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George Soros, Wealthy Backers (FUNDING-4)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funding Arena-5 Race Related Projects Grants, etc. LA RAZA Heritage dot org Excerpt: In La Raza’s case, that meant a turnstile relationship with the Obama Administration that the president himself boasted about. For example, Cecilia Munoz, a top La Raza lobbyist, became White House Domestic Policy Council. Government subsidies of La Raza went from $4.1 million to $11 million a year after she joined the Administration. New York Times Black Lives Matter and Other Groups Flooded With oss America, remaking the financial landscape of black political activism in a matter of weeks. Money has come in so fast and so unexpectedly that some groups even began to turn away and redirect donors elsewhere. Others said they still could not yet account for how much had arrived. A deluge of online donations has washed over organizations big and small — from legacy civil rights groups to self-declared abolitionists seeking to defund the police… Bail Funds: At the forefront of the giving wave were bail funds, as millions of Americans spontaneously gave money to ensure that any protesters who were arrested in clashes with the police got out of jail quickly. Leaders of two national networks said bail funds had received a combined $90 million over two weeks — an astonishingly large sum for a cause that had operated at the periphery of politics only recently. Groups receiving funding or mentioned for their support of BLM, etc: in article Glynda C. Carr, the president of Higher Heights, group saw a spike of 15,000 donations in two weeks — about 10 times more than usual ActBlue, the leading site to process online donations for Democratic causes and campaigns, has experienced its busiest period since its founding in 2004…The site’s four biggest days ever came consecutively this month as it processed more than $250 million to various progressive causes and candidates in two-plus weeks, according to a New York Times analysis of the site’s donation ticker…Blackout Tuesday, ActBlue doubled what had been, before this month, its one-day record: raising $41 million in 24 hours. National Urban League NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund declined to comment on windfalls (donations) Black Lives Matter Global also declined to comment on windfalls (donations) https //www nytimes com/2020/06/14/us/politics/black-lives-matter-racism-donations html Builtin dot com https //builtin com/diversity-inclusion/companies-that-support-black-lives-matter-social-justice THESE COMPANIES TOOK ACTION IN SUPPORT OF #BLACKLIVESMATTER 22 COMPANIES THAT SUPPORT #BLACKLIVESMATTER Lasting change will require more than statements of support. Tatum Hunter August 17, 2020 Airbnb A16z Bumble Cisco Docusign DoorDash Eaze Etsy Grindr Grubhub IBM Matchstick Ventures Microsoft Niantic Peloton Reddit RobinHood Salesforce Shopify Snap Uber Techtonic Lasting change will require more than statements of support. Tatum Hunter August 17, 2020 Updated: August 19, 2020 LinkedInHacker NewsRedditTwitterFacebook As George Floyd’s death at the hands of police grabbed national headlines, many tech companies expressed their support of the Black Lives Matter movement on social media. “While our Black colleagues uniquely feel personal outrage at these events that we see all https //builtin com/diversity-inclusion/companies-that-support-black-lives-matter-social-justice Capital One on funding BLM https //www capitalone com/about/newsroom/social-justice-black-communities/ Forbes 2020/06/03 Corporate Donations Tracker: Here Are The Companies Giving Millions To Anti-Racism Efforts. By Isabel Togoh (a black woman) racism-efforts/?sh=706c6eb837dc Excerpt of List in article; Home Depot Banana Republic Levi’s Peloton Glossier Chipmaker Intel Apple Facebook United Health Group EA _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Updates 2020/12/12 list of names; Beyonce; Thousand Currents; 2020/12/09 Cap One funder added; 2020/10/18 NY TIMES-2020/06/14; IN THIS SECTION menu started; 2020/10/17 commentary on Soros added, SPLC from media section added here; 2020/10/16 Starkes on various funders; 2020/09/28 BLM14 funding/terrorist connection page started;
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