lennon on her part. In terms of Lennon being a possible creep, I found later I might need to add we should look into his side of the story in terms of context. That is to say, he might have been up against something that aws over his head given his upbringing and educational level, or at least the gut educational level of those he was raised around and spent time with. There has been a growing anti-white thing since the 1960s, with the civil rights movement increasingly trying to voice Self often at the expense of white Self. Yoko Ono had a history of reasons why she might feel antagonism toward the United States, or have ambivalence toward white America and white UK. Many white males had started to internalize guilt, lowered self worth and uncertainty during the civil rights movement, something that has only heightened until today. There could be ambivalence on this, partly old white arrogance (subliminally internalized sense of hiearchy over minorities) and lowered sense of identity, personal, racial and national. It is possible Lennon was experiencing this during his relationship with a minority. In the uncertainty, and if he had been doing something he should not have been doing in the relationship with Ono and trying to get away with it, he might have gotten caught off guard. We should also consider whether her motive included a desire for his part of the wealth they shared. I would not blanketly discount Yoko Ono in any assassination attempt, and would invite people to investigate any other checks into this particular issue over the years, as it is likely someone has already looked into it. Although the perpetrator seems obvious, and to have confessed, even in more recent years, something might be off with the subject. This is not to deny culpability on the part of the alleged perpetrator, but to ask if there could something additional going on. It seems Yoko Ono could have been, and still is, into deep heavy stuff that defies coming out into the daylight. Her family was one of the ones that had felt the weight of the American bombing of Japan toward the end of WWII. There are loose trails of indications of some kind of link with Vietnam, one of which might be a concentration camp lockup in Saigon. Several of these ideas are shown in website links under Yoko Ono below. Excerpt: The Invisible Assassins Bresler interviewed Arthur O'Connor, the lieutenant who was commanding officer of the twentieth precinct of the New York police that dealt with Lennon's murder. He quotes O'Connor as saying, "As far as you are trying to build up some kind of conspiracy, I would support you in that line. Like I said originally over the phone, if this gentleman [Chapman] wanted to get away with it, he could have got away with it. There was the subway across the road and no one around to stop him." Instead, once Chapman had accomplished his task, he calmly sat and waited for police to come. "Why one method rather than the other, the amateur as against the professional? Because that way you avoid any awkward questions. If Lennon had been gunned down by a professional killer, the whole world would have known: such swift expert assassinations carry their own individual hallmark. It would have been obvious what had happened and, with Lennon's history of anti-government radical political activity, there would have been [an in-depth investigation]." "But if you program an amateur to do the job, a so-called 'nut', very few questions are asked." Bibliotecapleyades: Sociopol_Tavistock03 Excerpt: There are direct links which tie these activities to certain covert scientific projects of an extremely advanced, esoteric nature which were exploring the realms of (manipulation of) consciousness, time, thought and indeed "reality" itself, which were being conducted during the same period of time on Long Island, N.Y.: activities which were part of the Phoenix/Montauk Project. In fact we are talking about two sides of the same coin here. On one side, the covert, subtle manipulation and control of not only thought and human consciousness but of the most fundamental, subatomic, electromagnetic matrix of (perceived) reality itself, using newly-developed electromagnetic/radio frequency technologies of extraordinary, unheard-of power and potential. On the other side, directly and overtly shifting the paradigm, changing the basic concepts, widening the parameters--the envelope, changing the playing field and all the rules of play by which society defines itself within an exceptionally short period of time. Factor in what was happening on more political levels such as the civil rights and anti-war movements, stir briskly while at full boil, and STAND BACK! Excerpt cont: More than most of the other boys in the band, John Lennon became increasingly aware not only of the extent of corruption, co-opting and infiltration of the counterculture -- most CERTAINLY including the rock music scene -- by these same covert government intelligence elements. Excerpt cont: Shortly before Lennon's death at the hands of what beyond the faintest glimmer of a shadow a doubt was a mind-controlled, "Manchurian Candidate" type assassin deployed by Tavistock/CIA/MI6, Mark Chapman to terminate a "loose cannon", Lennon had the audacity to massively and blatantly "out" the aforementioned consortium in a Playboy interview -- in which he made note of LSD's completely unforeseen liberating impact upon human society and civilization--pretty much thumbing his nose at the whole bunch and their whole trip; AND indicating as well that he was aware of the extent to which he and other pop musicians had been set up--to be used as dupes in massive social manipulation schemes. Shortly afterward, New World Order head honcho and Satanist, globalist, CIA chief and Tavistock underling vice-president George Bush had Lennon slaughtered on the streets of new York; where he died in the arms of someone that a number of sources claim was the monarch agent deployed by MI6/CIA to keep the exceptionally intelligent Lennon constantly gravitating toward the social fringe; thereby keeping his potential influence at least minimized -- Yoko Ono. That's NOT to say that even IF this last supposition is true, that genuine love and a fulfilling relationship did not exist between the two and that Yoko's "programming", just like John's, broke up and fell apart. Lennon Murder Truth Comment: This might be a hoax. The person is blaming Stephen King for the murder and the usage of codes in major media outlets before, during and after Lennon’s murder. Here is more of the excerpt, puilled off internet on July 14, 2021: Contrary to all reports about a lone drifter named Mark David Chapman who allegedly shot John Lennon in the back December 8, 1980 you’ll find ample evidence in the back issues of Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report magazines to suggest otherwise. Namely, that John Lennon was, not only politically assassinated, but that Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and, you’d better sit down, horror novelist Stephen King are the three people who can be proven guilty of the crime. King being the real murderer and Chapman but a look-alike, paid actor misleading you with an absolute hoax, the media in tow. The evidence, specifically, is government codes in the bold print headlines of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report magazines that were printed shortly before, during, and after the night of December 8, 1980. Hints in the headlines that you won’t find anywhere else that plug into John Lennon’s assassination with up to 70% frequency at times. These government codes, which read like gallows humor; “Thinking About John Lennon…Johnny Comes Marching Home…Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, Ouch, Ouch…The Job Richard Nixon Really Wanted…Blasting the Opposition…America Needs A Poet Laureate…Maybe…Heeding Those Subtle Signs…Magazine Maze…All the Presidents Magazines…”. These codes include the killer’s face and true identity printed three and two months before the crime replete with headlines describing the then yet to come crime scene: “One Great Big Zippo Lighter…Perils of Pyrokinesis”. Pyrokinesis means fire and movement, and a man at night with a gun ablaze, crouched in a raincoat looks like a great big cigarette lighter. Subtle but dramatic codes. These crypto-codes include Mark David Chapman, the alleged name of the killer printed three weeks before the murder where Chapman writes that he is “…armed, a pawn, waiting to be moved into a hostile square…by the giant hand of Ronald Reagan…”. These government codes include dramatic photos of just elected Ronald Reagan sitting next to Richard Nixon’s book The Real War in Time and Newsweek issues released the day of the murder. In Time the bold headline above Reagan reads, “Who’s In? Who’s Out?” and below, ”Fitting Together the Pieces of a Complicated Jigsaw Puzzle…” That Richard Nixon tried to deport John Lennon in the 70’s is a known fact. John’s peace activism and lyrical barbs at “Tricky Dicky” and his perhaps-unparalleled worldwide appeal made John a target. Updates: 2021/07/15-16 several updates, including Comments section, Yoko Ono section, various links on Yoko Ono and on Time’s coverage of the Lennon assassination; PAGE STARTED 2020/01/04-John Lennon, moved from rivergold dot net; previous rivergold dot net updates --john lennon updated 12/07/2016; updated 05/25/2016
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