Post Office Corruption (GOVT)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From notes 2020/08/04-05 Red Flag The Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC is a suspicious organization, see #1 News/History Highlights for more info about it’s possible connection to the United States Post Office who is giving them a referral as a source of information on hate groups. There are other entries on Police Factor about groups suing the SPLC for various forms of inappropriate conduct and as its own type of hate fostering. The reason it’s a red flag is because post offices should not be recommending organizations like this. It’s also a red flag because it’s a language indicator showing that a likely conspiracy is involved - that is, members of the post office could be linked to Black Lives Matter , local minorities wanting to turf and control, or people with similar anti-American agendas COMMENTS Reading over the list of corruption in postal workers and leaders makes one sick to the stomach. It should not be like this, but here are unmistakable signs of widespread problems in one of our oldest and most basic traditions - mail delivery. Dirty postal worker plus dirty cop plus dirty voting office worker spells vote fraud The above scenario is one of several potential mishaps involving one of our most prized possessions, our mail. It could also read: Dirty Postal Inspector plus dirty State Senator or House Representative spells vote fraud …or any number of other combinations of “running strings.” Beyond the horror of numbers of people plotting to be bad together at our expense at the local post office, it could just as easily be the tight-mouthed solo employee who somehow figures out how to work the system. He has learned how not to get caught inside the delivery room or while out on deliveries. He also could be doing something out in the parking lot between areas of postal service. One thing we the public should insist on is excellent camera surveillance inside our post offices and around postal carrier trucks, as well as on the grounds. Independent (third party) multi-tiered monitors and tech servicers likely need to be on board, so if one is not doing his/her job right, there is a backup. But you and I know that camera surveillance alone will not cut it. For one thing, they can mess with the cameras or they might turn their backs to the cameras to hide what they are doing. There might be old non-working cameras around. There might be blank spots where there are not cameras. Cameras might work but have fuzzy or otherwise hard to see film. If the post office has a group of players all in on a gig - like a minority first driven operation designed to keep minority only employees - they might turn the cameras off altogether. This scenario could just as easily involve people with certain religious or political persuasions. We cannot trust them, folks. We cannot trust them. Even a few of these corrupt post office stories should curl your toenails. They should make you wonder if you ever want to send mail again. It’s very sad that the American public is treated so very badly by a system most of us used to look up to as Americana. It’s a real mess. Trump getting rid of the post office won’t get rid of the systemic corruption; it will simply shift to another mail carrier, and it is likely already there in many cases. When mail is lost or treated badly the American public is left hanging in limbo. When mail is delayed deliberately because of vindictive personnel or because of illegal searches, it is a form of treachery. Members of the public who have been burned more than once finally realize the American Dream about our postal mail is an illusion. Once you start digging beyond the first shallow complaint level, you realize that your lost mail can at times be anyone’s guess, and the postal people will not adequately check out their personnel to see if they are stealing from you. It will depend on each postal location; some will be better than others. And it is likely we will have had regular mail delivery for many years with mostly no problems until something starts to shift. After several pieces of lost or delayed mail, you have to start wondering; when you reach out for more formal investigations and realize you are not getting anywhere real, this is when you begin to research postal corruption only to learn others have gone through similar problems to no avail as well. A Scenario Here is one way the post office negligence or corruption can keep you from finding out what happened. You put the medium box flat rate Priority Mail postage through a self-serve machine in the lobby of one post office and send the package out through another post office 45 miles south across the stateline. You put the box in the package reception box - you know, the big metal box for larger packages often found right next to the self-help machines - in the post office lobby about 6 pm, after hours, but on the same day you bought the label, hoping it will go out first thing the next morning. You have seen likely early morning pickups at this location in the past and hope it will be true again tomorrow. You wait a day or so to watch for the label to show up in the tracking system….and it never does. The package just disappears once you put it through that receptacle in the post office lobby. Someone in the back room who takes in the packages from that receptacle did not scan the label on the package. Now, where are you? I will tell you where you are. In the hands of negligence and/or corruption, you are up a creek. That is where you. If managers and clerks at the post office there are not doing their jobs right and if there is no camera surveillance, you are really hanging out. Hopefully, the package, although not scanned, is on its way. You get worried when it should have been at its designated place in two days (you paid the big bucks for two day delivery), but you give it time. By the end of the week, when your intended recipient confirms they did not get it, you put in a complaint through the email system. You don’t wait a week or ten days because you have already had lost mail, likely associated with this same local post office. If the package is truly lost and is not delayed in transit, if camera surveillance is not operating at this facility and if postmasters or other managers will not check the cameras, you really are up a crick. The only thing might be helpful is if they do check cameras and they see that a member of the public has somehow reached into the delivery box in the lobby and stolen the box. With postal workers inside the delivery room handling large numbers of parcels, it might be difficult to identify which box is yours. You have paid the big bucks for a tracking number associated with your two day delivery package, but when they don’t scan the package, it’s their word against yours. The added complication in this scenario is the receipt generated from the self-machine quickly became faded and slightly water damaged. There are parts of the receipt you cannot read. You try to get a duplicate receipt from the original post office across the stateline 45 miles north by making a special trip. That post office tells you they cannot generate a duplicate because you used the self-help machine. They tell if you had gone inside the lobby to buy the postage, they could give you a duplicate. With a marred receipt, the post office already cumbersome and difficult, might not issue you the insurance refund that comes automatically with the postage. There are a number of ways that you might not get real answers. First, no camera surveillance or they won’t access it for your purposes. Second, camera surveillance might answer the question about your particular box since there might have been several packages that next day. Next, you might have a group of negligent people at that post office who won’t respond adequately. Next, if the problem happened at the other post office - the recipient area - you are at their mercy because of the lack of a tracking label. They can check for addresses of From/To from that location to see what is going to that address from where, but that is about it. Finally, if the Postal Inspector is not diligent in seeking answers, things will slide, nothing will get done, and your package is either truly lost or stolen. People can be deliberately evading or they could just be lazy or acting like they are too busy, too many people. It could be a clique working inside the post office or throughout the system is deliberately evading together. Whatever the case might be, a perfectly decent label with a bar code and tracking number was on that box; you paid for better service and you simply did not get it, and there is not a darned thing you can do about it. Lawsuits The route to lawsuits might put too much burden on the public to prove something. We are supposed to gain multiple forms of undeniable evidence, which are hard to get when gaining access to surveillance cameras might be difficult, if they exist and are working right. This means far too many criminals working at the post office get off easily. If they get in trouble, it is often probably nothing more than a hand slap, if that. The perpetrators knew it to begin with - it was likely a calculated risk. In some cases, we are dealing with targeting of members of the public. In other cases, the dishonest postal workers are just pushing the envelope - no pun intended. People who do this in a post office are really brazen. We do need to investigate various types of discrimination; in more white areas, there might be anti-white discrimination; in more non-white areas, there might be discrimination against whites. We need to be mindful of racial discrimination in the post office which discriminates against employment and also how someone’s mail is handled. Low grade handling of mail might be connected to racism and retaliation. There can be many different reasons why someone’s mail is targeted unfairly or illegally. No one is there to protect you when they are wrong about how they choose to mishandle your mail. The post office is leaving the American public truly hanging when they don’t have adequate surveillance and ethical management. Many minorities see whites as dominating the platform in certain areas; there are others who will see minorities doing the same. Post Offices are government facilities that should have zero tolerance for racial preference in hiring. It looks to me that the main post office in Farmington, New Mexico was deliberately not hiring fair-skinned Caucasians for a number of years despite the fact many customers are white and many white veterans live in the area. It seems likely there was a type of cronyism and racial preference in the hiring practices in Farmington, New Mexico. I am sure there are many different stories across the nation. Racism can go either way in our country. One thing you can be assured of: lost and stolen mail really upsets people. They do not like it one bit. POSTAL INSPECTORS IN POLICING SYSTEM 2018 but-we-cant-tell-how-they-use-it/465-6f47530c-757b-4430-bbe0-f09edacf2ae2 Excerpt: Postal inspectors operate under the security arm of the United States Postal Service. According to the United States Postal Inspection Service, postal inspectors are federal law enforcement agents who conduct investigations of postal-related crime, such as mail fraud and theft, violent crimes against postal employees, revenue fraud, dangerous mail, illegal drugs in the mail and child exploitation conducted via the mail. but-we-cant-tell-how-they-use-it/465-6f47530c-757b-4430-bbe0-f09edacf2ae2 2019 Postal Employee Network 2019/05/19 Former Postal Inspector files lawsuit credibly alleging current and retired Federal Postal Inspector supervisors, managers and executives of the service violated numerous civil and criminal laws. By Rick Owens https //postalemployeenetwork com/news/2019/05/former-postal-inspector-files-lawsuit-credibly-alleging-current- and-retired-federal-postal-inspector-supervisors-managers-and-executives-of-the-service-violated-numerous-civil- and-criminal- 2015 2015/07/23 Postal inspector pleads guilty to stealing Playboys, pills. By Henry Lee https //www 21cpw com/postal-inspector-pleads-guilty-to-stealing-playboys-pills/ California-San Jose-A U.S. supervisory postal inspector once named a federal employee of the year pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing mail containing prescription pills, jewelry, passports, collectible Playboy magazines and other items in San Jose. OIG-Office of Attorney General - suggestions of corruption in blog https //postalemployeenetwork com/news/2019/05/former-postal-inspector-files-lawsuit-credibly-alleging-current- and-retired-federal-postal-inspector-supervisors-managers-and-executives-of-the-service-violated-numerous-civil- and-criminal- 2020/01/12 Personal Comment from someone who claims to be a former postal inspector on OIG-Office of Attorney General Excerpt: Former Postal Inspector January 12, 2020 at 12:19 pm I expect the Inspection Service, AUSA and USPS OIG will not take the lawsuit seriously until the assigned judge is presented with a “Motion for Summary Judgement” containing over a dozen documented instances of perjury under oath, false misleading statements and lack of candor/obfuscations committed by the/a team leader(s), AICs and INCs suborned by the Inspector attorneys that are relevant to material issues directly pertaining to the violation(s) in the complaint and discovered during the investigation/discovery period. On the issue of “Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012” the USPS OIG is/has been required to report to Congress all allegations and results of their investigations received alleging “Whistleblowing reprisal” since the initial Act prior to 2012 was made into law. The Postal Service OIG has yet to substantiate a single reported instance were the Postal Service was found to have violated the act. Simply looking at numerous OSHA complaints regarding the USPS filed in Federal court and those court decisions shows the OIG is obviously covering for the PO after judgements are issued. https //postalemployeenetwork com/news/2019/05/former-postal-inspector-files-lawsuit-credibly-alleging-current- and-retired-federal-postal-inspector-supervisors-managers-and-executives-of-the-service-violated-numerous-civil- and-criminal- ARTICLES Summary of Links https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ https //forum federalsoup com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=25190#post241837 glassdoor US Postal Service - Nepotism, cronyism, corruption if you ...www glassdoor com › R https //www ice gov/news/releases/former-postal-service-manager-sentenced-more-4-years-fraud-and-corruption- charges https //www justice gov/usao-ma/pr/us-postal-service-employee-charged-stealing-government-funds misdemeanor-embezzlement ny post dot com https //postalemployeenetwork com/news/2019/05/former-postal-inspector-files-lawsuit-credibly-alleging-current- and-retired-federal-postal-inspector-supervisors-managers-and-executives-of-the-service-violated-numerous-civil- and-criminal- https //www postal-reporter com/blog/congresswoman-announces-official-oig-investigation-into-claims-of-fraud- mismanagement-at-usps-facility-in-albuquerque/ https // announcing-the-busting-up-of-a-nationwide-bribery-ring-inside-the-postal-service/ https //postalnews com/blog/2020/01/30/texas-postal-worker-indicted-on-theft-charges/ https //www postaltimes com/postalnews/an-investigation-into-usps-management-is-needed-says-retired-letter- carrier/ https //www wirthlawoffice com/tulsa-attorney-blog/2018/06/can-the-government-open-your-mail-without-a- warrant https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Congressional_Post_Office_scandal absentee-ballot-issues/5135563002/ STATES Arizona see Lee Hempfling below (it might be an ad) California San Jose area https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ 2016 Sentenced Thefts 2010 and June 25, 2014 California: San Jose and Saratoga Former postal inspector to serve 3 years for possessing stolen mail, marijuana trafficking Posted on January 28, 2016 By Jason Green – January 27, 2016 SAN JOSE — A once-heralded postal inspector was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for possessing stolen U.S. mail, including a gun silencer and a silver bar, and marijuana trafficking, federal prosecutors said. Quan Pham Howard, 53, of Saratoga, is expected to begin serving his sentence on… https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ 2015 pleaded guilty 2015/07/23 Postal inspector pleads guilty to stealing Playboys, pills. By Henry Lee https //www 21cpw com/postal-inspector-pleads-guilty-to-stealing-playboys-pills/ California-San Jose-A U.S. supervisory postal inspector once named a federal employee of the year pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing mail containing prescription pills, jewelry, passports, collectible Playboy magazines and other items in San Jose. Oakland 2012 https //www ice gov/news/releases/former-postal-service-manager-sentenced-more-4-years-fraud-and- corruption-charges Indiana Indiana Postal Workers Union President Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement Posted on June 27, 2015 On June 11, Pamela Nessen, former president of American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Local 286, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana to one count of embezzling funds from the Fort Wayne union in the amount of $58,598. Nessen, who headed the APWU local during November 2009- November 2013, had turned… Maryland/DC https //www justice gov/opa/pr/us-postal-service-manager-sentenced-more-eight-years-directing-federal- corruption-and-drug Tuesday, October 3, 2017 U.S. Postal Service Manager Sentenced to More Than Eight Years for Directing a Federal Corruption and Drug Distribution Scheme A former U.S. Postal Service (USPS) station manager was sentenced on Oct. 2, to 97 months in prison for his role directing a bribery and drug scheme in which USPS workers delivered hundreds of pounds of marijuana to individuals in the District of Columbia in exchange for cash bribes. Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division made the announcement. Massachusetts https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ 2017 Pleaded Guilty Massachusettes Blackstone and Jefferson Massachusetts DOJ: Former Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement Posted on April 28, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 27, 2017 BOSTON – The former Postmaster of the U.S. Postal Service Post Offices in Blackstone and Jefferson, Mass., pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in Worcester to stealing approximately $31,000 from the U.S. Postal Service. Carlitos Molina, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of misappropriating postal funds. U.S. District… https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ 2019 Massachusettes Groton Justice dot gov 2019 U.S. Postal Service Employee Charged with Stealing Government Funds Defendant was Postmaster of the Groton Post Office https //www justice gov/usao-ma/pr/us-postal-service-employee-charged-stealing-government-funds New Mexico 2018 https //www postal-reporter com/blog/congresswoman-announces-official-oig-investigation-into-claims-of- fraud-mismanagement-at-usps-facility-in-albuquerque/ Excerpt: Congresswoman Announces Official OIG Investigation Into Claims Of Fraud, Mismanagement at USPS facility in Albuquerque Posted on October 21, 2018 by postal Rep. Luján Grisham Announces Official OIG Investigation Into Claims Of Fraud, Mismanagement And Facility Issues At Albuquerque USPS. Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham (NM-01)…Luján…10/19/18 I’m extremely pleased that after continued advocacy on behalf of Albuquerque’s USPS customers and calls from members of the American Postal Workers Union, the USPS Inspector General has called for an investigation to look into fraud and neglected facilities. USPS district managers and the Inspector General must conduct a thorough investigation and work to remedy these issues immediately. This was a hard-earned and critical step to ensuring the safety and productivity of employees, and quality mail service for Albuquerque residents. https //www postal-reporter com/blog/congresswoman-announces-official-oig-investigation-into-claims-of- fraud-mismanagement-at-usps-facility-in-albuquerque/ Socorro https // misdemeanor-embezzlement Former U.S. Postal Service Employee from Socorro Pleads Guilty to Federal Misdemeanor Embezzlement Charge ALBUQUERQUE – Adrianne D. Marquez, 42, of Socorro, N.M., pled guilty today in federal court in Albuquerque, N.M, to a misdemeanor charge of theft of government property. Marquez was charged in a misdemeanor information filed on Jan. 23, 2018, with theft of government funds from Jan. 1, 2017 through July 12, 2017, in Socorro County, N.M. According to the information, Marquez intentionally stole money from the United States in an amount less than $1,000 by writing herself U.S. Postal Service money orders and not paying the U.S. Postal Service for them https // misdemeanor-embezzlement Capitan 2015/08/14 Former Postmaster of Capitan Post Office Sentenced for Federal Embezzlement Conviction 450000-in-postal-funds/ Former New Mexico Postmaster gets probation for stealing over $450,000 in postal funds Former Postmaster of Capitan Post Office Sentenced for Federal Embezzlement Conviction ALBUQUERQUE – Kristi K. Sepkowitz, 56, of Alto, N.M., was sentenced yesterday afternoon in federal court in Las Cruces, N.M., to three years of probation and a $1,000.00 fine for embezzling money belonging to the United States. Sepkowitz was the Oregon 2018/12/05 Portland USPS employee arrested, charged with 11 counts of mail theft Posted Dec 5, 2018 theft/video_58c99d9b-f883-54e8-8a3b-f2b9d46b2d90.html Pennsylvania https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ 2017 trial testifying by employees Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Fellow employees testify at trial for suspended Pittsburgh postmaster Posted on January 8, 2017 By Paula Reed Ward – January 7, 2017 Four employees of the U.S. Postal Service testified this week that they never saw another employee open packages looking for drugs or other contraband until suspended Pittsburgh postmaster Daniel Davis arrived here from Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Davis told them he was looking for drugs, and in one… https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ DNC Planned To Reward Big Donors With Federal Appointments (including USPS Board Of Governors) Posted on July 26, 2016 By Chuck Ross – July 24, 2016 Democratic National Committee documents recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning which donors and prominent fundraisers to provide with appointments to federal boards and commissions. The documents, which But one tip-off that the document is detailing a quid pro quo is an entry next to the name of David Shapira, the executive chairman of grocery store chain Giant Eagle, Inc. “USPS” — a likely reference to the U.S. Postal Service — is entered on the spreadsheet. President Obama nominated Shapira for a position on the USPS’ board of governors last year but the retail executive did not take the position because congressional Republicans held up his nomination. Shapira and his wife Cynthia have donated heavily to Clinton, the DNC and other Democratic and liberal political action committees. They have given the $2,700 maximum to Clinton. In 2014, Shapira contributed $100,000 to American Unity PAC, a political action committee that supports pro-LGBT candidates. Cynthia Shapira has given $33,400 to the DNC this cycle and $58,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund since last year. South Dakota https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ 2018 Court Order South Dakota, Arlington - issue occurred; Postmaster from 2010-2015 Court Orders Former Postmaster to Pay over $350K for Defrauding USPS Posted on June 15, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Court Orders Former Postmaster to Pay $353,441.42 for Defrauding the United States Postal Service A man from Arlington, South Dakota, has been ordered to pay $353,441.42 to the United States for defrauding the United States Postal Service. As postmaster from 2010 until 2015, Craig Christeson devised a scheme… https //www 21cpw com/tag/corruption/ Tennessee Former War Vet Turned Mail Carrier Claims Post Office Corruption After Firing by: Nick Banaszak Posted: Mar 27, 2014 FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn.(WHNT)-An Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who was awarded two Purple Hearts and once appeared on the cover of Time Magazine is now at the center of controversy in Lincoln County, Tennessee after she was fired from her job at the Fayetteville Post Office last week. Karah Adams told WHNT News 19 that her three-month postal career came to a sudden end after being accused of lying to her boss on her job application. But Adams said the claim by her supervisor was false, and was used as a cover to get rid of her after she wouldn't go along with post office corruption she called "blatant." "A lot of stuff that goes on in the Fayetteville Post Office, it is intimidation and harassment at its best," said Adams. "I did my job and I did it well." Texas Postal News dot com 2020/01/30 Texas postal worker indicted on theft charges https //postalnews com/blog/2020/01/30/texas-postal-worker-indicted-on-theft-charges/ Excerpt: HOUSTON – A 33-year-old resident of Houston has been charged with five counts of theft of public money and five counts of issuing postal money orders without receiving payment, announced U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick.Tranese Nicole Mitchell is set to appear before U.S. District Judge Dena H. Palermo this afternoon.A federal grand jury returned the 10-count indictment Dec. 10. https //postalnews com/blog/2020/01/30/texas-postal-worker-indicted-on-theft-charges/ Wisconsin 2020 absentee-ballot-issues/5135563002/ 2019 MISCELLANEOUS Postal Times https //www postaltimes com/postalnews/an-investigation-into-usps-management-is-needed-says-retired-letter- carrier/ Excerpt: An investigation into USPS management is needed, says retired letter carrier February 3, 2020 Dear John: I retired three years ago as a letter carrier. Postal management cares about one thing: how long it takes to do your route. This results in cut corners, falsified scans on parcels and supervisors throwing mail out. It’s all about keeping man-hours down and saving on labor costs. Ask the National Association of Letter Carriers in DC: If a new carrier does not meet the numbers, he is fired. It’s not a service! It is run with no accountability. Congress doesn’t give a damn. Managers get bonuses if hours are down. Management harasses carriers to skip lunch and breaks, and turns its back if employees work off the clock. Please investigate what’s really going on. G.R. CONTINUE READING AT » https // https //www postaltimes com/postalnews/an-investigation-into-usps-management-is-needed-says-retired-letter- carrier/ Federal Soup dot com https //forum federalsoup com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=25190#post241837 Our postal superiors are only concerned about what they can get out of the post office for themselves in our final ten years or so. The corruption and failure of the United States Postal Service has yet to make a documentary on how greed and uneducated decision making lead to why we finally fell apart and why we are seeing our last few years of our existence. Two documentary films that I'd would like to suggest that we all see: "Who Killed the Electric Car?", and "Food, Inc." These are two fabulous documentaries that show how the government is only concerned about maintaining it's current level of power, and how the working employee has very little significance to the overall picture of what our higher political figures actually care about the rest of us hard working Americans. Though neither of these documentaries are postal related, they are in fact, government related, so you should definitely understand why we work for such a devious, self serving, self-destructive organization. You'll see your place as a Postal employee compared to the intended gains of our elected officials and what they want, and of how little they care about you and me as proud workers earning a decent living here in America. https //forum federalsoup com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=25190#post241837 Glass Door 2014/08/14 "Nepotism, cronyism, corruption if you report it your career is shot." Current Employee - ET10 in Tulsa, OK; Doesn't Recommend; Negative Outlook Disapproves of CEO; I have been working at US Postal Service full-time for more than 10 years Pros: The pay. Its a job. Cons: Its a Military environment where the supervisor act like drill sergeants. When they break the rules or the law they expect you to cover for them or ," your not on of us". If you report it or stand up for your rights your career is shot. I realized how may laws they were breaking went into law (two years of law school now). The law enforcement is a joke they will go after you for reporting a supervisor. After working here and going into law I know why Edward Snowden felt he had to escape to report what the NSA was doing. Management feels that the laws of our country are up for interpretation and they know going against the U.S. government is expensive, and economic suicide. I think some one in upper management has gotten wind of the extent of rampant crime at this organization and there only option is to shut it down. Advice to Management: This could have been a great place to work. There is a reason nepotism and cronyism is not allowed in government organizations; maybe instead of trying to, "interpret the law" with out any legal background you should trust the judgment of ELM and CFRS. Congressional Post Office Scandal Wikipedia https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Congressional_Post_Office_scandal Excerpt: The Congressional Post Office scandal refers to the discovery of corruption among various Congressional Post Office employees and members of the United States House of Representatives, investigated 1991–95, climaxing in House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) pleading guilty in 1996 to reduced charges of mail fraud. Initially an investigation by the United States Capitol Police into a single embezzlement charge against a single employee, evidence rapidly led to the inclusion of several other employees, before top Democrats in the House of Representatives moved to shut down the whole line of inquiry, despite protests from Frank Kerrigan, chief of the Capitol Police. A new investigation was started by the United States Postal Service, which eventually submitted a report to Congress. This was held by Speaker Tom Foley (D-WA) until media reports of embezzlement and money laundering leaked out in 1992. Following public outcry, Democratic leaders of the House were forced to refer the matter to the United States House Committee on House Administration, which started its own investigation. That committee broke into two parts along party lines, with the Democrats issuing a report saying the matter was closed, but the Republicans issuing a dissenting report, including a number of unanswered questions and problems with the investigation. The Republican charges were largely ignored until July 1993, when Robert Rota, the Congressional Postmaster, pleaded guilty to three criminal charges, implicating Representatives Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL), Joe Kolter (D-PA) and his then Chief of Staff. They were accused of heading a conspiracy to launder Post Office money through stamps and postal vouchers. Rostenkowski pleaded guilty in 1996 to mail fraud and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. In 2000, just before he left office, U.S. President Bill Clinton pardoned Rostenkowski, which became part of a larger controversy about Clinton's pardons. List of other articles 18 US Code § 1703 - Delay or destruction of mail or › uscode › text Whoever, being a Postal Service officer or employee, unlawfully secretes, destroys, detains, delays, or opens any letter, postal card, package, bag, or mail ... Senator Wants Postal Employees Who Deliberately › 2017/09/20 › senator-wants-posta... Sep 20, 2017 - Senator Wants Postal Employees Who Deliberately Misreported Mail Delivery Fired ... “employees have reported mail being intentionally delayed in order ... “Any employee who deliberately delayed mail delivery or knowingly ... The Postal Service and Its Obligation | USPS Office of › blog › postal-service-and-its-obliga... Nov 17, 2014 - The Postal worker that has been giving our mail to random people with no ... not being committed by postal employees who intentionally mark packages as ... when there is a delay in processing a package through the facility. Delayed Mail Validation | USPS Office of Inspector › document › delayed-mail-validation Aug 10, 2017 - The U.S. Postal Service considers mail to be delayed when it is not ... are sensitive or, hopefully, it was delivered but the postal employee did ... Missing: deliberate ‎| Must include: deliberate Lee Hempfling this might be an ad https //leehempfling com/legal/corruption/scandal-the-united-states-postal-service-where-is-the-press-conference- announcing-the-busting-up-of-a-nationwide-bribery-ring-inside-the-postal-service/ Excerpt: Inside the Postal Service, if you have the money and the political connections you can have a piece of mail intercepted, stopped, delayed, sent to the wrong distribution center and more and all it takes is a ‘deal’. Once that ‘deal’ is made cutting if off tends to identify the politician who pulled it off so once a deal, always a deal, until caught. And even then, you can be caught again and again and again for the same theft practices and keep on doing them. (Hempfling v Volkmer 9th Cir) Why? This corruption has been known to the Postal Service for well over a decade. Mail intended for delivery through the ‘trusted’ Postal Service (involving the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in South Carolina) was stolen and wound up being found mashed into the glove box of a delivery vehicle before it’s delivery was finished by the Postal Inspectors. They knew about that crime for over a decade but never indicted anyone for it. Seems to have only become a stronger and more organized criminal enterprise. Some politician, high ranking organization member, rich person or other person connected in some way to power can very simply manage to make your mail delivery a fictional topic. All it takes it the connection. What do you want stopped? Redirected? How about when U.S. Overnight Mail needs to not get there.. how about sending it to the International Distribution center? By the time someone finds it, that will certainly destroy any court required dates to appear. Unless it is caught in another way. It was. Both times. INSIDE A FEDERAL TRIAL!!!!! The United States Postal Service provided a ‘service’ to unscrupulous politicians and lawyers and literally STOLE MAIL OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE 9TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS. And each time (FIVE OF THEM) they were caught. If you want the court to receive anything do not send it in US Mail. Use Fedex or expect to have yet another mail item stolen. Where are the indictments? With all of the outrage over internet privacy, someone should be looking into U.S. MAIL PRIVACY. The second to last known mail theft during the trial wound up with the contents known to the defendants long before the Postal Insectors found the missing mail and delieved it to the court. It is part of public court record. DO NOT TRUST the Attorney General’s office of Arizona a KNOWN PROVEN LYING CORRUPT ORGANIZATION. WHAT OTHER politicians used the Postal Service private concierge service? Why are they NOT ALL IN PRISON? [1] [2] Lee Hempfling https //leehempfling com/legal/corruption/scandal-the-united-states-postal-service-where-is-the-press-conference- announcing-the-busting-up-of-a-nationwide-bribery-ring-inside-the-postal-service/ Corruption Ring Widespread included postal News Herald 2019 29 people, including multiple former public officials, indicted in USDA corruption case corruption-case cant-tell-how-they-use-it/465-6f47530c-757b-4430-bbe0-f09edacf2ae2 Updates: 2021/07/10 removed excessive bold where it occurred, it was a quirk of a software update intermittent across site; 2020/06/24 Capitan, NM postmaster corruption case added; 2020/06/23 in this section/menu’s state links added; 2020/06/13 several additions, including comments; page postal corruption started on 2020/06/12
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