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CARTEL ACTIVITY - VARIOUS Start Here General Information on Cartels Legislation o House Crenshaw 2022Declaring War on Cartels Act Davidson 2022-Stop the Cartels Act' Higgins 2022-Combat Fentanyl, Drug Roy 2021-Designate cartels as terrorist organizations Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act Tillis 2022-Targeting Cartel Spotters Eliminating Funding for Cartel Safe Harbor Jurisdictions Links List (colons and periods have been removed to render the links inactive when used for website) START HERE Compiled March 4-6, 2023. This is really a sampling, but with a focus. A lot on CA, some AZ. This is another way of organizing the information found in the cartels section. This is put together with the idea of trying to convince someone who is adverse to proper and thorough measures in border protection why we should be alert and highly responsive. The person lives in southern CA. Business Insider 2023/02/26 A Senate hearing on drug trafficking shows how meaningless the world 'cartel' has become. Steven Dudley, InSight Crime https //www businessinsider com/senate-fentanyl-hearing-reveals-how-meaningless-world-cartel-has-become-2023- 2?inline-endstory-related-recommendations= Excerpt: A recent US congressional hearing illustrated how the wanton use of the word "cartel" has made it virtually meaningless and gets us further, rather than closer, to understanding modern-day criminal organizations and how best to direct resources to fight them. The overuse of the term was abundantly clear at the February 15 US Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on fentanyl trafficking, during which lawmakers and crime-fighting officials uttered the word "cartel" 90 times. GENERAL INFORMATION Type of Information on Cartels Over the Years and Current some is also in the Years Section Rules/Laws Cartels Laws and Regulations | USA | GLI - Global … https //www globallegalin… Antitrust: In the United States, there are two major federal antitrust laws relating to cartels: Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act (15 U.S.C. § 1), which prohibits “[e]very contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations;” and Gang-Related White Extremists https //en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_peckerwood_gangs Gang Signs https //www timesmojo com/what-does-it-mean-when-someone-throws-gang-signs-at- you/#:~:text=Telltale%20signs%20of%20gang%20involvement%20are%3A%201%20Gang,signals%20to%20communicate%20w ith%20%E2%80%9Cfriends%E2%80%9D%2C%20other%20gang%20members What Is a Cartel? Definition, Examples, and … https //www investopedia com/terms/c/cartel.asp WebJan 7, 2023 · Anti-trust legislation such as the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act regulate cartels within the United States since cartel activity robs consumers and other market … Legislation House Crenshaw 2022-Crenshaw Introduces Declaring War on Cartels Act https //crenshaw house gov/2022/11/crenshaw... The bill is designed to combat Transnational Criminal Cartels’ illegal activities with increased criminal penalties and the targeting of their finances. As Mexican cartels … Davidson 2022-Davidson Introduces 'Stop the Cartels Act' | Press … https //davidson house gov/2022/7/davidson... Press Releases Davidson Introduces 'Stop the Cartels Act' July 28, 2022 This bill is endorsed by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Permalink: … HR 597-2023/02/22 Text of H.R. 597: Stop the Cartels Act (Introduced version ... https //www govtrack us/congress/bills/118/hr597/text Feb 22, 2023 · Title II—Eliminating Funding for Cartel Safe Harbor Jurisdictions. Sec. 201. Ineligibility for Federal grants of certain jurisdictions that violate the immigration laws. … Higgins 2022-Higgins Introduces Legislation to Combat Fentanyl, Drug … Sep 30, 2022 · WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) is introducing the Homeland Security Fentanyl Enforcement Act, which expands the Department of … Roy 2021/04/15 Congressman Roy introduces legislation to designate cartels as terrorist organizations … Apr 15, 2021 · Congressman Roy introduces legislation to designate cartels as terrorist organizations April 15, 2021 Press Release WASHINGTON — On Thursday, Rep. Chip Roy … H.R.2600 - 2021 Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act - Congress https //www congress gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/2600/text Apr 15, 2021 · (A) a detailed report on each of the drug cartels listed in section (2)(b) and any other cartels the Secretary may identify, including the criteria met for designation as a … Tillis Tillis Co-Sponsors Legislation Targeting Cartel Spotters … Jul 22, 2022 · These spotters seek to aid the cartels in avoiding law enforcement while trafficking people, drugs, and other illegal contraband. This legislation would harshen … 2023 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- American Military News 2023/01/23 Rep. Crenshaw introduces bill to use military against Mexican cartels. Justin Cooper https //americanmilitarynews com/2023/01/rep-crenshaw-introduces-bill-to-use-military-against-mexican-cartels/ Excerpt: has introduced a bill authorizing the use of military force against Mexican drug cartels in response to their deadly fentanyl trafficking and increasingly powerful arsenals. If passed, the bill would allow for “all necessary and appropriate force” to be used against at least nine cartels. They include the Sinaloa Cartel once led by the now- imprisoned Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, as well as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a rising group known for especially brutal violence. CNN 2023/02/06 Two suspects were taken into custody, one after a shootout, in a "cartel-style" massacre last month that left six people dead in central California, including a young mother and her 10- month-old son. By Josh Campbell. https //www cnn com/videos/us/2023/02/06/goshen-execution-style-killing-campbell- acostanr-vpx cnn 2023/02/25 Dozens of gang members arrested amid investigation into ‘cartel-style’ mass shooting in California https //www cnn com/2023/02/25/us/gang-members-arrested-california/index html Fox 5 via MSN 2023/3 SD Border Patrol station sees over 100 smuggling attempts in 1 month Story by Jafet Serrato • Friday https //www msn com/en-us/news/us/sd-border-patrol-station-sees-100plus-smuggling-attempts-in-1-month/ar- AA17UnRG Fox News 2023/01/19 ‘Cartels are here’: California sheriff rips border crisis as details emerge on massacre of 6. By Lee Brown. https //nypost com/2023/01/19/california-sheriff-rips-border-crisis-as-details-emerge-on-massacre-of-6/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022 Daily Star 2022/04/05 Terrifying map shows Mexican cartels 'trying to take over every city and village in US' By Benedict Tetzlaff-DeasNews Reporter https //www dailystar co uk/news/world-news/mexican-cartels-taking-over-every-26635993 Fox News 2022/04/06 Mexican cartels 'invading' US, 'taking over' cities: Former DEA special agent Derek Maltz exposes the damages done by Mexican cartels Graham Colton By Graham Colto foxnews com/media/mexican-cartels-invading-us-taking-cities-former-dea-special-agent War Room dot org 2022/12/22 https //warroom org/2022/12/22/cartel-paramilitary-has-metastasized-into-a-legitimate-military-force-under-biden- open-border-policy/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 American Military News 2021/06 Drug cartels using drones with explosives to attack cops in US … https //americanmilitarynews com/2021/06/drug... WebJun 4, 2021 · Drug cartels are using weaponized drones armed with explosives to attack law enforcement in Mexico and the United States, equipping themselves like terror groups, Here’s all the high-tech gear cartels use to sneak drugs into the US BBC 2021/05/25 Peru's Shining Path kills 16, including children, ahead of polls https //www bbc com/news/world-latin-america-57239680 The far-left Shining Path guerrilla group says it was behind the attack. It left pamphlets at the scene ordering people not to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The Maoist rebel group lost much of its power after the arrest of its leader in 1992 but remnants are still active in Peru's coca-producing region. The government says the Shining Path has since turned into a criminal group engaged in drug trafficking. New York Post 2021/11/12 Texas authorities claim Mexican cartels murdering people on US soil. By Emily Crane https //nypost com/2021/11/12/texas-authorities-claim-mexican-cartels-murdering-people-on-us-soil/ The Post Millennial 2021/11/04 Mexican drug cartels' operations in southern California exposed in Jorge Ventura's new documentary with Daily Caller. "I really wanted to shine a light on what was happening in my hometown," Ventura told The Post Millennial. "I felt that Americans living in these towns needed a voice on this story." Mia Cathell https //thepostmillennial com/mexican-drug-cartels-southern-california-ventura-daily- caller#:~:text=Crime%20has%20spiked%20since%20the%20operations%20have% 20exploded,by%20gang%20activity%2C%20causing%20local%20residents%20to%20flee USA Today 2021/12/19 mexican-drug-cartels-move-in-on-californias-shadow-marijuana-industry https //www usatoday com/in-depth/news/nation/2021/12/19/mexican-drug-cartels-move-in-on-californias-shadow- marijuana-industry/8960873002/ 2021/12/29 Marijuana wars: Violent Mexican drug cartels turn Northern California into ‘The Wild West’ Story. By Beth Warren https //www usatoday com/in-depth/news/nation/2021/12/19/mexican-drug-cartels-move-in-on-californias-shadow- marijuana-industry/8960873002/ Excerpt: Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall told The Courier Journal there are as many as 10,000 illegal grows in his jurisdiction, a two-hour drive north of San Francisco. He tries to target the worst 100, which is all his small force can handle in a year. "I'm fighting a dragon with a needle," Kendall said. War on the Rocks 2021/11 https //warontherocks com/2021/11/mexican-cartels-are-embracing-aerial-drones-and-theyre-spreading/ 2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 Police1 2019/11/28 How the CJNG Mexican drug cartel is infiltrating U.S. towns https //www police1 com/drug-interdiction-narcotics/articles/how-the-cjng-mexican-drug-cartel-is-infiltrating-us- towns-m53HgI01qXFIWHX5/ A nine-month Courier Journal investigation reveals how CJNG's. The investigation documented CJNG operations in at least 35 states and Puerto Rico, a sticky web that has snared struggling business owners, thousands of drug users and Mexican immigrants terrified to challenge cartel orders. It also identified at least two dozen "cells," places where cartel members set up shop to do business and live in the communities. The unparalleled speed of CJNG's growth has made the cartel a "clear, present and growing danger," Uttam Dhillon, DEA's acting administrator, has said. The billion- dollar organization has a large, disciplined army, control of extensive drug routes throughout the U.S., sophisticated money-laundering techniques and an elaborate digital terror campaign, federal agents say. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Patch 2018/06/27 20 Drug-Trafficking Suspects Indicted In San Diego County The suspects – residents of Chula Vista, El Cajon, San Diego and Spring Valley – were arrested as part of a yearlong investigation. City News Service, News Partner https // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 Danielle Muoio Jul 20, 2016, 12:56 PM Military standoff munitions—rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and 40mm type-launched rifle grenades—have been well integrated into the cartel arsenals. Enforcers or foot soldiers are increasingly wearing body armor, combat harnesses, and carrying assault rifles. How Mexico's Cartels Have Learned Military Tactics Sof Rep 2016/04/03 How Mexican Drug Cartels are Winning the Information Technology War. by Buck Clay https //sofrep com/news/mexican-cartels-winning-it-war/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 Vice dot com 2015/09/07 Mexican Cartels Are Going High-Tech The war on drugs isn't just fought with bullets. Recent announcements from Mexican authorities show that cartels are developing increasingly advanced networks of information technology. José Luis Martínez Limón By José Luis Martínez Limón https //www vice com/en/article/9b8bb8/mexican-cartels-go-high-tech-0000737-v22n9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 Fox News 2013/08/01 Mexican Cartels hiring US soldiers as hit men. By Fox News. https //www foxnewscom/us/mexican-cartels-hiring-us-soldiers-as-hit-men ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2000 Justice dot gov 2000/04/06 AN INSIDE LOOK AT A CARTEL AT WORK: COMMON CHARACTERISTICS OF INTERNATIONAL CARTELSAddress by James M. Griffin Deputy Assistant Attorney General Antitrust Division U.S. Department of Justice https //www justice gov/atr/speech/inside-look-cartel-work-common-characteristics-international-cartels ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CBS https//www cbsnews com/news/drug-tunnel-tijuana-san- diego/#:~:text=Many%20tunnels%2C%20including%20the%20one%20announced%20Monday%2C%20are,used%20primarily% 20to%20smuggle%20multi-ton%20loads%20of%20marijuana. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fox News 2022/04/06 Mexican cartels 'invading' US, 'taking over' cities: Former DEA special agent Derek Maltz exposes the damages done by Mexican cartels Graham Colton By Graham Colto foxnews com/media/mexican-cartels-invading-us-taking-cities-former-dea-special-agent ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newsweek Chinese Chemicals in Mexican Cartel Hands Feed Deadly U.S. Fentanyl Crisis BY NAVEED JAMALI AND TOM O'CONNOR ON 5/5/21 https //www newsweek com/chinese-chemicals-mexican-cartel-hands-feed-deadly-us-fentanyl-crisis- 1588948#:~:text=Chemicals%20manufactured%20in%20China%20and% 20bought%20by%20Mexico%27s,States%2C%20the%20world%27s%20biggest%20market% 20for%20illegal%20drugs. Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura has released "Cartelville, USA," an investigative documentary on Mexican drug cartels in Southern California that are starting up illegal marijuana operations, taking over small towns, stealing water from local communities in the targeted areas, and threatening working-class Americans. Crime has spiked since the operations have exploded in Los Angeles County, which are connected to human trafficking as the cartels smuggle migrants across America's southern border with Mexico to work the operations. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - LINKS LIST https //www bbc com/news/world-latin-america-57239680 endstory-related-recommendations= https //www cnn com/videos/us/2023/02/06/goshen-execution-style-killing-campbell-acostanr-vpx.cnn https //nypost com/2023/01/19/california-sheriff-rips-border-crisis-as-details-emerge-on-massacre-of-6/ https // https //www usatoday com/in-depth/news/nation/2021/12/19/mexican-drug-cartels-move-in-on-californias-shadow- marijuana-industry/8960873002/
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