PRN 2018/04/24 Global Food Service Contractors Markets 2018-2022: A Highly Concentrated Market Dominated by Compass Group, Sodexo, Aramark & Elior concentrated-market-dominated-by-compass-group-sodexo-aramark--elior-300635413.html Excerpt: Research and Markets: The market for food service contractors is somewhat concentrated with a few large players dominating the market. Major players in the market are Compass Group plc, Sodexo, Aramark Corporation, Elior and others. Business Establishments accounted for the largest share of the market for food service contractors in 2017. The highest growth is projected to come from Healthcare Institutions. Major factors included rapid growth in elderly population and increasing incidences of chronic diseases and also due to increased public and private investments in the healthcare industry in emerging markets. Asia-Pacific is the largest market for food service contractors. It was followed by Western Europe and North America. Going forward, Africa is expected to witness the fastest growth in the food service contractors market, followed by Asia-Pacific. China is the largest market in terms of value in the food service contractors market. India and the UK are forecasted to have the fastest growth. The market is challenged by restraints such as stringent food safety regulations, logistic challenges and shortage of skilled labor. concentrated-market-dominated-by-compass-group-sodexo-aramark--elior-300635413.html Updates: 2022/06/12 some editing; 2021/01/04 PAGE STARTED-Food Systems Corporation Corruption and Related Issues, moved from rivergold dot; previous updates on rivergold dot net: :--Page-Started-10/20/2018
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