Corsican Mafia (CASE STUDY-16-International/Cultural)
BOOKS World Encyclopedia Of Organized Crime By Jay Robert Nash · 1993 This book includes some material on the Corsican Mafia; strong Christian slant; discusses the paranormal; likely a biased resource overall, but look it over and see what you think: The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism the Global Hegemony of ... By Christopher Story Examining the Links between Organized crime and corruption A pdf resource with some information relating to Corsican crime: affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/doc_centre/crime/docs/study_on_links_between_organised_crime_and_corruption_en.pdf BY YEAR - ARTICLES 2019 2014 2012 france BY NEWS GROUP BBC 2014/Are Corsica's militants and mafia a thing of the past?By Martin Buckley But as several Corsicans recently reminded me, it's the independence movement's willingness to blow up seashore developments that's protected the so-called Ile de Beaute - the Isle of Beauty.It's important to add that no tourist has ever been harmed. For a mountainous terrain where agriculture is a tough challenge, tourism is a blessing, the golden goose no-one would dream of killing.But outside the summer months, when the island's population doubles with holidaymakers, an armed struggle has raged for more than 40 years.Corsicans have always had a reputation for toughness and vendetta. James Bond fell in love with, and married, the daughter of a Corsican brigand. According to the newspaper l'Express, Corsica's more violent than its near-neighbour Sicily. France 24 dot com 2012/10/21 Corsica 19th century mafia image totally divorced from reality By Tony Todd france Mafia image of Corsica 'totally divorced from reality' Excerpt: If France is going to deal with its Corsican problem, it must stop thinking of the island as run by a 19th century mafia and concentrate on the “pure and simple” criminality undermining life on the island, local experts say. The French state must radically re-think its attitude towards Corsica – currently France's murder capital – if it ever hopes to defeat its deeply entrenched criminality, say both the island's leading historian and a prominent human rights activist. Fifteen people have been murdered this year in Corsica, a picturesque Mediterranean island with just 300,000 inhabitants, in france The Guardian 2012 Corsica Intrigue New York Times 2012/05/18 The Corsican Connection. By Charles Lambroschini OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR 2019/10/27 Yet Another Unsolved Murder Stirs Corsica Against Its ‘Mafia’ Telegraph 2019/10/05 Corsican separatists warn against foreigners buying homes and take up arms for first time since 2014 Henry Samuel Vice 2012/11/29 Paris Police Arrest Corsican Mafia Godfather, France’s Most Wanted Man Jean-Luc Germani — the alleged leader of France's infamous Sea Breeze gang — was captured in a Paris business district after three years on the run. By Etienne Rouillon 2020/04/21 material added including Vice-2012/11/29; 2020/03 page started
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BACKGROUND Crimereads MURDER IN THE MEDITERRANEAN: CRIME WRITING ON CORSICA Paul French Looks at the Homicide Capital of Europe OCTOBER 16, 2017 BY PAUL FRENCH Wikipedia The Corsican mafia is a set of criminal groups which are part of the French Mob, originating from Corsica. The Corsican mafia is an influential organized crime structure, operating in France, Russia, and many African and Latin American countries. The most important groups of the Corsican mafia include the Unione Corse and the Brise de Mer gang.[citation needed] https colon//en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Corsican_mafia Cairn-int dot info myths.htm From the post-war period until the mid-1970s, the French Connection, run by the Corsican Mafia in Marseille, was the main global network for the manufacture and trafficking of heroin. Morphine base, Accessed from the opium from Turkish poppy fields, was refined and transformed into heroin in laboratories hidden away in Provence’s hinterland. The drug was then cleverly hidden in false-bottomed suitcases, ships’ cargo holds, or inside the panels of large American cars and dispatched to the huge illegal US market. myths.htm Unione Corse https://en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Unione_Corse
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