1-BLACK-CENTRIC MEDIA Overview of Anti-White Modes
RESOURCES SECTION Books1 Books2 Media1 Alternative Media2 Alternative 1-Black Centric Media 2-Black Centric Media 3 4- Links Lists See also: RRT-Media Cartels-Books See also Muslim Mafia ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ugly Racial Turfing Wars AND…WHO IS ANSWERING THE PHONE? Calling a Spade a Spade. Acknowledge the war, do your part to stop the malicious games afoot, and do not be a player yourself! Don’t be a black/brown racist! Some Blacks think you need an Attitude Adjustment! …And they are using STASI-LIKE TACTICS to make sure you get that! The Stasi Tactics include: -it is in your face -surround sound which includes New World Order antics -black photos everywhere -includes putting a black photo or person constantly in your view in the media or daily life around town, this can include “extraordinary tactics” outside our normal awareness or expectation -blacks in charge of any situation involving blacks, including crime cases -teaching you a so-called lesson if you say or do something they don’t like ie, I want to “educate you about systemic racism in America” unwillingness to hear the white’s side of the story unwilling to engage in reciprocity It can be like “washing your mouth out with soap” from fire and brimestone days of American history Threatening to send people to camps -feeling God is more on their side than on the white person’s side; feeling it is obvious God will favor the dark-skinned person; a general sense of feeling spiritually or historically favored, that justice is on the dark-skinned person’s side an ongoing, relentless cynicism about the white’s point of view or reasoning to the point the black is always on guard ready to provide a counter-attack to supposed white enemies -making you feel guilty even when you were not racist, manipulating you into feeling sorry for something you did not do, manipulating you to feel afraid to speak out about your concerns. Political correctness acts like surround sound, everyone assumes you are racist if you say something wrong. -getting attacked from behind, networking, quiet one-upmanship, hidden agendas BLACK-CENTRIC ADVERTISING - NO OR FEW WHITES IN SIGHT Corporate Media Photos on Home Pages and More: Acknowledge, See, Question Who is Doing This and Why? Is it anti-racism or is it totalitarianism, like Big Brother in a New World Order? These companies show a high number of light brown through black images in widespread advertising at major outlets, universities and more - seems to be a deliberate attempt to remove or lessen visibility of fair-skinned Caucasians - watch for cult-like behavior in this Caution about Surgeon General Jerome Adams Red flag alert: He studied in Zimbabwe - might be a pro-African or Muslim link; also in Netherlands - Netherlands has a growing aggressive Islamic counterculture. Also See Snopes, an alternative, pro-black, anti-Trump scoop: Although being in those countries does not instantly indicate a problem, those kind of things should be on our investigative alert. Snopes provides one kind of fact check, but cannot be deemed a final authority. It is listed as an example below. https //www snopes com/fact-check/adams-surgeon-general-ignored/ Civil Rights Include Whites Advertising in and for the United States needs to be fair, balanced and multi-racial in a way that it does in fact include fair-skinned whites, because in the United States, there are still many white people. To exclude them from advertising, even for colleges or collegial club activities, is a sign of a larger problem. Putting themselves front and center across many corporate websites, blacks are demanding attention. Who is behind this? They are deliberately avoiding picturing fair-skinned people…What is next? A Holocaust targeting white persons? If people are that obsessive-compulsive to remove whites from the cyberworld picture, anything mean-spirited and aggressively totalitarian is possible. Watch for the signs, don’t be duped, and don’t make excuses for “poor minorities coming into their own.” Many of us have been entrained for decades to overlook such antics as a marginalized group simply trying to come out of a long period of unfairness toward their race. In this entrainment, decades old mind control and mind shifting programs targeting whites and the American system have been afoot, making it difficult for people to think other thoughts or push back. They have been told to put their tails between their legs and only hear the one message that blacks and dark brown people are injured people who have a right to not only “reparations” but “world control.” Let us not be weak-willed or mush-mouthed int he face of any tyranny sweeping over our lives, nation and world: step up to the plate and do your part to stop this malicious game, a game that is actually no game at all, but deadly serious. Many of you who are white are being made to feel guilty without guilt, to feel shame without shame, and to sit there and take it day after day, month after month, year after year as the creeping spread of black imagery grows and grows in front of you, taking over more and more territory. The older generations might see through the bad games more than the younger ones, which is why many in the liberal/LGBT forum dislike having to deal with the late-middle-aged to senior populations - they know these groups are more likely to see through their nonsense. Many young people have only heard one message - pro-minority - their whole lives, and are much more likely to get angry if they hear an older white person say something about the minority driven games. Young people have been mind controlled to believe minorities are victims coming into their own, and that proper people don’t say anything. This is not an older/younger generation thing: this is a humanity issue that encompasses all of us, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Don’t be spoon-fed your reality. Ask questions, dig for answers, don’t try to avoid trouble by just going along with things. Blacks/browns/LGBT participating in these games want you docile and stupid, quiet and proper-seeming. If they hear you question their reality, they have an arsenal of weapons to attack you, including the notion that they need to “educate” you about systemic racism, and to put up monuments in the middle of your towns and cities. Do not fall for this! You want blacks/brown/LGBT who are reciprocal, give-and- take, dialogue-not-monologue types. Push back with everything you’ve got and don’t hesitate! The screen shots on the next page (BLM8a) depict a new form of discrimination in advertising that is often overt, but other times more subtle. The discrimination is REVERSE DISCRIMINATION. Notice the frequent avoidance of using anyone who is truly white (fair-skinned Caucasian) other than to show a side or profile, a back, a muted shot, or to have the white placed in a smaller, less bright photo, or in one with less colored clothing, or otherwise given a secondary or background position. Where there is a group, the black is almost always front and center and is the only one facing the camera. Also the black is being shown as in charge or with something so interesting to say the other secondary figures are smiling, excited, listening as learners or even in utter awe. Where there are lighter toned people, they are often olive toned to light brown, not purely white. When there is a photo gallery that is rotating, you will often see the photo of the black first when arriving to the web page. If you are white, please pay attention to these subtle and not so subtle assaults. The photos have been seen in Staples Office Supply in Farmington, New Mexicowith larger than life-sized photos of a black male standing around, usually near the front. A black photo greets you at Krogers-City Market in Durango, Colorado. A full afro head of hair and a smiling female greet you on a shopping cart at Krogers-Smith at Farmington, New Mexico. Several large census photos in Aztec, New Mexico and Farmington, New Mexico only show three minority brown skinned children, one of whom could pass as an illegal alien from Mexico. The list goes on. Watch for photos like this being the ONLY or primarily centered ones in these settings and many more. Sensitize yourself to such things and know… This is not happening by accident! The weird but likely dangerous phenomena of trying to make it a Black-centric world in the media: The problem with this is that too many whites - mostly males - have died or been seriously injured in war to try to keep the country safe from intrusions and to try to soften the harsh Islamic World and other areas of the world to make things safer for America as well as certain groups around the world. In addition, people of all races and genders have died for this, alongside white Americans in war zones. To have their efforts ignored by turning backs on white Americans in the media is not acceptable. It’s a sign of other dangers and severe problems. We will honor our white Americans who have labored so hard for this country… and in life in general…like any other human struggles in life. We will also honor the white British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and various Europeans who have fought in wars to save and further western ways. You can find the total troop numbers of killed and injured at https //www defense gov/casualty pdf. The bulk of the persons being killed are white; this is not to diminish the importance of all deaths of any race, but we need to give these people their due. It is highly offensive that major corporations receiving significant funding from the USA will not condescend to show whites with any consistency or as important in their own right in their ads. America needs a new game plan on their businesses. The corporations are acting like Big Brother…Big Black and Brown (Nazi- Stasi) Brother, we might add. Are they planning a Holocaust against anyone who is not brown or black? Is that the next step? White Enablers Some of the whites ignoring the problems are: -Mealy-Mouthed Types: Hemming and Hawing, spewing a few words about this or that, they don’t want to be seen with the low educated, ignorant racist crowds of the world. They want to be better than that; they feel they are better than that. Attitudes like this will not protect us from dangerous takeovers. Some whites might be the stereotypical racists. Many, if not most, are not. Protecting yourself against reverse discrimination is not racist. -those with a business approach to life; not too creative or flexible, total education limited to business education; eye on the dollars; think life is about staying as neutral as possible; may have low tolerance for real or perceived psychological or social messiness and on-conformity; any gender can be like this Relationship Contexts: Personal and/or Drug Business -Those whites who have married non-whites or have sexual relationships or deep friendships with them -Those who buy or sell drugs with non-whites Civil Rights Movements Contexts -Those who have co-opted with Civil Rights Groups with communist/socialist leanings that extend to the old Russian and Chinese theme; this can go back to at least as far back as Vietnam -Unions: certain whites in unions or other places who got on the wrong side of the USA -LGBT - many, not all, in this community hav co-opted with Islamic groups through the Civil Rights Group networking; it is an upside down reality but it has happened; in their right minds no LGBT member would support Islamic extremists because in their own countries such people are badly treated and killed; this is one place that trickery takes its toll; it is a form of double-think -whites who co-opted with Islamic fundamentalists even while being Christian fundamentalists; they were overly impressed (and also manipulated) about certain Islamic beliefs, including those revolving around millennialism; Frank Gaffney discusses this briefly in his Muslim Brotherhood series -Republican Party groups that infiltrated - Gaffney also covers this briefly in that series Problems Inside the American Military -American military personnel or veterans who felt America let them down; while working with Muslims or overseas, they decided to use “coalition” to mean “mutiny” as in, against the United States - American military personnel and others who carried on an old game going about drug sales, or joined one while in the military or in other contexts -American military personnel were made to feel second class and subservient to Saudi Arabia and other Islamic groups; made to feel less intelligent, less capable; Saudis acted like Americans were working for them. -Blacks with Islamic persuasions may see life as a domination/submission plus or minus portal, any signs of deference or apology are seen as deference to Muslim - and Black - evolutionary and elitist prowess. Some of it for Blacks is they don’t want to hear the real message behind certain things so they go around filtering what they actually absorb. They are trying to make themselves feel better, to believe they are now the main thing in America. The more they sense weakness, the more they convince themselves their rebellion is finally hitting home. The blacks, as Muslims or with Muslim connections, may try to think and operate like it is already a done deal and that they are the new supreme leaders. By keeping home page ads reflecting this belief of supremism and centrality, they deter competition and keep other ideas from coming their way. It’s a way to stay on top, by acting like whites are history and not important. In addition, the other part of their game is when you do speak up and out, they go “Yay, we got your attention: we must be important now, you must be worried, if you are worried, we must be winning against you.” So they got you coming and going. To contest this sort of thing (Black Centric Media, etc.) you have to get up close and personal; get in their face about it. You need to be assertive, frank and blunt, and mean business, don’t mess around. Even when they seem to get excited they got your attention, keep at it. Any sign of deference is not respected or treated fairly in return. We need experts in counter-terrorism and from Middle Eastern and African fronts putting a collective focus on the corporation involved in the anti-white agendas. Remember this is not about skin color. It is to refute the Ugly Turfing Wars. It’s not about being a white supremacist; it is about being practical and observing the signs as they really are. One of the reasons certain white Americans keep making the same mistakes regarding the racially driven and/or connected problems discussed on this page: a slam/bam approach; redirected, diffused or selective focus; a tendency to allow stress from above and around to increase a macho approach to training, education and mistakes; the macho approach can include a tendency to use oneupmanship, competition and impatience to drive training which in truth repudiates absorption and retention. Comparing and contrasting, bullying and intimidation, and pace over thoroughness can be, and often are, part of all of these problems. The end result is that things like Black Centrism happen: Letting Dracula in the Door, once in, Dracula has certain tendencies that make it hard to get out. Distractions happen because some of our best people are overseas fighting wars, their focuses elsewhere. In addition, when people who are skilled and otherwise physically strong die or become injured, they are out of the action package; these would be people better able to fight Dracula creeping in the door into our country. No Slam/Bam Approaches to Management and Training; Slam/Bam Leads to Crash and Burn We have sophisticated military and police managers, as well as related training and trainers. However, there might be old tendencies to use the slam/bam approach in revving up training (why don’t you get it, you lazy bum?) and to overcome feelings of inadequacy when pressures are applied from above or around, like higher ups, the government leadership, the public perception and the media. Remember, as we saw in River Gold, and just using common sense, the louder, abrasive and repetitive the discipline or communication, the more it becomes downer talk and downer talk brings everyone down. It can go along with a general tendency for harshness which can make some people depressed, anxious and filled with performance anxiety. Also the downer talk might be passed on to others in a field of overall stress and anxiety, like when a higher up shouts at a subordinate; the subordinate, feeling stressed, then yells at his people lower down in the command, too. This reduces the ability to stay focused and to perform most efficiently when under stress. The attitude of getting irritated when people don’t get it has a macho quality to it that can interfere with making sure everyone is on board able to cope and perform effectively. If you are a trainer and find you don’t have patience with repeated errors, you likely need to transfer the job to someone with more patience. The problems involved in low grade, impatient or even abusive training can be varied, but part of it is that the trainer likely does not have empathy with a variety of learning styles or human characteristics of different people under different forms of stress. They might not have the patience to understand that people come to the table with different skill sets. Certain union jobs might have this slam-bam mentality, as well, with a competitive edge driving performance expectations. If you find you are either a man or woman around certain kinds of men who are old-timers in a company or military unit acting superior over your real or perceived mistakes or lack of knowledge, they can be driving the situation to lower capability even when they think they have a handle on things. Always remember this: your team is as good as the lowest skilled or performing member among you; if the so-called best of you should die, you need the rest to be able to carry on the torch. Take the time to make sure everyone is getting trained right even if it means diverting the more patient types to a sub-training group after hours or such. No Quick and Easy Answers to Racial Tensions; Responses Have Been Entrained Likewise, as members of the public, we need to give each other space about what we think others know or don’t know. The information needed to respond to threats like Black-Centric Media need to occur without jumping to overly simplistic conclusions about racial discrimination one way or another. Although there are whites who have an ugly attitude of disgust toward all blacks, that is not the point of the discussion about racially driven or connected problems here. We want to identify the threat without descending to mean-spirited racism per se. We have been having our thoughts and responses directed down certain channels at the exclusion of other ones. This means that we are triggered by certain expressions, words and themes so that our responses are bleeped out in one certain way. We must give each other patience to start absorbing the variety of facts and nuances so that we are not so easy to be manipulated. Reciprocity Needed What we are seeking is reciprocity so that whites can sense where blacks are coming from and blacks can sense where whites are coming from. The Civil Rights Movement has created a unilateral (not two-way) space in which the non-whites and their allies are broadcasting one-sided messages. There is also a lack of reciprocated empathy. Things have gone too far the other direction, but more than this, the anti-American agendas have tended to try to sandblast the American system while also using Dracula Coming in the Door antics. We don’t want an all-white world, college, post office. mall or Starbucks, but we do want a sense of fair play. We also want a basic humane consideration of the idea that whites are people too and many of their people have suffered greatly to keep America strong. Do not overlook their pain, sorrows or sacrifices in favor of loud and course banter which do not take into consideration that no matter our race, we share in parts of the human dilemma. Taken too far, the so-called Civil Rights Movement can become another Holocaust, this time one that targets whites. Stop the one- sided discourse and hatred today. Stop the job-siphoning and anti-white, pro-black and pro-non-white maneuvered positions in large corporations and the gang-like oneupmanship. Do not use the excuse it is just about hiring the most qualified; in non-white dominated arenas, the selection criteria is not just about who is most qualified. This is a lame excuse covering up other problems, namely reverse discrimination. Bilingual Preference is Encouraging Takeovers of Corporations, American Public Schools, Neighborhoods, Malls and More Cultural Issues: More violence including domestic and Neighborhood Violence, Increased Machismo Equals Increased Female Rights Violations, Gangs and Cartels, Anti-American Tendencies, Cronyism, Reverse Discrimination in Hiring Practices, Likely More Phone Answering by both Mexican Nationals inside Mexico and American Hispanics For example, we should not be seeing a bilingual Hispanic preference in this country. There are companies and schools showing preference for those who can speak English and Spanish. This encourages preferential treatment of gang and cartel members, Mexican nationals and others, and continues a growing onslaught against white Americans. In addition, the tendency encourages a certain Hispanic disposition which includes machismo, cronyism, disregard for American laws and the best of its traditions, and a Hispanic-centric view and approach overall. Stop giving Mexican Nationals preference, special privileges and public school access in this country. Mexico must learn to grow up and become more like the United States, not send its victims to our borders and in- country resources. Our Military Response It is likely the American military will need to conjoin with Mexico in a counterinsurgency (COIN) manner to help strengthen the country against cartels. In the process, it will need to enforce and maintain a border protection policy. Mexicans need to go back to school in Mexico. The USA has its own problems. Many children across America are victimized by gangs and cartels. Mexico is not the only place with such problems. We must strengthen our inner cities against such onslaughts. We must become wiser and stronger with our weakest areas in the country by staying focused on us. In terms of strengthening Mexico so that it does not continue with its severe nationwide human rights violations, a COIN type of operation will be needed. Rather than deal with each isolated case and problem coming across the border from Mexico, we need a more universal, systems-based approach inside Mexico. Keep the Mexicans inside Mexico while we do this. We need smarter and wiser approaches against cartels everywhere, but a stronger, more democratic Mexico will be a safer place for both Mexicans and Americans. Keep the drug usage, drug sales and alcohol down. Hispania equals Crime Goes UP, Human Rights (Including for Women) go DOWN; Hispania is about large scale networking amongst themselves to out-compete Mainstream America They won’t follow American laws and guidelines for fair play! Decisions are often off the cuff, emotional and instinctive! Mexican males often don’t realize they are discriminatory toward women because they tend to think small acts for a woman are just HUGE. They also want a lot of attention and appreciation for the small drop they put out and are sensitive to feeling used or taken advantage of in any way. This touchiness makes it difficult to do business with them in an even-handed, equal-across-the-board sort of way, particularly if you are a woman, or even if you are a white woman dealing with a Hispanic woman. Machismo enters the mindset of Hispanic women in certain ways, too. The focus should not be on giving priority to Mexico or Hispania in the United States. Hispania needs to make changes before life conditions improve in their societies. In order to keep our American quality of life, equal employment opportunites, representative government and a sense of fair play for all people and genders, Hispania must not be allowed to dominate our cities and towns. Until most Hispanic cultures make truly sincere and thorough changes inside themselves, their way tends to create a downward spiral. Crime goes up, equal rights go down. They are not playing it safe for the rest of us, tend to siphon resources and jobs toward themselves, and tend to allow illicit hierarchical systems to take over, like gang thugs. Cartels driven by Hispanic networks tend to try to isolate areas, keep victims subdued, and can have a cutthroat approach including vendettas, can have macho-driven men with heightened sensitivities to real and perceived slights and tend to encourage women to join gangs, as well. Bullying and fights are part of the tendencies. Meanness to kids, domestic violence, beating on women. Hispania? What the Heck Is That? And…You’re STEREOTYPING!!!! (That old argument) When we speak out against Hispania, we are not being racist; we are being realistic about how things really are and have been for a long time. Yet Hispanics and others will use the old argument about stereotyping a whole class of people as a reason to not listen to the arguments at hand. If it all can be wiped aside as mere stereotyping, the actual message is not heard. Although individual Hispanics are widely varied and many operate peacefully within the frameworks of the United States, there are yet many others who tend to come together in groups in certain ways attributable to Hispanic culture. This is what is meant by Hispania. The point is that they are tenacious in their networking and dominating habits, and their goals are actions are warfare against the United States. The networking can include highly sophisticated and organized control mechanisms, like gangstalking and piggy- backing on existing surveillance systems to monitor targeted individuals. A Spade a Spade Calling a Spade a Spade, Americans being honest with themselves will acknowledge these culturally and racially connected problems and will actively seek to keep areas more diverse. Diversity and improved safety, human rights and living conditions do in fact include whites and more traditional forms of white American culture. Many of the black groups inflicting the USA with their domination/submission tactics don’t even come from the United States, but have direct ties to African and Muslim nations. Many of the Hispanic groups doing the same have ties to Mexico or Latin American countries. Native Americans are often working with Civil Rights Groups with communist and socialist tendencies. These peoples are contesting Anglo history and origins, trying to supplant their people and ways over the Anglos. Not Working With, Working Against The USA They are not trying to work with the Anglos. Instead, they want to be the head honchos, the ones people turn to for leadership, answers and religion. They use psyops, media, networking and bullying to accomplish this. It’s not just about bullying: it is about image. They are trying to project an image that they are more than white people. They use advertising, media and surround sound to do this. There are several key tactics that have been used by the Islamic extremists. Some of these include putting their own agencies near American ones, even near Key American bases inside our country. Their mosques are typically like impenetrable kingdoms unto themselves. They infiltrate all kinds of things and put up false fronts. There is an underlying or overt attitude many times which can be felt, seen, heard or directly experienced as abuse. It Is Not Only OK to be White In America, It Currently Still Has Certain Advantages White Americans - and others - need to realize White America is a valid space in its own right, It is fully OK to be white in America. Most of these non-white groups do not have better answers or tendencies in their own population dominated cities in the USA or in other countries in the short or long run. Black controlled cities tend to have the highest levels of violence anywhere in the country. We repeatedly find corrupt politicians among their numbers. Street violence against their own people as well as others is typically high there. It is possible that they are moving to new “white” areas to further their turf. Aggressive, hostile and linked to one cartel or another, they “come to town” with a sinister array of bad habits and expectations. They are used to walking all over people because they have years of doing it in their home bases. Quieter, softer and more gentle communities probably just don’t know how to handle these old gangster pro types. Intellectual liberals who want to be nice to everyone probably will feed into the cartel ploys, turning over the goods. If they are on drugs to boot, these people can wind up being their “sugar daddies.” Watch for links between drugs and liberals in towns being taken over by these black thugs. Many of the groups are linked to old Russian Soviet themes or Saudi Arabian ones. Or they are tied to Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, various African nations, Mexican and Latin American cartels and more. Many are linked to drug sales. Some ethnic groups use magic or witchcraft, demonic spells, and hate-based, paranormal driven crimes. Many intertwine religious fundamentalism with such activities and the abuse of women. Do not be fulled by easy answers and emotion-driven hype. Let us work together for a better and more peaceful world. From Personal Notes 2020/04/02 Our responses are being channeled for us; our responses denied; this is a form of gaslighting We need to make the distinction between concerns over skin color per se, and concerns over what the spirit is doing inside the skin color package. When you see Black-Centric Media on Police Factor, do not jump to the conclusion that blacks because of their skin color and race are the issue! It’s not about being black per se It’s what they are doing with their racial makeup - the choices they are making, the activities they are performing. It’s what they are doing while walking around in a black skin In face-to-face or over-the phone encounters, it’s how they vibrate, it’s the vibes I basically like blacks…see and saw them as fellow humans…I did not have that yuck or hands off thing…I could sense their humanity…everyone’s shit smells the same. It was only late in life I began to make that connection between certain blacks and anti-American agendas Some blacks have taken a beating with their fellow Americans. Blacks in the American military have been bombed and shot at; killed and maimed, in American wars overseas. Some step up to the plate, are smart, strong and filled with savvy. There are blacks around the country offering a counterpoint to anti-American blacks. They are not power playing, they are communing. They are doing their part to act like responsible adults working together for a human family. They are not linked up with terrorists. I am not talking about these people in Black-Centric Media. The reason certain blacks and other non-whites are discussed on this website is because something has shifted over the years to the point it is threatening, with red flags going off: Possible DANGER One reason is the Islamic Extremist Threat as linked to certain - not all- blacks in both America and the world. The other reason is non-American groups who are both anti-American and also competitive to the extreme with America are in on this problem. It’s not just American blacks. Because corporatism is replacing Mom and Pop’s and small local and national operations, we are running into something we did not have to deal with as a nation in our earlier history. True, we had to deal with monopolies, but they were largely inside our own national boundaries. This meant it was easier (in comparison) to deal with from within. Multinational corporations are another ball game. We require new strategies to fight this issue. Corporatism is a doorway to Big Brother. Corporations, when controlled by a few, have been increasingly acting like nations unto themselves. Big Brother intensifies as they become more conglomerated and linked. Big Brother can be Black or White or any combination thereof. Being flexible in your mind to be able to identify ANY Big Brother, no matter skin color, is critical. Blacks can be Big Brother, too. They can - and do - try to run black-only banks, corporations, schools and countries, if there are enough of them getting in charge. With big bucks accessed in a number of ways, anything from arts and entertainment, sports, mutually shared funds and ties to Islamic countries and contingencies, anything is possible. Not all blacks are Islamic or linked to Islamic contingencies. Some practice a phony kind of Christianity with a Black-only orientation. Things like this can include ideas that Blacks are more evolved, have larger-than-life capabilities, are God’s chosen special people, that they descend from royalty, or that Jesus was black. There are many quirky things going on with many different blacks. There can be multi-generational sexual, physical and mental abuse. Lots of sexual slurring in the language. Some of it is really funky, like trying to make whites slaves. There can be black female lesbians dominating white female ones in a weird sex slave game. This can happen between a black male abuses of white males, too, to make them feel small and controlled. There can secret drugging of victims only to abduct, rape and turn them into sex slaves. Some of this is included on Police Factor and River Gold. We can argue Obama was linked to one of those funky Black Christian churches; his minister was reported to be a severe anti-white vocalist. Many blacks get into witchcraft, various kinds. In making comments of concern seen in Black-Centric Media, please understand it’s not about disliking the people, how they look and so on, it’s the overall numbers game referred to. The increased exclusion of whites indicates that something sinister is going on. It’s not that we never, ever see whites in such ads. Speckled in with the black and brown ones you will see some ads with white photographs. But it’s the accumulative effect. Black ads have increased dramatically in recent years. Something is definitely off with this. The problem with the bulk of the civil rights movement is that a large part it was co-opted a long time ago by Communist/Socialist types. Later, Islamic radicalists joined in with that movement. There are a number of interlinked ways Communism tied in with the Civil Rights Groups. The problem with the Civil RIghts Movement is that as a co-opted entity consisting of diverse elements, people of color and LGBT have been fed a line. They in turn want to broadcast and feed that line to others. In this way, they can be just as much a Big Brother as any “white extremist” ever is or was on. The problem is, in their emotionalism and insistence on certain lines of thought and approach, they can be and often are self-absorbed. This means they are talking at the rest of us without having meaningful dialogues. They are telling us, not asking us. In addition, they are insisting our responses in self-protection must mean we want to step on their upward mobility and potential worth as professionals, experts and leaders. By putting ideas and words in our mouths and feelings in our motivational bases, the Civil Rights Groups keep spitting out the same old barrage. The barrage becomes an endless one-way dialogue that insists they are the only victims on the planet, and that now is the time for them to come into their own. Taken to an extreme, they may want to be the only honchos, and taken yet again to an extreme-extreme, certain of the most aggressive may be planning a Holocaust. Lined with dollars, they can be very, very dangerous. They insist on sympathy and deference because they feel they are a poor downtrodden people coming into their own. As such, they will walk over anyone who stands in their way. In this process, they can will disregard the Civil Rights of yet other people. It is clear that civil rights in their eyes was and is about them, and not white people. In their aggressive Don’t Hold Me Back, they walk over other people, yet they don’t want those people to be able to even whisper a word of self-protection. The Civil Rights Groups want to suppress free speech by enacting their victimization state to try to justify what they are doing. By evoking sympathy from the public, they bamboozle their way from one lawsuit to another. There is a time and place for civil rights lawsuits. You and I at any moment might need legal protection and court-enacted compensation for injustices. We want the system to be there for us when we need it. We don’t want people Crying Wolf or exaggerating. We don’t want them lying and twisting evidence in their favor. When you stand up against these Civil Rights Groups - and their disturbing and disturbed allies -, you are open turf to a backlash. They want to feel they are educating and informing you against your own ignorance, that somehow you just don’t get it, you just do not see their pain, you don’t see they want to be able to rise in life and become somebody, to meet their full potential, without white created barriers. They feel we just don’t get it and need to be educated and informed. The fact is, most of white America does get it. We are in an endless loop with these people. I don’t want Islamic Extremists - or Chinese or Russian ones - running the corporations providing Americans services and goods; do you? What are some ways we can fight Corporatism? If Dracula is entering your livingroom through corporations - including banks and suppliers - what are you and I to do about it? How do we begin? Free Speech is a starter. Treating Corporations like Monopolies in the old American historical/legal since is another start, but it will require modern enhancements. Recognize the corporate driven antics and victimization of the American people is another. Antics can include a shadow government type of disciplining of people that is off the carts, particularly when money is involved, like various types of loans. It can include gangstalking. Let me repeat, corporatism can have links to cartels and anti-American agendas in which corporations go after certain people outside the rule of law. They might also try to change laws in their favor. The Civil Rights Groups are channeling information, ideas and speech along certain preset lines. If you say or do one thing, they are emotionally triggered and say and do certain things. Our communication is being channeled and looped; be aware in advance of the various preset responses to anything racial; the people are stepping on other people’s civil rights while boosting their own; there can be extremely high levels of competition with an obsessive/compulsive quality to both it and the speech repression of others; speech repression by the CRG (civil rights groups and linked allies) has a particular feeling and approach to it; speech repression is often linked to lawsuits, softening and takeovers of areas; it’s best to see the behaviors as cult-like if you are dealing with a cult, things are not always rational, but the tendencies come from a world view which can be isolated. So when dealing with the groups, you must also orient your responses to their world view, not your own rationalism. There are a variety of things going on with those CRGs; some have a Muslim approach behind it, some are keyed up about race. This discussion is not about other types of civil rights activism that are truly working to stop injustices. We must make the distinction between the more sinister form of takeover linked to CRGs and the more sincere forms of civil rights. For example, injustices against women and children in Islamic countries; tyranny against Chinese citizens of all kinds in China, but particularly activists. Clearly, our concerns for human rights transcends race in these matters. We can put ourselves in their shoes, it can happen to any of us. There is a time and place for civil rights as human rights. Our concern is when people misuse civil rights to further totalitarian agendas or to put themselves first above other people to the point yet other people’s civil rights are being violated. We can argue that blacks, in a desire to elevate themselves from having been treated like second class citizens, are putting themselves above other people as a form of over and belated compensation. Some of their grievances goes back 100s of years, with the original players on both sides long gone. To bring out old baggage like this is not fair to existing peoples who never personally did anything to them. What is more, the black extremism takes on a quirky, hyper-mischievous and defiant quality which means we have to use extraordinary thinking and approaches to combat them. It will require higher end, astute and experienced military and homeland security measures, along with new and sophisticated legal approaches based on old anti- monopoly themes, to combat these wide-ranging, aggressive and defiant networks. Whether we call such responses “SOFs”, “elite squads” or anything else, in the final analysis it is their effectiveness, not their name, which will get the job done. The point is, it will require a higher level thinking and competency to fight the malicious games that are upon all of us - not just whites - because the groups are intent on self-gain and dominance for their own cliques. The truth is, if people want to live in the USA or do business with us, they need to have a certain level of common sense, even if there is little or no respect. Since we cannot force respect for white people as members of the overall human race, we can insist on fair play in business matters. If corporations are being reinserted or supplanted with anti-American types, we as Americans need new business entities for our country’s people and their most sincere allies. It’s not that blacks/browns are becoming dominant in advertising as much as it is the attitude behind such behaviors because it does not really represent statistics as they actually are in the United States. The blacks are trying to make it look like a black-only universe because they are turfing corporate webpages. To fight cartels and anti-American groups, you have to recognize turfing for what it is. Turfing is a huge issue, as it uses various visual cues to suggest dominance. To fight this will require higher end capabilities to obtain, filter through and respond to active intelligence. Without intelligence about who is behind these malices turfing wars, we cannot send in the right responses. With better knowledge of who is behind the antics, we will be able to put together an appropriate response package. part of the package needs to include American public response recommendations. For example, if Microsoft is now Hispania and Islam, Americans need to not be buying products from Microsoft. If Xfinity is violating American privacy and linked to Hispania and Islam, it too needs to be discarded in favor of other modalities. Linked to a legalistic anti-monopoly style approach for disbanding corporations, these groups will quickly lose power. Such legalistic breakups of multinational corporations might require a multinational response team involving various countries. At that point the broken down conglomerates might either be fully disbanded or reappropriated among the various countries according to mutual agreement. Whatever the case might be, Big Brother on our doorstep and in our livingrooms is not a safe space for any of us. We do understand the blacks want to be somebody and be something in their media-centric photos. The me first attitudes have a place in history, but there is no maturation process beyond that point. The self-expression has been operating like upset teenagers fighting bad white parents for decades and hit violent proportions many years ago, and has not stopped. The rebellious youth have not seasoned; middle-aged and older blacks, as well as other non-whites who cooperate with them, are still fighting and sloughing off so-called parent figures. The forms of expression means we are eternally at war with delinquents with serious weapons in their hands. They cannot seem to pull out of their dilemma. We will have to help them pull out. Evolution and wisdom indicates our path out of this muddle to make a stand by isolating the various tendencies, knowing in advance their responses and having a variety of counteracting and neutralizing responses. A black extremist corporatism is just as villainous as any white supremacist or multiracial totalitarianism system. It’s not the skin color; it is what they do behind and inside their skins. Walmart Part of Problem https //corporate walmart com/newsroom/2020/06/05/making-a-difference-in-racial-equity Excerpt: Inside the company, our work to recruit, develop and support African Americans and other people of color will be even more of a priority. We need each of you to actively partner to identify and work with your leaders to bring in great talent to the company. We want all of you to exercise your voice to make every part of our company even better. Accessed from Internet 2020/09/04 COMMENTS LESS THAN WHITE, NOT QUITE WHITE: OLIVE OR LIGHT BROWN SKINNED; MIXED RACES, BUT NO WHITE IN SIGHT This can be like the disappearing Jew in Germany in WWII It is not each individual photo; it is the combined effect over time. Consider the possibility this is not just modern, changing times; consider more pernicious influences from Black/Brown groups from various African and Middle Eastern Muslim nations and organizations; there can be an anti-American civil rights connection between Islamic and non-Islamic groups as part of this Subtle Subliminal as well as Overt Messages: The avoidance of using truly fair-skinned Caucasian whites is significant! These are the things to watch for: 1-Black figures are the only ones in a photo on a front home webpage 2-They are the first thing you see when you come to a home web page even if there is a rolling set of photos that shift automatically 3-The black figure is front and center while others are smaller or muted 4-The black figure is made to look exciting with others in secondary positions who are enthralled with what he/she has to say, or they look like they are being taught or informed by the black; where there are no blacks, there might be off-whites, but never any true whites (fair-skinned Caucasian) Watch for Media Companies behind the ads and images you see, who owns them, how much they are making from corporations like Walmart, and so on. Be mindful of the civil rights of whites being slighted by the growing NWO (New World Order( type power grabs of the minorities taking over these corporations. It can include excessive surveillance of fair-skinned persons, a form of targeting, perhaps using face recognition or RFID Updates: 2020/12/30 Missildine added to top of page I will add I had tears twice going over this material, I had held onto the information for awhile before deciding to put it on this page. You can see a lot of life, grit and perhaps pain and some life disappointments in his eyes. 2020/12/05 some editing and additions; 2020/12/03 Added Hans Olson and Esmeralda Spalding to music list; More material on Victor Furtado & Andrew Vogts musicians added; I will add that their music speaks to me personally, a serendipitous find; 2020/12/02 Music section added to BLM8a; some tidying up/editing; 2020/10/03-04 black ad photos added incl. NM Health Care Insurance and APUS; 2020/09/04 Walmart problem added. This page was started 2020/03/26-29 and was a continuation of a theme on black-centered media started on River Gold; the deceased servicemant Marshal Roberts was added 2020/03/28; The discussion about Downer Talk/Harshness/Keep Mexico Inside Its Borders w/COIN operation was added 2020/03/29
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