Introductory Comments Background o Basic Situation o Verdict o What Caused Dylan’s Death? o Lewd Photos of Mark Redwine o Day Dylan Redwine went missing o First Partial Remains Found- June 22, 2013 o Second Partial Remains Found - Nov. 2015 o 2017 Arrest o continued o Additional Details Angie Postal Carrier - Claims she saw Dylan later Father’s Subconscious-Seeming Input when all his sons are around, or earlier words of possible intentions/tendencies Father Mark Redwine’s ’s Early-On Stance Sighting of Mark Redwine in general area where Dylan Redwine’s bones and things were found People Involved (Directly or Indirectly) o Members of Family or Close Family Connections Mark Redwine Elaine Susan Hall-Redwine Elizabeth Jean Horvath - aka Betsy Cory Allen Redwine Brandon Redwine Michael Hall David Stone, Mark Redwine’s brother o Prosecution o Defense John Moran Actual or Alleged domestic violence Evidence - Trial Exhibits
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possible Sightings o White Van o Angela Lee, Postmaster Former FBI Profiler o Pete Klismet Said he was sure father did it Possible Questionable profiling source-lawsuit against Klismet in Minnesota Circumstantial Evidence or Indicative Pointers o DNA tiny blood spatters prevalence, locational, statistical significance What’s Missing What Seems Incomplete Possible Sightings of Dylan Redwine after his disappearance between ate Nov. 18 and early Nov. 19 Dr. Phil’s Mystery Show Material Comments o Various Perspectives (without focusing only on father with the a priori expectation of his guilt) 1. Father Mark Redwine murdered son Dylan Redwine 2. Mother/Stepfather Side of Family 3. Peers or Adult Neighbors; Consider Vallecito-Bayfield-Durango Cultural Environment 4. Hiking Injury 5. Animals 6. Abduction 7. Hunting Incident or Accident, Near or Far 8. Truth is Out, but Covered up 9. What are the rights of even the most plausible suspects o 2021/11/01-02 Links List separate page o Links List o Links List - Remains Found ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS Summary on 2021/11/02-03 My personal feeling is that although it is likely Mark Redwine did in fact kill his son and dump his body in a fairly rugged area within a few miles of his property, there really is not enough to go on. I think the judge, jury and prosecutors are stretching things based on strong indicators, as well as feelings and assumptions, rather than hard-core evidence. Upon reflection, this case might not be as cut and dried as one might think at first glance; whether or not suspect Mark Redwine is guilty as charged, there are indications evidence against him is not solid and some extrapolations on the crime scene were made. People are innocent until found guilty. Several alternative ideas about what could have happened to Dylan Redwine are listed below in the Comments section, as well as some ideas about Mark Redwine if he is guilty. It is agreed that he seems the most likely suspect, but he denies allegations and the evidence against him does not seem fully conclusive. In this arena of slight hesitancy, we look at other options, but also more closely at what evidence and strong indicators we have, as well as what could be missing from the case against him. (See more in Comments below) BACKGROUND Basic Situation Dylon Redwine, a 13 year old boy, went missing in Vallecito, Colorado (near Durango, Colorado) during a divorce custody associated visit. Verdict Several years later, final verdict found guilty - charged 48 years imprisonment Mark Redwine has been charged with second-degree murder and child abuse that resulted in death. He was finally sentenced to many years in prison (the rest of his life-48 years) in October 2021. There are indications he might try to fight this, as he has consistently denied the allegations from the beginning. He would like to appeal the latest verdict. What Caused Dylan’s Death? “[Prosecutor Fred] Johnson said Monday that prosecutors intend to show that Redwine killed Dylan in his living room and then dumped the body down a path near his home before fooling investigators for months to cover up the murder.” (see Wikibious). “Anderson, like France, also testified that there's no way to know if the fracture caused Dylan's death. "There’s no reason to think that fracture has to be what caused this young man’s death, it could be but we don’t have the rest of the face to tell us that," he said. 9 News-2021/07/09 Lewd Photos of Mark Redwine This is discussed more near the Evidence section below. In 20211, the year before Dylan Redwine’s disappearance and death, he found strange photos on his father’s laptop which he showed his brother, Cory Redwine. The photos showed his father mostly unclothed with the exception of wearing a woman’s bra and diapers and eating a feces-looking material from another diaper. These photos can be seen in the Trial evidence below, with the warning they are quite graphic and disturbing. Day Dylan Redwine went Missing November 18, 2012 - evening - sometime after his last texts to friends and family - some police suggested this most likely November 19, 2012 morning First Partial Remains Found - June 22, 2013 “June 22, 2013th, about 7 months after Dylan went missing. During a search of the mountainous area surrounding the home, a Nike Jordan shoe, youth size 7 was discovered, along with underwear, earbuds and scraps of clothes. The area looked like it could be the dumpsite for the body, so a cadaver dog was brought in and led the search time to several bones that were later confirmed to be that of Dylan Redwine. Not all of Dylan’s bones were recovered at the time, just partial remains. These things were found in very rough terrain on a mountain along a dirt road. Police also reported finding what could be a finger or a toe bone in animal feces in the same area where Dylan’s remains were found. “(See Serial Napper) “A Nike Jordan shoe, youth size 7, was found just north of a service gate that blocks Middle Mountain Road, a high-alpine, dirt road.” (Durango Herald-2021/06/29) “at least three of his bones in the rugged terrain, testimony revealed, as well as scraps of a T-shirt, earbuds, an elastic underwear band, a shoe and a sock.One investigator found a tuft of hair; it was unclear from Tuesday’s testimony if the hair belonged to Dylan” (News Need News-2021/06/29) See Links List - Remains Found separated out from rest of Links List Second Partial Remains Found - November 2015 (also see links list above in First Partial Remains Found) “It’s not until November of that year, 2015, that Dylan’s skull would be found. And it was actually located by a married couple hiking off-trail in the wilderness area northeast of Vallecito Reservoir. His skull would be found 5 miles from where his first remains were found in June 2013. Apparently the husband found the skull, picked it up and said “‘Hey, honey, what do you think this is?’” And because the wife was a true crime fanatic who loved Dateline and true crime podcasts, she knew immediately what it was and that it was a human skull. The area where the skull was found looked sort of like an animal den, however again it would be determined that this was not likely an animal attack.” (See Serial Napper) 2017 Arrest Redwine was arrested in Bellingham, Washington in 2017 as a result of a grand jury indictment.-see GivNews-2021/07/17 PEOPLE INVOLVED Directly or indirectly: Mark Redwine, Family, Police & Legal Mark Redwine, Primary Suspect Mark Redwine was apparently a truck driver out of Bellingham, Washington. He has pleaded not guilty for allegedly killing his son Dylan, who disappeared in November 2012 in Vallecito (near Durango, Colorado) during a court-ordered visit. Redwine told investigators he left Dylan at home to run errands and returned to find him missing. Father Mark Redwine’s ’s Early-On Stance “Mark says he’s equally suspicious of Elaine in Dylan’s disappearance, and he believes she may be keeping their son from him. “Elaine has, over the last six or eight months, been alienating me from Dylan,” he says. “She can be very volatile and angry.” (See Dr Phil’s Clip 1) Father’s Subconscious-Seeming Verbal Input …when all his sons are around, or earlier words of possible intentions/tendencies Excerpt: The next day, Brandon, Mark and Stone drove up Middle Mountain Road to look for Dylan. But after 20 minutes of driving, Redwine told the group Dylan was not up there. “And I figured Mark knows something,” Brandon said. “I didn't know what he knew, I didn't know how he knew it.” Betsy Horvath, who was married to Redwine for six years, recounted a family camping trip in the late 1980s. They were in a remote location, it was getting dark, and she felt scared after her husband told her the mountainous area would be “a good place to get rid of a body,” she told jurors. When she learned Dylan was missing, she remembered the remark and reported it to police, thinking it could provide answers about what happened to Dylan. Redwine also used the term “blunt force trauma” when Dylan’s remains were first found, which struck Brandon as odd because no skull had been found and no testing had been done to determine if the boy suffered blunt force trauma. Redwine spoke “passionately” and “very direct” when using the term, blunt force trauma, Brandon said. “I remember telling my wife, ‘He’s telling me what happened.’ And he's not telling me what exactly was used, but we don't have enough information to be thinking about blunt force trauma,” Brandon said. “It just shocked me a bit because I didn't see where it was coming from.” (See Durango Herald-2021/07/01) People Involved - Family Members, incl. Distant, Connected but not genetically linked, Not Direct Family Members Father: Mark Redwine-Mark Allen Redwine (see above) Mother: Elaine Hall - Elaine Susan Hall-Redwine Ex-WIfe: Betsy - Elizabeth Jean Horvath Betsy Horvath, testified against Mark’s temper, general tendencies Brothers as sons of Mark Redwine: Cory Redwine (older brother); Brandon Redwine Cory Redwine Various media stories, much about photos of father with diaper Brandon Redwine Brandon said Mark Redwine said it was blunt force trauma before skull was found KUSA-TV Denver 2021/07/01 Dylan Redwine suffered skull fracture, sharp force injury around time of death, expert testifies Janet Oravetz during a phone call between the two on the day Dylan Redwine's partial remains were found in June 2013 “Brandon Redwine, Dylan’s half-brother, told jurors he learned Dylan was missing after reaching out to his other half-brother, Cory Redwine. He said communication between him and Mark had become sporadic.” (see Durango Herald-2021/07/01) Stepfather: Michael Hall Saw Mark at Middle Mesa Road during Vallecito Lake investigations for Dylan Redwine Was active in looking for Dylan, but also compared his own search activity to Mark’s lack of it David Stone, Mark’s brother or half-brother Brother or Half-Brother: David Stone see 2021/07/13-- 8526-4bfa-abad-6b7e22a0626d “Analyses of DNA evidence are focusing on samples not only from Dylan and Mark Redwine, but also Dylan’s older brother, Cory; his mother, Elaine Hall; and Mark Redwine’s half-brother, David Stone. “(see Durango Herald-2021/06/25) People Involved - Policing, Legal, Investigators, etc. Prosecution Prosecutor Michael Dougherty “The prosecution said they believe Mark Redwine killed his son Dylan because the boy found incriminating photos of his father wearing women's clothes and participating in lewd acts “(see KRDO-2021/06/21). Prosecutor Fred Johnson o “Blood was discovered in Redwine’s living room, and Johnson said DNA testing revealed one of the living room locations, in a cushion of a love seat, could be linked only to Dylan.” (see Durango Herald- 2021/06/21) Defense, Public Defender Input Justin Bogan Public defender(see Serial Napper) John Moran The defense team, however, offered alternate explanations for Dylan's death, including an animal attack and that he was murdered by someone else. Redwine's defense team, however, say he is innocent and point to an animal attack being the cause of Dylan's death. The defense argued they couldn't take a closer look at Dylan's bones because they claim the evidence was destroyed. Redwine's public defender also questioned the prosecution's timeline. The defense said a mail carrier that delivered to the family and knew Dylan, claims she "absolutely saw him alive" after the date the prosecution alleges he died. Actual or Alleged Problems with the Defense Attorney Moran Redwine defense lawyer arrested in connection with assault. John Moran accused of domestic violence. By Shane Benjamin Herald deputy editor Moran in 2019 domestic violence assault Excerpt: Moran became angry and pushed the woman’s chair, knocking it off the porch, according to the arrest affidavit. The woman fell to the ground, causing a knot and a bruise to her arm. The woman also said she might have a concussion from the impact to her head. While on the ground, the woman saw people walking near the street and screamed for help, according to the affidavit. In response, Moran sprayed the woman with a water hose to “make her stop screaming,” the affidavit says. The woman then gathered her things and left the house. In explaining the story to police, the woman said Moran “has a history of abusing her, and that she was afraid of him, especially when he was drunk.” They had been in a relationship for about 1½ years, “and she recently ended it because of the continued abuse,” according to the affidavit. Police went to the house about 9:05 p.m. where they found Moran intoxicated, according to the report. He was arrested and booked into the La Plata County Jail. As a public defense lawyer, Moran represents dozens of criminal defendants who cannot afford their own attorney, including Redwine, who is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death in connection with the 2012 death of his 13-year- old son, Dylan. (see Durango Herald-2019/07/22) Investigators, DNA Analysis, Forensics, Animal Behaviorists, etc. Rebecca Strub, a DNA and body fluids analyst; Strub worked for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at the time the first of Dylan’s remains were found in June 2013. (see The Journal-2021/06/25) Sarah Miller, who until recently was program manager of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Lab. Miller now works for a private DNA laboratory in Florida. (see The Journal-2021/06/25) Joe Gabbard, an investigator with the Sheriff's Office (Durango Herald-2021/06/29) Tonya Golbricht, a supporting investigator with the Sheriff’s Office, who took the witness stand (Durango Herald-2021/06/29) Dan Patterson, a now-retired sergeant and investigator with the La Plata County Sheriff's Office. (Durango Herald-2021/06/29) Dr. Diane France-Forensic anthropologist: “ Dylan Redwine suffered a skull fracture above his left eye and was cut with a sharp tool around the time he died…discovered two marks on Dylan’s skull that were likely caused by a knife or sharp tool around the time of death, she testified, going over photos of the damage in painstaking detail with the jury.” (Denver Post 2021/07/01) Dr. Bruce Anderson -forensic pathologist with the Pima County Medical Examiner's office in Arizona, testified for the defense. “While he agreed that the fracture on Dylan's skull was perimortem, he explained that the fracture could have occurred two to three weeks after his death. "There’s no reason to think that fracture has to be what caused this young man’s death, it could be but we don’t have the rest of the face to tell us that," he said….He said there was no point of impact found on the skull but said that the fracture could have resulted from a blow to the face, but without those portions of the skull there is no way to know. Anderson also questioned whether two linear markings found on the skull near the zygomatic arch were the result of a sharp tool, which France testified to earlier. He said he believed the markings were naturally occurring, sulci, the technical term for shallow grooves in that area of the body. ” 9 News-2021/07/09 Dr. Robert Kurtzman, who is now the chief medical examiner for the state of Montana “ “I can’t say that the cause of death is known,” said Dr. Robert Kurtzman, who is now the chief medical examiner for the state of Montana. “The only thing I know with reasonable certainty is that this has a perimortem fracture on the skull, and there are cut marks on the skull.A perimortem fracture is one that occurred at the time of death or shortly thereafter, when bones are still more elastic. Kurtzman said cut marks found on the boy’s cranium would not have come from scavenging animals. ” (9 News 2021/07/09) Jerry Apker, a now-retired carnivore biologist with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told jurors that bears, mountain lions and coyotes don’t move food far from where it was initially found. This is because energy conservation is key, he said.Apker said “it’s possible” for a coyote to carry bones and skeletal remains over a mile, but it’s not typical behavior. “Is it normal for coyotes to carry a bone a long distance? No, it’s not really normal. But is it possible? Certainly is possible, but I can’t give you probabilities or anything like that,” he said. (Durango Herald-2021/07/09) James Ha animal behaviorist University of Washington (Durango Herald-2021/07/09) Former La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigator Joe Gabbard testified on July 1 that he found what appeared to be a finger or toe mixed in with animal droppings, near the area where other bones were found.n-secluded-area-alleged-killer-(Crime Online-2021/0702) Summary of expert opinion differences (Durango Herald-2021/07/09) EVIDENCE Trial Exhibits Graphic evidence WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT, click here to view the evidence presented. public/ 17CR343 PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO v. MARK REDWINE - People's Trial Exhibits Circumstantial Evidence or Indicative Pointers Dylan’s blood found in house (small amount) o “If a small amount of blood had been found in one spot, Clayton said that could be explained by a single event like a cut. However, the more numerous positive tests for blood were “concerning,” indicating movement around the room during a bleeding event.” (see Durango Herald- 2021/06/24) Genetic markers around livingroom (see Durango Herald-2021/06/25) Cadaver dogs apparently smelled Dylon’s body residue (death odor) in house and in truck o other experts question the cadaver dog findings LEWD PHOTOS - ARTICLES See Klismet below - he feels Mark Redwine is Psychopath Narcissist (see The Denver Channel-2017/07/24 ) Crime Online 2021/06/30-- drove-dad-to-kill-colorado-boy-dylan-redwine/ Denver Post 2021/06/23-- testimony/ KKTV 2021/06/24 Testimony: lewd photos, vicious texts preceded Dylan Redwine’s death New York Post 2021/06/22‘Compromising’ fetish pics led Colorado dad to kill teen son, prosecutors claim The Sun 2017/07 'KILLED BECAUSE HE KNEW TOO MUCH' Dad ‘killed his son after 13-year-old found disturbing photos of him eating POO while dressed in women’s clothes and a nappy’ Dylan Redwine mysteriously vanished in November 2012 during a visit to see his father Mark in Colorado, USA Tom Michael Former FBI Profiler Pete Klismet Given Media Coverage Provided input as profiler on Dylan Redwine caseFBI input, or FBI retiree profiler Concerns about this profiler o see Haleigh Cummings-2017/07/26 - Note from PF this is a satanic sex cult conspiracy website i. Retired FBI profiler in Dylan Redwine murder case named in Minnesota Court action ii. “An abundance of evidence shows Klismet is not really an ‘unbiased profiler’ but is rather, an operative brought in to push a narrative and possibly, plant evidence.” The Denver Channel 2017/07/24 Dylan Redwine's brother details 'disgusting' photos they saw of father; profiler helped detectives Pete Klismet: "No doubt" Mark Redwine killed son. By Jaclyn Allen Excerpt: "We're talking about a guy that's probably a registered psychopath narcissist," said Pete Klismet, a criminal profiling consultant and author who is now writing a textbook on violent crime. "He thinks he is smarter than everyone else." La Plata County investigators hired Klismet in 2015 to review the evidence in the disappearance and murder of Dylan Redwine, which Klismet said he knew little about before the request. WHAT’S MISSING Dylan’s cell phone, iPod, backpack and wallet were not found. Much of Dylan’s body including a significant part of the skull which might show force of impact, the heart/chest areas which might show any trauma, including a gunshot wound, stabbing, etc. the other shoe and sock any loose change, keys or such in his pockets, if it was present WHAT SEEMS INCOMPLETE Did the police do a GPS/cell phone company check to see if his cell phone was on and findable? Likely, but I did not find where it was discussed More current cadaver dog tests - closer to time of disappearance likely would have helped Maybe the use of more than one cadaver dog team would have helped Beer cans-More info needed-DNA and fingerprint check of two beer cans found near Dylan’s first found remains, and also more current- the analysis seemed to come much later, o Scat-it is uncertain as to results of either more complete analysis of scat and animal that left it, proof Dylan’s bones went through animal’s digestive tract; age of scat; presence of nearby coyote dens or other predator homes Potential Household Items, Including Murder Tools Considered by Police Fireplace tools, tire iron, etc. “The October 2013 collection of items for DNA testing also included dozens of household items, such as fireplace tools, a tire iron, a duffel bag, speakers, a kitchen table rug and the wooden front door threshold. The tests all came back negative except for a partial DNA profile of Dylan on a pair of Dylan’s underwear, Strub said.” (see Durango Herald-2021/06/25) POSSIBLE SIGHTINGS Sighting of Mark Redwine in general area where Dylan Redwine’s bones and things were found were-found-while-dylan-was-missing/ Boy who meets his description was reported seen…note-I believe I read Dylan was known to hitchhike check this White van, maybe driven by Kent Wilson (Note Judge’s last name is also WIlson - could there be a connection?) Seen on foot walking with friend/joggers: with a boy his own age (per Angie Lee the mail carrier), with a jogger; someone seemed to run away when he saw a search and rescue worker seeing him or trying to ask questions White Van possibly with someone matching Dylan's description; Notice the Judge's last name is also Wilson - is there any relationship to the possible suspect Kent Wilson in the white van? Is this one reason the Judge seems to be distracted over when orders were done and such in this piece below? I would do a criminal background and other background check on Kent Wilson, just in case he was not checked out properly-- comment made 2021/11/02 %20Upon%20the%20Prosecution's%20Motion%20in%20Limine%20to%20Prohibit%20the%20Defense%20Fro m%20Presenting%20Evidence%20Relating%20to%20the%20White%20Van%20%5BP-45%5D.pdf Per Starla Johnson and James Adcock Saw Kent Wilson driving a white van with a boy in the passenger seat who might fit Dylan's description - blonde curly hair with ball cap Postal carrier also saw a white van who contained an individual like the above description 7 or 8 am November 19 2012 Jeffrey R Wilson, Chief Judge District Court La Plata County 1060 E. 2nd Ave, Durango Colorado 81301 Nov. 16, 2020 %20Upon%20the%20Prosecution's%20Motion%20in%20Limine%20to%20Prohibit%20the%20Defense%20Fro m%20Presenting%20Evidence%20Relating%20to%20the%20White%20Van%20%5BP-45%5D.pdf [extracted from internet on 2021/11/02] Updates: 2021/11/03;2021/11/02;2021/11/01; 2021/10/31; 2021/10/30 updates to Comments, clarification of sections; added sections; 2021/10/29; 2021/10/28 PAGE STARTED -Dylan Redwine Case Study
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