Fat Leo Singapore (MIL CRIM-8e)
Singapore Technology Area Corruption Issues o Corporations ST Marine Seatrade-Maritime-2016/08 Straits Times-2017/01 VT Systems - About Regional History and Contextual Information General Misc. Information (360 degree view of Singapore to start getting a feeling for things) o Military Relations Singapore Asks Removal of U.S. Envoy (1988-05-08) Singaporeans get HIMARS qualified (2010-11-24) US Reaffirms Asia Role (8 June 2011) Singaporean student numbers at US varsities hit 10-year high War Zone Relationships to Singapore o Shortly after 9/11 Intelligence from Afghanistan breaks Singapore plot CNN-2002/01/11 Terrorist or Related Organizations involved in Singapore-thwarted attack o o Jemaah Islamiya (aka JI) (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) Singapore embassies attack plot uncovered Dec. 2001 The hidden journey of a Singapore JI detainee o Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Philippines) o Ibnu Umar (See Straits TImes -2013) o Earlier Pre-9/11 Environment - SIngapore o Retired Marine Spy Aragoncillo, Leondro Gunnery Sergeant, Former FBI Intelligence Analayst o Singapore Leader’s Memoirs Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew wrote that US was among those giving aid to bad groups o Khmer Rouge and non-communist allies Political o 2015 Obama’s Asian Summit Mafia See 8f-Comments-Singapore Section-2022/01/16
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
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