Softening (PSY-5)
CONTEXTUAL Not just about race Before we go on, stay clear of immediate assumptions that this is just a racial issue, namely white versus black or non-white. It’s more than that. We are in an emotion-driven world in which our reactions to things can be pumped up by the things we heard from childhood or from the media. It’s time to distance ourselves from hype and pressed buttons. Stay clear-headed when you read about things like black takeovers. We are worried about various groups, anything from white Russians to black or olive-skinned Islamic extremists. There is the example here of blacks coming into white police departments and screaming White Racists, Sue, Sue, Sue! But we have to keep our eyes open for various activities from diverse groups. Softening has to do with destroying that which destroys the best of the United States and other western countries. It is about keeping things open and fair for all persons so that no one race or group has more advantages than another. In many areas of the country, the old white hierarchies are being replaced by things that are just simply not American - and not good enough by traditional American standards. They are non-American and anti- American. That is the issue - not race, but race often does goes along with these problems. The things that are coming in displacing old American systems are not safe for democracy, and as such, they do not preserve nor uphold civil rights for all races, including whites, and they are most definitely not creating a space of equal opportunity for all. Certain people are getting more than others. The displacing and supplanting groups are not better than what they replace. This is the message I want you to hear from this section on Softening. Please do not get lost in racial issues per se. Stay focused on universals. Back to Softening Softening can also include ruining people’s reputations in such a way the removal of the ostracized parties weakens the capabilities or the security of the agencies also affected by lost competency and continuity. When this happens to key management, such individuals might be shamed into quitting or be given a public exhibition of firing. Hecklers also seek to distract and confuse. It can make keeping to the business at hand difficult. When people cannot focus on their jobs or maintain order, this weakens the infrastructure of the area to the point anti- American groups can get in and take over. It can and often does include high ticket, media driven lawsuits. it can also include quiet takeovers as non- disclosed extortion and back-room agreements. Such things can create demographic shifts in the American landscape. Softening therefore can and often does include a shift in demographics through unnatural or forced means. It can include players in the media who are trying to help shape society according to certain pre-planned agendas. They can be part of the same civil rights groups or churches, for one thing, as the lawsuit contenders. Softening can include theatrics to help shape-shift society. Certain newspapers in New Mexico, for example, use racial overtones against white male police officers that we simply do not see applied to the same level of ugliness in Hispanic officers. As bad as the James Body scenario apparently was, we did not get that same level of coverage on several Hispanic cops. Beyond this, we can ask if any cop is being set up by those who are connected who don’t want to be told what to do by any legal system in America. We can ask if extortion is behind some of the changed stories. Weakens Core Areas, Dracula in the Door Softening includes various forms of activities which soften or weaken an American core group area. It can include blacks or other non-whites, as well as their white (often LGBT) allies, using lawsuits in pre-programmed civil rights attacks. The lawsuits drain from American infrastructure and distract from other productive activities. It is about destabilizing a department or area as a seeding ground for further anti-American agendas. It is a preliminary step before highly planned move-ins and take-overs by these malicious groups - it’s kind of like a virus. It is a penetration with entry level supplanting. More supplanting will occur later. It lets Dracula in the door. Civil Rights Groups It is used in the contexts of Civil Rights Group Networks (CR) in this discussion, with an eye on CR/MB links and in the framework of USA versus The Enemy. As such it has a policing, national security agency and military aspect. In all, the focus is on protection of American interests both abroad and within the country (this last often referred to as stateside). The Enemy The Enemy is defined as anything with pernicious habits in its own natural state being imposed on our country and its peoples. It can include tendencies for totalitarianism with the inhibition of equal rights for women and free speech, and can include things like the application of cruel and exacting control and punishment. There can be a widely repeated use of torture and more. Islamic extremists have an extensively proven tendency to be this way and to do these things. One such group is the Muslim Brotherhood. Russia never fully shed its communist approach and even the major news and oil and gas companies are state owned. China has a decades long history of civil rights abuses and totalitarian control. North Korea is both its own totalitarian state and a stepchild of China. Many cartels have taken over Mexico and Latin America and are totalitarian in their approach. They make money off drugs that hurt people, as well as having a large number of mean activities like the human slave trade and prostitution. Mexican nationals and old historic groups in the Southwest want to go back to old Mexico territory boundaries. The boundary disputes are ugly. Mexican Nationals wanting to use American schools for their kids, at American taxpayer cost. Mixed National/American marriages defying boundary laws. This becomes an issue around “Trump’s Wall” or the so-called conservatives versus the liberals over building a wall to divide Mexico and the United States. Both anti-Wall types and cartels often slide in and out of working with Islamic extremists and can cooperate through Civil Rights Groups orientations. Either you believe in boundary protections or you don’t; Police Factor supports border protection because the Mexican Nationals and others coming in from other areas are not playing fair. It includes not only drug trafficking but entering the country only to use its resources and jobs at the expense of natural American citizens. It can also include entering a growing network of gangs and cartels which further weaken the United States from within. We Americans have a numbers of enemies bent on taking us out and supplanting our ways with such totalitarian systems. One by One Softening is a combination of tactics The Enemy is using to weaken areas of the country one by one. It is using nearly identical tactics in each attack. They are often being seen as civil rights movements. Boy Who Cries Wolf There is a difference between real civil rights and faked ones used to attack a country as a whole. Police Factor supports The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This means if you don’t like police officers beating up on you and covering it up using networks in the government, don’t create a government like that of your own. If a police officer is abusive, the public has a right to protection from that. On the other hand, we can be having the Boy Who Cries Wolf. This means some people are lying about what happens. In many cases today, it’s about Big Bad Whites eating little brown and black people. There is a motif here. It’s ranging into the Land of Lies and Stretched Truth. Seeding Ground and Inoculation Softening means weakening an area so The Enemy can get a stronger hold there. It can also mean once the hold is stronger, a takeover is expected. In the case of a white area, it can literally mean going, going, going….gone. It’s about supplanting in the sense that one skin color or group orientation is replaced by another. Taking out Americana associated with whites Any form of behavior or speech that tries to suggest there are blacks linked with Islamic extremists gets squelched. Black Muslims are playing a gig on us. They are using the attribute of having black skin as a doorway into white Americana to destabilize it. Often the black is in fact linked to an Islamic extremist, anti-American agenda, but what we are being given is only the black part, not the Muslim part. We are not being told about the Muslim part. So it’s made to look, over and over, like just a black civil rights issue. Devastating to White Males in Particular As white males in police departments across the country are assaulted time and again by these civil rights types, our white men are doing the following: quitting, being fired, killed surreptitiously or they commit suicide. They can be assaulted by high ticket and high drama lawsuits, completely with devastating financial costs to self, department, county, city and state; in addition they may suffer humiliation beyond all compare. This is written by a woman who has also suffered from male discrimination against males, including those from white males. However, I can also see through the haze at what has been happening to our white male population by these anti-American groups. As part of the planned agenda, some blacks or other non-whites (like Native or Mexican Americans) decide this pocket or that pocket has too many whites with a certain attitude toward blacks or other non-whites. They decide to soften the area by bringing in some blacks - and their allies - who can balk at the racism, real or not, and then create some high ticket lawsuits and media coverage, to basically wipe out the operators. They then move in themselves and commence hiring other blacks, non-whites and white supporters, but you will find anyone white will end up in the back rooms. The department, agency or area will start to look, feel, think and operate like something other than the Americanism that was there before. Softening is the space before the full blown take-out. It can be about weakening managers, infrastructure, proper and authentic media coverage. It includes the infiltration of support systems that would otherwise come to the aid of the people being attacked. Softening occurs as an inoculation but winds up becoming a widespread zone of influence to hold the area. Softening is the space before the zone of influence becomes widespread. It is the inoculation period. Drama, Arts and Entertainment There can be an arts approach to the high drama included in the package directed at central American groups. It can include dark humor. As mentioned several times elsewhere, there can be an Arabian Nights Effect of illogic, fantasia, quirks, pantomimal expression, twisting and turning skewed zones and madhatter tea parties using pantagastic communication. Pantagastic communication is a made-up term to reflect speech and utterance that on one hand seem to have no rhyme or rhythm but in fact have nuanced meaning to adherents. It also reflects the way subgroups are striving for their own universes, including language, to supplant a core group. What Al says might sound crazy to you and me, but to his group it makes perfect sense because of the way they are associating meanings with one another. An arts approach can be a kinetic dialogue of pantomime saying something to the effect of, you folks live in a nutso world which is so ludicrous all of our responses seem mundane and ridiculous for even having to respond to you quacks. It’s like a gathered disdain for even having to make war on people who are so far beneath them, so stupid, so slow and dull. The mad hatter approach to warfare, then include an arts and entertainment orientation that comes complete with a dramatic sneer that attempts to do loops around us by not playing along with our lines of so-called societal rules and order. Anything Goes The idea can be anything goes, that real truth does not have to be spoken, that events can be fabricated, videos can be altered or lost, evidence misplaced or not gathered in the first place, media story mis/disinformation… and that whites or certain others do not deserve fair and equal treatment under the law. The softening process can include all of these, as well as the subsequent takeover. Future managers can build on the earlier tendencies for lies and coverups by creating departments immune to Equal Employment Opportunity laws which include whites as the new emphasis becomes about hiring mostly non-whites or white LGBT players. Let me ask you this: no matter your skin color, will you let race distort your truth to the public in the media? The truth needs to come out no matter our skin color, politics or religion and even if it is something we would rather avoid. I believe a number of groups linked to anti-Jew and anti-Israel sentiments have used the media to lie about them. Theft There can be a heavy anti-white, anti-American approach with an ongoing eye on theft. Taking out Americans, including an emphasis on the white ones, is about taking their money and as much of it as possible. 9/11 included unbelievably massive forms of theft, including apparently high ticket goods from safes and online bank intrusions. Theft can include supplanting and fronting. As an anti-American group takes over a corporation or governmental institution, it rakes in the money instead of the original group. Softening lets dracula in the door so that its next step is money, money, money and power and prestige of being in charge. For example, theft can include misusing power in the police to exploit, or allow the exploitation by others, of whites they feel have had it too easy (ie, spoiled little white girls who they feel got too much from their parents). Theft can come through faked or exaggerated lawsuits, or lawsuits that make use of a current racially driven theme to further an advantage. Theft can include giving one race or gender jobs at the expense of other ones. It can include manipulating political outcomes so that the new politicians or attorney generals will benefit a certain racial group. Poor Down-Trodden People So--called true heritage of the “real queens and kings on planet earth” Non-whites can be exploiting the ongoing idea that they are the victims of history in America and the world and that now it is their turn. Some will believe in ancient Native American prophecies of the return of the tribes to power. They may suck whites into believing this same thing. Blacks may belong to groups which support the idea that the really evolved people of the world are those with black ancestors. The idea is to make the so-called minority group feel better, and that it was not their due to have been poor and downtrodden by whites in American or Africa. That they are more than, not less than. It’s a way to give emotional movement to a rebellion; that once downtrodden, innately spiritually adept or of royalty, their real place is on top of the whites. Hence some Hispanics latch onto King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, with the latter turned into a saint. It can be taken from the Christian bible that the poor and meek shall inherit the earth (hence the focus on theft from so-called white supremacists). Softening exercises often include this form of logic. Some non-whites have heard the same stories against whites and Americans since childhood and this is all they know. They have been programmed to emotionally respond and think in certain ways. Their behavior about what was done to their ancestors can determine how they choose to respond to whites in today’s world even if these whites never did anything to them. When we go far back in time, almost everyone’s ancestors did something bad to someone else’s ancestors. Not all tribal groups sat by pleasantly and watched their neighbors enter their hunting grounds. Not all Africans did their own labor; certain groups attacked other groups for slave labor, with native African blacks enslaving blacks. To gang up on the whites as the only big bad boys on the block needing to be taken out really is too superficial and ugly-minded for any of us, no matter our skin color, to sit by and let happen. Either we work together racially or not, but don’t buy into the easy logic about “poor down-trodden peoples” as there is often more to the story than that. The black movement, with its ties to Islamic extremism and other movements, can lead to another type of holocaust if allowed to be taken too far. This is because there is an obsessive-compulsive quality to the behavior.
Definition Contextual o Not just about Race o Back to Softening o Weakens core areas o Civil Rights groups o The Enemy o One by One o Boy who Cries Wolf o Devastating to White Males o Drama, Arts and Entertainment o Anything Goes o Theft o Poor Down-Trodden People ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION Softening means weakening or destabilizing an area or organization. It is referred to deliberate, planned and often subtle attacks against an institution, agency or person as part of a nation-wide attempt to take out the country as a whole. Softening makes such things vulnerable to a higher level of attack later. Softening is also about prepping an area, getting it ready for the next level of influx. The idea of letting Dracula in the Door is an apt way of describing the process, as well. Here’s another way of putting it: -softening - this means a plan to weaken or destabilize pro-American areas and then put conspirators with anti-American agendas in as replacement. This is happening to white police officers and police departments deemed too white or too pro-American across the nation. It’s also happening to the American military and any place that the anti-American types feel are “too American.” Softening is a a step-by-step plan on the way to a total takeover of the country. They have been eating away at American institutions bit by bit using very similar tactics.
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