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Attacking Development Stages Childhood Arena Male on Male Roots of Unhealthy Quirks and Fixation Dangerous Child Porn Groups Applications to Psychological, Infiltration and Takeover Operations ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTACKING DEVELOPMENT STAGES Entraining the Young Fruit means the way various groups perniciously attack the development stages of young people to exact an outcome. It includes church, ideological, homosexual and pornographic groups who do this to small children and young teens. It can, and often does, have a permanent life-altering impact on the person’s entire being - brain development, biochemistry, physical appearance (facial expressions, body language including but not limited to posture, walking style and stance), self-identity, self-worth and a clear-headed vision of life (what is possible, lack of fear or cynicism), and more. Such abuse and mind control can cause a person to feel ruined or trapped forever in a box, and to tend to run with the same kind of flock that abuses and was abused. CHILDHOOD ARENA This expression started while writing up an earlier section on male-on-male sexual abuse for another website that has since been taken down because of time and focus constraints. However, it applies to all child, adolescent and early adult sexual abuse, which often includes mental and physical abuse. It can include sibling abuse, or cousin and childhood friends “playing house” which goes too far. MALE ON MALE It can also include military arena abuses in which young men are exploited by older men or by both enemy and friendly foreigners out in the field. Young men might learn to doubt themselves and to be deferential, or they might become hardened and jaded to think it all no longer matters who is having sex with whom. I have seen signs of a certain way young men try to act like they are relatively pure and obedient spiritually or to a charismatic leader while in the context of male-on- male sexual abuse.
Entraining the Young Fruit (PSY-25)
(cont. from Male on Male) That “I am a good boy just following my male acquaintance” is similar to girls putting on their angelic face. It seems to demonstrate a schism in the personality to avoid the ugly things going on beneath the surface. ROOTS OF UNHEALTHY QUIRKS AND FIXATIONS Having been sexually abused when very small can create unhealthy associations with people of the same or opposite sex as that of the perpetrator. It’s a great unfairness to do that to small children who plain and simply cannot help themselves and it truly can have a major impact on them for the rest of their lives. The sad thing is there seem to be groups who deliberately set out to go after other people’s children sexually for cultist, political, gender and historically vindictive reasons. Part of this can be a head and power trip. DANGEROUS CHILD PORN GROUPS It is sad and dismaying to think whole networks of sick people cooperate with one another to dismantle the fresh start of young children. In my opinion, one reason some of them do it is a certain class of males getting back at females. It can include racial reasons to control a race of people. In addition, some groups have multi-generational sex abuse problems - they keep passing it along. Beyond this, it becomes addictive and obsessive/compulsive. There could be brain chemistry and overall biochemistry issues. APPLICATIONS to Psychological, Infiltration and Takeover Operations Early personality development can impact one’s sense of boundaries and what is deemed allowable. In this sense, it is my opinion that people can be more likely to cooperate with negative people and modalities if they were treated caringly and with mindful respect as children. This might lend itself to working with negative governments and systems wanting to tear down western democracy values and approaches. If general, if all you have known is people who get inside your pants or verbally and physically slap you around, and who go through life bad-mouthing the United States, you might be more willing to cooperate with hostile regimes in a takeover operation. Also you might think it is all the same slop, so go to the highest bidder no matter which country. There is a lot more that can be said about they why’s and wherefore’s of foreign-sponsored spying, mind influencing programs and gang or criminal networking. The main point is that early development could lead to a lack of an adequate sense of Self and a feeling what is right and the way things should be that conflict with more dangerous and sinister systems. We need something inside ourselves that triggers a red flag that something is off, that it is not a good idea to cooperate with China or the cartels, or some other mean-spirited and dangerously operating group. Sexual abuse in American military contexts, whether stateside or in overseas combat arenas, can lead to a loss of self-worth and self-identity; morale; and even disrupt and break down loyalty to the United States and American system. Updates: 2023/03/13 editing, updates; Page Started - March 2023, but was originated earlier on another website
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