Sexual Crimes, Rapes General Topics: High Rate Sexually Explicit Photos Several Assault Cases Listed Tailhook Convention 1991 California-Temecula (Riverside County) -Marines/NEELEY, MARK RICHARD, Mark Richard/Marine Sergeant/2019-Rape, sodomy, multiple victims, assault rifle North Carolina-Onslow/URTON, ALEC/Lance Corporal/2018 article-Kidnapping and Rape North Carolina-Jacksonville/2020 article-Marine multiple sex offense charges North Carolina/Camp Lejeune/MYERS ROBERT J/Lance Corporal/Rape minor (12 yr old girl) Reserves o Maryland-Baltimore-Marine Reserves/RATHER, CHRISTOPHER/Lance Corporal Reservist/Murder of ex-girlfriend --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARINES Marines/Drugs 2019 California/Camp Pendleton-near San Diego/16 US Navy Seals/2019-Human Smuggling and Drug Related Issues San Diego Tribune 2019/11/15 Judge says mass arrest of Marines accused of human smuggling, drug offenses was unlawful 2019/11/15--https //www sandiegouniontribune com/news/watchdog/story/2019-11-15/judge- says-mass-arrest-of-marines-accused-of-human-smuggling-drug-offenses-was-unlawful-2 CBS 2019/07/26 2019/07/26--https //www cbsnews com/news/marines-arrested-16-u-s-navy-seals-arrested-at- camp-pendleton-after-human-smuggling-investigation-today-2019-07-25/ Military dot com 2019/07/25 2019/07/25--https //www military com/daily-news/2019/07/25/16-marines-nabbed-during- morning-formation-drug-people-smuggling-charges.html San Diego Union Tribune 2019/11/15 Judge says mass arrest of Marines accused of human smuggling, drug offenses was unlawful 2019/11/15--https //www.sandiegouniontribune com/news/watchdog/story/2019-11-15/judge- says-mass-arrest-of-marines-accused-of-human-smuggling-drug-offenses-was-unlawful-2 Marines/Murder, High Crimes Rape and Murder Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 2007 murder Lance Corporal Maria Francis Lauterbach: According to her mother, Mrs. Mary Lauterbach, LCpl. Lauterbach was preparing to testify that she was raped by a fellow Marine. Mrs. Lauterbach told police that her daughter "claimed she had been raped by a senior Marine at her command, and that the investigation had gone sour."[ Wikipedia https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Murder_of_Maria_Lauterbach Excerpt: Lance Corporal Maria Frances Lauterbach[1] (November 17, 1987 – December 14, 2007) of Vandalia, Ohio,[3] was a United States Marine who disappeared from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on December 14, 2007.[4] At the time of her disappearance, Lauterbach was eight months pregnant. Authorities found the remains of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child in Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean's backyard. Laurean was extradited from Mexico in 2009 and convicted of murder in 2010. The Lauterbach murder prompted changes in the National Defense Authorization https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Murder_of_Maria_Lauterbach Overseas - Murder 2018 Overseas Africa - Navy, Marine special operators Army Times 2018/11/15 [Murder Charges -2018] Murder charges filed against Navy, Marine special operators in incident that killed Green Beret in Africa By: Todd South 2018/11/15--https //www armytimes com/news/your-military/2018/11/15/murder-charges-filed-against- navy-marine-special-operators-in-incident-that-killed-green-beret-in-africa/?utm_source=clavis Stateside - Murder Wikipedia [Murder-2008] Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Murder_of_Jan_Pawel_and_Quiana_Jenkins_Pietrzak note: Wikipedia has a lot of listed sources California 2019-2020 ABC News 2020/01/17 [Murder] Former Marine Codi Slayton, 19, arrested in murder of 16-year-old Josephine Jimenez after investigation. By Morgan Winsor 2020/01/17--https //abcnews go com/US/marine-arrested-murder-16-year-josephine- jimenez-investigation/story?id=68348606 2019 - Florida Fox News 2019/11/14 [Murder] Ex-marine in bloodstained shirt confesses to killing parents, family dogs, police say 2019/11/14-- parents-dogs-police 2019 - Virginia US News 2019/11/27 Sheriff: Marine Deserter Captured at Virginia Murder Scene A Marine deserter wanted in the fatal shooting of his mother’s boyfriend has been arrested in Virginia after a lengthy search. 2019/11/27--https //www usnews com/news/us/articles/2019-11-27/marshals-capture- marine-deserter-charged-in-murder-case Marines/Sexual Crimes, Rapes 2019 US Marine Alexander Curry-Fishtorn, 22, charged with multiple felonies in connection to Crown Point teen kidnapping By Jessica D'Onofrio 2019/08/21-- 2018 2018/06/10--https //www latimes com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-marine-charges-20180610-story.html 2018/04/28-- say/ 2014 North Carolina/Camp Lejeune/MYERS ROBERT J/Lance Corporal/Rape minor (12 yr old girl) Camp Lejeune Marine faces child rape charge 2014/10/06--https //www marinecorpstimes com/news/your-marine-corps/2014/10/06/camp-lejeune- marine-faces-child-rape-charge/ Lt. Col. Cliff W. Gilmore said in a statement Monday that 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Robert J. Myers of Randolph County, Indiana, is being held by civilian authorities in Jacksonville. 2014/10/06--https //www marinecorpstimes com/news/your-marine-corps/2014/10/06/camp-lejeune- marine-faces-child-rape-charge/ Desert Sun girl/16827505/ 2012 Camp Lejeune Has The Most Sexual Assaults Of Any Marine Installation In The World Kay Steiger 2012/07/07-- marine-installation-in-the-world-2012-7 Washington DC 8 female marines gang rape sex assault 2012--/ assault-Washington-D-C-barracks.html 2007 2007/06/08-- corps/ 1995 1995/12/26--https //apnews com/590fac7e22d4604c67b78c7288e57b8d marine and navy rape of 12 year old girl in okina California California-Temecula (Riverside County) -Marines/NEELEY, MARK RICHARD, Mark Richard/Marine Sergeant/2019-Rape, sodomy, multiple victims, assault rifle NBC Los Angeles 2019/05/22 [Marine Sergeant] charged with raping 3 women. By Tony Shin and Wire Services https //www nbclosangeles com/news/man-charged-with-raping-three-women-in-temecula/135693/ Excerpt: A 36-year-old marine sergeant accused of sexually assaulting three women in Temecula was charged Wednesday with multiple counts of rape and other felonies. Mark Richard Neeley of Temecula was arrested Friday following a Riverside County sheriff's investigation at a townhome complex in the 44000 block of Bellflower Lane. Along with four counts of forcible rape, Neeley is charged with one count each of sodomy of a victim under duress, false imprisonment, possession of an assault rifle, carrying a firearm without a license and sentence-enhancing allegations of targeting multiple victims in sex crimes. https //www nbclosangeles com/news/man-charged-with-raping-three-women-in-temecula/135693/ North Carolina North Carolina/URTON, ALEC/Lance Corporal/2018-article-Kidnapping and Rape Marine charged with kidnapping, raping woman near Camp Lejeune J.D. Simkins 2018/12/05--https //www marinecorpstimes com/news/your-marine-corps/2018/12/05/marine-charged- with-kidnapping-raping-woman-near-camp-lejeune/ North Carolina/2020-article-Marine multiple sex offense charges Jacksonville Marine faces multiple sex offense charges 2020/03/06--https //www jdnews com/news/20200306/jacksonville-marine-faces-multiple-sex-offense- charges Marines - Various Topics Relating to Sexually Related Problems Marines - High Rate Military Times 2018/04/30 The Marine Corps had the highest increase in sexual assault reports among the services. By: Tara Copp 2018/04/30--https //www militarytimes com/news/your-military/2018/04/30/dod-marines- had-highest-increase-in-reports-of-sexual-assaults/ Marines - Explicit Photos of Women Youtube PBS NewsHour 2018/04/02 A year ago, hundreds of current and former Marines were exposed as having posted explicit photos of women, including female Marines, along with degrading or abusive comments, on a private Facebook group. Senior leaders in the Corps vowed to punish those involved and to root out a culture of misogyny revealed by the scandal. William Brangham reports on what’s happened since then. Marines - Sexual Harassment in the Marines and Hazing Tailhook Convention 1991 Air Force Times 2019/03/24 Why McSally is right and wrong about military sexual assaults. By Paula Coughlin https //www airforcetimes com/opinion/commentary/2019/03/24/why-mcsally-is-right-and- wrong-about-military-sexual-assaults/ Excerpt: Rape in the armed forces has been in the limelight before, dating back to my own public complaint of sexual assault at the infamous 1991 Tailhook Convention, which painfully ended my naval career. In the Pentagon’s most recent annual report, nearly 15,000 service members report having been sexually assaulted. Horrifically, most victims were assaulted more than once, bringing total assaults to over 41,000 per year, or 112 per day. Put into perspective, we are losing a battalion a week to this crisis. These statistics sabotage enlistment and re-enlistment of qualified members. Mission-ready manpower is diminished when the threat of assault in the military is far greater than the civilian world, with little or no recourse. You can’t sue your commanding officer for rape. In fact, you might be tried for adultery. Vox 2017/07/12 I was a Marine. I can’t be silent about the sexual harassment I faced anymore. I still remember carrying a knife into the showers with me. By Kate Hendricks Thomas https //www vox com/first-person/2017/3/9/14861796/marines-sexual-harassment-sexism Marine Corp Times dot com - Parris Island Boot Camp Hazing 2016/09/08 Marines find culture of hazing, abuse at boot camp after recruit's death at Parris Island By: Gina Harkins and Jeff Schogol marinecorptimes com New York Times 2018/09/07 I Was Sexually Assaulted by Another Marine. The Corps Didn’t Believe Me. https //www html Task and Purpose 2017/10/29 The Marines Are Still Haunted By Their ‘Monster In The Closet’ As Abuse Trial Looms By Wade Livingston, THE ISLAND PACKET https //taskandpurpose com/parris-island-marine-corps-abuse/ Washington Post 2016/09/29 They put us through hell’: A Marine abused at boot camp explains why he spoke out By Dan Lamothe NBC News 2017/11/10 Marine Drill Instructor Gets 10 Years for Abusing Recruits Joseph Felix taunted the Muslims as “terrorists” or “ISIS” and ordered two of them to climb into a clothes dryer, a jury decided. By Associated Press https //www nbcnews com/news/asian-america/marine-drill-instructor-gets-10-years- abusing-recruits-n819816 Washington Post 2016/09/30 I’m going to kill you.’ The often-forgotten boot camp scandals that dot Marine Corps history. By Dan Lamothe https //www.washingtonpost com/news/checkpoint/wp/2016/09/30/the-often-forgotten- boot-camp-scandals-that-dot-marine-corps- history/?utm_term=.df9ce5b8a98b&noredirect=on USA Today 2018/04/16 Marines suspend general who called allegations of sexual harassment 'fake news' Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY who-called-allegations-sexual-harassment-fake-news/502788002/ Marines Assault - Louisiana assault College Student CNN 2018/04/28 3 Marines accused of sexual assault. Three US Marines are accused of sexually assaulting a Tulane University student and her friend in Louisiana. https //www nr.cnn Marine Reserves Maryland-Baltimore-Marine Reserves/RATHER, CHRISTOPHER/Lance Corporal Reservist/Murder of ex- girlfriend WMAR2 News 2018/06/15; 2018/12/13 Police: Marine binds and kills ex-girlfriend, leaves body in bleachers. By: Brian Kuebler and-kills-ex-girlfriend-leaves-body-in-bleachers Charging documents and Rather’s facebook page revealed that he is an active member of the United States Marine Reservist. The friend also informed detectives that Pierce-Morris had been trying to avoid Rather and had recently began dating another man. The friend and Pierce-Morris’ mother had become concerned that Rather was “obsessed with Jasmine,” the charging documents read. The friend, who lives several states away, was distraught when she learned of Pierce-Morris’ death and told investigators that Pierce-Morris had stopped sharing her location data with the friend at roughly 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The friend informed police that the young man “Chris,” with whom Pierce-Morris was supposed to have met prior to her death, lived on E. Northern Parkway. 2018/12/13 Marine denied bail in murder as Baltimore Police search landfill for more evidence 22-year-old Marine, Christopher Rather was denied bail Monday on charges of beating 20-year- old Jasmine Morris and stabbing her in the neck, then leaving her to die in the kneeling position on a set of Northeast Baltimore bleachers with her hands bound. As Rather, a current lance corporal reservist in the United States Marine Corps was sent back to jail this morning, Baltimore Police were in a county landfill [for] more evidence in the murder case against him. Updates: 2020/05/17 additions pages 1-2; 2020/05/15 page 2 started- active duty continued; 2020/05/14 Army section added, with Gould and Royer added to it; San Diego Trib-2019/02/26 article-Dominguez added; 2020/05/07 Page Started Section Veteran Criminality moved from River Gold to Police Factor; 2019/11/10; 2019/01/07
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MARINES Drugs California/Camp Pendleton-near San Diego/16 US Navy Seals/2019-Human Smuggling and Drug Related Issues; 2019/11-a judge later said the arrests were unlawful Murder,High Crimes Maryland-Baltimore-Marine Reserves/RATHER, CHRISTOPHER/Lance Corporal Reservist/Murder of ex-girlfriend (this is also listed under Marine Reserves)
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