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CCP’s unrestricted warfare model - See Start Here Apparent US govt paying immigrants - (watch for fake news) Migrant Deaths or Abuse Along Border Border Agent Incident (Lorenzo Hernandez) Guns - borders - USA sales to Mexico etc Trump [separate page - moved to Trump section 2021/11/15] Mexican Tricks: Games Being Played See Comments - Who is Answering the Phone? Manning the Front Desk? Handling Paperwork in Back? How they get access to your private and personal info, family members, personal habits, plans, etc. Mexicans Abusing, Ignoring, Thwarting American Border Protection System and other American laws GOP 10 Point Plan to End Border Crisis Layout of Plan GOP Governors Involved with Plan CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare Model: See Start Here #4 Comments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- START HERE Follow the money, not just drugs. Less money in cartel pockets means fewer chemicals and drugs, less violence and weapons, and less ability to corrupt the rule of law." Fox News 2020/11/12 Chinese 'cartels' quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis By McKay. https //www 2) Mexico’s disdain for American laws for USA border protection - although dated, it’s applicable. Excellent article! City Journal 2005-Autumn Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats: It’s time for Mexican consulates to stop aiding and abetting illegal immigration. [Also listed under Mexico’s Tricks below] https //www city-journal org/html/mexico%E2%80%99s-undiplomatic- diplomats-12891 html Excerpt: Mexican officials here and abroad are involved in a massive and almost daily interference in American sovereignty…They are there thanks in part to Mexico’s efforts to get them into the U.S. in violation of American law, and to normalize their status once here in violation of the popular will. Mexican consulates are engineering a backdoor amnesty for their illegal migrants and trying to discredit American immigration enforcement 3) Illegal Aliens Taking US Jobs Put Americans First in America: Strongly against illegal aliens and Biden/Harris style amnesty, feeling America needs to focus on American citizens? Check out this website: FAIR 2020 March Illegal Aliens Taking U.S. Jobs https //www fairus org/issue/workforce-economy/illegal-aliens-taking- us-jobs 4) Chinese cartels quietly operating in Mexico. As part of the CCP's unrestricted warfare model, they have progressed significantly against America with their enhanced role in the drug business. They can make multibillions and, at the same time, undermine the security of America," claimed Derek Maltz, a retired special agent in charge at the DEA. "A kilogram of fentanyl can kill 500,000 people, so the administration should look at the death rates and treat this as a serious national security threat as opposed to only a public health crisis." Fox News 2020/11/12 Chinese 'cartels' quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis. The next US administration will have to counter the growing operation, which is claiming a growing number of American lives annually https //www foxnews com/world/chinese-cartels-mexico-us-drug-crisis Excerpt: the growing presence of Chinese drug lords and cartels below the southern border is one that is killing an unprecedented amount of Americans. According to multiple Mexico-based security and intelligence professionals, the bulk of the deadly work is carried out by the "Los Zheng" wing, identified as having "the largest presence in Mexico for the trafficking of fentanyl and methamphetamine." As per intelligence findings by security firm Fortress Risk Management, obtained exclusively by Fox News, the Zhengs operate through seemingly legitimate shell companies that offer veterinary services, clothing sales, clinical laboratories and maintenance of computer systems in Mexico. …"You can't bring anything into the country without paying off someone," Calderon asserted. "There are a lot of 'fixers' and guards assigned to these entry ports making a killing from China too." Experts emphasize that it is a well-oiled machine in which each player has a distinct role and piece of the pie. Chinese-led money laundering procedures inside Mexico are said to be igniting faster growth and movement of the drug, which was initially developed for use as both an anesthetic and painkiller up to 100 times more potent than heroin. Yet in cases such as Los Zheng, legitimate pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are used as "fronts" or as a blurring between the legal and illegal missions. …"For the past 12 years, Chinese criminal organizations have become the backbone to the drug cartels with chemicals supplied to the cartels and laundering tens of billions of the cartel profits in North America and Europe," said Richard Higgins, author of "The Memo: Twenty Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First," president of HTG, LLC, a strategic security and information warfare consulting who previously served on the National Security Council as the director for strategic planning. "Chinese-organized criminals south and north of the border are very sophisticated using WeChat and other forms of encrypted communication." 5) SIA’s Border terrorist threats. Keep at top awareness terrorist threats Although dated now, take a look at this article discussing what Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson had been trying to do to focus on a terrorist problem and to educate the public. SIA’s Special Interest Aliens news/republican-governors-unveil-10-point-plan-crisis-texas-border
Borders-1: a) Gen Info b) ‘22-’23 c) ‘21 d) AZ e) NM See also: Measures/Border Area Leaders (Box of Names) Start Here Follow the money, not just drugs (Fox News-2020/11/12) Mexico’s Disdain for USA border laws (City Jrnl-Fall 2005) Illegal Aliens Taking US Jobs (FAIR) CCP's unrestricted warfare model (Fox News) Corruption Articles -Legislation, Corruption, Border Agents WOLA Report 2017 Lessons From San Diego’s Border Wall Darien Gap Pipeline allegedly used for illegal immigration Catholic Churches used in illegal immigration Cartel High Tech Bridges Borders, Public Protection How Mexican Drug Cartels are Winning the Information Technology War-Sofrep- 2016/04/03 Sea and Port Corruption Ships - Hiding Contraband-2021 article Old Issues Involving Borders, Immigration - Other Administrations or Time Periods 2006-Heritage dot org see Twenty Years Inside the Deep State Fighting for America First,"-- by Richard Higgins see Start Here
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LINKS LIST (Borders-1a) https //www1 cbn com/cbnnews/us/2021/march/news- confronts-hostile-smugglers-at- dangerous-point-on-central- americas-human-pipeline https //www cbp gov/newsroom/speeches-and- statements/arizona-border-patrol- agent-arrested https //cis org/Report/Terrorist- Infiltration-Threat-Southwest- Border https //cis org/Bensman/Congressman-and- Journalists-Report-Historic-Surge- ExtraContinental-Migrants-Now- Pouring https //www city-journal org/html/mexico%E2%80%99s- undiplomatic-diplomats-12891 html https //theconversation com/nixon- and-reagan-tried-closing-the- border-to-pressure-mexico-heres- what-happened-114956 https //dronedj com/2020/05/05/drones-try-to- smuggle-over-300k-in-drugs-across- us-border/ https //www fairus org/issue/workforce- economy/illegal-aliens-taking-us- jobs https //www foxnews com/world/chinese-cartels-mexico- us-drug-crisis https //www foxnews com/politics/gop-governors-10- point-plan-biden-end-border-crisis https //www globalsecurity org/military/world/mexico/foreign- relations-us-border htm https //thehill com/blogs/congress- blog/homeland-security/333698- why-is-congress-proposing-to- increase-customs-and[border protection corruption] https //www heritage org/immigration/report/the-real- problem-immigration-and-the-real- solution https //insightcrime org/news/hide- and-seek-drug-traffickers-creative- at-sea/ https //insightcrime org/news/hide- and-seek-drug-traffickers-creative- at-sea/ https //www kvia com/news/new- mexico/trial-for-man-accused-of- kidnapping-off-duty-border-agent- begins/1069171202 https //lawofficer com/news/border- patrol-agent-kidnapped-and- tortured-in-new-mexico/ https //www mexpro com/blog/cross-new- mexicomexican-border https //www motherjones com/politics/2020/01/migrant- protection-protocols-remain-in- mexico-trump/ https //www newsmax com/politics/tom-tiffany- afghanistan-refugees- crime/2021/09/27/id/1038032/ https /www newsweek com/border- patrol-game-smiles-sexual-assault- 1447434 https /www newsweek com/border- patrol-game-smiles-sexual-assault- 1447434 http //www nmborder com/ https //www npr org/2019/07/18/743028537/journalist- digs-into-years-of-corruption- dysfunction-at-border-protection- agency https //www pbs org/newshour/politics/the-flow-of- guns-from-the-u-s-to-mexico-is- geting-lost-in--border-debate https //www pogo org/investigation/2018/04/13-cbp- employees-arrested-for-corruption- this-administration/ https //www policeone com/border- patrol/articles/374294006-2- arrested-in-off-duty-NM-border- agent-attack/ https //saraacarter com/gop- lawmaker-visits-darien-gap- pipeline-that-pumps-tens-of- thousands-of-migrants-to-southern- border/ https //sofrep com/news/mexican- cartels-winning-it-war/ https //www southernborder org/deaths_by_border_patrol https //www thespectrum com/story/opinion/2018/04/04/malki n-caravans-churches-and-criminal- sanctuaries/487800002/ https //tucson com/news/local/border/border- corruption-cases- grow/article_836254a0-34aa-5298- 985e-9d421c4d3587 html https //www washingtonexaminer com/news/republican-governors- unveil-10-point-plan-crisis-texas- border https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Migrant_deaths_along_the_ Mexico–United_States_border https //www wola org/analysis/wola- report-lessons-san-diegos-border- wall/
CIS dot org 2018/08/13 Terrorist Infiltration Threat at the Southwest Border The national security gap in America’s immigration enforcement debate. Todd Bensman https //cis org/Report/Terrorist-Infiltration-Threat-Southwest-Border Excerpt: Secretary Johnson saw a need to educate the general public about what was about to happen. Public affairs staffs would craft messaging that the new program would "protect the United States and our partners against this potential threat." However, no known Public Affairs Office education about SIA immigration materialized as Secretary Johnson and most of his agency heads were swept out of office some months later by the election of Republican President Donald Trump. Whatever reputed threat about which the Obama administration wanted to inform the public near its end remains narrowly known. So, too, are whatever operations developed from the secretary's 2016 directive. Perhaps notably, the cross-border migration of people from Muslim-majority nations, as a trending terror threat, has gone missing during contentious national debates over President Trump's border security policies and wall. Most discourse has been confined to Spanish-speaking border entrants rather than on those who speak Arabic, Pashtun, and Urdu. So what is an SIA and why, in 2016, did this "potential national security threat" require the urgent coordinated attention of agencies, with not much word about it since? This Backgrounder provides a factual basis necessary for anyone inclined to add the prospect of terrorism border infiltration, via SIA smuggling, to the nation's ongoing discourse about securing borders. It provides a definition of SIAs and a history of how homeland security authorities have addressed the issue since 9/11. Since SIA immigration traffic is the only kind with a distinct and recognized terrorism threat nexus, its apparent sidelining from the national debate presents a particular puzzlement. https //cis org/Report/Terrorist-Infiltration-Threat-Southwest-Border Corruption CBP dot gov Arizona: 2020/08/11 Arizona Border Patrol Agent Arrested https //www cbp gov/newsroom/speeches-and-statements/arizona-border-patrol-agent-arrested A Tucson Sector Border Patrol Agent was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Border Corruption Task Force (BCTF) late in the afternoon of August 9, 2020. The agent was taken into custody for suspicion of narcotics trafficking. The Hill [see more under Legislation below] 2017/05/16 Why is Congress proposing to increase customs [and border protection corruption] https //thehill com/blogs/congress-blog/homeland-security/333698-why-is-congress-proposing-to-increase- customs-and[border protection corruption] Mother Jones 2020/01/23 Torture, Rape, and Kidnapping at the Border: A New Report Lays Bare the Horror of Trump’s Asylum Plan: Less than 1 percent of 24,000 so-called Remain in Mexico cases have resulted in asylum protection. By Camille Squires. [Note from PF: See Media/Alt News for more on Mother Jones] https //www motherjones com/politics/2020/01/migrant-protection-protocols-remain-in-mexico-trump/ Newsweek 2019/11/29 Exclusive: Border Patrol Knew About Harrowing 'Game Of Smiles' Sexual Assault Claims, But Did Not Take Action, Former Official Says. BY CHANTAL DA SILVA https /www newsweek com/border-patrol-game-smiles-sexual-assault-1447434 Excerpt: U.S. Customs and Border Protection leadership knew about an alleged sexual assault in which a female Border Patrol trainee claimed to have been raped by at least one instructor and multiple male peers at a graduation party—but they did not take proper action in the years following the incident, a former internal affairs chief has told Newsweek. James Tomsheck was head of internal affairs from 2006 to 2014 before being removed from the role amid criticism of his team's handling of allegations of inappropriate use of force by Border Patrol agents. Insight Crime 2021/02/20 Hide and Seek: How Drug Traffickers Get Creative at Sea. Katie Jones https //insightcrime org/news/hide-and-seek-drug-traffickers-creative-at-sea/ NPR 2019/07/18 Journalist Digs Into Years Of Corruption, Dysfunction At Border Protection Agency. Terry Gross https //www npr org/2019/07/18/743028537/journalist-digs-into-years-of-corruption-dysfunction-at-border- protection-agency [Note from PF: Graff seems to be sympathetic to the causes of immigrants] Excerpt: One former CBP commissioner actually told me on the record that they made mistakes and, in fact, hired cartel members. And what you began to see by late 2009, running through 2014, was both a huge rise in on-the-job excessive force complaints, shootings that fell far outside the protocols for modern policing, and also this incredible wave of crime and corruption of agents participating in drug smuggling and human trafficking themselves, of taking bribes, of looking past illegal immigrants crossing through their checkpoints. It got so bad that by 2013, actually, the DHS officer who was in charge of investigating misconduct in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas felt that he fell so far behind in investigating CBP misconduct that he began falsifying records and was indicted himself. POGO 2018/04/13 13 CBP Employees Arrested for Corruption this Administration BY MIA STEINLE https //www pogo org/investigation/2018/04/13-cbp-employees-arrested-for-corruption-this-administration/ Tucson 2011/08/22 Border corruption cases grow: Patrol's surge in hiring, drug gangs' stepped-up infiltration efforts seen as factors. Brady McCombs https //tucson com/news/local/border/border-corruption-cases-grow/article_836254a0-34aa-5298-985e- 9d421c4d3587 html Articles on Legislation involving Corruption Issues (Brief, A few points) 2017 Career Professional Speaks Up on Border Patrol Corruption and Corresponding Legislation The Hill 2017/05/16 Why Is Congress proposing to increase Customs and Border Protection corruption? By James Tomsheck https //thehill com/blogs/congress-blog/homeland-security/333698-why-is-congress-proposing-to-increase- customs-and Excerpt: During my 40-year career in law enforcement I served as a police officer, U.S. Secret Service Special Agent, and Assistant Commissioner at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), heading the Office of Internal Affairs. In these positions, I was guided by one principle: law enforcement’s vital mission must be accomplished with integrity. From those decades of experience, the cases that most disturb me are people who applied to work at CBP - the country’s largest law enforcement agency - and admitted in the screening process to committing serious criminal offenses, including drug smuggling, rape, and infanticide, or confessed to seeking employment as infiltrators paid by transnational criminal organizations or cartels…Based on my experience, I have an urgent obligation to speak out against a law Congress is close to enacting that would weaken CBP hiring standards imposed by the Anti-Border Corruption Act of 2010. The House Anti-Border Corruption Reauthorization Act (H.R.2213), scheduled for a floor vote on Wednesday, and the Senate Boots on the Border Act (S. 595), scheduled to be considered that morning by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, would exempt certain law enforcement and military applicants for CBP positions from the polygraph examination only recently mandated by Congress. Mandatory polygraphs for all CBP law enforcement applicants, which are standard at the FBI, DEA, ATF, and Secret Service, were a congressional response to widespread corruption and other policing abuses at CBP that followed a rushed hiring surge last decade. Damaging compromises of CBP integrity ensued, including cartel infiltration achieved by hired applicants who did harm to the United States. I know from first-hand experience that the bills moving in Congress, backed by current CBP leadership desperate to hire more agents, would exacerbate corruption and abusive misconduct by adding unsuitable personnel who conceal criminal pasts - and/or have future intent to compromise CBP's mission - so as to threaten our national security. Indeed, a random sample of 1,000 polygraphs conducted after applicants were cleared by CBP's background screening concluded that 65 percent of these applicants failed the polygraph, with many providing detailed descriptions of their involvement in criminal activity. customs-and Wola Report 2017 2017/12/14 Lessons from San Diego’s Border Wall by Adam Isacson and Maureen Meyer https //www wola org/analysis/wola-report-lessons-san-diegos-border-wall/ Excerpt: " The border doesn’t need a wall. It needs better-equipped ports of entry, investigative capacity, technology, and far more ability to deal with humanitarian flows. In its current form, the 2018 Homeland Security Appropriations bill is pursuing a wrong and wasteful approach. The experience of San Diego makes that clear." https //www wola org/analysis/wola-report-lessons-san-diegos-border-wall/ Old Issues Involving Borders, Immigration - Other Administrations or Time Periods - on Border or Immigrant Concerns 2006 Heritage dot org 2006/03/01 The Real Problem with Immigration... and the Real Solution. Kirk Johnson and Tim Kane https //www heritage org/immigration/report/the-real-problem-immigration-and-the-real-solution Excerpt: he real problem with undocumented immigrant workers is that flouting the law has become the norm, which makes the job of terrorists and drug traffickers infinitely easier. Other CIS dot org What Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson had been trying to do to focus on a terrorist problem and to educate the public. https //cis org/Report/Terrorist-Infiltration-Threat-Southwest-Border Sea and Port Corruption - Hiding Contraband on Ships Insight Crime 2021/02/20 Hide and Seek: How Drug Traffickers Get Creative at Sea. Katie Jones https //insightcrime org/news/hide-and-seek-drug-traffickers-creative-at-sea/ Websites/Agencies Border Issues The Conversation 2019/05/05 Nixon and Reagan tried closing the border to pressure Mexico – here’s what happened. By Ailleen Teague https //theconversation com/nixon-and-reagan-tried-closing-the-border-to-pressure-mexico-heres-what- happened-114956 Global Security dot org note from Police Factor: excellent overview, gets us right into a wide range of border issues fast Foreign relations US border https //www globalsecurity org/military/world/mexico/foreign-relations-us-border htm Mexpro note from Police Factor: this is being added as an addition to our knowledge of NM borders in general (2017/08/21) Where to Cross the New Mexico/Mexican Border Posted August 21, 2017 by Roxanna Brock McDade & filed under Border Crossing. https //www mexpro com/blog/cross-new-mexicomexican-border Excerpt: There are only three border crossings into Mexico from New Mexico, and all cross into the Mexico state of Chihuahua in the western half of the state. If it’s important to you to be able to get to the border quickly and get on your way to your Mexico destination, it may be worth your while to know what roads to take (both going north and south), what services are available and how busy the crossing. Save time by getting the low-down from Mexpro. https //www mexpro com/blog/cross-new-mexicomexican-border New Mexico Border Authority http //www Excerpt: The New Mexico Border Authority is an executive branch state agency that provides leadership in the development of the state's international ports of entry as well as serving as the Governor's advisor and point of contact for those interested in opportunities at the ports of entry. This agency also facilitates new infrastructure, trade opportunities, job opportunities, job training capabilities and many other activities that contribute to development of a productive economy along the New Mexico border http //www nmborder com/ US Border Patrol dot com: private website, not associated with government also see New Mexico gangs section http //www usborderpatrol com/Border_Patrol90 htm BORDER AGENT INCIDENT Lorenzo Hernandez KVIA 2019/04/15 Video: trial for man accused of kidnapping off duty border agent begins https //www kvia com/news/new-mexico/trial-for-man-accused-of-kidnapping-off-duty-border-agent- begins/1069171202 Law Officer dot com 2017/06/11) Border patrol agent kidnapped and tortured in New Mexico https //lawofficer com/news/border-patrol-agent-kidnapped-and-tortured-in-new-mexico/ Police One 2017/06/21 2 arrested in off duty NM border agent attack: Agent Lorenzo Hernandez said the suspects, who asked for a ride, pulled out weapons and instructed Hernandez to follow their orders. By Carlos Andres Lopez. https //www policeone com/border-patrol/articles/374294006-2-arrested-in-off-duty-NM-border-agent- attack/ MIGRANT DEATHS ALONG BORDER Southern Border dot org Deaths by border patrol https //www southernborder org/deaths_by_border_patrol Wikipedia Migrant deaths along the Mexico US border https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Migrant_deaths_along_the_Mexico–United_States_border GUNS PBS 2019/07/02 The flow of guns from the U.S. to Mexico is getting lost in the border debate. Gabriela Martinez https //www pbs org/newshour/politics/the-flow-of-guns-from-the-u-s-to-mexico-is-geting-lost-in--border- debate Once the guns are purchased, traffickers face the next challenge: smuggling them across the border without getting caught. But traffickers have ways to surmount this obstacle as well. MEXICAN TRICKS Mexicans Abusing American System, Avoiding Laws, Evading, etc. City Journal 2005/Autumn Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats https //www city-journal org/html/mexico%E2%80%99s-undiplomatic-diplomats-12891 html Drone DJ 2020/05/05-- https //dronedj com/2020/05/05/drones-try-to-smuggle-over-300k-in-drugs-across-us-border/ DARIEN GAP ‘PIPELINE’ CBN News https //www1 cbn com/cbnnews/us/2021/march/news-confronts-hostile-smugglers-at-dangerous-point-on- central-americas-human-pipeline CIS dot org https //cis org/Bensman/Congressman-and-Journalists-Report-Historic-Surge-ExtraContinental-Migrants- Now-Pouring News Max 2021/09/27 Rep. Tiffany to Newsmax: Criminal Activity Among Unvetted Afghans 'Predictable'. By Sandy Fitzgerald https //www newsmax com/politics/tom-tiffany-afghanistan-refugees-crime/2021/09/27/id/1038032/ Sara Carter 2021/06/11 GOP lawmaker visits Darien Gap ‘pipeline’ that pumps tens of thousands of migrants to southern border. By Jenny Goldsberry https //saraacarter com/gop-lawmaker-visits-darien-gap-pipeline-that-pumps-tens-of-thousands-of- migrants-to-southern-border/ Washingon Examiner 2021/06/15 Harris needs to visit horrifying Darien Gap to see true migrant pipeline, congressman says by Tori Richards, Investigative Reporter https //www washingtonexaminer com/news/harris-visit-darien-gap-migrant-pipeline CHURCHES - CATHOLIC - HELPING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, ALIENS The Spectrum 2018/04/04 Caravans, churches and criminal sanctuaries. Michelle Malkin https //www thespectrum com/story/opinion/2018/04/04/malkin-caravans-churches-and-criminal- sanctuaries/487800002/ Excerpt: But the parade of immigration lawlessness marches on -- with reckless aiding and abetting by churches across the U.S….When they're not serving as human traffickers masquerading as human rights activists, these travel agents for amnesty busy themselves constructing shelters along their illicit pathways that span the globe. Catholic groups have sponsored and subsidized such nation-sabotaging campaigns for decades. The Vatican itself donated at least $20,000 in 2009 to erect a shelter for Central American illegal aliens sneaking through Ixtepec, Mexico, where they hopped on freight trains into our country. Some groups mentioned in article: Pueblo Sin Fronteras The Vatican Catholic Extension Jesuit-affiliated St. Joseph Catholic Church of Seattle the Fourth Universalist Society of New York Springfield, Massachusetts, the South Congregational Church Las Vegas, the incoming Catholic Bishop George Leo Thomas choing the left-wing U.S. Conference on Catholic Bishops, Thomas pledged to support and advocate for the so-called illegal alien Dreamers and welcome them into the church. https //www thespectrum com/story/opinion/2018/04/04/malkin-caravans-churches-and-criminal- sanctuaries/487800002/ CARTEL HIGH TECH BRIDGES BORDERS, PUBLIC SAFETY NETS SofRep 2016 How Mexican Cartels are winning tech war https //sofrep com/news/mexican-cartels-winning-it-war/ GOP 10 POINT PLAN TO END BORDER CRISIS Fox News 2021/10/06 GOP governors unveil 10-point plan to end border crisis, urging Biden to act Texas Gov. Abbott says Biden 'has caused a humanitarian crisis and chaos on our border'. By Adam Shaw. https //www foxnews com/politics/gop-governors-10-point-plan-biden-end-border-crisis Layout of 10 Point Plan Washington Examiner 2021/10/06 Republican governors unveil 10-point plan for ending border crisis by Anna Giaritelli, https //www washingtonexaminer com/ Governors Involved - GOP 10 Point Plan to Secure Borders Abbott, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Brian Kemp of Georgia, Brad Little of Idaho, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Greg Gianforte of Montana, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, and Mark Gordon of Wyoming — laid out a plan to reinstate many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration and border strategies. The policies would “restore security and end the crisis,” according to a copy of a document shared with the Washington Examiner before the press conference. Plan The governors' full Joint Policy Framework on the Border Crisis is copied below: Continue Title 42 public health restrictions: The Biden Administration should continue to invoke Title 42 to refuse entry to individuals coming into the country due to the COVID-19 public health risk, which was initially issued by the previous administration. Title 42 currently expels approximately 44% of apprehensions. In July, more than 18% of migrant families and 20% of unaccompanied minors tested positive for COVID-19 upon being released from Border Patrol custody. Reports estimate that the Biden Administration has placed approximately 40,000 COVID-19 positive migrants into American cities. Dedicate federal resources to eradicate human trafficking and drug trafficking: Due to the rapid increase of cartel activity, the Biden Administration should dedicate additional resources to eradicate the surge in human trafficking and drug trafficking, arrest offenders, support victims, and get dangerous drugs—like fentanyl and methamphetamine—off our streets. Resume the deportation of all criminals: The Biden Administration should enforce all deportation laws of criminally convicted illegal aliens. Upon taking office, President Biden issued an Executive Order ordering the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to prioritize only the deportation of aggravated felons, gang members, or terrorists, leaving other criminals to remain in the United States. Re-enter all agreements with our Northern Triangle partners and Mexico: President Biden should re-enter the prior administration’s agreement with the Northern Triangle countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras) and Mexico. The countries agreed to enforce their respective borders, fix their asylum systems, and receive migrants seeking asylum before they journey north to the United States. Upon taking office, President Biden issued an Executive Order terminating the agreements. Provide notice and transparency to states on unaccompanied minors and migrants: The Biden Administration should instruct the Office of Refugee Resettlement to notify states when the federal government is transporting migrants who will be reliant upon their state’s social safety net. Currently, an unknown number of migrants, including unaccompanied minor children, are being secretly transported into states without notice to those who will ultimately have to provide resources to them, such as healthcare, education, benefits, and more. Send a clear message to potential migrants: President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Biden Administration officials at every level should state clearly and unequivocally that our country’s borders are not open and that migrants seeking economic opportunity should not attempt to abuse or misuse the asylum process. Prior to and after taking office, President Biden blatantly encouraged illegal immigrants to come to the United States. Deploy more federal law enforcement officers and National Guard troops: Due to overwhelming needs at the border, the Biden Administration should deploy more and provide greater resources to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. In line with the prior four presidents who deployed National Guard troops to the border, the Biden Administration should request additional military assistance and invoke Title X to reimburse states for their troops serving at the border. Due to a lack of federal resources, Arizona and Texas have had to initiate an Emergency Management Assistance Compact to request law enforcement resources directly from states, receiving offers from eight states, to arrest and detain illegal trespassers. End catch and release and clear the judicial backlog: The Biden Administration should end the Obama-era policy of catching and releasing apprehended migrants into U.S. cities along the South Texas border, leaving illegal immigrants paroled and able to travel anywhere in the country. In addition, the Biden Administration should dedicate additional judges and resources to our U.S. immigration courts to end the growing backlog and expedite court appearances for illegal migrants. Reports indicate backlogged cases total more than 1 million, the most ever. Upon taking office, President Biden issued an Executive Order reinstating catch and release policies that incentivize illegal immigration and make deportation laws difficult to enforce. Fully reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols: The Biden Administration should comply with recent federal court rulings and fully reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) established by the prior administration, which require asylum seekers to return to Mexico to await their court hearing outside of the United States, serving as a deterrent to cross. Upon taking office, President Biden issued a directive to terminate the MPP, and although litigation may continue, the Biden Administration should halt any attempts to appeal and fully reinstate the policy Finish securing the border: The Biden Administration should reopen construction contracts to continue building the border wall and invest in infrastructure and technology, such as lights, sensors, or access roads, to complete the border security system. Upon taking office, President Biden terminated the national emergency at the border, stopped all border construction, and redirected funds to build the wall. 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