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POLICE FACTOR is about helping anyone interested in crime, police abuse and national security to connect the dots. It is thus about providing a diversified resource and educational platform for a variety of researchers, investigators, writers, thinkers and questioners. Laws and legal protocols are here to protect us from people exerting power plays on the rest of us, but they are also designed to protect us from becoming like that, too. No Honor No Country Not created by a police person or policing expert, but by a concerned citizen from a grassroots activism perspective, Police Factor encourages creative thinking and the ever-developing, well-nuanced American. The approach of Police Factor is both objective (resources, facts, multiplistic) but also subjective (very human personal blogs and biases). In summary, it is a specialized library of sorts focusing on certain topics involving policing, national safety and personal safety. WE WAVE USA FLAGS HERE! What Flag-Waving means on Police Factor: No political or religious affiliation per se - church and state separation Stand Tall for USA. Stop undermining American stability and traditions Remember 9/11 and American/ally struggles in foreign and stateside conflict zones There are loyal Americans in the area. We are around Remove Gangs from Streets/Cartels from Systems Gritty Common Sense 4 Nat’l Defense Americans First: Jobs, Votes, Education, Services, Benefits, Speak-Outs; Legal Priority for Americans in their own nation Border Protections; No Bulk Amnesty for illegal aliens Support the People on The Ground: Includes anyone who sees past the liberal hype on a course toward totalitarianism. It avoids elitism in ivory towers, including Utopian ideals which lead nowhere. Common sense and seasoned life experiences that demand safe neighborhoods for self and family have no one skin color, gender or sexual orientation See Responses to Flag- Waving on Index
HOME OF TRUE BLUES AND ALLIES Carry on the torch - keep the flame burning! Gritty Common Sense 4 Nat’l Defense Remove Gangs from Streets, Cartels from Systems In USA, The American Approach is the Better System Stand Tall for the USA and Western World Liberties Unite Despite Religious Differences Thwart International Efforts at Influence/Control Plan for Non-American Takeovers Already in Place Stop Global Big Brother Corporatism Social Engineering Does Not Belong in Financial Institutions Turfing/targeting does not belong in any US medical setting Cosmopolitan in Public Domain, Personal Choice in Private Life Additional Objectives Retrieve $$$ Illegitimately Siphoned Off by Biden/Harris, etc Advertising/Media Corp. takeovers by MPM* to be boycotted Companies like Verizon and Comcast could be putting us at risk Mexican Nationals should not receive benefits over US Citizens Learn from Active Duty Military & Retired Veterans
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