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E: Early to Etsitty (Police Names- New Mexico/Abuse-Information)
NAMES (Last Name Letter) A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Early Paige, Los Alamos Economidy Byron (Trey), Albuquerque Eden Gordon, Albuquerque Edison Jim, Albuquerque Eichel James, Albuquerque Eiskant Mike, Santa Fe Ellis Brandon, Hobbs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes SUMMARIES E: BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Early Paige, Los Alamos, Los Alamos Police Dept, Detective as of 2014, Settled claims for $2 million-Filed suit in January 2014, Victims were Paige and others (Former Commander Randy Foster, Former Commander Scott Mills) suing Los Alamos County Articles The Santa Fe New Mexican (2014/01/15) Los Alamos County officers file whistle-blower lawsuit. By Staci Matlock blower-lawsuit/article_0c19799b-55d8-535d-9652-b847dfc0613d.html Los Alamos Daily Post (2014/01/15) Police Officers Sue Los Alamos County. By Carol A Clark. Excerpt: Names/photos in article: Former Commander Randy Foster, Former Commander Scott Mills, Det Paige Early, Det. Brian Schamber (this last no photo) Two former commanders of the Los Alamos Police Department and one current detective filed a lawsuit today against Los Alamos County, alleging wrongful discharge, retaliation and gender discrimination.The Complaint seeks redress for harms the County inflicted upon the three, former Commander Randy Foster, former Commander Scott Mills and Det. Paige Early, in the lead-up, incident, and aftermath of former Los Alamos Police Department Det. Brian Schamber’s involuntary confinement at the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute for 10 days in late December 2012. In what Plaintiffs contend is a grave misuse of public funds, the County recently settled claims brought by Schamber for the sum of $600,000. Former Commander Foster, Commander Mills and Det. Early put the interests and safety of their community, including Schamber, above their own in addressing Schamber’s problems. They did what was necessary to protect all of the children and citizens of Los Alamos County. For that behavior, they have been scapegoated, forced to endure violent working conditions (Early), terminated (Foster), forced to resign (Mills) and disgraced. The Complaint finally tells their side of a very compelling story, according to the attorneys. 2016/02/17. Former Los Alamos Police Officers receive 2 million settlement case against 2016- receive-2-million-settlement-case-againstAs [as of 2020/03/01 page appears to be gone] Excerpt: Plaintiffs had voiced concerns about the mental health of their co-worker, former LAPD Detective Brian Schamber. Early alleged that she had been reporting Schamber’s consistently disturbing conduct and remarks about hurting others to Chief of Police Wayne Torpy for a period of approximately 18 months before the events of Dec. 21, 2012 culminated in Schamber’s involuntary hospitalization on the grounds of being a danger to himself or others. Excerpt: Further, the County agreed to expunge discipline from the personnel files of Foster and Mills. The settlement entirely vindicates the actions of the three Plaintiffs, who acted to protect the Los Alamos community from a perceived threat from a fellow officer who doctors assessed as being potentially violent and dangerous. They were variously disciplined, fired and mistreated for acting in good faith to protect public safety. This settlement is a significant victory for the Plaintiffs and hopefully will inspire other whistleblowers to act in good faith to protect their communities even when their employer retaliates against them for revealing the truth. receive-2-million-settlement-case-againstAs (2014/05/31) Going away party held Los Alamos Police detective [as of 2020/03/01 page seems to be gone] May 31, 2014 · From left, Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone, Det. Paige Early and Det. Sgt. Oliver Morris at Early's going away party Friday at the Police Station. Det. Early has been with the department for 6.5 years and is leaving to join her husband who recently accepted a job out of state. Economidy Byron (Trey), Albuquerque, APD, Detective in 2014, Suit/Settled. Fatal shooting-Shooting found justified although Economidy “improperly used his personal gun”-2014-APD settles for $300K. (See Detective Brett Lampris-Tremba), Victim Jacob Mitschelen. Articles Washington Post 2014/04/14 Albuquerque’s long history of police abuse and cover-up and scandal. By Radley Baldo. of-police-abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d Excerpt : In January, the city settled with the family of Jacob Mitschelen, who was shot and killed by Det. Byron “Trey” Economidy after a traffic stop. The shooting was found justified, even though Economidy had improperly used his personal gun in the shooting. Economidy was later suspended for four days for listing his occupation on Facebook as “human waste disposal.” of-police-abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d Albuquerque Journal 2014/01/14 APD settles for $300,000. By Dan McCay and Nicole Perez 2014/01/14-- Eden Gordon, Albuquerque, APD, Police Chief Retired 2017/11, 2016-Was sued for withholding public records. (See NM Police victims Reynaldo Chavez.), Victim Reynaldo Chavez public records clerk whistleblower Articles Albuquerque Journal (2017/11/04) Albq police Chief Eden announces his retirement. By Matthew Reisen. Excerpt: Eden said in the email that he will miss working with “such a committed and competent team of individuals,” including Assistant Chief Robert Huntsman, whom he called “a trustworthy and honorable person” who has dedicated over 34 years to APD and the community. Mayor Richard Berry said in an interview Saturday that Eden notified him of his retirement several weeks ago. He called Eden a “man of integrity” who gave his “heart and soul” to the city.“I think we’ve done reforms that are unprecedented and he’s done them in a way that is conscious of his community and his department,” Berry said. “I’ve been proud to work with him.” Photography is Not a Crime (2016/01/10) Albuquerque police public records clerk sues Chief for ordering him to witthold public records. ordering-him-to-withhold-public-records/ abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d Edison Jim, Albuquerque Eichel James, Albuquerque Eiskant Mike Santa Fe. Sergeant. (2015, 2012 and earlier)SEX/Stalk/Harass/Suit/Settle Major lawsuit by 7 women ($770,000) for stalking, harassment of several women. Years of complaints. KRQE (2015/05/06) Excerpt from KRQE By Gabrielle Burkhard. (05/06/2015) Women claim a police officer used his power to stalk and harass them, while the department looked the other way. Now, the City of Santa Fe must pay for it. KRQE News 13 first uncovered then-Santa Fe Police Officer Michael Eiskant’s abuse of power in a special assignment report in 2012. After that, a group of women sued, and Wednesday their attorney said it has paid off. “He’s very dangerous, he’s a predator,” said a woman who did not want to be identified, during a 2012 interview with KRQE News 13. At the time, she was talking about Santa Fe cop, Michael Eiskant. “This guy should have been off the streets years ago,” the woman’s husband told KRQE News 13 Wednesday. It took years of complaints against former Santa Fe Police Sergeant Michael Eiskant, a KRQE News 13 investigation in 2012 and eight women suing. JD JOURNAL (2012/04/12) By Jim Vassallo. Excerpt: Also had been caught masturbating fantasizing about women in squad car: Excerpt: A police sergeant in Santa Fe, New Mexico is in a bad situation after a video caught him masturbating while he was on duty. The video has recently been released and it was filmed by the dashboard camera of the officer’s cruiser. The video released to the media does not show the inside of the cruiser but has audio that is quite steamy. The officer in question is Sgt. Mike Eiskant. One former officer, Shannon Brady, was not surprised at the news of the video as Brady said that Eiskant had a bad reputation as a stalker of women and a ‘creeper.’ Brady attempted to file a harassment complaint against Eiskant years ago with the Santa Fe Police Department’s human resource division. The complaint was filed with compliance officer Raymond Rael, who is not the police chief for the department. KOAT (2012/12/17) Excerpt KOAT By Alana Grimstad (12/17/2012): 7 allege harassment, stalking, intimidation: “This man was using that authority to stalk, harass and intimidate these people and invade their privacy in the most egregious and frightening way that he could,” attorney Cammie Nichols said. Earlier this year, Eiskant resigned and pleaded guilty to criminal charges stemming from the victims’ complaints. He was also caught masturbating in his squad car while on duty as his dash camera was accidentally recording. Now, he faces a lawsuit filed by seven women, including former fellow officer and a former city judge. The lawsuit alleges that many complaints have been made over Eiskant’s 12-year career, accusing him of abusing his power, following, bullying and intimidating women and making them feel violated. He’s even accused of sexually abusing a police informant, and the women said their cries fell on deaf ears. “It was essentially ignored, which then empowered him to continue this behavior,” Nichols said. The lawsuit also names the city and Santa Fe Police Chief Ray Rael for not doing enough to stop Eiskant’s abuse. One former police officer said she felt her own job was in jeopardy because she complained about Eiskant. Ellis Brandon, Hobbs, HPD. Officer. Suit/Discrimination, - Hobbs News (2017/10/11) Ex-Officers file lawsuit. 2017/10/11-- Excerpt: The lawsuit also details a time where Ellis reported an officer using a racial slur during a briefing to HPD sergeants, while another incident described Robinson being excluded during his training from eating lunch with Caucasian trainees and having to stand in a corner.“He was told that he ‘was not allowed’ to sit with them,” the lawsuit states. The 21-page lawsuit, filed Oct. 5 in Albuquerque, on behalf of African-American officers Brandon Ellis and Vasshawn Robinson, as well as Caucasian officer Jeremy Artis, seeks actual and special damages, along with punitive damages against a number of defendants from the City of Hobbs and Hobbs Police Department based on violations of the New Mexico Whistle Blower Protection Act, Equal Protection Clause and First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.“During the time HPD employed the plaintiffs, each plaintiff police officer witnessed and endured racial discrimination and attempted to report it,” the lawsuit states. “Each plaintiff endured subsequent retaliatory actions for reporting racial discrimination and for associating with one another.” It further alleges those actions led the officers to seek employment elsewhere, but individuals with Hobbs police “ensured” they wouldn’t be hired. All three plaintiffs are currently employed with the Lea County Sheriff’s Office where they earn $6 less an hour, according to Albuquerque civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy of Kennedy, Kennedy and Ives law firm. 2017/10/11-- Emmert Richard, Farmington1-FMN/2-SEX GLT NO (2016) Farmington. Office. 2016/05/20-- molestation/84630304/ Esquibel Mike, (2014) Belen. Officer, child sexual abuse, suicide. Excerpt from Abq Journal: (This story about a Belen police officer who committed suicide while under investigation for child sexual abuse quoted an attorney’s letter to the city reminding officials of a previous case involving another Belen police officer’s prosecution for rape. The detective in that case was acquitted of all charges against him in 2001. The city of Belen paid $425,000 to the alleged victim in a civil lawsuit)….A deceased Belen Police officer lauded by the police chief and mayor as a “model officer” and a man whose “integrity was never questioned” was under investigation by State Police for alleged sexual abuse of a minor at the time of his death. Mike Esquibel, a school resource officer for the Belen Consolidated School District and an eight-year veteran of the department, took his own life on Sept. 19, 2014. Esparza Greg, (Internal Affairs Investigation 10/26/2016) (FOR) Espanola. Signs of excessive use of force despite release of internal affairs nvestigation. Looks like investigation was not thorough. Rio Grande Sun (2017/02/09) Investigation clears city officer. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite eee5-11e6-b557-b3bb841ab3dd.html Excerpt: An Española Police officer was cleared by a private investigator, despite the city’s new insurance company requesting something be done about his behavior. Police Chief Richard Gallegos commissioned the internal affairs investigation, Oct. 26, 2016, into one lawsuit and three tort claims filed against the city, naming Officer Greg Esparza as an alleged civil rights violator…. An Española Police officer was cleared by a private investigator, despite the city’s new insurance company requesting something be done about his behavior. Smith spoke to five officers, but none of the people who filed complaints, tort claims or lawsuits with the city…. He wrote in his undated investigation report that city Human Resources Director Sally Baxter suggested he not even try to talk to the people claiming Esparza’s wrongdoing because two of them had lawyers. Smith cleared Esparza of wrongdoing in all four cases, even though the city’s new insurance company thought otherwise. eee5-11e6-b557-b3bb841ab3dd.html 2018/03/29. Residents lodge complaints against police. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite dept/article_73a09d2c-3382-11e8-b6cf-1bd24046c927.html Espinoza Gerald, Belen. Sergeant. (2012) Killed alleged unarmed man. Excerpt From Police Misconduct: This week Tellez's family filed a lawsuit against the city of Belen for the shooting. The lawsuit claims that Tellez did not have to die that night because he wasn't a violent criminal, didn't have a weapon and wasn't making threatening gestures toward Espinoza. Online court records show Tellez's record with police listing a pending case of an aggravated DWI and a few other driving offenses. Estrada Cassandra, Estrada, Joseph, Abuquerque area - Bernalillo County. (1997) Excerpt From Real Crimes: “1997 Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Estrada was convicted of embezzlement for taking more than $730 worth of shirts from Dillard’s Department Store where he was moonlighting as a security officer.” Real Crimes: Etsitty Jr Lawrence, Navajo Reservation/Church Rock Incident, Officer,Sexual issue,-prison - 4 years. False statements to FBI. Incident 01/25/2009; articles 2012 ,Forced handcuffed woman Arizona Daily Sun (2012/11/07) 2012/11/07-- prison/article_f113ca8b-d821-5c6a-a5fb-c3434f748307.html Excerpt: A former Navajo Nation police officer will serve more than four years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually abusing a suspect in his custody in January 2009. Lawrence Etsitty, 31, was sentenced to 54 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release. He will also be barred from serving in a law enforcement capacity.Earlier this year, Etsitty pleaded guilty to violating the civil rights of the victim when he groped, touched and kissed her against her will, while she was handcuffed. Etsitty also was charged and pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. Excerpt from Justice-filed 2012/11/06: dot gov: According to court documents, on Jan. 25, 2009, at 2:40 a.m., Etsitty, while working in his capacity as an officer of the NPD, arrested the victim outside of the Fire Rock Casino in Churchrock, N.M. Etsitty then handcuffed the victim and placed her in the back of his patrol vehicle. Etsitty then drove the victim to an isolated road in the desert, opened the back door of his patrol car where the handcuffed victim was sitting, and forcibly pulled her toward him and out of the car. Etsitty then began groping the victim, while she struggled to get free, pleading for Etsitty to take her home. Ultimately, Etsitty agreed to do so and dropped the victim off in a parking lot near her home, at which point the victim ran away. 2012/11/07-- prison/article_f113ca8b-d821-5c6a-a5fb-c3434f748307.html Justice dot gov 2012/11/06 filed filed 2012/11/06-- four-years-prison-sexual-abuse-charges Updates: 2020/03/01 Gordon Eden-retirement article Albuquerque Journal-2017/11/04, Paige Early-lawsuit/retirement-article- LA Daily Post- 2014/01/15-article and The Santa Fe New Mexican-2014/01/15; 2019/06/24 Esparza Greg Rio Grande Sun-2018/03/29 added. 01/31/2018 Ellis, Brandon OFC-HOB discrimination lawsuit; 01/24/2018 Grant, Jacob (ALBQ-COP SHOT BY COP, $6.5m SETTLE) added; 01/21/18 Kassetas- STATE SNTA FE CHF NMSP added; 01/10/2018 date added to Garrison,Larry article from my high plains; 01/06/2018 Katz, Marshall NM Political Report (ABQ Free Press); 01/02/2018 Lopez, Bert 3 articles added; Largo, James Houston corr. error from Large, added article;12/30/2017 Ielacqua, Paul. Case Mine, NMLEA,Public Health NM added; 12/27/2017 Goff, Jim added;Geier, Mike Albq APD chf added; Hansen, Whitey 3 article links added incl. Arquette, Alb Jrnl; Garcia, Michael Las Cruces - added to Index (it was left off accidentally but in summaries below);12/26/2017: Goke, Marvin-Opposing Views -03/23/2016 article; Garcia, Esther - Google Scholar Cases, Leagle, Casemine cases related to Garcia’s presence and involvement in Kevin Kinney and Renae Harbin issues; Garrison, Larry-My High Plains article; 12/25/2017 Gallagos, Gilbert Alb Jrnl 07/29/2013’ 12/10/2017 Gonzales, Christopher Santa Fe firing for domestic violence; 11/26/2017 p. 2 shisrley, jake; wallace, edmund/lea county/sex abuse of inmate;11/25/2017 Howard, Sara; 11/24/2017 Simpson, Dwayne