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NAMES (Last Name Letter) A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hackett Peter, Albuquerque Hansen Whitey, Albuquerque Harger Shane, Jemez Harris Jr Joseph, Rio Rancho Harris Sr. Joseph Anthony ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARIES H1: BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Hackett, Peter Albuquerque. APD/-Officer-K9, Lawsuits: 2005-Gutierrez v. P. Hackett. 2014 Cunningham v. State, includes Hackett, Victim Daniel Gutierrez, Linked in Case(s) 2005/05/03 DANIEL GUTIERREZ, Plaintiff - Appellant,v. 2005/05/03-Ct of Appeals 10th Circuit: P. HACKETT, Albuquerque Police K-9 Officer;Defendant - Appellee, THOMAS GARDUNO, Albuquerque Police K-9 Sergeant; CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, Defendants. 2014/06/20 Cunningham v. State No. CV 13-0142 JAP/WPL, Consolidated with No. CV 13-0314 JAP/WPL. THOMAS WAYNE CUNNINGHAM, Plaintiff, v. STATE OF NEW MEXICO, SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY (SHANNON MURDOCK MILES) THE CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE POLICE OFFICER, PETER HACKETT, DUFF RYAN, CHIEF RAY SCHULTZ, Defendants, THOMAS WAYNE CUNNINGHAM, Plaintiff, v. STATE OF NEW MEXICO, SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY (SHANNON MURDOCK MILES THE CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, POLICE OFFICERS PETER HACKETT & DUFF RYAN, Defendants. United States District Court, D. New Mexico. June 20, 2014. https[colon]//www[dot]leagle[dot]com/decision/infdco20140623a18 Linked In Retired Police sergeant went into Instructional System Design Analyst for the Project Enhancement Corporation.According to LinkedIn, he specializes in instruction system design for law enforcement and security personnel: On LinkedIn: “I am certified through the NMDPS and DOE as a Firearms instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Intermediate Use of Force Instructor and General Law Enforcement Instructor. I have attended FBI Basic Instructor Development as well. I have been working as a law enforcement instructor in various capacities for over 15 years.”I have 20+ years experience in law enforcement with over 30% of that in tactical operations (K-9 & SWAT). The last 7 years of my career were as a supervisor. https[colon]//www[dot]linkedin[dot]com/in/peter-hackett-4401a29a Accessed 2019/07/10 Hansen, Whitey Albuquerque, APD/Police Chief. 1981, see Greg Avila, Real Crimes; Abq Jrnl-2017/0916 & 1986/11/21 Real Crimes Excerpt From Real Crimes and KaitArquette: “told the press (in regard to the actions of the two officers), “When you’re in Rome, you do as the Romans do.” He said there are no guidelines or rules for undercover officers” Real Crimes: ABQ (Albuquerque) Journal 2017/09/16-- years-the-citys-police-chiefs-have-been-political-lightning-rods.html 1986/11/21-- years-the-citys-police-chiefs-have-been-political-lightning-rods.html Harger, Shane Jemez, Jemez PD/Chief; Former Taos Police Department Officer; Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy Valencia County, Multiple Issues: Fired/Revoked/Probation; Possible retaliation against him by TSA during a trip he made; Publius Forum-2014/04/30; Abq Jrnl-2015/09; Snta Fe NM-2014/08/09; Taos News; Sonora Norte wordpress dot com; Deadline Watch for Antics: The overall issue here probably deserves a fine-toothed comb look-over. 2017 Albuq Jrnl 2017/04/25 Former Jemez Springs police chief sentenced. By Maggie Shepard Excerpt: A former Jemez Springs police chief and Valencia County sheriff’s deputy is forever barred from working as a police officer in the U.S., and he must spend the next five years on supervised probation after pleading no contest to charges stemming from a 2013 incident in which a teen accused him of sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop.The victim, now 23, spoke Tuesday morning before 13th Judicial District Judge George Eichwald in Sandoval County during sentencing for Shane Harger saying what happened that January 2013 night shattered her trust in law enforcement and violated Harger’s oath to protect the public.She and special prosecutor Mark Drebing said Harger digitally penetrated her during a bizarre traffic stop in Jemez Springs prompted by a confidential tip that the vehicle the teen was in was carrying heroin. 2015 Albuquerque Journal 2015/09 Details emerge in police chief rape case. Excerpt: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The rape case against former Jemez Police Chief Shane Harger has been dismissed, but a special prosecutor plans to refile charges. The effort to dismiss the case reveals details of the January 2013 night Harger is accused of raping a 19-year-old Los Alamos woman traveling through his jurisdiction in Jemez. The dismissing court documents also show mistakes made by the 13th District Court prosecutors in pursuing the August 2014 indictment of Harger. Before being charged in the rape case, Harger had a role in a web of at least three law enforcement scandals, earning him a spot as a darling among anti-federal government groups who say the federal government is targeting him for participating in a meeting of sheriff’s who vow to strictly follow the federal constitution and who oppose federal overreach. Harger was charged with criminal sexual contact and penetration, kidnapping and extortion, but little detail was initially released about what prompted the charges. But details of the night were made public in court filing by Harger’s defense attorneys Ray Twohig and Lisa Torraco. They show prosecutors allege Harger was using a confidential drug informant who told him a vehicle heading into his village of Jemez had heroin in it. Harger and one other officer stopped the vehicle after they said it was speeding and brought all four occupants out at gunpoint. The documents say Harger eventually found a very small amount of heroin in the vehicle. A woman in the vehicle later told investigators that Harger said because there were no female officers on the Jemez force available, he would have to search her. He took her into the Jemez police office, had her privately strip down in the bathroom, cough several times and then redress. He then looked for items on the bathroom floor before returning her to the scene of the arrest. case.html 2014 Publius Forum - New Mexico 2014/03/30 New Mexico Police Chief Fired Likely Because He Attended Constitutional Rights Gathering. By Warner Todd Huston. Excerpt: Chief Harger attended the Las Vegas gathering of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to hear what the group had to say about its goals. Harger says he’d never attended such an event in the past and until the Vegas event was not a member of the group. On the way to the CSPOA event, though, the chief suddenly found that his name had been placed on some sort of watchlist by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and he was harassed by TSA agents as he tried to board his plane. Harger reported that when he got to the airport a man who briefly flashed a badge and claimed to be a “federal agent” (from what agency he would not say) informed the police chief that he was a “person of interest” and that he had to be detained. KOAT 2014/02/03 Double-identity police chief will keep job Performance plan discussed at village meeting Santa Fe New Mexican 2014/08/09 Ex-Police Chief accused of rape faced misconduct allegations. By Andrew Oxford. misconduct-allegations-in/article_1389c1df-7eca-57f3-b4d6-1b5eb4d6300f.html A former Taos Police Department officer…. Taos News 2014/08/08 Taos police officer charged with rape. By Andrew Oxford,36677 Excerpt: Former Taos Police Dept. officer charged with rape. A former Taos Police Department officer who left the agency following numerous allegations of misconduct was arrested Thursday (Aug. 7) on charges of raping a 19-year-old woman in Sandoval County.,36677 Sonora Norte wordpress dot com chief/ Deadline leave-told-to-disband-entire-police- department/ Harris, Jr. Joseph Rio Rancho, NMSP/Officer, 2019-Found guilty disorderly conduct; officer insisted he was innocent. Victim did not show up to courtcase so case was dismissed. Became officer elsewhere after incident, -, KRQE-2019/03/18 KRQE 2019/03/18, ed. 29 Former NMSP Officer found guilty of disorderly conduct. By Jeannie Nguyen conduct/1858099683 Excerpt: RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) - A former state police officer who was accused of violently shoving court papers into a man's chest has been found guilty of a lesser charge. During the time of the investigation and case, he got a new job at a new police department. Judge Robert Cook found Officer Joseph Harris Jr. guilty of disorderly conduct Monday morning, but dismissed the battery charges. Harris is a former New Mexico State Police officer who was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct back in July. Employees of the French's Funeral Home said they saw Harris push the manager of the Rio Rancho business when he was there to serve court papers. "I stuck my hand out to get the paper and he... he went through my hand and hit me in my chest and said, 'you've been served b****," said the victim back in July. Harris always insisted he was innocent. Harris, Sr. Joseph Anthony Rio Rancho. Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant. Previously Rio Rancho PD. KOD 2009/07/16. ODMP Sergeant Joseph Anthonuy Harris Sr. Excerpt: Sergeant Joe Harris was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a burglary suspect along New Mexico 126 at approximately 6:45 am. He and another deputy were conducting a stakeout due to a rash of recent cabin burglaries in the area. Hart, Phillip Gallup, Gallup PD- Fired, Had secret phone calls recorded - Whistleblower attempt, -, US News- 2018/08/05; KOB-2019/03/22 US News 2018/08/05--Gallup Fires police chief after year of legal disputes after-year-of-legal-disputes KOB 2019/03/22 Ex-Police chief turns over audio file in whistleblower case case/5288692/ Excerpt: A former Gallup police chief has turned over secretly recorded audio files in connection with his complaint against the western New Mexico city. The Gallup Independent reports Phillip Hart gave a state court his cellphone with 43 audio files containing secretly recorded conversations he had with the city manager. Hart was fired in August as he and the city of Gallup were embroiled in year-long legal disputes. Hearn, John Albuquerque, APD/Officer-Undercover, (1980s), -, Real Crimes. Real Crimes ALBQ OFC UNDR-APD 9/81: APD undercover officers, John Hearn and Greg Avila, were working a suspected vehicle theft ring when they got into a shootout with one of the suspects, Frank Minott. Minott testified that he shot at Officer Avila in self-defense after Avila fired at him…Then Hearn got involved, and Minott said he feared that Hearn would hold him down while Avila cut him, so he ran to the house and Avila fired a gun at him. Minott got to a gun and fired back at Avila, wounding him twice. See Greg Avila and John Hansen. Involved in wrongful attack of a suspect, complicity with Avila. Real Crimes: Heatley Paul, Albuquerque, Associated with killing Peter Klunck a likely whistleblower of APD abuses. (1980s) See Kaitarquette. Kaitarquette Excerpt from Kaitarquette: Peter Klunk did off-the-books body work at the chop shop on Arno where the VW Bug sought to take refuge after Kait was shot. APD Officer Matt Griffin was one of the rogue cops who hung out at that chop shop. In January 1989, (six months before Kait’s murder), Peter was shot by three members of the APD ROP Team – Robert Valtierra, Paul Heatley, and Matt Griffin -- on the day he was scheduled to appear in court and had told people he was planning to “blow the lid off APD.” Updates: 2020/05/14 Shane Harger Albuq Jrnl-20172020/03/18 technical editing; 2019/11/16 Hughes Daniel-KRQE-2015-03-31 and KOAT-2014/05/06 2019/11/15 John Hill added to list. Hughes Daniel section filled in. 2019/11/13 Howard Sara 2018 Farmington Daily Times article on Wilson shooting decision added; Hollier Jeremy material added, his section filled in. Hindi Steve added to list. 2019/10/26 Alaska Public dot org: two articles added from 2014 and one from 2016; 2019/10/25 updates to Steve Hebbe added, incl. Blaylock, Reuters. 2019/10/24 Steve Hebbe chief FPD Farmington added to list. 2019/07/25 Jeremy Hollier added to list; 2019/07/10 Peter Hart added to list. 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