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A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ LIST B2: B1 Babcock-Berry B2 Black-Burt B3 Brown-Burt Click on names below for summaries below this list Black David, Otero County Blea Christopher, Cuba area/Rio Arriba County Blea Christopher, Farmington Bludworth Jeff, Albuquerque Brachle Greg, Albuquerque Bralley M.G. (Mark), Albuquerque Brandau Mike, Gallup Briseno Mike, Farmington B SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table all names of New Mexico Police on this website: 1 See also Running List of NM Police Related Artlces Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes SUMMARIES B2: BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Black David, Otero County. Otero County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff. INFO: editorial talks border crisis. 2019/05/30 Las Cruces Times editorial regarding manpower shortages and increase in drugs and crime in the Otero County area. KOB 2019/05/30 Otero County Sheriff talks border crisis in editorial editorial/5370420/ Excerpt: The sheriff of Otero County isn't holding anything back in a recent editorial piece written in the Las Cruces Sun News. In the letter, Sheriff David Black describes what has been happening in his county due to a "lack of manpower resources." According to Black, the county is dealing with a huge increase in drug activity and rise in crime. He points to Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham's recent move in sending 50 State Police officers to Albuquerque to help tackle the influx in crime, saying that rural areas are now paying the price due to a lack of help. editorial/5370420/ Blea Christopher, Cuba/also Chama residence, Cuba Police Dept-2016 and 2019 domestic violence issues; in 2016 was fired for it; in 2019 the incident included imprisonment and felony charges which reflected domestic violence and threatening witnesses; however, a failed prosecution resulted in drop of felony charges and release from jail because prosecutors failed to properly inform him of an upcoming grand jury hearing; he allegedly beat his wife and threatened her with gun in their Chama home; Victims Blea’s wife/wives or other female victims, KRQE- 2019/10/29 & 2019/10/9 Notice identical name with another Chris Blea of the Farmington area KRQE 2019/10/29 RIO ARRIBA COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Felony charges against a former officer accused of domestic violence have been dismissed. Christopher Blea was arrested in Chama for allegedly beating his wife and threatening witnesses who tried to intervene. The original charges were dropped and refiled after prosecutors made a mistake 2019/10/9 Former New Mexico police officer released from jail Excerpt: The now-former police officer accused of beating his wife got a break because of a mistake made by prosecutors. Christopher Blea was arrested last month for allegedly beating his wife at their Chama home and threatening her with a gun. A judge granted prosecutors’ request to keep him locked up until trial, saying he was a danger. LA Daily Post Lost Alamos Police Blotter (2016/05/31, 06/07) CHRISTOPHER BLEA: June 2 at 3:34 p.m. / Police arrested Christopher Blea, 28, of Chama at 2500 Trinity Dr., and charged him with a misdemeanor warrant from another jurisdiction. Blea Christopher, Farmington, Farmington PD/Officer at time of Chavez incident/with FPD since 2010; previously with Los Lunas PD from 2007, Officer Blea’s shootings include that of Lamar Light ((2019/05/19) and Michael Chavez (2014/03/22); Chavez was pulled over at a traffice stop and started to flee; later discovered with a cell phone not a gun in hand as identified by Officer Monfils at scene; subsequent lawsuit by Chavez on 2015/08/18-Chavez v. City of Farmington); Lamar Light was shot by Officer Blea when he came at him with a knife. Blea was MADD 2014 Honoring Heroes awardee, Victims Lamar Light and Michael Chavez, Fmn Daily Times- 2019/05/30; Newspaper Archive-2013/04/10; MADD-2014/11/06; NM Politics net-2018/05/06 . Names associated with Christopher Blea of Farmington in terms of police shootings: Lamar Light; Michael Chavez - Note: Apparently two separate officers in different NM areas with same name. Cuba area, Rio Arriba. First instinct is that this seems unlikely. Question: (this has been down-scaled from a “watch for antics” cue: Cell phone in Chavez’s hand, not a gun Case(s) Christopher Blea 2015/08/18 CHAVEZ v. CITY OF FARMINGTON Civ No. 15-171 JCH/SCY. Scribd Blea Articles - Christopher Blea New Mexico Politics dot net-2018/05/06 (informational); Rio Grande Sun-2015/01/01; Farmington Daily Times- 2019/05/30; 2013/04/10; MADD-2014/11/06 Lamar Light Shooting Incident Farmington Daily times (2019/05/30) Video released officer involved shooting Farmington Police Dept. By Hannah Grover. officer-involved-shooting-farmington-police-department/1289008001/ Excerpt: The Farmington Police Department released video from the May 18 officer- involved shooting that resulted in an Albuquerque-resident being hospitalized and flown to the University of New Mexico Hospital. The video begins with a Farmington police officer not involved in the incident standing outside Brookhaven Park — West in Farmington. Meanwhile, Detective Chris Blea was working an overtime patrol assignment when he received information about a vehicle driving recklessly and at high speeds on U.S. Highway 64, according to a press release issued by the Farmington Police Department. The video shows Lamar Light, 39, of Albuquerque approaching Blea, who is separated from Light by a construction barrier. Blea can be heard saying that Light has a knife prior to Light crossing a construction barrier and pursuing Blea, who was backing up at the time. After taking several steps toward Blea, the video shows Light beginning to run at the officer. At that point, Blea fires his gun and Light collapses to the ground officer-involved-shooting-farmington-police-department/1289008001/ A Farmington Attorney Sent Letter of Warning about Christopher Blea of Farmington (2013/04/10) Farmington Attorney Sent Warning. By Ryan Boetel On November 28, 2012 Victor Titus filed a Tort Claims against Farmington Police, including five officers, including Christopher Blea referencing Alejandro Ortiz. The day after filing the Tort, he sent a letter to Farmington Police Chief Kyle Westall about Blea: “This cavalier cowboy attitude by Officer Blea is not only contrary to law but is going to get someone shot and/or killed. MADD honoring heros awardee (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)[Informational] (2014/11/06) Farmington police officer to be honored for fight against DWI Excerpt: Each year, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) New Mexico honors individuals who have proven to be heroes in the fight to end DWI, support victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking. The 2014 Honoring Heroes awardees include winners from the business sector, the courts, everyday citizens, one teen, and members of law enforcement. Officer Chris Blea with the Farmington Police Department’s Traffic Division is among this year’s 10 winners….Officer Blea was assigned to FPD’s DWI Taskforce for two years and is currently assigned to the Traffic Division. During his time in the DWI Taskforce, he was recognized as officer of the year 2012, for his commitment in reducing the number of impaired drivers on our roadways. In this year alone, he affected 112 DWI arrests. Throughout his tenure with FPD, he has arrested 227 offenders for DWI, saving countless lives in our community. He takes an active role in the prosecution of his cases seeing each case through its completion. Officer Blea is a Standardized Field Sobriety Test instructor. He is exceptionally knowledgably in the field and has always received nothing but positive feedback from the students he instructs. Officer Blea is also a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and instructor in this field. He has currently completed 62 evaluations of offenders arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Officer Blea has instructed three DRE schools. The DRE school consists of an extensive two week classroom session followed by an additional week of practical training. Officer Blea selflessly extends his knowledge to surrounding agencies in our community by conducting DRE evaluations, assisting their DWI investigations. Officer Blea has taken the initiative to make mandatory requirement that every officer employed by FPD, complete the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Program. Due to the rising number of drug impaired drivers on the roadways, he took personal responsibility to provide our officers with the proper training to identify the signs and symptoms of impaired driving. Officer Blea has instructed seven ARIDE courses and is teaching another scheduled class in September. New Mexico Politics dot net [Informational] (2018/05/06) Investigation reveals serious abuses within treatment foster care system foster-care-system/ Excerpt: Det. Chris Blea, who led the Farmington Police Department’s four-month investigation, said he didn’t understand how La Familia-Namaste, the Albuquerque-based agency licensed by New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) to place children and oversee the safety of foster homes, could possibly have missed what he believed was ongoing abuse. foster-care-system/ Rio Grande Sun (2015/01/01) Deputy Chief Riles City's Investigations Division. Police officers face pay reductions, demotions. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite. division/article_a3047c78-5c29-5df8-a27f-92086f8cad7a.html Excerpt: Officer in the lurch: Maez also wrote in the email that Gallegos wanted to hire Officer Chris Blea into a full-time position with the cost savings from the demotions of the four officers. Blea was hired on April 12 into a full-time, temporary position that allots him no benefits. His temporary hire was meant to fill the position vacated by Esparza’s temporary promotion to sergeant on Jan. 18, 2014. Gallegos said the approximate amount of funding in the budget he needs to move Blea from temporary, without benefits, to full-time, with benefits, is $7,000. If the Department is able to open Blea’s position to a full-time one, Blea will have to apply for the job and test for it, Gallegos said. While Blea might have to reapply for the position he currently holds, Officer Jose Martinez is still on administrative leave with pay after he was arrested by State Police, Oct. 14 in Arroyo Seco, on a charge of aggravated drunk driving. He allegedly refused to take a blood-alcohol level test, resulting in the aggravated charge. division/article_a3047c78-5c29-5df8-a27f-92086f8cad7a.html Tricity Tribune USA (2013/05/13) Michael Chavez to sue city after shooting Michael Chavez wasn’t stopped until he ran into a parking lot on the corner of 15th Street and Schofield Lane, where he allegedly brandished a cell ... [2020/02/22 the link no longer seems to connect to the page; Majestic is Tricity Trib and has archived material of the paper for that day as a whole, hard to shift thru pages to find article] Bludworth, Jeff Albuquerque, APD/Officer- Rookie Officer at time 0f Wood incident. On 2013/07/05 Officer Bludworth along with Officer Katherine Wright shot and killed Vincent Wood. Bludworth along with Officer Katherine Wright shot and killed Vincent Wood, Victim Vincent Woodwas shot and killed in July 2013; 66 year old Vietnam Veteran who seemed to be wielding 2 knives at someone before police stepped in, Case-2011; Abq Jrnl- 2013/07/09; 2015/08/15; 2010/09/16; Police One from Albq Jrnl-2013/07/09 Case(s) 2011-NM Court of Appeals State v. Bludworth No. 31, 193 Albuquerque Journal 2015/08/15 No charges for officers in veteran’s 2013 death. By Ryan Boetel 2013/07/19 Easy to second-guess police work 2010/09/16 Grand Jury finds officer involved shooting in June was justified was-justified.html Police One 2013/07/09 New Mexico police fatally shoot crazed knife wielding man [this came from an albuquerque journal article by Jeff Proctor] Brachle Greg, Albuquerque, APD/Lieutenant. In 2016: Shot fellow officer Detective Jacob Grant on job (see J. Grant) Articles Albuquerque Free Press (2016/01/13) An APD Undercover Horror Story. By Dennis Domrzalski. 2016/01/13--Hard copy of Abq Free Press, VOL III Issue 1, 01/13/2016 , By Dennis Domrzalski p. 10 Excerpt from ABQ Free Press-2016/01/13-by Dennis Domrzalski hard copy p. 10 : The Albuquerque police lieutenant who shot a fellow officer during an undercover drug bust had a history of reckless and dangerous behavior, according to new documents filed in the lawsuit against the city, the lieutenant and APD over the shooting. …Brachle pumped at least eight hollow point copper jacketed .45 caliber rounds into his subordinate, Det. Jacob Grant, according to the documents….Grant suffered massive internal injuries and has endured multiple surgeries since the shooting and has not worked since.” Other police names associated with this case: Sgt. Glen Stout, Holly Garcia (undercover detective)….Brachle has been a security guard in Colorado. (2016/03/30) Big Settlement for Undercover detective shot by own lieutenant. By Dennis Domrzalski. 2016/03/30-- (2016/03/16) Jacob Grant Release Video 2016/03/16-- Albuquerque Journal (2017/12/05) No charges in cop-on-cop shooting. 2017/12/05-- (2016/01/14) Detective recalls horror of being shot by boss in drugsting 2016/01/14-- drug-sting.html KOAT 2016/04/01 Cop who shot fellow officer i didn’t know it was you 2016/04/01-- you/5070698 KRQE 2016/03/10 BY KRQE Albuquerque Police Lieutenant who shot fellow officer files for retirement retirement/ Bralley, M.G. (Mark) Albuquerque. APD. Officer-Retired. Has a police related website called What’s Wrong With This Picture? Lawsuit 2016 involving free speech against Albuq Public Schools, $59K in Bralley’s favor. Case(s) 2013-Bralley v. Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education Case Number:1:2013cv00768; 1985- Bralley v. City of Albuquerque 699 P.2d 646 102 N.M. 715; Articles, Websites His police related website: onlookers.html ABQ Free Press: 2016/04/05 APS to pay critic $59K settlement. Brandau, Mike Gallup. Gallup PD. Officer. Possible mixed case evidence (see Garrity Law), in connection with Paul Fitzjerrell case. Older material from 1990s, with 1997 an incident date. Watch for Antics-Alleged Suicide Paul Fitzjerrell was also in fight with this officer and his brother Articles Real Crimes Corruption Overview True Crime Diva (2012) By Debbie Buck Briseno, Mike Farmington. Officer. Quits Force in 2011. Incident 2002/11/29: Lawsuit/Settlement $75,000/Victim Juan Mata. Case(s) 2011: Mata, et al v. Briseno, et al Case Number:1:04-cv-01334 Additional related case against Officer Ron Anderson (2011/03/31) Case Decided Juan MATA, Plaintiff–Appellant, v. Ron ANDERSON, Sgt., Defendant–Appellee. No. 10–2031. See also 2012/03/15: Mata v. City of Farmington No. CIV 10-0366 JB/LFG Articles Behind The Blue Wall officer- briseno.html re-Accessed 2019/05/06 Cop Block (2011/02/15) New Mexico Police Officer long embroiled in brutality controversy quits force controversy-quits-force/ Albuquerque Journal (2005/12/08) Farmington Settlement Excerpt: The family of Juan Mata — who is appealing his August conviction on the rare charge of criminal libel, along with stalking and harassment — has been paid $75,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging police brutality by five Farmington police officers, the Farmington Daily Times is reporting on its Web site.The 32-year-old Mata told the paper the money paid by the city will be split among himself, Gregoria Mora, Francisco Mata and Rene Barraza-Mata, all of who claimed they were battered on Nov. 29, 2002, by five police officers — Mike Briseno, Kenneth Raybon, David Monfils, Wilson Charley and Jerry Vigil. Farmington City Attorney Jay Burnham confirmed the settlement but denied any culpability on the city’s part."The making of such an offer should not be construed to mean that the city felt that its officers had done anything wrong," Burnham told the Daily Times. "The city specifically denies that the plaintiffs were mistreated or harmed in any way." (2011/07/20) Carrizozo hires controversial cop Updates: 2020/03/15 technical editing, some fleshing out of already present articles by including excerpted material or titles;
B2: Black-Briseno (Police Names- New Mexico/Abuse-Information)