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IN THIS SECTION LINKS LIST (separate page) Excerpted Links Guam Bombing Issue North Korea and East German Stasi USS Pueblo (History) Cyber Leaks Bank Heists Insurance Fraud ANSWER and Worker’s World Party Bill Richardson Kidnappings/Detainees Egypt Missile Connection See Also: Index Non-American Entities Start Here: North Korea’s 2017 Threats of Guam Al-Jazeeran article. (Yes, Al-Jazeera - see Notes 01/12/2019): Al Jazeera: (2017/08/14) North Kore’as threats can lead to ‘big trouble’: The three rules North Korea might break that could lead to war. By Alexander Gillespie (professor of international law in New Zealand) https://www dot aljazeera dot com/indepth/opinion/2017/08/north-korea-guam-threats-lead-big-trouble-170814100907570.html Excerpt: But if it flies a missile over Japan and lands it in the territorial waters of the United States, it would be breaching three important rules that have been helping to keep peace on the Korean Peninsula….Failing to issue a notification…Shooting missiles over foreign territory…Landing missiles in foreign waters …In essence, international law creates circles around the land of a country and projects their sovereignty into the ocean. The maritime boundaries recognised under international law include three main circles: the territorial sea, the contiguous zone and the exclusive economic zone. The rights and responsibilities within these circles become stronger the closer to the land they area. …The goal of advance warning is to both build confidence between opposing sides and reduce the risk of war as a result of misinterpretation, miscalculation or accident. …So, if the US or Japan were able to shoot down a North Korean missile as it went over their territories - at whatever altitude - without their consent, this would not be in breach of international law. Although destroying an unauthorised North Korean missile flying over Japan could be considered a sensible act of self-defence, such an act is still dangerous, since it can easily trigger a destructive chain reaction. https://www dot aljazeera dot com/indepth/opinion/2017/08/north-korea-guam-threats-lead-big-trouble- 170814100907570.html BANK HEISTS, CRYPTO Heists VOA News: 2018/10/03 North Korea said to have stolen a fortune in online bank heists Excerpt: On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned of the use of malware by Hidden Cobra, the U.S. government's byword for North Korea hackers, in fraudulent ATM cash withdrawals from banks in Asia and Africa. It said that Hidden Cobra was behind the theft of tens of millions of dollars from teller machines in the past two years. In one incident this year, cash had been simultaneously withdrawn from ATMs in 23 different countries, it said. North Korea, which prohibits access to the world wide web for virtually all of its people, has previously denied involvement in cyberattacks, and attribution for such attacks is rarely made with absolute certainty. It is typically based on technical indicators such as the Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses that identify computers and characteristics of the coding used in malware, which is the software a hacker may use to damage or dile computers. But other cybersecurity experts tell The Associated Press that they also see continued signs that North Korea's authoritarian government, which has a long track record of criminality to raise cash, is conducting malign activity online. That activity includes targeting of financial institutions and crypto-currency- related organizations, as well as spying on its adversaries, despite the easing of tensions between Pyongyang and Washington. "The reality is they are starved for cash and are continuing to try and generate revenue, at least until sanctions are diminished," said Adam Meyers, vice president of intelligence at CrowdStrike. "At the same time, they won't abate in intelligence collection operations, as they continue to negotiate and test the international community's resolve and test what the boundaries are." Crypto Coingeek: (2018/08/28) Despite little knowledge, North Korea testing crypto mining waters: report By Gerald Fenech he secretive and highly totalitarian country of North Korea is going for its slice of the cryptocurrency mining pie. A report by South Korea’s state-run Korea Development Bank (KDB) suggested that North Korea has been mining cryptocurrencies, albeit on a small scale. Additionally, it appears that a technology company in the country is developing an exchange platform for cryptocurrency, even though the report noted that the average citizens of North Korea have little or no knowledge of cryptocurrency. CYBER LEAKS Vox: (2017/10/13):How North Korean hackers stole 235 gigabytes of classified US and South Korean military plans North Korea’s impressive cyber capabilities, explained.By Kelsey Atherton September 2016 Cyber Leak to North Korea Excerpt: In September 2016, North Korean intelligence services stole a huge batch of classified US and South Korean military plans — including a plan to assassinate North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un and other top government officials. Yet this was not the stuff of an old-school John le Carré spy novel, with shady figures in trench coats exchanging documents at a dark rendezvous spot in the woods. North Korea’s data theft was done entirely through computer systems. According to a South Korean politician, last fall North Korean hackers gained access to South Korea’s Defense Integrated Data Center and stole 235 gigabytes of classified military plans. Two plans in particular stand out: One was for how to respond to an attack on South Korea by North Korean commandos. The other was the plan for what’s called a “decapitation strike,” or an operation that would specifically target Kim and other key government officials loyal to the regime. But the full depth of what was stolen is still unknown. The fact that we’re only just now learning of the extent of the burglary, more than a year after it happened, is a testament to North Korea’s immense cyber capabilities. But wait a second — how did an impoverished country like North Korea end up with such impressive hacking abilities? And are they really that impressive? Or is our information just really easy to steal? It turns out that while we’ve been (understandably) focused on North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, the country has been quietly developing another powerful tool — a selection of malware and malicious code, a veritable cyberweapons cache INSURANCE FRAUD UPI: (2017/01/13) Ex-North Korea diplomat: Pyongyang makes a fortune in insurance fraud. By Elizabeth Shim fraud/5721484323375/ Excerpt: The North Korean diplomat who defected from Pyongyang's embassy in London said North Korea has earned "tens of millions of dollars" annually through insurance fraud. Thae Yong-ho, who arrived in Seoul last August, has been supplying the local press with new revelations about the Kim Jong Un regime. He said Pyongyang's scams have been going on for 30 years, Yonhap reported on Friday. ttps:// fraud/5721484323375/ ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and Worker’s World Party See David Horowitz Unholy Alliance (2004) p. 167 “Worker’s World Party, a Marxist-Leninist vanguard that was aligned with North Korea’s Communist regime…” Groups like this aid and abet underground and directly visible anti-American agendas KIDNAPPINGS/DETAINEES: AMERICANS AND OTHER WESTERNERS, JAPANESE, SOUTH KOREANS SCMP:2018/10/18 Otto Warmbier what happened North Korean Jailed. By Doug Bock Clark New York Times: (2018/04/19) North Korea-American Prisoners https //www nytimes com/2018/04/19/world/asia/north-korea-american-prisoners html (2017/06/19) Otto Warmbier, American Student Released From North Korea, Dies NBC News:(2018/06/11) Japanese citizens simply vanished. North Korea had abducted them. But why? By Adam Edelman n881546 EGYPT MISSILE CONNECTION - NORTH KOREA New York Times: (2018/03/03) https //www nytimes com/2018/03/03/world/middleeast/egypt-north-korea-sanctions-arms-dealing htm BILL RICHARDSON Former Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, an expert on North Korea who has helped free other Americans held there, said in an interview on Monday that he had met with North Korean diplomats 20 times while Mr. Warmbier was being held, and that they had never hinted that anything was amiss with Mr. Warmbier’s health. Mr. Richardson called on the North to release the three other Americans it is holding, as well as a Canadian hostage, and to “disclose what happened to Otto, fully, to the international community.” EXERPTED LINKS 38 North (2018/02) Al Jazeera: (2017/08) North Korea Guam threat https://www dot aljazeera dot com/indepth/opinion/2017/08/north-korea-guam-threats-lead-big-trouble-170814100907570.html BBC: (2016/05) What the new photos of North Korean leaders say (2017/08/10) North Korea Guam missile strike plan ready by mid-August CNBC: (2016/06/22) North Korea missile reaches new hts intensifying threat to Japan CNN: (2016/03) North Korea Preemptive Nuclear Strike -Threat (03/2016) See Guam Bombing Issue )below this section) Coingeek: (2018/08/28) Despite little knowledge, North Korea testing crypto mining waters: Gerald Fenech (See Bank Heists) C-Span: North Korea, Video Clip (Note 5/13/16: Good discussion) Excerpt: Book Discussion on The Cleanest Race B.R. Myers takes an in-depth look at North Korean society and the domestic propaganda to which its citizens are exposed. Myers argues that North Korea is a paranoid, military- dominated nationalist state with a government that is influenced heavily by Japanese fascism. He spoke at the World Affairs Council of Northern California. DW: (2018/08/02) By Mark Hallam Fox News: (2017) Where is Guam and why would north korea attack it (See Guam Bombing Issue below this section) The Guardian: (2016/11/30) UN tightens sanctions on North Korea after largest nuclear test yet (11/30/2016) Security council unanimously approves resolution targeting wide range of sanctions in response to September test Global Post: (2013)The Cabal that Really Runs North Korea Huffington Post: (2016/06) North Korea Nuclear program - Appears to Reopen Plutonium Plant Independent: (2017) North Korea Guam missiles threat Donald Trump. By Will Worley NBC News:(2018/06/11) Japanese citizens simply vanished. North Korea had abducted them. But why? By Adam Edelman n881546 Newsmax: (2017/09/10-11) North Korea Hitler Nazi GermanyOur Rhineland Moment and North Korea. By Peter Pry Excerpt: As everyone used to know, when history was taught in schools, prior to 1939 Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan ruthlessly violated international treaties to arm themselves for a major war of conquest, that would become World War II. Less well known is that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were helped, unwittingly, by western statesmen, military experts, academics, and the press, who could not believe any rational actor would risk replaying the holocaust that was World War I. Complex rationalizations were invented to explain away the words and deeds of Adolph Hitler and Imperial Japan, including their treaty violations and aggression. Underestimation of German and Japanese military capabilities set up the allies for near defeat when war came. North Korea’s successful September 2 H-Bomb test was preceded by years of denial behavior by U.S. statesmen, intelligence experts, academics, and the press: — Just six months ago, most experts thought North Korea’s nuclear arsenal was primitive, with as few as 6 A- Bombs. Now the intelligence community estimates North Korea has 60 nuclear weapons. — Just six months ago, most experts thought North Korea’s ICBMs were fake, or if real could not strike the U.S. mainland. Now the intelligence community estimates North Korea’s ICBMs can strike Chicago. — Just six months ago, most experts thought North Korea was many years away from an H-Bomb. Now the U.S. intelligence community assesses North Korea has H-Bombs comparable to sophisticated U.S. two-stage thermonuclear weapons. — Just six months ago, most experts claimed North Korean ICBMs could not miniaturize an A-Bomb or design a re- entry vehicle for missile delivery. Now the intelligence community assesses North Korea has miniaturized A-Bombs and H-Bombs, and re-entry vehicles for missile delivery, including by ICBMs that can strike the U.S. Perhaps most extreme denial behavior is over North Korea’s capability to make an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack — that could destroy the U.S. with a single weapon. The blue ribbon Congressional EMP Commission has long warned North Korea has Super-EMP weapons. Newsweek: (2018/01) See Guam Bombing Issue below New York Times: (2016) North Korea Defying Warnings Prepares Long-Range Rocket Launch (02/2016) launch.html?_r=0 (2016/03/18) US student runs afoul of north koreas devotion to slogans http //www nytimes com/2016/03/18/world/asia/us-student-runs-afoul-of-north-koreas-devotion-to-slogans.html?_r=0 (2016/03/17) History of Seizing Americans americans.html?version=meter+at+null&contentId=&mediaId=& 2F&priority=true&action=click&contentCollection=Asia%20Pacific&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle &pgtype=article&_r=0 Quora: Is North Korea communist or fascist? What is the difference? Reuters 2016/06/21 Japan military on alert for possible North Korean ballistic missile launch (06/21/2016) Excerpt: Japan's military was on alert for a possible North Korean ballistic missile launch, a government source said on Tuesday, with media reporting its navy and anti-missile Patriot batteries had been told to shoot down any projectile heading for Japan. North Korea appeared to have moved an intermediate-range missile to its east coast, but there were no signs of an imminent launch, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported, citing an unnamed government source. A South Korean Defense Ministry official said it could not confirm the Yonhap report and said the military was watching North Korea's missile activities closely. In Washington, a Pentagon spokesman said the United States continued to coordinate with its allies in the region and was watching the situation "very, very closely." "We of course would have concerns if the North Koreans were to conduct another missile test... we certainly would urge North Korea to refrain from doing that sort of thing," Peter Cook told reporters in Washington. Tension in the region has been high since isolated North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and followed that with a satellite launch and test launches of various missiles. Japan has put its anti-ballistic missile forces on alert several times this year after detecting signs of missile launches. The Japanese government source said there were again signs North Korea might be preparing a launch of the intermediate-range Musudan missile, the same missile it attempted to launch in May, prompting the order for the military to go on alert. South Korea's Foreign Ministry said if North Korea goes ahead with a launch it would again be in violation of U.N. resolutions and defying repeated warnings by the international community. "It will further isolate the North from the international community," ministry spokesman Cho June-hyuck told a briefing. http //www reuters com/article/us-northkorea-missile-idUSKCN0Z70AF Sputnik: (2016) EU Toughens Sanctions Against North Korea Over Pyongyang’s Nuclear Tests (05/27/2016) Excerpt: The European Union adopted new sanctions against North Korea on Friday that seek to tighten economic pressure on Pyongyang after its nuclear and ballistic testing Time: North Korea Is Threatening to Attack Guam. Why Guam? (see Guam bombing issue below) Hacking Defectors VOA: North Korea said to have stolen a fortune online bank heists See Bank Heists Vox: (2017) (see Guam issue below) Vox: (2017/10/13):How North Korean hackers stole 235 gigabytes of classified US and South Korean military plans (See Cyber Leaks) North Korea’s impressive cyber capabilities, explained.By Kelsey Atherton September 2016 Cyber Leak to North Korea Washington Post:(2018/01/23) (see USS Pueblo below) crew-members-gathering-damaging-intel/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a80d98a1d2a3 Wilson Center: North Korea and the east german stasi 1987-1989 GUAM BOMBING ISSUE BBC: (2017/08/10) North Korea missile strike plan ready by mid-August CNN: (2017/10/13) North Korea revives Guam threat ahead of US-South Korea drills. By Will Ripley (2017/08/29) Next target Guam, North Korea says. By Brad Lendon and Joshua Berlinger Fox News: (2017) Where is Guam and why would north korea attack it (See Guam Bombing Issue below this section) Independent: Newsweek: (2018/01/02) North Korea Missile threat impact Guam tourism industry Time: North Korea Is Threatening to Attack Guam. Why Guam? (see Guam bombing issue below) Vox:(2017) NORTH KOREA AND E. GERMAN STASI Wilson Center: (2017/05/08) North Korea and the east german stasi 1987-1989. By Bernd Schaefer Excerpt: A large body of East German Stasi files in Berlin help to mitigate this deficit—thanks to the closeness between East Germany (the German Democratic Republic) and North Korea between 1987 and 1989. Following reciprocated leadership visits in 1984 and 1986, East Germany and North Korea shared a common skepticism against the socialist reforms under way in the Soviet Union and China. A telling sign, during those years North Korea withdrew all its students from its two large communist neighbors, China and the USSR, and sent hundreds of students to East Germany for education. It also sent military cadres to East Germany for training and factory workers for revenue. DW: (2018) 42160823 Excerpt: On the nuclear question: GDR leader Erich Honecker visited the DPRK in 1977 and was said to be impressed by the vast cheering crowds on hand to welcome him and Kim Il Sung at public engagements. The two dictators, at least according to East German subordinates and the odd glowing Korean correspondence to the GDR, hit it off on a personal level. North Korean media also reported keenly on the visit, though East German officials noted the censorship involved. Honecker's toast at the Korean reception was included in state newspaper Rodong Sinmun, but his references to European security and nuclear disarmament were cut out. North Korea's nuclear ambitions were beginning to crystallize by this point, while the GDR remained arguably the foremost socialist advocate of global disarmament. Kim visited the GDR in 1984, where a bilateral cultural friendship accord was signed — a process begun when Honecker visited the DPRK. Kim was said to be most impressed by German advancements in technology and computing, voicing an interest in deeper cooperation in education and research. A steady stream of North Korean students had been dispatched to East German universities down the years. This too became a source of strain when some doctoral students were caught trying to steal industrial secrets during their internships at GDR businesses…. But behind the scenes, North Korean officials questioned East Germany's course of action, suggesting it was a half- measure and that West Berlin was there for the taking — as this 1962 report from the Pyongyang embassy shows. "While Comrade Yi Chu Yon [then deputy prime minister of the DPRK] praised the aforementioned standpoint [peaceful coexistence] in this formal speech, he also told Comrade Ambassador [Kurt] Schneidewind that Berlin was an island that could not be defended by the imperialists. He said the GDR held the strategic high ground and should really use this high ground before losing it. One should really oust the occupying forces in Berlin and drive out the Americans. That would be the main task at hand. The imperialists wouldn't go to war over Berlin, he said. It would just be a matter of courageously exploiting the situation." https //www dw com/en/north-korea-cables-reveal-east-germanys-deep-rooted-suspicion-of-kim-regime/a- 42160823 USS Pueblo (History) https //www washingtonpost com/news/retropolis/wp/2018/01/23/beaten-every-day-north-korea-tortured-uss-pueblo- crew-members-gathering-damaging-intel/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a80d98a1d2a3 Excerpt: On Jan. 23, 1968, in an attack overshadowed by Vietnam and all the other drama yet to unfold in that chaotic year, the USS Pueblo was attacked in the Sea of Japan by North Korean torpedo boats. The vessel was captured. So were more than 80 crew members, held almost a year…the rogue state launched an audacious mission to capture an American spy ship, kidnap its crew, and steal lots of cryptologic goodies….Beyond embarrassment, the United States also suffered a staggering loss of intel know-how and equipment….“The loss that resulted from the subsequent compromise of classified material aboard the ship would dwarf anything in previous U.S. cryptologic history,” according to a highly secret National Security Agency report released in 2012. “It also gave the North Koreans and no doubt the Soviets a rare view of the complex technology behind U.S. cryptographic systems.” crew-members-gathering-damaging-intel/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a80d98a1d2a3 Updates: 2021/01/04-Page Started North Korea moved from rivergold dot net; previous updates on rivergold dot net: ng page contents - fleshing excerpted links sub-section out; 2019/01/08 page restored to its own section after being mixed group page; North Korean material being focused on seriously after a break away while working on Middle East, veteran and Catholic sexual abuse sections - N. Korea seen as priority esp. in its connection to bombing Guam in late 2017 and recent likely growth of missile base on N. Korea; 01/12/2017; north korea section updated 12/29/2016 --- updates:2019/01/17 Ins. Fraud, ANSWER/WWP, Richardson, Bill, Kidnappings/Detaining, Egypt Missiles;2019/01/15 Cyber Leaks, Bank Heists sub-sections added; 2019/01/15 USS Pueblo; 2019/01/12-14 News Max/Peter Pry; 2019/01/10 Stasi/N. Korea-Wilson Center;2019/01/09 more on Guam Bombing Issue, started sub-section on this; improvi north korea section updated 12/29/2016
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